Common Errors


Common Errors

Common Errors

Common Errors

Common Errors

English is one of the richest languages in the world. Its vocabulary is also enviously rich. In the English language, there are many words expressing almost the same meaning. But it is noted that in English two or more words though seem to be the same in sense, yet there are some shades of difference in meaning. Therefore to express appropriate sense we should use appropriate words. In day-to-day conversation people, even those who learn English as their first language, often make errors in using article, preposition, number, adjective, tense, adverb, adjective etc. which is called Common Errors. To get rid of common errors we should be attentive to learning the grammatical rules in detail. Besides this, we should know the appropriate meaning of the words we use. To get mastery over learning a language correctly constant and patient practice is an urgent need. Here some common errors with necessary notes have been given below. The learners of the English language should practise them carefully.

Common Errors

1. Incorrect: He is a thin gentleman.

Correct: He is a thin man.

Note:‘Gentleman’ should be used when we refer to a man’s character.

2. Incorrect: Lalita is a lady who lives in Guwahati.

Correct: Lalita is a woman who lives in Guwahati.

Note: ‘Lady’ should be used only when we mean especially a woman of good birth and breeding.

3. Incorrect: Good night, Mr. Singhji, I am glad to meet you.

Correct: Good evening, Mr. Singhji, I am glad to meet you.

Note: ‘Good night’ should be used at the time of parting.

4. Incorrect: Panditji advocated that equal rights should be given to all.

Correct: Panditji advocated the giving of equal rights to all.                                                                                                   

Note:  ‘Advocate’ takes a gerund or verbal noun as its object and it should never be followed by a noun.

5. Incorrect: I have no any foes.

Correct: I have no foes.

Note: ‘No any’ should not be used together.

6. Incorrect: The man is a social being.

Correct: Man is a social being.

Note: ‘The’ is not used before ‘man’ when ‘man’ is used as a common noun.

7. Incorrect: Each and every boy were absent.

Correct: Every boy was absent.

Note: ‘Each and every’ should not be used together.

8. Incorrect: I take to play in the noon.

Correct: I take to play at noon.

Note: Generally ‘in the noon’ is not used.

9. Incorrect: Ram will arrive here by the four-thirty O’clock train.

Correct: Ram will arrive here by the four-thirty train.

Note:  ‘O’clock’ is used only after full hour and not after some part of an hour.

10. Incorrect: I cannot tolerate such kinds of insults.

Correct: I cannot tolerate such kind of insults.

Note: ‘kind of’ and ‘sort of’ should not be used in the plural.

Common Errors

11. Incorrect: I  have many household things such as chair, bench,  table, almirah, alna etc. in my chamber.

Correct: I have many household things such as chair, bench, table, almirah, alna in my chamber.

Note: ‘Etc.’ should not be used after ‘such as’.

12. Incorrect: Book, pen, pencil, and pad etc. I have.

Correct:  Book, pen, pencil, pad etc. I have.

Note: Both ‘and’ and ‘etc.’ should not be used together.

13. Incorrect: Ram goes by walk.

Correct: Ram goes walking.

Note: ‘By’ is not used before ‘walk’ but ‘by bus’ or ‘by train’ is used.

14. Incorrect: I met Raman and his brother in the way.

Correct: I met Raman and his brother on the way.

Note: ‘On the way’ and ‘in the road’ is correct.

15. Incorrect: It is awfully good of you.

Correct: It is very good of you.

Note: ‘Awfully’ means fear with respect. It should not be used for ‘very’.

16. Incorrect: ‘My friend is ill, I hope he will die within a short time.

Correct: My friend is ill, I expect he will die within a short time.

Note: ‘To hope’ means to think of a possible event with pleasure; and ‘to expect’ means merely to think of a possibility without pain or pleasure.

Common Errors

17. Incorrect: Radha had no claim for the post but recommendation.

Correct: Radha had no claim for the post than recommendation.

Note: ‘Other’ is followed by ‘than’ and not by ‘but’.

18. Incorrect: Mr. Baruah Esq.

Correct: Mr. Baruah.

Note:‘Mr’ and ‘Esq’ both refer to the same thing or same person; so they should not be used together.

19. Incorrect: Both he is a poet and a scholar.

Correct: He is both a scholar and a poet.

Note: ‘Both’ should be used to the word it qualifies.

20. Incorrect: Due to bad weather he cannot go.

Correct: Owing to bad weather he cannot go.

Note: ‘Due to’ is a kind of adjective and must be properly related to same noun or pronoun. A sentence must not be begun with it.

Common Errors

21. Incorrect: Half of the apples is good.

Correct: Half of the apples are good.

Note: ‘Half of’, ‘heaps of’, ‘lots of’ are singular if the noun or pronoun after ‘of’ is singular; otherwise they are plural.

22. Incorrect: There is no place in the compartment.

Correct: There is no room in the compartment.

23. Incorrect: Give him some blotting.

Correct: Give him some blotting paper.

24. Incorrect: He has a great number of money.

Correct: He has a great amount of money.

25. Incorrect: The back side of my house needs repairs.

Correct: The back of my house needs repairs.

26. Incorrect: Write this in your copy.

Correct: Write this in your note-book.

27.Incorrect: He is teaching us new poetry.

Correct: He is teaching us a new poem (or a new piece of poetry).

28.Incorrect: We all did not go.

Correct: None of us went.

29.Incorrect: I hope to receive your good report.

Correct: I hope to receive a good report from you.

30.Incorrect: Who did this? Myself.

Correct: Who did this? I,myself.

31.Incorrect: Both did not go.

Correct: Neither went.

32.Incorrect: He is my cousin brother.

Correct: He is my cousin.

Note: ‘Cousin brother’ should not be used together.

Common Errors

33.Incorrect: Kindly pass order for his release.

Correct: Kindly pass orders for his release.

34.Incorrect: He has a large quantity of books.

Correct: He has a large number of books.

35.Incorrect: They that did this thing should be fined.

Correct: Those who did this thing should be fined.

36.Incorrect: He travels in or by third class.

Correct: He travels third.

37.Incorrect: He gave a speech.

Correct: He made a speech.

38.Incorrect: Your separation distresses me.

Correct: Separation from you distresses me.

39.Incorrect: He enjoyed during the holidays.

Correct: He enjoyed himself during the holidays.

40.Incorrect: The old man tested the boy if he could write correctly.

Correct: The old man tested if the boy wrote correctly.

41.Incorrect: There was clapping between each Act.

Correct: There was clapping after each Act.

42.Incorrect: I have no any friends.

Correct: I have no friends.

Note: ‘No any’ or ‘not any’ is not used.

Common Errors

43.Incorrect: These all fruits are rotten.

Correct: All these fruits are rotten.

44.Incorrect: Every people know this.

Correct: Everyone knows this.

45.Incorrect: What to speak of food even water was not given to the beggar.

Correct: Not to speak of food even water was not given to the beggar.

Note: ‘’What to speak” is unidiomatic and contrary to usage.

46.Incorrect: My head is paining.

Correct: My head is aching.

47.Incorrect: He only is responsible.

Correct: He alone is responsible.

48.Incorrect: It was twenty years before that he died.

Correct: It was twenty years ago that he died.

49.Incorrect: I have fewer troubles than my brother.

Correct: I have less trouble than my brother.

50.Incorrect: A few number of persons were present.

Correct: A small number of persons were present.

51.Incorrect: He does not know wrong from right.

Correct: He does not know right from wrong.

52.Incorrect: This is a worth seeing scenery.

Correct: This scenery is worth seeing.

53.Incorrect: He is a most perfect fool.

Correct: He is a perfect fool.

54.Incorrect: He nearly got cent percent marks.

Correct: He got nearly full marks.

55.Incorrect: The man is a member of the society.

Correct: Man is a member of society.

Note: ‘The’ is not used before ‘man’ and ‘society’ when used in a general sense.

Common Errors

56.Incorrect: The Delhi is a big city.

Correct: Delhi is a big city.

57.Incorrect: He will spend his remaining life here.

Correct: He will spend the rest of his life here.

58.Incorrect: He is becoming strong.

Correct: He is becoming stronger.

59.Incorrect: He has a less income.

Correct: He has a small income.

60.Incorrect: He is more better than I.

Correct: He is better or much better than I.

61.Incorrect: From the two he is clever.

Correct: He is the cleverer of the two.

62.Incorrect: He was regarded an honest man.

Correct: He was regarded as an honest man.

63.Incorrect: The reason why he is absent is because his son is ill.

Correct: The reason why he is absent is that his son is ill.

64.Incorrect: Let us make ourselves merry.

Correct: Let us make merry.

65.Incorrect: This was going on since a long time.

Correct: This had been going on for a long time.

66.Incorrect: Last, but not the least, my thanks are due to Sri Iyengar.

Correct: Last, but not least, my thanks are due to Sri Iyengar.

67.Incorrect: He does not care for money.

Correct: He does not take care of his money.

68.Incorrect: He does not care for my words.

Correct: He does not care for what I say.

69.Incorrect: He asked that what are you doing?

Correct: He asked what we were doing.

70.Incorrect: I take my dinner at 9 p..m. every night.

Correct: I have my dinner at 9 p.m. (or I dinner at 9 p.m.)

71.Incorrect: He asked from me whether I had not gone there.

Correct: He asked me whether I had gone there or not.

72.Incorrect: Bengali is not spoken in whole Assam.

Correct: Bengali is not spoken in the whole of Assam.

73.Incorrect: The horse is laming.

Correct: The horse is lame (or the horse is limping.)

74.Incorrect: Each of us loves our home.

Correct: Each of us loves his home.

75.Incorrect: My suggestions are as follow.

Correct: My suggestions are as follows.

76.Incorrect: Each and every student failed.

Correct: Every student failed.

Note: ‘Each’ and ‘every’ should not be used together.

Common Errors

77.Incorrect: He is a coward man.

Correct: He is a coward.

78.Incorrect: We should cut jokes only with our friends.

Correct: We should make jokes only with our friends.

79.Incorrect: He knows to swim.

Correct: He knows how to swim.

80.Incorrect: He is true to his words.

Correct: He is true to his word.

81.Incorrect: It is three o’clock in my watch.

Correct: It is three o’clock by my watch.

82.Incorrect: I have been sick for the last one month.

Correct: I have been ill for the last one month.

83.Incorrect: He is a young man of twenty years old.

Correct: The is a young man of twenty.

84.Incorrect: In the  noon I take rest.

Correct: I take rest in the middle of the day.

Note: ‘’In the noon’ is not used, but ‘at noon’ or ‘in the middle of the day’ is used.

85.Incorrect: Now I must take your leave.

Correct: Now I must take leave from you.

86.Incorrect: I met a man who was my teacher ten years ago.

Correct: I met a man who had been my teacher ten years ago.

87.Incorrect: He got angry before I said a word.

Correct: He got angry before I had said a word.

88.Incorrect: I left playing hockey.

Correct: I stopped playing hockey.

89.Incorrect: Please write me at an early date.

Correct: Please write to me at an early date.

90.Incorrect: I had hardly reached the station than the train started.

Correct: Hardly had I reached the station when the train started.

91.Incorrect: The two first will get prizes.

Correct: The first two will get prizes.

92.Incorrect: He says me a fool.

Correct: He calls me a fool.

93.Incorrect: After the day’s hard work the peasant rested himself.

Correct: After the day’s hard work the peasant rested.

94.Incorrect: I shall go directly to my office.

Correct: I shall go direct to my office.

95.Incorrect: This is not the first time I am hearing of your misbehaviour.

Correct: This is not the first time that I have heard of your misbehaviour.

96.Incorrect: He has not read either of these books.

Correct: He has not read any of these books.

Common Errors

97.Incorrect: Both have much in common.

Correct: The two have much in common.

98.Incorrect: I said to him to go.

Correct: I told him to go.

99.Incorrect: He stays in Mumbai

Correct: He lives in Mumbai.

100.Incorrect: She lived in a hotel.

Correct: She stayed at a hotel.

101.Incorrect: Hundreds of people died of hunger.

Correct: Hundreds of people died from hunger.

102.Incorrect: They refused our proposal.

Correct: They rejected our proposal.

103.Incorrect: The ship was drowned.

Correct: The ship sank.

104.Incorrect: People respected him on his arrival.

Correct: People showed respect for him on his arrival.

105.Incorrect: Keep the book on the table.

Correct: Put the book on the table.

106.Incorrect: I have ordered for a new car.

Correct: I have ordered a new car.

107.Incorrect: Burn the lamp.

Correct: Light the lamp.

Common Errors

108.Incorrect: I wish you a bright future life.

Correct: I wish you a bright future.

109.Incorrect: You are kindly requested to note your duties.

Correct: We request you, kindly to note your duties.

110. Incorrect: Sixty miles are along distance.

Correct: Sixty miles is a long distance.

111. Incorrect: Radha, Rani  and Rekha etc. have gone there.

Correct: Radha, Rani and Rekha have gone there.

Note: Both ‘etc.’ and ‘and’ should not be used together.

Common Errors

112. Incorrect: I don’t like those sorts of people.

Correct: I don’t like people of this sort.

113. Incorrect: My cousin left Chennai since a month.

Correct: My cousin left Chennai a month ago.

114. Incorrect: Not a word he spoke.

Correct: Not a word did he speak.

115. Incorrect: No heaven or hell is.

Correct: There is no heaven or hell.

116. Incorrect: Shut the light.

Correct: Turn off the light.

117. Incorrect: Open the light.

Correct: Turn on the light.

118. Incorrect: Radha came by walking.

Correct: Radha came walking.

Note: ‘Come by train’ or ‘come by bus’  is used but not ‘by walking’.

119. Incorrect: They intended to have been present.

Correct: They intended to be present.

120. Incorrect: The objections of my brother to accompany me to Guwahati are meaningless.

Correct: The Objections of my brother to accompanying me to Guwahati are meaningless.

121.Incorrect: Do you know of a house of letting?

Correct: Do you know of a house to let?

122.Incorrect: I ask your favour of granting a day’s leave.

Correct: I ask the favour of your granting me a day’s leave.

123. Incorrect: He seems to enjoy his day at Agartala.

Correct: He seems to have enjoyed his day at Agartala. 

124. Incorrect: I should have liked to have gone.

Correct: I should have liked to go.

125. Incorrect: Efforts were made to secretly murder the  king.

Correct: Efforts were made to murder the king secretly.

126. Incorrect: They left without anyone knowing. 

Correct: They left without anyone’s knowledge.

127. Incorrect: Being an honest man your plan is hateul to me.

Correct: Being an honest man I hate your plan.

128. Incorrect: Thanking you, believe me to be yours sincerely.

Correct: Thanking you, I am, yours sincerely.

129. Incorrect: You do not realize my views.

Correct: You do not understand my views.

Common Errors

130. Incorrect: By that time two week’s salary were due.

Correct: By that time, salary for two weeks was due.

131. Incorrect: They prevented him from harm. 

Correct: They protected him from harm.

132. Incorrect: I filled water in the cup.

Correct: I filled the cup with water.

133. Incorrect: I hope she must come.

Correct: I hope she will come.

134. Incorrect: He is prettier than wise.

Correct: He is more pretty than wise.

135. Incorrect: Radha stood second in her class.

Correct: Radha was second in his class.

136. Incorrect: He is reading at the High School.

Correct: He is at the high school.

137. Incorrect: I shall be back in a few minutes.

Correct: I shall come back in a few minutes.

138. Incorrect: He told me the details of the matter.

Correct: He told me the matter in details.

139. Incorrect: He has to do an important work at home.

Correct: He has an important work at home.

140. Incorrect: Fooding and lodging is free.

Correct: Board and lodging is free.

141. Incorrect: Briefly speaking, I do not like your habit.

Correct: In short, I do not like your habits.

142.  Incorrect: They plucked in Hindi 

  Correct: They failed in Hindi.

143. Incorrect: I came across with my friend in the park.

Correct: I met my friend in the park.

144. Incorrect: He came out successful in the examination.

Correct: He was successful in the examination.

145. Incorrect: Leave to do evil.

  Correct: Cease to do evil.

146. Incorrect: He has a family to work.

Correct: He has a family to work for.

147. Incorrect: He has resigned to his fate.

Correct:  He has resigned himself to his fate.

148. Incorrect: The river has overflown its banks.

Correct: The river has overflowed its banks.

149. Incorrect: I am quite alright.

Correct: I am alright. (or I am quite right.)

150. Incorrect: We had milk and fruits, also sweets.

Correct: We had milk and fruits and, also sweets.

Note: ‘Also’ must not be used as a conjunction.

Common Errors

151. Incorrect: When he comes you must wish him.

Correct: When he comes you must greet him.

152. Incorrect: She has passed her M. A. from Oxford University. 

Correct: She has got her M. A. from Oxford University.

153. Incorrect: He was bent to do evil.

Correct:  He was bent on doing evil.

154. Incorrect: The examination will begin from Monday.

Correct: The examination will begin on Monday.

155. Incorrect: He had no other claims to the post but  recommendation.

Correct: He had no other claims to the post than  recommendation.

156. Incorrect: Supposing if he fails, what will he do?

Correct: Supposing he fails, what will he do?

157. Incorrect: I want to know as to why you did not attend the class yesterday.

Correct: I want to know why he did not attend the class yesterday.

158. Incorrect: I am fond of all games as, for example, carom, cards etc.

Correct: I am fond of all games as carom, cards.

159. Incorrect: Neither he comes nor he writes.

Correct: Neither does he come nor does he write.

160. Incorrect: We went to the picture yesterday. 

Correct: We went to the pictures yesterday.

161. Incorrect: You will get through in the examination.

Correct: You will get through the examination.

162. Incorrect: Will you have some tea? Thanks I have just had some.

Correct: Will you have some tea? No, thanks, I  have just had some.

163. Incorrect: He found that he had no money with him.

Correct: He found that he had no money on him.

164. Incorrect: I am too happy to meet you again.

Correct: I am very happy to meet you again.

165. Incorrect: I never spoke to him this morning.

Correct: I did not speak to him this morning.

166. Incorrect: Of course, he would come to-day.

Correct: Certainly, he would come to-day.

167. Incorrect: You will be going to the hills soon, I  think.

Correct: You will be going to the hills, I suppose.

168. Incorrect: He is wanting of courtesy.

Correct: He is wanting in courtesy.

169. Incorrect: What are you speaking?

Correct: What are you saying?

Common Errors

170. Incorrect: Who hanged this picture?

Correct: Who hung this picture?

171. Incorrect: They had gone to see the criminal being hung.

Correct: They had gone to see the criminal being hanged.

172. Incorrect: You must compensate this loss to me.

Correct: You must compensate me for this loss.

173. Incorrect: From which train did you come?

Correct: By which train did you come?

174. Incorrect: He had been married two years ago.

Correct: He was married two years ago.

175. Incorrect: He made a search about the lost child.

Correct: He made a search for the lost child.

176. Incorrect: I try and come.

Correct: I shall try to come.

177. Incorrect: What to do?

Correct: What am I to do?

178. Incorrect: I am a family man.

Correct: I am a man with a family.

179. Incorrect: I hope you are keeping good health.

Correct: I hope you are enjoying good health.

180. Incorrect: He failed to go there. 

Correct: He did not go there.

Common Errors

181. Incorrect: Nowhere such a man can be found.

Correct: Nowhere can such a man be found.

182. Incorrect: I am afraid that he will miss the train.

Correct: I am afraid he will miss the train.

183. Incorrect: Columbus invented America.

Correct: Columbus discovered America.

184. Incorrect: Please excuse me for giving you this trouble. 

Correct: Please excuse me for the trouble I give you.

185. Incorrect: I am not in talking terms with her.

Correct: I am not on speaking terms with her.

186. Incorrect: Half of our work were done. 

Correct: Half of our work was done.

187. Incorrect: Half of the mangoes is rotten.

Correct: Half of the mangoes are rotten.

Note: Expression like ‘half of’, ‘heaps of’, ‘lots of’ are singular if the noun or pronoun after ‘of’ is singular, otherwise they are plural.

188. Incorrect: He is an India-returned gentleman.

Correct: He has been to India.

189. Incorrect: He is a failed B. A.

Correct: He could not pass the B.A. examination.

190. Incorrect: The opposition is equally as guilty as the government.

Correct: The opposition is as guilty as the government.

191. Incorrect: Please do what is necessary.

Correct: Please do the necessary.

192. Incorrect: I shall take my umbrella, if it rains.

Correct: I shall take my umbrella, in case it rains.

193. Incorrect: The water is good for drinking.

Correct: The water is good to drink.

194. Incorrect: He went there with a view to find out the truth.

Correct: He went there with a view to finding out the truth.

195. Incorrect: We have not seen her to act or sing. 

Correct: We have not seen her act or heard her  sing.

196. Incorrect: He will come just now.

Correct: He will come presently.

197. Incorrect: Nobody will miss him like I shall.

Correct: Nobody will miss him as I like.

198. Incorrect: I never remember to have seen him before.

Correct: I do not remember to have seen him before.

199. Incorrect: Please no mention.

Correct: Please do not mention it.

200. Incorrect: I go to sleep at 11.30.

Correct: I go to bed at 11.30.

Common Errors

201. Incorrect: Always, tell the truth.

Correct: Always speak the truth.

202. Incorrect: Never speak a lie.

Correct: Never tell a lie.

203. Incorrect: Directly I return, you may go.

Correct: As soon as I return, you may go.

204. Incorrect: There was a match between England against Sri Lanka.

Correct: There was a match between England and Sri Lanka.

205. Incorrect: This is the road to go.

Correct: This is the road to go by.

206. Incorrect: He set on a tree.

Correct: He set in a tree.

207. Incorrect: This is a different to that.

Correct: This is different to that.

208. Incorrect: He wastes much time in trifles.

Correct: He wastes much time on trifles.

209. Incorrect: Open the sixth page.

Correct: Open at the sixth page.

210. Incorrect: Send this letter to this address.

Correct: Send this letter on this address.

211. Incorrect: He wrote me.

Correct: He wrote to me.

212. Incorrect: I sat under the feet of the great teacher.

Correct: I sat at the feet of that great teacher.

213. Incorrect: All but he had fled.

Correct: All but him had fled.

Common Errors

214. Incorrect: Have you eaten your dinner?

Correct: Have you had your dinner?

215. Incorrect: He excels to speaking Hindi.

Correct: He excels in speaking Hindi.

216. Incorrect: The climate of Guwahati is hotter than Shillong.

Correct: The climate of Guwahati is hotter than that of Shillong.

217. Incorrect: I have nothing to say on the contrary.

Correct: I have nothing to say to the contrary.

218. Incorrect: I want two cups full of milk.

Correct: I want two cupfuls of milk.

219. Incorrect: Radha has robbed Rani’s purse.

Correct: Radha has robbed Rani of her purse.

220. Incorrect: I saw a bad dream last night.

Correct: I had a bad dream last night.

221. Incorrect: One of his family members is dead.

Correct: One of the members of his family is dead.

222. Incorrect: Food was distributed freely. 

Correct: Food was distributed free.

223. Incorrect: He is devoted to wine.

Correct: He is addicted to wine.

Common Errors

224. Incorrect: Lying on the bed a fine idea occurred to me.

Correct: While I was lying on the bed, a fine idea occurred to me.

225. Incorrect: The wicked boy turned over new page.

Correct: The wicked boy turned over a new leaf.

226. Incorrect: He tried with heart and soul to help me.

Correct: He tried heart and soul to help me.

227. Incorrect: He left the land with bag and baggage.

Correct: He left the land bag and baggage.

228. Incorrect: She lost her heart at this.

Correct: She lost heart at this.

229. Incorrect: I caught him by shoulder.

Correct: I caught him by the shoulder.

230. Incorrect: I turned every stone to get a job.

Correct: I left no stone unturned to get a job.

231. Incorrect: He tried to throw dust into my eyes.

Correct: He tried to throw dust in my eyes.

232. Incorrect: Tell me what your name is.

Correct: Tell me what your name is.

233. Incorrect: She pelted stones at frogs.

Correct: She pelted frogs with stones.

234. Incorrect: Many a sleepless nights I spent.

Correct: Many a sleepless night did I spend.

235. Incorrect: He did not read and neither I did.

Correct: He did not read and neither did I.

236. Incorrect: I prefer to read than to write.

Correct: I prefer reading to writing.

237. Incorrect: I insist you to go there.

Correct: I insist on your going there.

238. Incorrect: Unless you do not read hard, you will fail.

Correct: Unless your read hard, you will fail.

239. Incorrect: No pain was spared.

Correct: No pains were spared.

240. Incorrect: I like vegetable. 

Correct: I like vegetables.

Common Errors

241. Incorrect: They packed thier luggages.

Correct: They packed their luggage.

242. Incorrect: They gave us wrong informations.

Correct: They gave us wrong information.

243. Incorrect: The sceneries of Port Blair are charming.

Correct: The scenery of Port Blair is charming.

244. Incorrect: She gave me many good advices.

Correct: She gave me many good advice.

245. Incorrect: Lila bought new furnitures.

Correct: Lila bought new furniture.

246. Incorrect  : I went to yours.

Correct: I went to your home.

247. Incorrect : We enjoyed the theatre.

Correct: We enjoyed the play.

248. Incorrect: I have no rupees.

Correct: I have no money.

249. Incorrect: He puts on half pants. 

Correct: He puts on shorts.

250. Incorrect: He wears full pants.

Correct: He wears trousers.

251. Incorrect: The weather of London suits me.

Correct: The climate of London suits me.

252. Incorrect: This fact is true.

Correct: This statement is true.

Common Errors

253. Incorrect: We elected him the Secretary of our club.

Correct: We elected him Secretary of our club.

254. Incorrect: He can speak the Arabic fluently.

Correct: He can speak Arabic fluently.

255. Incorrect: Seema goes to the school everyday.

Correct: Seema goes to school everyday.

256. Incorrect: Both boys failed.

Correct: Both the boys failed.

257. Incorrect: We know that he is an arrogant.

Correct: We know that he is arrogant.

258. Incorrect: He took short sleep.

Correct: He took a short sleep.

259. Incorrect: This is a slip of pen.

Correct: This is a slip of the pen.

260. Incorrect: She purchased hundred books.

Correct: She purchased a hundred books.

261. Incorrect: Do not make noise.

Correct: Do not make a noise.

262. Incorrect: He is an European.

Correct: He is a European.

263. Incorrect: He had a strong headache.

Correct: He had a bad headache.

264. Incorrect: Whole India mourned his death.

Correct: The whole of India mourned his death.

265. Incorrect: He only knows the answer.

Correct: He alone knows the answer.

266. Incorrect: There are no less than fifty girls in the class.

Correct: There are no fewer than fifty girls in the class.

267. Incorrect: One should do his duty.

Correct: One should do one’s duty.

268. Incorrect: Suffice to say.

Correct: It is suffice to say.

269. Incorrect: Everyone except I left the house.

Correct: Everyone except me left the house.

270. Incorrect: He availed the chance.

Correct: He availed himself of the chance.

271. Incorrect: He is ill of flattery.

Correct: He is sick of flattery.

272. Incorrect: His mother is sick.

Correct: His mother is ill.

(Common Errors)

273. Incorrect: He is younger than me.

Correct: He is younger than I.

274. Incorrect: He prides on his success.

Correct: He prides himself on his success.

275. Incorrect: The Minister gave him a visit.

Correct: The Minister paid him a visit.

276. Incorrect: The hen lay egg.

Correct: The hen laid an egg.

277. Incorrect: Tapan has thrown the milk.

Correct: Tapan has spilt the milk.

278. Incorrect: The luggage was lain on the floor.

Correct: The luggage was laid on the floor.

279. Incorrect: He will give the examination next year.

Correct: He will appear in the examination next year.

280. Incorrect: He gave three goals. 

Correct: He scored three goals.

281. Incorrect: The boy says good French.

Correct: The boy speaks good French.

282. Incorrect: He talks English well.

Correct: He speaks English well.

283. Incorrect: He refused his fault.

Correct: He denied his fault.

284. Incorrect: He kept pass marks.

Correct: He secured pass marks.

285. Incorrect: I want to mend my pencil.

Correct: I want to sharp my pencil.

286. Incorrect: See this word in Dictionary.

Correct: Look up the word in a Dictionary.

287. Incorrect: The boy sank.

Correct: The boy drowned.

289. Incorrect: Hear his advice.

Correct: Listen to his advice.

(Common Errors)

290. Incorrect: Do not do a mistake.

Correct: Do not make a mistake.

291. Incorrect: He told us an account of his misfortune.

Correct: He gave us an account of his misfortune.

292. Incorrect: The doctor saw the pulse of the patient.

Correct: The doctor felt the pulse of the patient.

293. Incorrect: I shall not go if it will rain.

Correct: I shall not go if it rains.

294. Incorrect: I wish I was a bird. 

Correct: I wish I were a bird.

295. Incorrect: He left before we came.

Correct: He had left before we came.

296. Incorrect: I have come yesterday.

Correct: I came yesterday.

297. Incorrect: I am feeling uneasy.

Correct: I feel uneasy.

298. Incorrect: He is suffering for a week.

Correct: He has been suffering for a week.

299. Incorrect: I am seeing a butterfly.

Correct: I see a butterfly.

300. Incorrect: I told him that I will help him.

Correct: I told him that I would help him.

301. Incorrect: We are living in England.

Correct: We live in England. (or We have been living in  England.)

302. Incorrect: He asked me why did I not go there.

Correct: He asked me why I did not go there.

303. Incorrect: Tell me how are you? 

Correct: Tell me how you are.

304. Incorrect: Why she went there?

Correct: Why did she go there?

305. Incorrect: How you like his idea?

Correct: How do you like his idea?

(Common Errors)

306. Incorrect: How she can do the work?

Correct: How can she do the work?

307. Incorrect: The patient is comparatively better today.

Correct: The patient is comparatively good today.

308. Incorrect: He is very better today.

Correct: He is much better today.

309. Incorrect: He works hardly to shine in life. 

Correct: He works hard to shine in life.

310. Incorrect: I am too glad to receive your letter.

Correct: I am very glad to receive your letter.

311. Incorrect: The book is much interesting.

Correct: The book is very interesting.

312. Incorrect: She was very much happy.

Correct: She was very happy.

313. Incorrect: They were united together. 

Correct: They were united.

314. Incorrect: He is much surprised to hear this.

Correct: He is very surprised to hear this.

315. Incorrect: I saw him long before.

Correct: I saw him long ago.

316. Incorrect: She is somewhat well.

Correct: She is pretty well.

317. Incorrect: I do not know to ride a horse.

Correct: I do not know how to ride a horse.

(Common Errors)

318. Incorrect: Ram arrived timely.

Correct: Ram arrived in time.

319. Incorrect: I shall go just now.

Correct: I shall go presently.

320. Incorrect: She became famous lately.

Correct: He has become famous lately.

321. Incorrect: He has come recently.

Correct: He came recently.

322. Incorrect: He jumped at the conclusion.

Correct: He jumped to the conclusion.

323. Incorrect: The police investigated into the case.

Correct: The police investigated the case.

324. Incorrect: We emphasised on the point.

Correct: We emphasised the point.

325. Incorrect: Open page seventy of your book.

Correct: Open at page seventy of your book.

326. Incorrect: He will work since tomorrow.

Correct: He will work from tomorrow.

327. Incorrect: Hillary ascended up the peak.

Correct: Hillary ascended the peak.

328. Incorrect: They ordered for a cup of tea.

Correct: They ordered a cup of tea.

329. Incorrect: He has been absent from Monday last.

Correct: He has been absent since Monday last.

330. Incorrect: She will come after a few days.

Correct: She will come in a few days.

331. Incorrect: His face resembles to his father’s.

Correct: His face resembles his father’s.

332. Incorrect: The judge disposed the case.

Correct: The judge disposed of the case.

333. Incorrect: He will recommend for me.

Correct: He will recommend me.

(Common Errors)

334. Incorrect: Your conduct admits no excuse.

Correct: Your conduct admits of no excuse.

330. Incorrect: Let us discuss about the matter.

Correct: Let us discuss the matter.

331. Incorrect: He is angry upon me.

Correct: He is angry with me.

332. Incorrect: I resigned from the post.

Correct: I resigned the post.

333. Incorrect: Ramen is in the new committee.

Correct: Ramen is on the new committee.

334. Incorrect: He had his meal in a plate.

Correct: He had his meal from a plate.

335. Incorrect: He enquired of the matter.

Correct: He enquired about the matter.

336. Incorrect: He will come after a week.

Correct: He will come in a week.

337. Incorrect: The train is running in time.

Correct: The train is running to time.

338. Incorrect: Translate the passage word by word.

Correct: Translate the passage word for word.

339. Incorrect: Don’t pick up a quarrel with your friend.

Correct: Don’t pick up quarrel with your friend.

340. Incorrect: I shall inform this to the police.

Correct: I shall inform the police of this.

(Common Errors)

341. Incorrect: She stared me at the face.

Correct: He stared me in the face.

342. Incorrect: I have a golden pen to write.

Correct: I have a golden pen to write with.

343. Incorrect: Give him a chair to sit.

Correct: Give him a chair to sit on.

344. Incorrect: Guard from spelling mistake.

Correct: Guard against spelling mistakes.

345. Incorrect: He subscribed the North-east India.

Correct: He subscribed to the North-east India.

346. Incorrect: I shall abide with your advice.

Correct: I shall abide by your advice.

347. Incorrect: I do not approve your plan.

Correct: I do not approve of your plan.

348. Incorrect: I am angry with your conduct.

Correct: I am angry at your conduct.

349. Incorrect: He is amenable for discipline.

Correct: He is amenable to discipline.

350. Incorrect: I am annoyed at you.

Correct: I am annoyed with you.

351. Incorrect: This book belongs for me.

Correct: This book belongs to me.

(Common Errors)

352. Incorrect: He is eager of fame.

Correct: He is eager for fame.

353. Incorrect: He is an heir of this property.

Correct: He is an heir to this property.

354. Incorrect: He plays with a violin.

Correct: He plays on a violin.

355. Incorrect: He leans on the wall.

Correct: He leans against the wall.

356. Incorrect: Himen is lavish on charity.

Correct: Himen is lavish in charity.

357. Incorrect: Himani is mourning of her father’s death.

Correct: Himani is mourning for her father’s death.

358. Incorrect: Truth will prevail against falsehood.

Correct: Truth will prevail over falsehood.

359. Incorrect: Cause is prior of effect.

Correct: Cause is prior to effect.

360. Incorrect: Runa Laila is sick of fever.

Correct: Runa Laila is sick with fever.

361. Incorrect: I am sure for success. 

Correct: I am sure of success.

362. Incorrect: What is the use for wasting time?

Correct: What is the use of wasting time.

363. Incorrect: Do not try to get down from the running bus.

Correct: Do not try to get down the running bus.

264. Incorrect: This is a most unique chance.

  Correct: This is a unique chance. (Common Errors)

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