Collective Nouns


Collective Nouns


Collective Nouns

Collective Nouns

Collective Nouns

The Collective Nouns are nouns that refer to a collection or group of things, persons or beings considered as one undivided whole. A collective noun always takes a singular verb. Mind the list of some commonly used collective nouns given below:

1. A class of students.

2. A Board of Directors.

3. An assembly of people.

4. A band of pilgrims.

5. A crowd of people.

6. A galaxy of stars.

7. A troupe of dancers, singers.

8. A pack of cards.

9. A team of players.

10. A flight of stairs.

11. A shoal of fish.

12. A bunch of keys/bananas/ flowers.

13. A flock of sheep.

14. A brace of doves.

15. A pair of scissors.

16. A bundle of sticks.

17. A mass of clouds.

18. A bunch of plantains.

19. An army of soldiers.

20. A troop of soldiers.

21. A troop of monkeys.

22. A herd of deer/cows/cattle.

23. A set of tools.

24. A platoon of soldiers.

25. A flight of birds.

26. A shower of arrows/ rain.

27. A league of nations.

28. A panel of judges.

29. A company of soldiers.

30. A congregation of worshippers.

31. A brood of chickens.

32. A cluster of islands.

33. A volley of sorrows/shots.

34. A pair of shoes.

35. A row of trees.  0 0 0


Collective Nouns

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