Felicitous Expression Some Examples

Felicitous Expression: Similes, Metaphor


Felicitous Expression Some Examples

Felicitous Expression Some Examples


Felicitous Expression-Some Examples



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The felicitous expression refers to the expression which is pleasing to our ear or mind and excites the sense of our wonder. Use of figures of speech like simile, metaphor, irony, alliteration, proverb-like saying, elaboration of abstract ideas with concrete imageries, abstract phrases, and sometimes simplicity of sentence structure contribute to the making of  Felicitous expression. The orators (public speakers), and writers should be well acquainted with felicitous expressions to make their writings or utterances attractive, interesting, pleasing, and elaborative. But I think, while making our expression felicitous we should avoid every kind of complexity, ambiguity and difficulty. Because no expression is felicitous if not easily comprehensible.

Here, in this book some felicitous phrases, sentences, proverb-like sayings, similes, metaphors, etc. have been compiled from various sources for the practice of primary learners. 

Felicitous Expression Some Examples

Figurative Phrases

  1. A tower of strength

2. A heaven-kissing-hill

3. Proud-pied-April

4. Self-consuming care

5. Silver-dropping tears

5. Rosy- fingered morn

6. Sink into inanition from nonentity

7. Embrace the fate of dark hour (to die).

Felicitous Expression-Some Examples 

Proverb-like Expressions

1. Loss and gains are brothers twin.

2. There is no feast without price.

3. He dreams who looks at the outwards and he wakes up who looks at the inward.

4. Your thoughts make your activities, your activities make your habits, your habits make your character and your character makes your fortune.

5. Your busy time is your best time.

6. Life gives what you want from it.

7. A truly wise man never wishes to be like others; he wishes to be better than his past.

8. Word is the embodiment of our mental strength.

9. The phone is for your advantage not for the advantage of others.

10. What is the gain of your success if you would not enjoy the first walking scene of your child; what is the gain of constructing a palace if you cannot live in it?

11. Don’t connive at the forest while you go to see the trees. 

12. One can live without father or mother, but one cannot live without God.

13. A tyrant always finds a pretext for his tyranny.

14. A proverb is a short sentence found on long experience.

15. Proverbs are stated in the form of a single sentence.

16. As the people so the proverb.

17. Both the invention and acceptance are essential to make a proverb.

18. Adam ate the apple and our teeth still ache.

19. Adversity reminds a man of religion.

20. Never advise anyone either to marry or to go to war.

21. None gives away anything liberally as he gives advice.

22. Never answer a letter while you are angry.

23. In the coldest flint, there is fire also.

24. The folly of one man is the fortune of another.

25. Be a master of thy anger.

26. Nothing turns sourer than milk.

27. He who overcomes anger subdues his greatest enemy.

27. Anger begins with folly and ends with repentance.

28. He who seeks trouble always finds it.

29. As long as there is desire there is anxiety.

30. All are not the hunters that blow the horn.

31. A white glove often conceals a dirty hand.

32. It is not the beard that makes the philosopher.

33. You can’t judge a horse from the harness.

34. A good name keeps its lustre in the dark.

35. Art must be deluded by art.

36. Art is not the bread but the wine of life.

37. If you want to know a man what he is, place him in an authority.

38. The servant of a king is a king.

39. When the cat is away the mice will play.

40. When a mouse laughs at a cat there is a hole nearby.

41. Avarice is never satisfied.

42. A stingy (miserly) man is always poor.

43. After a great getter, comes a great spender.

44. Better a living beggar than a burnt emperor.

45. Borrowing is not better than begging.

46. Easier to believe than to deny.

47. A honey bee bears sting in its tail.

48. A better beginning is half done.

49. Blessing never comes in pairs.

50. Misfortune never comes alone.

51.No one dies of threats.

52. A pebble and a diamond are alike to a blind man.

53. The borrower is a servant to the lender.

64. Borrowed garments never fit well.

55. It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.

56. A mouse can’t fall in love with a cat.

57. Bend the tree while it is young.

58. A wise man never blows that he knows.

59. None can teach an old woman to dance.

60. Cleverness is not wisdom.

61. It is a fortunate head that never aches.

62. Consideration is the parent of wisdom.

63. A danger foreseen is half avoided.

64. The devil must be driven out by devils.

65. Burn not your house to fright away the mice.

66. A fox knows much but he knows more who catches it.

67. A man’s worth is known after his death.

68. Money lent an enemy made.

69. Creditors have better memories than debtors.

70. When the neighbour’s house burns be careful of your own.

71. No man can serve two masters.

72. Weak things when united become strong.

73. One flower makes no garland.

74. Two eyes see more than one.

75. Bold and shameless men are the masters of the world.

76. Days and nights are alike to a blind man.

77. An old patient is better than a new doctor.

78. A disease known is half cured.

79. A living dog is better than a dead lion.

80. Eaten bread is soon forgotten.

81. Never be ashamed of eating your meat.

82. Malice drinks its own poison.

83. All things that great men do are well done.

84. Better a bad excuse than none at all.

85. The eyes believe themselves; the ears believe others.

86. The master’s eyes see the horse fat.

87. Four eyes see more than two.

88. The face is the index of the mind.

89. The best ornament of truth is nakedness.

90. Tell the truth and run.

91. If you spit against heaven it will fall on your head.

92. Every ill man has his ill day.

93. None is there without a fault.

94. Love sees no fault. 

95. Defaming others is the greatest of all sins.

96. Every sin carries its own punishment.

97. Sin is sin whether big or small.

98. An empty bag can’t stand upright.

99. Fortune and glass soon break.

100. A sleeping fox counts hens in his dream.

101. A friend is one who warns you.

102. A full purse never lacks friends.

103. Tell me the company you keep I will tell you what you are.

104. Friends agree best at a distance.

105. A good friend never lacks friends.

106. Let friends be old, cloth be new.

107. A friend’s frown is better than a fool’s smile.

108. Poverty is the root of genius.

109. Rob Peter to pay Paul.

110. It is more blessed than to receive.

111. Give respect and take respect.

112. Gold will be slave or master.

113. God knows well who the best pilgrims are.

114. God gives every bird its food but does not throw it into the nest.

115. Sweet voice is God’s gift.

116. A nod for a wise man, a rod for a fool.

117. A good man is ever welcome.

118. Good husbandry is the first step towards riches.

119. All things perish only good deeds remain.

120. Good watch prevents misfortunes.

121. Good men must die but death can’t kill their names.

122. A good garden may have some weeds.

123. Better be alone than in bad company.

124. Evil communication corrupts good manners.

125. A man who can’t dance thinks that the band is bad.

126. One kindness is the price of another.

127. Save the thief from the gallows and he will be the first to cut your throat.

128. Ingratitude is the daughter of pride.

129. A favour ill-placed is a great waste.

130. A camel can’t go through a needle’s eye.

131. Every guest hates the other, the host hates them all.

132. A constant guest is never welcome.

133. A born cure is never cured.

134. An early habit lasts forever.

135. A habit is a shirt made of iron.

136. Let not thy left hand know what your right-hand does.

137. Grey hair is a sign of age, not of wisdom.

138. Sadness and gladness succeed each other.

139. Who wants to enter the paradise must have a good key.

140. If the blind lead the blind both will fall into the ditch.

141. No man is a hero to his own wife; no woman is a wife to his own hero.142. We need not teach the fish to swim.

143. In a fiddler’s house, all are dancers.

144.  Fools build houses and wise men live in them.

145.  A flattering speech is a honeyed poison.

146. He who praises publicly will slander privately.

147.  Full of courtesy full of craft.

148.  An artful fellow is a devil in doublet (short close-fitting jacket).

149. If you can’t bite, never show your teeth.

150.  All are not saints that use holy water.

151. Idleness is the holiday of the fool.

152. Idleness is the greatest prodigality in the world.

153. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

154. John has been to school to learn to be a fool.

155. Imitation is suicide.

156. What is human is immortal.

157. There is a bad choice where the whole stock is bad.

158. To a king, there is neither high nor low.

159. He that has knowledge spares his words.

160. No living man all things can.

161. Self-examination is good medicine for the soul.

162. The great point of wisdom is to find out one’s folly (foolishness).

163. There is no royal road to learning.

164. You can’t miss the water till the well goes dry.

165.  Adversity (hardship) makes a man wise, not rich.

166. By working we become workmen.

167. The example is visible philosophy.

168. All things are difficult before they are easy.

169. Better unborn than untaught.

170. Experience without learning is better than learning without experience.

171. Experience is the mother of wisdom.

172. Religion is best understood when most practised.

173. One can’t know everything.

174. Labour conquers all things.

175. Laugh and the world will laugh with you.

176. He laughs best who laughs last.

177. A lawyer’s opinion is worth nothing unless paid for.

178. The law maker should not be a lawbreaker.

179. If you walk the whole country is your friend, if you lie down even your mat will hate you.

180. Delay is dangerous.

181. Foolish pity spoils a city.

182. A liar needs a good memory.

183. A candle lights others and consumes itself.

184. That which comes of a cat will catch mice.

185. Like mother, like daughter.

186. A little boy may have a big soul.

187. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

188. It is good to be merry and wise.

189. Throw a lucky man into the sea and he will come up with a fish in his mouth.

190. Behind bad luck comes good luck.

191. Marriages are made in heaven.

192. A man’s best fortune or his worst is his wife.

193. Beauty in a woman is like a flower in spring but virtue is like a star in heaven.

194. To marry once is a duty, twice a folly, thrice a madness.

195. No woman is ugly when she is dressed.

196. The fair face needs no paint.

197. Women in mischief are wiser than men.

198. He who tells his wife news is but newly married.

199. Go down the ladder when you marry, go up when you choose a friend.

200. When poverty comes in through the door, love leaps out of the window.

201. A virtuous wife is a crown to her husband.

202.  A maid that laughs is half taken.

203. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are tempest and hailstorm.

204. No man is a hero to his own valet (personal servant).

205.  A man warned is half armed.

206. Men show their superiority inside, animals outside.

207. A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance.

208. As a man lives so shall he die.

209. Where might is master, justice is servant.

210. Speech is the picture of the mind.

211. From a clear spring clear water flows.

212. March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.

213. A king is only a son to his mother.

214. If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain.

215. It is better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting.

216. The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.

217. No man is rich enough to do without a neighbour.

218.  As cold water is to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.

219.  Necessity turns lion into a fox.

220. The used key is always bright.

221. Never cast dirt into the fountain of whose water you drink.

222. Two rails never meet.

223. A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

224. Oak can’t be hewed at one stroke.

225. Beat an unruly horse with a whip.

226. Constant application overcomes the greatest difficulties.

227. The grandmother’s correction makes no impression.

228. Old friends to trust; old authors to read.

229.  Old fools do more foolish than young ones.

230. Oppression causes rebellion.

231. An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity.

232. A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.

233. Reputation is the darling of human affection.

234. A fair exterior may have a foul interior.

235. East or west, home is the best.

236. Every dog is a lion at home.

237.  Every cook praises his own broth.

238. A little in one’s own pocket is better than much in another’s pocket.

239. Command yourself and you will command all things.

240. Rome was not built in a day.

241.Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves.

242. Point not at other’s spot with a foul finger.

243. All that is not prose passes for poetry.

244. Politics is not an exact science.

245. In politics, there is no honour.

246. He who gives you fair words feds you with an empty spoon.

247. A gift given with a kind countenance is a double gift.

248. He profits most who serves best.

249. A warrior without courage blames his weapons.

250.  In a bad almanac the whole day is unlucky.

251. One head is arrogant to the other.

252. Pride ruins the angels.

253. Prove all things but hold fast to what is good.

254. He preaches well that lives well.

255. Despatch is the soul of business.

256. Public memory is short.

257. The public has neither shame nor gratitude.

258. A word hurts more than a wound.

259. Punishment is a sort of medicine.

260. No one should be twice punished for one crime.

261. Punishment brings wisdom.

262. In quarrelling the truth is always lost.

263. After the rain, comes the fair weather.

264.  A great wind is laid with little rain.

265. It is as rare as hen’s teeth.

266. The hasty man loses his crop.

267. The memory of happiness makes misery woeful.

268. Reform should begin at home.

269. Republics are ungrateful.

270. Asking costs nothing.

271. No sweet without sweat.

272. If you want the fine fruits you should climb up the tree.

273. Lose nothing for want of asking.

274. God heals, the physician gets the thanks.

275. Every poor man is counted a fool.

276. All things are obedient to money.

277. A poor man’s words have little weight.

278. Rich men have no faults.

279. Poverty has no shame.

280. A hungry dog eats dirty puddings.

281. The full belly does not believe in hunger.

282. He is a wise man that wears poverty decently.

283. It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest.

284. Money is welcome though it comes in a dirty clothe.

285. Debt is the worst of poverty.

286. Poverty without debt is independence.

287. Poverty sweeps away the good qualities of a weak man.

288. Life may not give you all the things you desire for, but it must give you what is needed for you.

289. Wealth is the cause of both friendship and enemy.

290. A man without money is like a bow without an arrow.

291. The tears of the poor are the pleasures of the rich.

292. He that is warm thinks all to be so.

293. A man dies rich dies disgraces.

294. Give me neither poverty nor riches.

295. A fool and his money are soon separated.

296. When money speaks the truth remains silent.

297. If you have money in your pocket you are wise.

298. Money is a good servant but a bad master.

299. Money saved is money gained.

300. Money lent an enemy made.

301. If you have money, you can conquer an army.

302. Money has no leg but can run.

303. Money has no ears but can hear.

304. Money travels in search of money.

305. No need to pour water on a drowned mouse.

306. Any road leads to the end of the world.

307. The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.

308. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

309. The trodden path is the safest.

310. Seek and you will find, knock and it shall be opened to you.

311. All men love themselves.

312. Even the hill sees and the wall hears.

313. What is done by night appears by day.

314. Truth is the daughter of time.

315. Greedy is the Godless.

316. Good fishing is always in troubled water.

317. What is yours is mine, what is mine is my own.

318. No one calls his butter sour.

319. Every ass likes to hear himself bray.

320. Day-light must come though the cock does not crow.

321. Shame is an ornament to the young, a disgrace to the old.

322.  Either live or die with honour.

323. Decency and decorum are not pride.

324. Silence means consent.

325. Every sin is the result of collaboration.

326. Let a sleeping dog lie.

327. Sleep in your bed and none can make you rise.

328. A quarrel in a neighbouring house is pleasing to the eyes.

329. If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong.

330. The sleep of a labouring man is sweet.

331. A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.

332. A smile makes a distance shorter between two people.

333. Smooth water runs deep.

334. A wise son makes his father glad.

335. When a man meets his mate society begins.

336. Hear much speak less.

337. Speech is the index of the mind.

338. Woe unto you if all men don’t speak well of you.

339. The most beautiful thing in the world is freedom of speech.

340. Speech is of time, silence is of eternity.

341. Speak but not provoke.

342. Time passes, words remain.

343. Deliver your words not by number but by weight.

344. Much study is the weariness of the flesh.

345. Iron sharpens iron, scholar the scholar.

346. Not make your tail longer than your wings.

347. Nothing succeeds like success.

378. The sun shines even on the wicked.

379. The morning sun lasts not a whole day.

380. The less we know the more we suspect.

381. In superstition, wise men follow the fools.

382. Beware of him that tells tales.

383. Too much is too bad.

384. Talkers are not good-doers.

385. Some people talk like angels but live like men.

386. Good taste is the flower of good sense.

387. Death and taxes are inevitable.

388. The eyes of a thief run over all things that he sees.

389. Dig a well before you are thirsty.

390. One today is worth two tomorrows.

391. Don’t put till tomorrow that can be done today.

392. It takes all sorts to make a world.

393. What is vice today may be virtue tomorrow.

394. Honour is the reward of virtue.

395. Virtue is its own reward.

396. His voice is the sound of many waters.

397.  He who has done an ill will do it again.

398. The weeds grow fast.

399. Ill doers are ill thinkers.

400. A wolf must die in its own skin.

401.  A wicked man is afraid of his own memory.

402. The will is the soul of work.

403. It is easy to be wise after the event.

404. A wicked man is his own hell.

405. There is much grief in much wisdom.

406.  If wishes are horses, the beggars would ride on them.

407.  Two great talkers will not travel far together.

408. A word for the wise, a rod for the fool.

409. Fair words don’t fill the pocket.

410. Fair words and foul play cheat both young and old.

411. Sugared words generally prove bitter.

412. All is not gospel that comes out of his mouth.

413. Think first and then speak.

414. Work ill done must be twice done.

415. All things are easy if done willingly.

416. If you want to have a thing well done, do it yourself.

417. It is the working that makes a workman.

418. The world is beautiful but there is a disease called man.

419. The wolf may change its skin but not its nature.

420. He jests at a scar that never felt a wound.

421.  The writers are the engineers of human soul.

422. In youth learn, in age understand.

423. Zeal without knowledge is like fire without light.

424. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

425. A dead mouse will feel no cold.

426. A deformed body may have a beautiful soul.

427. A diamond is valuable though it lies on a dung hill.

428. A feast is not made of mushroom only.

429. A flow will have an ebb.

430. Sometimes there is a great ceremony for a small saint.

431. A little link will sink a great ship.

432. A mouse must not think to cast a shadow like an elephant.

433. All is fair in love and war.

434. A hired horse is never tired.

435. An honourable death is better than an inglorious life.

436. A diamond with a flaw is better than a pebble without.

437.  Better late than never.

438. Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.

439. Be sure to master yourself before trying to master others.

440. Bitter pills may have wholesome effects.

441. Count not your chickens before they are hatched.

442. A deep river runs in silence.

443. Doctors, barbers, lawyers and prostitutes do require always cash.

444. Drop by drop the lake is filled up.

445. Deeds speak louder than words.

446. The end must justify the means.

447. Every mother’s child is handsome.

448. Every reed will not make a pipe.

449. Every mad man thinks that all other men are mad.

450. Every disease can be cured but no cure for death.

451. Govern your passions or they will govern you.

452. Great engines run on small pivots.

453. Great men’s vices are accounted to be sacred.

454. He has two stomachs to fill one to work.

455. He is powerful who is under his own power.

456. He who has not done anything wrong probably has done nothing right.

457. He is making clothes for fishes.

448. He who swells in prosperity will shrink in adversity.

449. He leaps into the deep river to avoid the shallow brook.

450. He who shoots always must sometimes get hit.

451. He who is ill to himself will be good to nobody.

452. Hoist your sail while the weather is fair.

453. Home is where the heart is.

454. If a man falls once all will tread on him.

455. If you run after two hares you will catch neither.

456. If you want to eat the fruits pluck not the flowers.

457. It is no secret what is known to three.

458. It is good to strike the serpent’s head with your enemy’s hand.

459. It is easier to pull down than to build.

450. It is a bad house where the hens crow louder than the cock.

451. The beautiful birds get caged.

452. Kill not the goose that lays the golden egg.

453. Life is a flower of which love is the honey.

454. A man’s best possession is a loving wife.

455. New things are most looked at.

456. Of evil grain, no good seed can come out.

457. One false friend causes more harm than a hundred foes.

548. One nail drains out another.

549. Passion is universal humanity.

550. Philosophy is the highest music.

551. Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.

552. Stars are not seen by sunshine.

553. As the tree is the fruit is.

554. Take hold of a good minute.

555. The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.

556. The fairest rose also withers.

557. The acts of this life are the destiny of the next.

558. There should have a principle in everything.

559. What is an army without a General?

560. You must catch a wild bird by the help of a tame one.

560. You cannot extract blood from a stone.

561. A book is a garden that can be carried in your pocket.

562. Your enemy’s enemy is your friend.

563. Past is dream, future is desire.

564. A daughter without marriage is like a bird with only one wing.

565. He is not a good doctor who has not fallen ill.

567. One who rides on the tiger likes not to ride on mice.

568. If you have patience even grass becomes milk.

569. There are only two good people in the world: one who is dead and one who has not born yet.

570. Conversation with intelligent people is as same as reading books for a month.

571. Money is not so necessary if you have good children.

572. If you want to eat then eat anger.

573. A thief thinks that all are thieves.

574. One who works hard will never perish.

575. Take care of today and it will take care of tomorrow.

576. All girls look beautiful till they are married.

577. Children are poor men’s treasure.

578. The tongue is the only weapon of a woman.

579. Don’t give salt or advice till asked for.

580. A small hole is just enough to sink down a ship.

581. A good husband must be deaf; a good wife must be blind.

582. People throw stones only to the tree that bears fruits.

583. As the country is, so the proverb is.

584. Poverty is the sixth sense.

585. All are equal after death.

586. Speech is human, silence is divine.

587. A good wife is like good furniture in a house.

588. Even a white flower cast a black shadow.

589. The law is written not always with a pen but sometimes by weapon also.

590. Tell your wife if you want to tell something to the world.

591. Change of work is leisure.

592. Having no opportunity the thief thinks that he is honest.

593. Think more, speak less and write little.

594. Everybody’s friend is nobody’s friend.

595. We become intelligent not by reading books but by understanding things.

596. Ill luck is the bridge of luck.

597. Poverty is worse than four hundred diseases.

598. The mirror can’t show your back.

599. No doctor can cure a coward patient.

600. After the fire the ash, after rain the rose.

601. Hold your true friends with your true hands.

602. Follow a river you will meet the sea.

603. One who is not silent can’t speak.

604. The owner will have only one house but a tenant a thousand.

605. To know where the pain is, ask the patient not the doctor.

606. To come to this world there is only one way but to depart from it there is many.

607. If the king gets cold the whole county coughs.

608. Take care when you are in good health.

609. Sea is the fishermen’s garden.

610. A soldier’s wife is neither a widow nor a wife.

611. Law is like an ass, rich people ride on it.

612. The law kicks the poor.

613. As the heads, so are the minds.

614. Food is the father water is the mother.

615. Wine is grapes’ blood.

616. War is the worst disease.

617. The best advice you can give to a hungry man is food.

618.  Search your wife with your ears, not with your eyes.

619. Stomach is the best clock.

620. One need not fear of law but one should fear of a lawyer.

621. An old friend is a good mirror.

622. Birth is the messenger of death.

623. Experience is the teacher of a fool.

624. Necessity has its own law.

625. The fear of death is more cruel than death.

626. If you like peace give ear to your wife.

627. Don’t say tomorrow, it may not come in your life.

628. Poverty is not shame but discomfort.

629. An elephant does not grow in one day.

630. Praise a fool and he will work.

631. An open door may tempt even a saint.

632. Every head has its own pain.

633. As is the king so are the subjects.

634. Proverbs are lamps to words.

635. Cut off the nose to spite the face. 

636. Our enemies are our outward conscience.

637. He loses the world who buys it with much care.

638. Guiltiness will speak though the tongues are out of use.

639.  A good name in a man or woman is the immediate jewel to his soul.

640. Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale.

Felicitous Expression-Some Examples 

Simple Expression

1. Loaf about less on Sundays and you will be without a headache on Monday.

2. The more he thought of Samuel, the more he grieved for him.

3. I can hear you quite well.

4. Don’t lie in addition to being a coward.

5. In all her life she had not wasted a minute in silence.

6. My little Mini stole into my room.

7. Father! What relation is mother to you?

8. He greeted me with a smiling face.

9. I tried to laugh her fear gently away.

10. Partly from one and partly from another I gathered all the information.

11. She felt just like her husband.

12. Nice, is your school very far?

13. Getting into a good college is very tough.

14. Good morning, how can I help you?

15. Could I speak to your father?

16. I am afraid my father is in the bathroom. 

17. He has just gone in.

18. In that case, would you take a message for him?

19. Hello, who is on the line?

20. When is he likely to come back?

21. Please see that he gets the message.

22. Hello, may I know who is speaking?

23. Have the guest arrived?

24. Should he be informed of the matter?

25. Do you have an exam on Monday?

26. Has he left a message?

27. Is the train on time?

28. Did you have any problem in meeting him?

29. She gave a coy smile.

30. Thanks for coming ahead.

31. She was asked to come a little early.

32. Rani is Anita’s niece from her younger brother.

33. He gave him a resounding slap.

34. Such things get broken in children’s hand only.

35. You cannot detect a speck of dust around.

36. Pinku puffed his cheeks to blow out the candles.

37. Bon has turned four this day.

38. It was very cruel of Sanjay to have slapped his son.

39. I would not change my way of life for yours.

40. What fine clothes her children wear!

41. If I had plenty of lands, I should not fear the devil himself!

42. I will get you into my power.

43. God creates people the way He likes.

44. Why should I suffer in this narrow hole?

45. He was ten times better off than he had been.

46. Pahom piled him with questions.

47. I will bring them teachers.

48. Land can be got almost for nothing.

49. I never saw the like of it.

50. All the land you go round shall be yours.

51. Six feet from his head to his heels was all he needed.

52. Thirsty man chasing a drop of water.

53.  I hesitated for some reason I can’t explain.

54. He was the most trusting person I ever met.

55. He would borrow one week and lend the next.

56. If you can cook, then maybe I can feed you.

57. The shirt and pyjamas stuck to my skin.

58. There was a fifty rupees note between his fingers.

59. He did not seem to mind.

60. I shall collect the roubles that are due to me.

61. Who knows who the fellow is?

62. Simon took the man by the elbows and helped him to rise.

63. Have you no love of God?

64. Remember whom you are to make them for.

65. He was now living his sixth year with Simon.

66. What was to be done with them?

67. I fed them both at my own breast.

68. What did God punish you for?

69. He gave no thought to his clothes.

70. I wish you a good morning, sir.

71. He was born into a very poor family.

72. It is a wretched garment.

73. He went out into the street as if in a dream.

74. It stands with the firmness of a mountain.

75. Sudan shares its border with no less than nine countries.

76. Literature came late to Shukri.

77. He was on the verge of tears. 

78. I don’t remember exactly how old I was.

79. I must have been very young at that time.

80. You’re still fifty pounds in debt to me.

81. I am slain by love.

82. In all my born days I have not seen such a wedding as this.

83. Whatever the case may be, I am well.

84. Return whence you come.

85. The camels were too weak to carry their humps on their back.

86. They preferred death over life.

87. It is never easy to decide whom to include and whom to exclude.

88. All major Arabic authors have, at one point or another in their career, ventured in the field of short story.

89. There was hardly any hope left for them.

90. He approached his forty-fifth birthday.

91. Come and see for yourself.

92. She is unaware of what is going on around her.

93. I wish it had never been born.

94. How destiny can change things.

95. We were the envy of many people.

96. If you see someone running in the streets of the New Region that is an event because people rarely run there.

97. Devil takes a hand in what is done in haste. 0 0 0

Felicitous Expression-Some Examples


1. The sky was like the painting drawn by a child deep blue from the top to the bottom.

2. The sea waves glitter like diamonds under the sunlight.

3. The breeze was whispering through the leaves of trees like a chorus.

9. Her lips pressed mine that felt as soft as the velvety rose petal.

10. His skin felt like the grains of sand.

11. She seemed sweet as candy.

12. Lilima was as pretty as picture.

13. Her skin was like milk.

14. Slow as a turtle in muddy ground.

15. Huge waves like white foamy water.

15. The cloud was fluffy like cotton wool.

16. Her cheek was as slippery as an eel.

1. As quick as the wink, he dashed for the field.

2. She works like a horse.

3. He moves like a snail.

4. She eats like a pig.

5. Friends are like chocolate cakes. 

17. Quick as flash. 

18. She felt the raindrops as small kisses on her face.

19. The baby is a perpetual motion machine.

20. The news was more shocking than a thousand bolts of electricity.

21. It was darker than a moonless night.

‘22. Travelling to other countries is like trying on other lives.

23. Getting dressed is more complicated than a rocket launch. (hyperbole)

24. It was as unpleasant as a dose of cough medicine.

25. Softer than a puppy’s fur.

26. She seems as quiet as mice.

‘27. Raindrops were drumbeats on the roof.

28. He was as short as our Vice Principal’s temper.

29. The kitchen looks like a battlefield.

30. Mary is like a bulldozer.

31. She is like a opinionate volcano.

32. An encyclopedia is like gold mines.

33. Come like a hot knife through butter.

34. Writing poetry is like bungee jumping.

35. Talent is like born with blue eyes.

36. A dancer is like water.

37. Water is like spring.

38. Spring is like fire.

39. Fire is like inspiration.

40. Inspiration is like a shooting star.

41. Leaves are like old people.

42. Old people are like vegetables.

43. Vegetables are like medicine.

44. Happiness is like a butterfly (short-lived).

45. School is like a circus.

46. Her nose is like a hook.

47. As harmless as a dream.

48. Useless as an old cycle tyre.

49.  Her tears flow like a river in flood.

50.Red like an apple

51. Green as grass.

52. Small like a crumb (a portion of bread)

53. Soft as cotton.

54. Angry as a bear who has no dinner.

55. Stubborn as a bear.

56. Angry as a whining child.

57. Hungry as a winter morning.

58. Sad as a hungry beggar.

59. Big as the Himalayas.

60. Small as a vermillion.

61. As hard as lava rock.

62. As hard as my dog’s teeth.

63. As hard as bones.

64. As soft as pillows.

65. As soft as my pink blanket.

66. As soft as a cushion.

67. As soft as a potato.

68. As soft as mallow. (plant giving pink- purple flower)

69. As bumpy as a rock (uneven, rough)

70. As bumpy as hills

71. As bumpy as a rhinoceros.

72. As bumpy as a lizard. 

73. As dry as a lizard’s skin.

74. As dry as an earring.

75. As dry as my skin in winter.

76. As dry as the desert.

77. As good as avocado (pear-shaped fruit).

78. As good as candy and cheese.

79. As good as rainbows.

80. As good as American dolls.

81. As good as chocolate.

82. Blue as the sky.

83. Blue as a bluebird,

84. Blue as a rainy day.

85. Strong as ice in winter,

86. Strong as a wolf,

87. Strong as a shark,

88. Strong as an elephant.

89. Strong as a bear,

90. Strong as a lion,

91. Strong as an alligator,

92. Strong as a leopard.

93. Strong as a crab,

94. Strong as the ocean,

95. Strong as the earth,

96. Strong as lightning.

97. Slippery as ice,

98. Slippery as frozen snow 

99. Slippery as rain or hail,

100. Slippery as a banana peel.

101. Slippery as Jelly.

102. Slippery as goo (a sticky substance).

103. Slippery as pain when you fall on ice.

104. Warm as a fire in the fireplace

105. Warm as the sun.

106. Warm as an oven baking turkey.

107. Warm as an oven baking apple pie.

108. Warm as hot chocolate,

109. Warm as hugging your mom and dad.

110. Fun as playing with your friends.

111.Fun as playing on the playground.

112. Fun as hugging your friend

113. Blank as a blanket.

114. Blank as a piece of paper.

115. Blank as a cloud.

116. Blank as new snow.

117. Blank as socks.

118. Blank as boredom.

119. Big as a dinosaur.

120. Big as a dragon.

121. Big as a castle.

122. Big as a giant.

123. Big as the sky.

124. Big as the sun.

125. Big as air.

126. Big as the world.

127. Big as hope.

128. Fast as a cheetah.

129. Fast as a race car.

130. Fast as an erupting volcano.

131. Fast as a butterfly in summer.

132. Fast as a snap of your fingers.

133.Fast as happiness.

134. Fast as light.

135. Fast as your ideas.

136. Slow as a turtle.

137. Slow as a bear.

138. Slow as a snail.

139. Slow as snow.

140. Slow as the moving of clouds.

141. Slow as a daydream with my horse.

142. Stars are like the eyes of dead people.

143. People stalk just as animals.

 144. The tongue of my dog is rough as sandpaper.

145. Friendship is as smooth as water.

146. As bumpy as tree bark.

147. I felt cold like crying tears.

148. Smell like a bomb.

149. Life is like a tree.

150. Sun-rays looked like pure gold.

151. Crops grew as high as a horse.

152. They are as simple as sheep.

153. I could live like an oil-rich Arab for a week or two.

154. The Nile’s breast is like a man in anger.

155. He looked like a camel amid a herd of goats.

156. She looks like a movie star.

157. His eyes were as broad and round as those of an owl.

158. His voice was like a rusty stream engine.

159. It moves slowly as the sun.

160. His cheeks were as soft as a butterfish.

161. His hands and feet were as comely as a leaf of a mango sapling.

162. Her two breasts were looked like the belly of a pregnant goat.

163. Dating is like getting a pair of new shoes when you first get them, you want to wear them all the time. And when you see another pair of shoes you like, you slowly mistreat the old.

Felicitous Expression-Some Examples 


1. His mouth was a vacuum cleaner.

2. The moon was a misty shadow.

3. He has the hand of a monkey and he swims from branch to branch of trees.

‘4. He was a wasp in the ice-cream of life.

5. My grandmother’s hands were roadmaps of wrinkles.

6. The eggs were the mountains on the breakfast table.

7. The moon and the stars are stickers on the ceiling of the Earth.

8. The full moon was granny’s round face.

9. The water feels like a slow-motion dream.

10. Water sounds like a hungry man’s stomach. 0 0 0

Felicitous Expression-Some Examples

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