Nunthombam Vidyapati Singh-Brief Life Sketch


Nunthombam Vidyapati Singh-Brief Life Sketch

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Nunthombam Vidyapati Singh-Brief Life Sketch

Nunthombam Vidyapati Singh

Nunthombam Vidyapati Singh-Brief Life Sketch

Nunthombam Vidyapati Singh was a multi-talented Manipuri educator and social worker. 

He was born on 24 November 1912 in Lala, now in the Hailakandi district. His father Lalit Singh was a ‘quack’ (unqualified doctor) and astrologer. His mother Maichan Devi was a sister of Hijam Raman Singh, the first Deputy Inspector of Manipuris in Assam. He matriculated in the first class under Calcutta University in 1931 and later passed Intermediate from Murarichand College, Sylhet. He graduated from the same college in 1935.

In 1936 Nunthombam Vidyapati Singh joined the Sonai M. E School of Kachar district as a teacher. At that time, in the Sonai region, there was no high school. Therefore, under his initiative, a high school was established in Sonai.

Nunthombam Vidyapati Singh was an ideal man and he led a very simple life. He always dressed in dhoti-Punjabi. He was a pioneer not only in the field of education but also in drama and other cultural aspects of society.

In 1939, under his presidency, a program called ‘Kachar Manipuri Yuva Sangha’ was formed. It was through this association that the youth of Swajati were awakened.

He was elected MLA of South Hailakandi Constituency held in 1946 under the Government of India Act, 1935. During his tenure as an MLA, he had repeatedly demanded rendering education through his mother tongue Manipuri. As a result, the Manipuri language was later recognized by the Government of Assam as a medium of instruction.

After the independence of India in 1948, he heard about the harassment of Manipuris living in East Pakistan. He sent three Manipuri leaders and students from Kachar to the people living there at that time.

Nunthombam Vidyapati Singh died on 14 September 1954 in Sonai at the young age of 42 after rendering selfless services to the nation. 0 0 0


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