Bhrigumuni Kagyung-Brief Life Sketch


Bhrigumuni Kagyung-Brief Life Sketch

Bhrigumuni Kagyung-Brief Life Sketch

Bhrigumuni Kagyung

Bhrigumuni Kagyung-Brief Life Sketch

Bhrigumuni Kagyung was an Assamese poet, educator and researcher from the Miching community. Bhrigumuni was born in October 1932 in the village of Alimur in the womb of Khahuwar by Jabari.  

Bhrigumuni Kagyung received her primary education at Alimur Primary School No. 57 and passed the entrance examination in 1958. Due to the poor financial condition of the family, he worked in various institutions during the day and went to college at night. He graduated from B Baruah College, Guwahati in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree. In 1992, Kaguyung received training in Adult Textbook Preparation at the Institute of Indian Language, Mysore. 

He later joined Jorhat Vocational Collegiate High School as a teacher. Bhrigumuni Kagyung served as a teacher at Jorhat Government Higher Secondary School from 1964 to 1966 for three years. 

His contribution to Assamese poetry and literature is immense. His books of Assamese poetry are ‘Kabitakali’, ‘Anahut’, ‘Man Bananir Jui’ and ‘Kabita Kusum’. Bhrigumuni Kagyung’s most popular book of poetry is ‘Anahut’. He was awarded the President’s Award in 1971 by the Government of India for his book ‘Anahut’. Bhrigumuni Kagyung also won the President’s Award in 1994 for his book ‘Man Bananir Jui’. He was the first National Award-winning writer of the Miching community. 

Although his poetry is romantic, the impression of modernity is evident in his poetry. Patriotism, a sense of history, a sense of humanity and a commitment to society are the main features of Bhrigumuni Kagyung’s poetry.

Bhrigumuni Kagyung wrote poems in Assamese as well as in Miching. The total number of books written and edited by him is 26. 

He passed away on March 27, 2011. 0 0 0

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