Some Commonly Used Similes | Comparison


Some Commonly Used Similes | Comparison

Some Commonly Used Similes Comparison

(Some Commonly Used Similes)

Some Commonly Used Similes | Comparison

The word ‘Simile’ has come from the Latin word ‘similis’ which means likeness. Literary a Simile is an explicit statement of likeness between two dissimilar things. For example:

Siraj-ud-daulla was as brave as a lion.

Here ‘Siruj-ud-dulla’ is compared to a lion. Siraj-ud-dulla and lion are two different things. But they are alike in possessing one characteristic in common which is braveness. Here to say that likeness of two is not a simile. The likeness must be between two dissimilar things. For example, Ram is as strong as his brother – is not a simile because Ram and his brother are not different things. Both are men. To be a simile likeness must be between two dissimilar things. If one is a man, the other must be non-human. In simile the adverbs – like, as, as if, so etc. are used while comparing a thing to another. A list of some commonly used Similes is given below:

(Some Commonly Used Similes)

1. As white as milk.

2. As cold as ice.

3. As wise as Soloman

4. As white as snow.

5. As silent as grave.

6. As soft as butter.

7. As slippery as an eel.

8. As slender as a thread.

9. As thick as cable.

10. As yellow as saffron.

11. As treacherous as a snake.

12. As weak as a baby.

13. As watchful as a hawk.

14. As soft as wax.

15. As sweet as honey.

16. As stupid as a donkey.

17. As hard as marble.

18. As hard as steel.

19. As happy as a king.

20. As tough as a Tartar.

21. As sharp as a razor.

22. Aa silent as the dead.

23. As hot as fire.

24. As pale as death/ghost.

25. As timid as a hare.

26. As quick as lighting.

27. As red as blood.

28. As ripe as a cherry.

29. As busy as a bee.

30. As bitter as gall.

31. As sure as death.

32. As graceful as a swan.

33. As gentle as a lamb.

34. As greedy as a wolf.

35. As free as air.

36. As cool as a cucumber.

37. As clear as day.

38. As old as a hill.

39. As dry as dust.

40. As fierce as a tiger

(Some Commonly Used Similes)

41. As fresh as a rose.

42. As merry as a cricket.

43. As flat as a board.

44. As deep as well.

45. As dumb as a statue.

46. As cunning as a fox.

47. As firm as a rock.

48. As nimble as a squirrel.

49. As poor as a church mouse.

50. As regular as a clock.

51. As warm as wool.

52. As vain as a peacock.

53. As ugly as a toad.

54. As tall as an oak.

55. As smooth as velvet.

56. As sober as a judge.

57. As soft as grass.

58. As playful as a kitten.

59. As obstinate as a mule.

60. As light as a feather.

61. As harmless as a dove.

62. As black as a coot.

63. As bold as brass.

64. As sudden as thunder.

65. As spacious as a saloon.

66. As fine as the morning.

67. As mad as a lover.

68. As heavy as a hill. 0 0 0

(Some Commonly Used Similes)


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