Work Work Meaning Work Definition

Work | Meaning | Definition

Work | Meaning | Definition Work (Noun) : an activity either physical or mental that produces an effect. In other words, to say, work is the act...
Vegetable Vegetable Meaning Vegetable Definition

Vegetable | Meaning | Definition

Vegetable | Meaning | Definition Vegetable (Noun) : a plant or parts of a plant used as food as carrot, reddish, cabbage, bean, potato, tomato, turnip etc....
Village Fair Village Fair Meaning Village Fair Definition

Village Fair | Meaning | Definition

Village Fair | Meaning | Definition Village Fair (Noun) : the gathering of people to buy and sell necessary goods. 0 0 0.   N. B. The article originally...
Truthfulness Truthfulness Meaning Truthfulness Definition

Truthfulness | Meaning | Definition

Truthfulness | Meaning | Definition Truthfulness (Noun) : a trait of character or personality of a person of being honest and reliable to others by means of...
Unity Unity Meaning Unity Definition

Unity | Meaning | Definition

Unity | Meaning | Definition Unity (Noun) : the state of being united. It is integrity with nothing wanting. 0 0 0.   N. B. The article originally belongs...

Unemployment | Meaning | Definition

Unemployment | Meaning | Definition Unemployment (Noun) : a situation where someone of working age and ability is not able to get a job though he is...
Thrift Thrift Meaning Thrift Definition

Thrift | Meaning | Definition

Thrift | Meaning | Definition Thrift (Noun) : the habit of saving something for the future. 0 0 0. N. B. The article originally belongs to the book...
Temperance Temperance Meaning Temperance Definition

Temperance | Meaning | Definition

Temperance | Meaning | Definition Temperance (Noun) : moderation in eating and drinking. 0 0 0.   N. B. The article originally belongs to the book entitled 'Menonimus Dictionary...
Technology Technology Meaning Technology Definition

Technology | Meaning | Definition

Technology | Meaning | Definition Technology (Noun) : practical use of machinery and pieces of equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge. 0 0 0. N. B....
Time Management Time Management Meaning Time Management Definition

Time Management | Meaning | Definition

Time Management | Meaning | Definition Time Management (Noun) : the management of one's time effectively so that one can carry out all the tasks and activities...