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1. An Artificial Satellite

2. Patriotism

3. Easy Come, Easy Go

4. My Daily Life

5. Terrorism

6. If I Were the Prime Minister of India

7. One Crowded Hour of Life is Worth an Age Without Name 

8. My Favourite Teacher

9.A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

10. My Idea of an Ideal Citizen

11. Physical Exercise

12. My Favourite Season or The Spring Season

13. My First Day in College Or A Memorable Day of My Life

14. The Importance of Newspaper

15. My Favourite Singer

16. If I Were a Teacher

17. School Magazine

18. Guwahati as a Tourist Place

19. Pollution

20. Mobile Phone: Its Uses and Abuses

21. An Excursion Trip to Shillong

22. Television

23. Television: Its Advantages

24. Discipline

25. The National Flag of India

26. Democracy

27. Internet

28. The Game I Like Most

29. Our School

30. Friendship

31. Punctuality

32. Children’s Day

33. National Integration

34. Teachers Day

35. Great Flood

36. Gandhi Jayanti 

37. The National Festivals of India

38. Rainy Season or Rainy Day

39. Love

40. Tree Plantation

41. Doctor

42. Science

43. Honesty is the Best Policy

44. Digital India

45. Drug addiction

46. Road Safety

47. Knowledge is Power 

48. Poverty

49. Technology 

50. Books

51. Child Labour

52. Christmas

53. Deforestation

54. Good Manners

55. Independence Day

56. Holi

57. Natural Resources

58. Republic Day

59. My Summer Vacation

60. Time Management

61. Unemployment

62. Women empowerment





(Tips of Writing Paragraph)

A paragraph is a section or part of a prose work containing a single idea or thought of a topic. A prose work may be written in many paragraphs. Each paragraph contains or narrates an idea belonging to the topic. The beginning of a new paragraph in a prose work changes the ideas of the topic. Though a paragraph contains a new idea, yet, it does not mean that it is a deviation from the topic. It is only the logical arrangements of thoughts or ideas belonging to the topic. There is no hard and fast rule as to the length of a paragraph. It may be long or short according to the necessity of the case. It may consist of many sentences or a single sentence.

Good paragraph writing is not an easy task. There are some general principles to be abided by at the time of writing a paragraph. Unity and logical sequence of the sentences expressing the thought are the two conditions to be observed at the time of writing a paragraph. The second principle of paragraph writing is that the thought must develop sentence by sentence. It must avoid any kind of monotony or repetition of the same idea. Every sentence of a paragraph must develop the ideas or thoughts without any break.

Here to say that the art of paragraph writing, as a genre of prose composition, is nowadays prescribed to the syllabi of schools and colleges. But the art of paragraph writing prescribed to the students is a slightly different task. The students are asked to write a single paragraph on a given topic. In such a case, a single paragraph also contains the body of a good essay, as- introduction, description and conclusion. The students should arrange their thoughts or ideas on the given topic in a single paragraph with logical unity. Emphasis should be given to the simplicity and grammatical correctness of language.

The practice of paragraph writing enhances the power of thought, imagination, creativity and linguistic expression of the students.

Here some Specimens of Paragraph Writing have been given to the learners. They should practise them as much as they can to get proficiency in the art of paragraph writing. 

An Artificial Satellite

A Satellite is a celestial body orbiting any planet. The Earth has only one natural satellite called the Moon. But nowadays, especially in the later twentieth century, Space Science has developed so much that many countries of the world have many artificial satellites launched into Space which are moving around the Earth like the Moon. The objectives of launching artificial satellites are mainly for scientific research. By means of an artificial satellite, the scientists study the climates, mineral mines, sea beds, mountains and so many other things. The artificial satellites are launched forth from any well-equipped atomic and space research centre. The artificial satellite reaches orbit when it is given a horizontal velocity of approximately 28, 500 kilometres per hour.  As the altitude of the satellite increases, its velocity decreases. Russia, America, German, Japan and even India are pioneers in launching artificial satellites around the earth. The first Indian artificial satellite was ‘Aryabhatta’. Now it has become a common practice of modern nations to launch artificial satellites around the earth for various scientific purposes. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing


Love for one’s own county is called Patriotism. Patriotism is an inborn nature to any conscious citizen of a country. It is a feeling, but more it is an action towards one’s own country. Every citizen of a country should be a patriot. Generally, there are two classes of patriots. First, there are some patriots who love their motherlands but do not impart their duties to their motherlands actively. Secondly, the patriots who love their motherland deeply and come forward bravely in times of need. They always work for the development and welfare of their motherland. They never hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the cause of their own land. In World History, we read the names of Kamal Pasha of Turkey, Sheik Majibar Rahman of Bangladesh and Lenin of Russia who rendered valuable services to their motherlands. In the history of India, we have ample examples of patriots as- Mahatma Gandhi, Tilak, Nehru, Kanaklata, Bhagat Singh and so many others who rendered praiseworthy services to India. There are many who sacrificed their lives for the country. Love for one’s own country makes one great. We should be patriots in the true sense. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

Easy Come, Easy Go

The proverb says, “Easy come, easy go”. It means that what comes easily perishes easily. The success of any kind comes to one’s life after hard labour and struggle. It does not come on easily like the shower of rain. Some people may attain success without any labour. But such wealth does not last long. It is because they do not know how to spend it. They know better how to spend their wealth acquired with hard labour. In society, there are some people who desire to acquire wealth without labour. For this, they take unfair means which is anti-social, illegal or immoral. Anything illegal or immoral cannot last forever. The poison itself bears the power of death. So is the property which is earned easily. It does not take much time to get perished. So no one should desire to get success or wealth without labour. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

  My Daily Life

My daily life is very simple. As I am a student, I always try to abide by a routine. I always get up in the morning and for some time, I take walking in the open field up to a mile and return home. Then I wash my hands and face and then take to my study.  I read my textbooks and do homework till 8 o’clock in the morning. After my study is finished, I take a bath and take food and then start for my school. Our class begins at 9.30 a. m. and usually, it breaks at 2.30 p. m. and then I return home. Coming back home, I wash my hand and face and take my tiffin. After this, I take some rest. Then I begin with my studies.  When it is 5 o’clock in the evening I go out to play with my friends for some time.  When the Sun is about to set, I return home.  Before it is dark, I take my tea and begin my study.  I read up to 10 p. m. then I take my meal. About half-past ten I go to bed. But on Sundays or on holidays I do not follow this routine. On holidays I usually do household work like gardening, reading out books and so on.  Such is my daily life full of activity. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing


When a group of people try to meet their legal or illegal demands by means of menace, murder or unreasonable ways is called Terrorism. Terrorism is the most destructive and loathsome disease in the modern world. Wherever we go, we see that these diseases have been poisoning society. Some people may consider it to be an ‘ism’ or ‘ideology’. But really, it is far away from being an ‘ism’. Generally, terrorism is associated with political demands. Countries like India, Bangladesh, Israel, Palestine etc. are sunk in the horror of terrorism. In our present-day world, there is an international network of terrorists. They have been bringing nothing but death, fear, despair, disorder and destruction to society. Some groups of terrorists demand that they have a political ideology, but their demand is unreasonable and eccentric. Terrorism is always anti-social and it brings about only chaos. Terrorism has grown everywhere like grass- even in the villages also. If every citizen of a country does not become conscious of its destructive power then peace and order of society would be lost forever as it appears to be. To uproot the international network of terrorists, every country in the world must unite and act together against this disease. Otherwise, the whole world would go under the sway of the terrorists and then the world would turn into a burning hell. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

If I Were the Prime Minister of India

I have never thought of entering the field of politics. But if the chance comes, I will certainly do it and if once I can become the Prime Minister of a vast country like India, I shall initiate a revolutionary step in every field which might lead our country to the list of developed countries of the world. First of all, I will take an absolute step to eradicate corruption from society as corruption stands as a strong barrier in the path of all-around development. Secondly, I would change the educational system and initiate realistic and technical education so that the students coming out of their schools might be self-employed.  Special attention would be given to the study of science and it would be made compulsory. Thirdly, I would lay stress on the development of agriculture and give ample facilities to the peasants and farmers. For this, I would not lag behind to import modern and recent technologies from other developed countries. Fourthly, I would spend a huge budget to establish heavy and light industries so that India, my dear motherland might be self-dependent. Fifthly, I would take the necessary steps to strengthen the national unity and fraternity so that India might be an ideal model for the rest of the world. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

One Crowded Hour of Life is Worth an Age Without Name 

The worth of a man’s life is measured not in terms of the years he lives, but by the deeds and works he performs. A man may live for a hundred years or so, but if he does nothing valuable for society then none remembers him. Instead, if a man lives for thirty years or so and does valuable work for the development or welfare of society, then his life is worth praising. We know that John Keats (an English Romantic Poet) and Ramanujan (an Indian mathematician) died before they were thirty but within this short span of life they rendered valuable and praiseworthy services to their respective fields. There are ample examples of such men who died young but contributed much to the welfare of human society. Such men are remembered by all even long after their death and the rest who live a long span of age without good deeds are soon forgotten. After all, a life full of meaningful work is worth an age without work. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

My Favourite Teacher

I like and honour all the teachers under whose guidance I have gone till today. But among them, as I am asked, I would like to tell you about my English teacher Mr Masrur. I have gone under his guidance several times during my student life and found him to be my best and favourite teacher. In support of my liking him best, I have such reasons, as- first, Mr Masrur as a teacher is very ideal for all. All the qualities that a teacher should be had are present in him. He teaches us with much care and attention and makes us question him off and on. He teaches us in different methods which suit the circumstance best. He explains every topic in detail until all the students comprehend his teaching fully. Secondly, he is a man of many books and inspires us to read magazines, journals, newspapers and other books besides textbooks.  Thirdly, he is very generous and kind to all. He often helps poor students with books and money. Fourthly, he is a good player also.  He plays cricket and volleyball and pleases his spectators with a fine performance. Fifthly, he is involved in all the social work and tries his best to eliminate the unemployment problems, poverty and illiteracy. Sixthly, he is a man of religion also. He prays to God regularly and inspires us to do so.  For all these reasons Mr Masrur is my favourite teacher. I think he is a favourite to all who have gone in contact with him. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed 

A true friend is one who shares one’s sorrows and joys, well and woe, prosperity and adversity equally. But a true friend is difficult to find. A man has no dearth of friends in his prosperity, but most of them desert him while he is in peril. Such friends are fair-weather friends. They are like bees that suck honey out of one flower and then move on to another. They are only sycophants. They leave us while we are in need of help. So we should be very cautious in making and selecting friends. Adversity may be the touchstone by which we can test out a true friend. Because a true friend sticks to a man in any circumstance.  He shares both the dark and bright sides of life. A true friend becomes a companion, a guide and a philosopher who leads his friend to the right path and thus makes his friend’s life meaningful. He is ready to help his friend at the risk of his life. He lives for his friend and dies for him. So a true friend is like valuable wealth that we should hold with our both hands. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

My Idea of an Ideal Citizen

A Citizen is an inhabitant with full rights in a country. But an ideal citizen has some duties to himself, to his family, to his society and to his country. First, an ideal citizen is always active and conscious of the welfare and well-being of his country. He is always persistent in doing his duties. Doing one’s duty properly means serving his family, society and country. If every citizen does his duty then the country must be prosperous. Secondly, an ideal citizen is one who obeys the laws and order of society and helps others to do so. Thirdly, an ideal citizen is always conscious of the all-around prosperity of his country. So he involves in all the progressive steps taken by his society. Fourthly, he always responds to the call of his nation. Fifthly, an ideal citizen is ever conscious of the measures and steps taken by the government and thus helps in forming reasonable public opinion in matters of public affairs. To sum up, it might be said that an ideal citizen is he who does his duty regularly, obeys and maintains the laws and order of society, helps in making a reasonable public opinion, associates himself with all the steps of social welfare and keeps himself alert to respond to the call of the nation in time of peril. So every citizen should be an ideal citizen – not in name but indeed. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise means regular movements of limbs that help in strengthening or improving our body and mind. A proverb says, ‘Healthy mind lives in a healthy body.’ Hence physical exercise should be taken regularly. There are many types of physical exercises which differ from age to age, person to person. There is much usefulness of taking regular physical exercise. Though there are many types of physical exercises, yet regular walking is proved to be a common exercise for all ages. Sports and games are also considered to be good physical exercise. It also helps us in doing away with our laziness. Considering its importance the ancient Greeks received regular and compulsory training in gymnastics. In India, the sages also advised their disciples to take regular exercise to keep up a state of readiness and fitness for work. Physical exercise should be made compulsory in all educational institutes. There are drugs and medicine for a disease but there is no alternative to physical exercise in keeping our body and mind always healthy, active and fresh. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

My Favourite Season


The Spring Season

I am accustomed to living a jubilant and lively life in all the seasons. But if I am asked to tell about my favourite season, I would like to tell about the Spring Season. There are some reasons for liking it. First of all, spring is the season of regeneration. In this season all the trees turn over new leaves and give new life to Nature. Secondly, this season is the season of flowers. Various kinds of flowers bloom and add beauty and fragrance to Nature. Thirdly, the birds like the cuckoo, nightingale, lurk etc. appear in Nature and their melodious songs thrill our hearts. Fourthly, the New Year in Assam follows the Spring Season and with the beginning of the New Year, the Bahag Bihu (the National Festival of Assam) begins. It is a festival of life, love and brotherhood. Fifthly, it is a season of moderate temperature- neither hot nor cold- which is congenial to our body and mind.  After all, spring is a season which suits me best and that is why it is my favourite season. Hope that this season will be considered a favourite season with many other people who are conscious of its grace and grandeur. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

My First Day in College


A Memorable Day of My Life

My first day in college was a day of joy and romance. After passing the H. S. L. C. Examination, I got admission to B. H. College, Howly. It is one of the glorious colleges of Assam. Our class started on July 27. I left home for college at 8 a. m. that day. The day was a rainy day. So I took an umbrella and walked on foot. At half-past nine, I reached my college. It was still raining. I was late thirty minutes as our class had begun at 9 o’clock. After all, I waited fifteen minutes and when the bell rang at 9.45, I entered my class and took my seat. The second period began. It was a class of English. The English teacher entered the class with a smiling face and welcomed the students to his class in an affectionate manner. There were some students who secured star marks in English. The teacher welcomed them by shaking hands with them. Then the teacher gave a brief lecture on the methods and techniques of study which inspired me much. After his departure, my new classmates came to me and asked for my introduction. In this class, I met a Bengali boy named Sumanta who took me as his friend and till today he remains my best friend. There were about two hundred and fifty students in our class. They had come from the nook and corner of the state. Sitting with them, I felt much jubilant and their attitude toward each other was so warm and lovely that it broadened my mind forever.  at 3 p. m. our class ended and I walked home. Then there was no rain. The sun was shining brightly. The west wind was blowing and my heart leapt up with joy. Thus was my first day in college and that day will ever be remembered as a memorable day of my life. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

The Importance of Newspaper

A newspaper is a set of printed papers usually daily or weekly containing news, reports and so other miscellaneous current information. In the modern busy world, the importance of newspapers is immense. First, in the modern complex and busy days, every citizen of a country should be conscious of himself and of his society. The newspaper contains the latest news and information of all kinds. Secondly, a newspaper plays an important role in forming public opinions with regard to the various steps and measures taken by the government for the well-being of its citizens. Thirdly, the regular reading of newspapers increases one’s linguistic power. So a learner of a language may keep to reading newspaper regularly. Fourthly, the newspaper, besides news and reports, contains a column of entertainment also reading which we can enjoy the fun. Fifthly, most newspaper contains some literary pages reading which one can suck the taste of arts and literature also. Sixthly, in most newspapers, there is a page informing the various engagement and employment taking the advantage of which one may get a suitable job. So the importance of the newspaper is so vast that there is no alternative to it. 0 0 0

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My Favourite Singer

There are many singers whose songs I like, but among them reverend Lata Mangeshkar is my favourite. She is one of the greatest singers the world has ever produced. She has sung songs in all the major Indian languages. There are some reasons for being Lata, my favourite singer. First, she is gifted by nature with a peculiar tone incomparable to that of any other singer. When she sings it seems that the voice, music and melody come out from her heart spontaneously like the fall of heavy rain. She has taken the Hindi songs to the platform of the world audience. Thirdly, there is a sense of patriotism in her songs. Fourthly, her tone and melody are canorous but there are inner gravity and dignity which affects our heart and mind equally. Fifthly, in times of pain, sorrow and sufferance her songs lull our heart and in times of joy, her song adds flavour to our entertainment. In recognition of her greatness as a singer, she has been honoured with many national and international awards and medals. The Indian Government has bestowed the honour of ‘Padmashri’ and ‘Bharat Ratna’ upon her. She is aged now, yet still today she has been singing songs with enthusiasm. She is unanimously recognized as a pride not only of India but also of the world. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

If I Were a Teacher

Now I am a student, but if I were a teacher I would have taken up it not only as my profession but also as my religion and I would have devoted myself whole-heartedly to this job. I think a teacher should be a friend, a guide and a philosopher. if I were a teacher, I would have taken my students as my friends so that they could become free and frank with me and then I would have done these things: First, before giving them teaching, I would have explained the significance and importance of the prescribed topic because I think that when a student becomes aware of the significance of anything then the topic becomes easier to understand. Secondly, I would have taught them some methods of studying books because methodical study is more fruitful in knowing things. Thirdly, I would have tried to render them an ideal moral lesson through my practical dealings along with imparting textual knowledge because education without morality is of no value. Fourthly, I would have given more emphasis on giving realistic and technical education so that after coming out of school life they can live a self-dependent life. Fifthly, I would have given the students some necessary religious teaching to broaden their minds with humanitarian outlooks. Thus, if I were a teacher I would have turned my students into perfect citizens of human society in the true sense. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

School Magazine

The school magazine is an essential part of the academic system. It is something different from a popular news magazine. It is generally published once a year.  The school magazine is edited by a student under the guidance of a teacher. It contains poems, stories, articles, essays etc. These are mostly written by the students of the school. The school magazine is an inseparable part of the school. It encourages aspiring students to practise writing. It helps in discovering talents. It helps the students to express their feelings and thoughts. Thus, the school magazine plays a vital role in broadening the knowledge of the students. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

Guwahati as a Tourist Place

Guwahati is said to be the gateway to North-east India and besides this, it is a city which has enough historical and political significance. There are some spots which may be an attraction for the tourists. First, Gauhati is the only Indian city which is surrounded by hills from all directions rendering a unique natural beauty. The mighty Brahmaputra has been flowing proudly by the side of it which gives a peculiarity to its beauty. Secondly, in Guwahati, there is the world-famous Kamakhaya Temple which is considered to have the spiritual power to sanctify the heart of the afflicted persons. Thirdly, there is a zoo which is the largest one among other north-eastern zoos visiting which one can quench one’s curiosity of seeing the birds and animals of varied species. Fourthly, there is a Medical College and Hospital in Guwahati which is one of the first-class civil hospitals in India. Fifthly, there is a university, an Ayurvedic College, a Planetarium, a Museum, the bronze statue of Chilaray and so many worth-visited spots. If the Government becomes conscious of its tourist spots and takes some initiatives to draw the attraction of the tourists then it would get more and more visitors from abroad every year. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing


Pollution is anything that makes the earth dirty and unhealthy. Along with humans and animals, land, air and water are all affected by pollution.  Pollution has been classified as water pollution, air pollution, land pollution and noise pollution. Water pollution is the most dangerous and worst form of pollution. It affects human and animal lives in all aspects. Water is getting polluted through many sources. Air Pollution is the pollution of the air by smoke and harmful gases. It is harmful to humans, animals and plants. The release of gaseous pollutants from burning fuel of motor vehicles, industrial processes, burning of garbage etc. are contributing to the air pollution. Noise pollution is considered as the environmental pollution caused by the excess level of noise produced by power plants, vehicles, industries, microphones etc. Excessive noise is harmful to health and causes imbalance in human or animal life. Pollution prevention is a major concern nowadays because of the harmful effects of pollution on our health and on our environment. Everybody can contribute to the prevention of it by taking some steps against it. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

Mobile Phone: Its Uses and Abuses

The mobile phone is the latest wonderful invention of Science which has become one of the fundamental tools of communication in our everyday life. It has many merits in our day-to-day life. It has enlarged the area of our knowledge opening up a new door of discovery. The facility of the internet added to the multiple functions of the mobile phone has made the flow of the latest knowledge possible. The mobile phone has a tremendous capacity for calculating, sending messages, and making calls in less time at a cheaper price. Along with its merits, it bears some demerits and abuses also. As the scope of the functions of a mobile phone has been enlarged immensely, most children seem to be glued to it by playing games, listening to songs, sending unnecessary messages etc. Some children are found addicted to seeing pornography. Besides, the school students have taken to waste a lot of their time on useless calls and messaging. In this sense, the mobile phone is a bane. Some amount of carefulness should be maintained in using a mobile phone. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

An Excursion Trip to Shillong

We, the students of Class XI, are arranging an excursion trip to Shillong. The trip is for two days. We have already contracted an Omnibus to carry us there. The bus will arrive at our college campus at 6 a.m. and our journey would start at 7. a. m. on 21st April. From our college at Barpeta Road, the bus will take about 7 hours to reach the capital of Shillong. There in the hotel called Bomer, we would take our dinner and then we will start straight to Cherapunji and Mawsynram, famous for the highest rainfall. Then we will visit the museum of Shillong and see the arts and culture of the state. We have already booked 70 seats in two hotels near the Capital Lodge to spend the night. The next day, we will go for sightseeing in and around Shillong. We have also planned to visit a village to see the way of their rustic life. After that, we will start our return journey. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing


Television is one of the most important inventions of the twentieth century. It is a great gift of modern science. It was invented by John Logie Baird. Today it is as popular as radio was till the end of the twentieth century. We can watch many different programmes like films, talk shows, news, quiz, programmes on science and technology, songs, music etc. every day on television. It is a powerful medium of mass communication. Through television, we can see the events that take place in different corners of the world. Television is a very useful medium of communication. It has some bad sights also. Too much watching of television is time-consuming. Some people may get addicted to it. The continuous watching of television affects our eyes also. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

Television: Its Advantages

Television is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern science. It was invented by John Baird, a Scottish Scientist in 1925. It is an audiovisual instrument and an excellent medium for mass education and recreation. Moreover, it is an important medium for advertisement. We enjoy drama, cinema, sports, quizzes and many other important events on television. The television has brought the outer world into our drawing-room. Television has its dark sides also. Children are tempted to spend valuable study hours watching T.V. It makes some adults idle. Therefore, we should avail the best of it avoiding what is harmful to us. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing


Discipline means obedience to some general rules of conduct. We cannot live in society without discipline. No institution can run successfully without discipline. Discipline is very essential at home, at school, in the army, and in the playground. Discipline is the law of Nature. It is also the law of the universe. But the most difficult type of discipline is self-discipline. It is the backbone to success in life. We should learn this habit from childhood. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

The National Flag of India

Every country has its own National Flag. The name of our National Flag is ‘Tri-colour’. There are three colours- saffron at the top, white in the middle and green at the bottom. Saffron stands for courage and sacrifice, white stands for purity, truth and peace and green stands for valour and faith. There is a wheel in the centre of the Flag. It represents eternal progress and dynamism. It has twenty-four spokes which symbolise that we are busy round the twenty-four hours for the development of the nation. Our National Flag is the symbol of our national honour, pride, prestige, integrity and ideal. It is held in the highest esteem by every Indian. It is hosted on all national occasions like Republic Day, Independent Day and so on. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing


Democracy is a form of government, in which it is the people who decide who will rule them.  Abraham Lincoln has given a suitable definition of democracy, ‘Democracy is a government of the people, by the people, for the people.’ Democracy was born in ancient Greece in the city-state of Athens, during the 6th century BC. The word ‘Democracy’ is of Greek origin and it means ‘rule by the people. In a democracy, each individual adult in a country, city or specific area, can vote for a candidate who will represent him in the government. The idea of democracy is based on the belief that all men and women are born equal. In a democracy, every citizen can enjoy the same rights and freedom as others without causing any disturbance to anybody.  Democracy bears some bad sides also as it has made our life complex and artificial. But the benefits of its use outweigh its ill. 0 0 0

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The term ‘internet’ is made up of two words: ‘inter’ and ‘net’ which means within a net (web). It is a modern term relating to computer technology. It is an eclectic device of connectivity among things enabling us to exchange data. Internet technology was first introduced in the U.S.A. to share their data among themselves. But during the last decade of the twentieth century, the term internet began to grow up first to change to phase of the communication system from physical to digital. Internet works through computers and cell phones or like devices. All kinds of websites and digital domains such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. work through the internet. Nowadays the use of the internet is so much that without its service of it a day is impossible to imagine. 0 0 0

Paragraph Writing

The Game I Like Most

The game I like most is football. It is a game which is played by kicking a ball with our feet. There are a number of references to traditional ball games played in different parts of the world. But it is said that the modern football game is the gift of England. In 1888 the Football League was founded in England for the first time which contributed much to the spread and popularity of the game. During the twentieth century, several of the various kinds of football grew to become a popular team sports in the world. In a football game, there are two teams each containing eleven players. I like football games mostly because it is very exciting. Playing it is good physical exercise. The players have to run from here to there in the field by kicking the ball. Each team struggles to goad the ball to the goal point of the opposite team. It is a game which needs skill and speed of physical movement. The length of a football field is 90 metres to 120 meters and the width is from 45 meters to 90 meters, the height of the goal post is 2.44 metres. 0 0 0

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Our School

The name of our school is Kamalpur Jatiya Vidyalaya. Our school has two buildings. Each building contains four rooms. Two rooms are used as the Teachers’ common rooms. One is used as a library and one as an auditorium. Every room contains six windows and two doors.  There are about two hundred students in our school. There are fifteen teachers. Our teachers are good, ideal and friendly to us. They teach us with much care. Our Headmaster is a strict disciplinarian. The school has a well-stocked library. The school has a spacious playground.  I love my school very much. I am proud of being a student of this school. 0 0 0

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Friendship is an intimacy between two persons who share each other’s joys and sorrows, fortunes and misfortunes. In other words, to say, friendship is an affectionate attachment of one to another. There are two kinds of friends- false friends and true friends. False friends are they who share only our joys and fortunes. They forsake us in times of sorrow and misfortune. They are fair-weather friends. On the other hand, a true friend is one who shares both joys and sorrows equally. He never deserts us in times of misfortune. True friendship must know and understand the feelings and wants of each other. The proverb says, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” But when one succeeds in selecting and getting a true friend it becomes a blessing.  It has much value in life as friendship helps in developing noble virtues. It develops our tolerance, sympathy and affection.  0 0 0

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Punctuality is the quality of doing things at the appointed time. It gives value to time. It is a good habit that everybody should cultivate from their early life. Punctuality is a very necessary quality which leads us to success in life. The great people who have contributed much to the welfare of human civilization were punctual in their everyday works. Proverbs says: ”Money is lost nothing is lost, health is lost something is lost and when time is lost everything is lost.” Punctuality is very important for the student. They should be taught the lesson of punctuality from their elementary level. Because punctuality is the stair to a disciplined life. The students have to do everything at a previously appointed time and attend their class in due time. The quantity of our success is proportional to the quantity of punctuality that we maintain. 0 0 0

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Children’s Day

Children’s Day in India is an annual event celebrated on 14 November. It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India. Pandit Nehru shared a very cordial relationship with the children and was always vocal about their psychological and physical needs. In his opinion, the progress of a nation is determined by how well its children are raised. He also emphasized that children’s education is compulsory and should be provided compulsorily. Respecting Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s love and affection for children, we celebrate Children’s Day on his birthday. Children’s Day is celebrated enthusiastically by children across the country. Although it is not a public holiday, most classes are suspended to allow time for events. Children participate in many recreational and entertainment activities that their teachers have organized for them. Some schools also organize speech programs, in which children are asked to give speeches on Pandit Nehru and Children’s Day. They know about the works and thoughts of Pandit Nehru and confirm their belief in him. Children’s Day is a very essential event and is like an awareness program for the welfare of children. 0 0 0

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National Integration

National Integrity implies that all the people of a nation are equal regardless of their interests, religion, race, sex and class. To build a strong nation, it is very important to have national unity or a sense of unity among the people. Maintaining national unity is essential for every country. A nation will be great only if it is successful in maintaining unity among the diversity of the people of the country, but this is possible only when the people living in that country have awareness, intelligence, tolerance, new ideology, positive thoughts and generous heart. Despite having different religions and castes, the thing that takes our country on the path of progress is our national unity. That is why we must understand the true meaning of “unity in diversity” in India. It does not mean that the nature of integrity should be due to racial and cultural equality here. Rather, it means that despite this difference there is unity. India has the second-largest population in the world. People of all major religions of the world live here with different languages. In spite of all our differences, we should live in peace with each other without any political and social dispute. We should enjoy unity in this great country where everything is diversified to fulfil the purpose of national integration. Therefore, looking at these reasons, we can say that if we want to develop our country fully, there is a need for national unity among us. There are many factors that act as barriers to creating national unity. The first factor is Communalism. Communalism is allegiance to one’s own ethnic group rather than to the wider society. It thinks that other communities and their beliefs are inferior. Communalism is the main threat to the unity of our country. Terrorism is a serious challenge facing the world today. People with terrorist ideologies want to express their views through fear and terror. At present, terrorism is constantly trying to break our national unity. Despite the existence of communalism and terrorism, the national integrity of India is worth praising. 0 0 0

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Teachers Day 

‘Teacher’s Day’, in India is celebrated on  5 September every year to thank the teachers for their contributions to the nation. It is celebrated enthusiastically by students to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. In our school too, Teachers’ Day is celebrated with great joy and gaiety. Students take all necessary precautions for their performances and other events. Speech rehearsals are also very common during Teacher’s Day, as students give speeches commemorating Dr Radhakrishnan and thanking their teachers. In our school, Teachers’ Day is celebrated like a school festival and students are at liberty to choose and summon a distinguished personality as the chief guest.  Our school suspends regular classes on Teacher’s Day so that both teachers and students can make the most of the day and enjoy it. The money for the stage and other decorations is voluntarily collected through donations by the students. On Teacher’s Day, the celebration is inaugurated by the chief guest and the principal together. The opening ceremony is followed by dance, singing and speech performances. Once the performance is over, the host calls the teachers on stage and presents them with gifts, cards or flowers from their students. The teacher who receives the maximum gifts is coined as “Teacher of the Year” and he is presented with a memorandum. Teachers’ Day would be more and more meaningful if the teachers, on that day, take a vow to be more sincere and ideal for the students. 0 0 0

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The overflowing of water beyond what is usual is called Flood. A flood is a natural disaster which can hardly be got rid of. There are some causes of occurring floods. Generally, floods occur when water sources receive excessive water due to heavy continuous rains or for overflowing of water resources like lakes and rivers.  In the cities, floods occur due to poor drainage systems. The drains of the cities get choked with wasted materials when there is heavy rain for a long time. Excessive felling of trees and indiscriminate deforestation have resulted in environmental degradation and ecological inequality. It produces silt of water bodies like rivers and lakes. Therefore, when there is heavy rain, floods in the water bodies take place. Global warming has resulted in climate change. For the change in climate, the snow of the high mountains melts down and causes a flood on the plain. Floods cause loss of both life and property. Floods can sweep away humans, birds and animals. People’s houses and property can also be flooded. Fishermen are generally at high risk of being affected by floods, as their life and livelihood depend on fishing in the river and sea. Flood is a curse, it affects the common life very pathetically. The Government should take necessary and decisive measures to control the flood. 0 0 0

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Gandhi Jayanti 

Gandhi Jayanti is a national event of India. It has great significance in the lives of every Indian. It is celebrated annually on the 2nd of October, commemorating the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of India. Gandhiji was born on 2 October 1869 at Porbandar, Gujrat. He was a freedom fighter, great leader and advocate of the Non-violence Policy in gaining a goal. Under his leadership, India got freedom from the hand of the English on August 15, 1947.  Considering his contribution to the nation, he is hailed as the ‘Father of India’ and his birth anniversary is celebrated every year as ‘Gandhi Jayanti’. Gandhi firmly believed in truth and non-violence. Not only Indians but foreigners also were inspired by his ideals. In  2007 the United Nations General Assembly announced that 2 October would be celebrated as ‘International Non-violence Day’. The President and Prime Minister of India celebrate this day by visiting the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi at Raj Ghat in New Delhi. They then pray there along with other political leaders of India. Since Gandhi respected all religions in India, that is why people from different religions gather at the Raj Ghat and pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated by people throughout the country as a national festival. Since it is a national festival, schools and colleges remain closed on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. On the day of Gandhi Jayanti, some cultural programmes are also held in schools and colleges where the students take an active part.  Along with celebrating the Gandhi Jayanti, we should take a  vow to be inspired by the noble ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. 0 0 0

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The National Festivals of India 

The festival celebrated nationwide is called the ‘National Festival’. In India, many festivals are celebrated of which Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti are considered to be the most significant. Among the three significant National Festivals of India, Republic Day is one. It is celebrated on the 26th of January every year. It is a day to remind the students of the enforcement of the Constitution of free India. It stirs the hearts of the students with a sense of responsibility for the country. Essay, quiz and debate competitions are held on this day. The second national festival of India is Independence Day. It is celebrated on August 15 every year. On Independence Day, the heroic deeds of the freedom fighters are commemorated.  In schools and colleges, the students celebrate it with some cultural programmes such as Poetry recitation, essay writing competitions, quiz competitions etc. and realize the sacrifices of the freedom fighters.  The third national festival of India is the Gandhi Jayanti. It is celebrated annually on the 2nd of October every year, commemorating the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of India. Gandhiji was born on 2 October 1869 at Porbandar, Gujrat. He was a freedom fighter, great leader and advocate of the Non-violence Policy in gaining a goal. Under his leadership, India got freedom from the hand of the British on August 15, 1947.   Considering his contribution to the nation, he is hailed as the ‘Father of India’ and his birth anniversary is celebrated every year as ‘Gandhi Jayanti’. Thus,  the celebration of national festivals in schools and colleges inspires students with a sense of patriotism. Students wait for these festivals throughout the year and participate in them enthusiastically. 0 0 0

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Rainy Season or Rainy Day

In India, the rainy season generally falls during the months of June and July. However, like summer and winter, the rainy season also comes with its negative and positive effects on us. There are some positive effects of the rainy season. First, during the rainy season, the rainwater can be collected for various useful purposes. This helps prevent the problem of water scarcity. Secondly, rain is necessary for the proper growth of crops. Farmers wait for the rainy season to see their crops bloom. Thirdly, the trees and plants get adequate water and become greener. Fourthly, the rainy season gives much-needed relief from the heat of the summer season. Along with the positive effects of the Rainy Season, it has some negative effects also. First, there is a lot of waterlogging due to the malfunction of the drainage system. This causes a traffic jam. Going to work during this time becomes a big task. Secondly, mosquitoes thrive due to waterlogging and resultantly diseases like malaria, typhoid, cholera etc. break up. Thirdly, the trees are uprooted due to the strong winds during this season. This causes a lot of damage. Fourthly, power cuts happen more in this season. Fifthly, the rain gives way to moisture which is very difficult to deal with. Sixthly, heavy rain causes the most suffering to the people living in slum areas. Thus, while the rainy season is favoured by almost everyone,  its disadvantages cannot be ignored. 0 0 0

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Love refers to the intense feeling of affection or interest in something. Love is the highest expression of the human heart. Besides humans, the feeling of love is also present in other beings of nature. There are different forms of love as love to man. love to the motherland, love to nature, love to God, love for some concrete thing, love for abstract ideas etc. In love, one does not see the other’s faults.  Among the different forms of love, love for the opposite sex is said to be the extreme form of human love. It is an instinctive feeling of the human heart. Love for birds and wild animals is another form of love. For love, people domesticate cats, dogs, birds and so on. It is love for which the poets like Wordsworth, Keats, Shelley, and Raghunath Choudhuri wrote poems in praise of wild birds. Love is also felt for nature and the natural environment including trees, flowers, forests, mountains, rivers etc. There is another form of love which is called patriotism. It is the love for one’s motherland. For the love of the motherland, some people even sacrifice their lives. The love of God is the highest form of love. He who loves God becomes a devotee to Him and practise some religious creeds and rituals and becomes inspired to lead a pious and virtuous life. Love does not require any grand deeds for its manifestation. Love can be shown in small things. Love can also be expressed in thoughts and words. The love between humans is expressed in different ways in different relationships. Parents love their children.  Children also love their parents very much. In a family, members love each other. This creates harmony and joy in the family. In marriage too, it is love that keeps husband and wife together in harmony and happiness. To conclude it is to say that in matters of love we should be sincere and honest. 0 0 0

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Tree Plantation 

The trees are said to be the friends of human beings. Humans along with other living beings depend on trees for their survival. Without trees, we cannot imagine the existence of life on Earth. Once before the advent of human beings, the earth was full of trees. But with the increase of the human population, the number of trees has been decreasing which has fallen an adverse effect on the lives of humans and animals. Trees play an important role in ecological balance and by protecting trees and growing more and more trees we can ensure the balance of the ecosystem. The planet Earth is home to humans and millions of other terrestrial and aquatic life forms. Earth is capable of sustaining all forms of life. Earth has air to breathe for life, as well as water and vegetation to provide us with food. Plants and trees that grow on Earth are valuable for all life forms. Edible roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds are food for humans as well as all vegetarian animals and birds. We also get necessary things like wood, fuel, shade etc. from trees. The trees are inhabited by many wild creatures. Birds make their nest in trees. Reptiles and insects also live on trees. The forests are home to many big wild animals like tigers, lions, rhinoceros and elephants. Trees and forests also help maintain the hydrological cycle. They help in maintaining the rainfall pattern and the monsoon cycle. Trees are useful in making the environment pollution free. Destroying the forest leads to the accumulation of greenhouse gases which causes an increase in the temperature of the atmosphere. This leads to the harmful effects of global warming and climate change. Trees do not only provide our food and necessary things but also add charm and beauty to nature and the environment. So we should plant more and more trees and encourage our children to do the same for our own benefit. 0 0 0

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A doctor is a qualified and trained medical professional who can diagnose and treat the various health condition of people. In our everyday life, we need the help of a doctor.  The doctors render the noble service of curing the sick and injured persons. The doctor’s work can mean the difference between life and death for a person. Doctors work in clinics and hospitals and sometimes medical camps are also organized where the doctors render their services free of cost. Some doctors get specialized in a particular disease. Specialists can treat diseases of particular parts of the human body. For example, an orthopaedician is a specialist in the branch of human bones and treats bone diseases. Likewise, an ophthalmologist treats eye diseases. Similarly, an ENT specialist treats the conditions of the ears, nose and throat. Likewise, a diabetologist treats those people who suffer from diabetes. There are also surgeons who conduct surgeries on patients to cure and repair certain parts of human limbs. A doctor’s service to the human being is so great and noble that he can give life to a moribund patient. Some people regard doctors to be next to God. We should show sincere respect to the doctors. 0 0 0

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Science is a systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation, analysis and experiment. There are three main branches of science: Physical Science, Earth Science and Life Science. Again all these branches of Science have been classified into many sub-branches for better study. Physical Science studies the inanimate natural objects and the laws that govern them.  The physical world includes the Earth also where humans and all other living organisms such as plants, animals, insects etc. The study of different parts of the physical world comes under different branches of Science. Geology is a science that helps us learn about the Earth and its many layers and their formation. Physics and Chemistry help us understand the phenomena around us. For example, the phenomenon of lightning and thunder can be understood from the study of physics and chemistry. Similarly, the phenomena of light, sound, heat, and electricity have been explained through various theories of physics.  Chemistry helps us understand various chemical reactions and the products made by it. Zoology and Botany help us learn about the animals and plants that we see around us. Medicine is also a science that helps us find out how the physiology of man works. There are different types of instruments that help us in scientific study. Tools help us understand observations and facts by conducting experiments in the real world or in laboratories. Microscopes are devices that help us study very small life forms as well as invisible life forms such as bacteria. On the other end, there are telescopes that help us learn more about the heavenly objects in the sky such as stars, planets and galaxies that are far away from us. In brief, to say, Science is that vast branch of knowledge studying which we can know the inner truth of things. The impact of scientific knowledge on us is so immense that it has drastically changed our lifestyle as well as our outlooks on life. 0 0 0

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Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is a set of qualities of a person which includes truthfulness, sincerity, dutifulness and just behaviour. The phrase ‘Honesty is the best policy’ reflects the value and importance of being truthful, sincere, dutiful and moral. It is one of the universally recognized and accepted statements. Honesty is one of the most appreciated characteristics that a person can have.  An honest person avoids all kinds of lying, cheating, flattery and everything that is immoral and loathsome. Honesty is a lesson which is learnt from the people we live and deal with. We grow up watching our parents, teachers, and others around us. Honesty is a sign of strength and gives us long-term benefits. An honest person is one who acts as he says and is thus more reliable and credible. The importance of being honest is immense. There will be more confusion and chaos in our society if everyone keeps lying and cheating with each other. For example, if one gets high marks by copying matters in the exams instead of studying hard, then there will be no importance of having knowledge. Or if we get fake degrees and get jobs then hard work will be of no importance and it will lead to inefficient work performance which can result in many adverse consequences. Therefore, in every aspect of life, it is important, to be honest. An honest person can lead a more confident and respectable life. The fruits of honesty can be enjoyed for a long time. We all should live an honest life and inculcate this virtue in our children from their cradle. 0 0 0

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Digital India 

‘Digital’ is the adjective form of the word ‘digit’ that means any of the numerals from 0 to 9, especially when forming part of a number. In modern technology, the word ‘Digital’ refers to the electronic technology that generates, stores, and processes data in terms of positive and non-positive states. The modern world is termed as the ‘digital world’ because of the availability and the use of digital tools to communicate on the internet through digital devices like computers, smartphones, i-phones etc. The Digital India initiative is a very meaningful program launched by the Government of India to improve digital connectivity and make governance in the country more transparent. Digital technologies are increasingly being used in day-to-day life. This technology is used for bill payment, booking tickets, transferring money, etc. It is being used in retail stores, educational institutions, government offices and almost everywhere. They help us in online transactions, connect with each other and share information from anywhere in the world. Digital India is transforming India and revolutionizing people’s lives through various aspects of the program. There has been tremendous growth in the various services and sectors that make our country a digital one. It aims to train rural people, make them digitally literate and provide various job opportunities in rural areas. With the effective implementation of e-governance, information technology can reach the common man. There is no doubt that Digital Technology has revolutionised our world of ours and has been transforming our lifestyle tremendously yet it has some disadvantages also as: security issues, terrorism, complexity, social disconnect, work overload, plagiarism, fake data, addiction etc. In conclusion, it is to say that the advantages of the use of digital technology outweigh its disadvantages. 0 0 0

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Drug addiction 

Drug addiction is a complex neurobiological disease. People who have drug addiction experience compulsive, often uncontrollable cravings for their drug of choice.  Drug addiction is not an immoral code of conduct but a chronic disease that has various direct and indirect effects on the addicted person. The severity depends on the use of a specific drug and the quantity of the usage. It can lead to changes in mood, changes in appetite, weakness, blood pressure, etc. There are other more persistent effects like mental illness, cancer, heart disease, lung disease, etc. There are a lot of indirect effects on the addicted person and the people around him. This can include affecting a person’s sleep, nutrition and decision-making ability, education, employment, social relationships, and family status and can lead to violence, injury, engagement in illegal activities, unprotected sex, HIV and other transmissible diseases. It is wise to avoid such fatal habits for a secure, better and healthy life. 0 0 0

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Road Safety

Road safety refers to the methods used to prevent road accidents and to protect road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and other vehicle passengers and drivers from being injured or killed on the road. The major goal of road safety measures is to reduce the impact of speed affecting the severity of accidents. It is estimated that approximately 1 million people die in road accidents each year. This issue is more important in developing countries. Severely high speeds cause serious injuries. The speed of the vehicle should be limited to reduce the impact of speed which can cause serious injuries to the victims on both sides. Other factors that can cause accidents are driver’s illness or fatigue, drinking and driving, brake failure or steering failure and poor roadside to name a few. Safety can be improved by following responsible driving and traffic rules and by designing vehicles to reduce the intensity of accidents. Traffic calming measures are used to improve road safety. The modern paradigm of road safety replaces the Killed or Seriously Injured (KSI) rate with the accident rate i.e. accident per million vehicle miles. Along with improving road construction, several safety-related methods and systems have been devised to improve road safety. In conclusion, it is said that the drivers should avoid taking drugs and narcotics of any kind and should follow the traffic laws strictly for the safety of themselves, pedestrians and passengers. 0 0 0

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Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is knowing things, facts, information, skills and awareness regarding something gained through experience and education. It is a theoretical or practical understanding of the subject under study. Knowledge is important in every aspect of life. We are rarely aware of what skills or information we need. It is important to stock up on a wide range of subjects and to acquire skills that we think will be useful in the future. Man is not strong enough like a tiger nor can run fast like a horse nor can they fly like a bird, yet he is the most powerful species on earth due to knowledge. A tiger is physically strong but on the contrary, man is more powerful in mental capacity and thoughts. Physical strength is important but when we combine it with our mental strength we get a better understanding of how to use it better. Knowledge helps us to transform our thoughts into action. Humans can domesticate birds and animals, train and rule them and use them with skills because humans are mentally superior to them. Knowledge is the real power gifted to humans by nature. It distinguishes them from other beings. Humans can acquire, learn, understand, experiment, research, perform, share and enhance their skills and knowledge. The more knowledge they acquire, the more power, capacity and authority they gain. Man has progressed and developed to a great extent by his intelligence. He has physical as well as intellectual strength. With mental capacity, it is possible to advance and achieve superiority when physically strong. Knowledge can be used both in positive deeds and negative deeds. When we use our knowledge, we should act wisely avoiding its negative or harmful effects. 0 0 0

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Poverty is the lack of adequate finances, status and possession of other things which are necessary to live a peaceful life. It refers to deprived economic and social conditions. This indicates the low income and inability to obtain basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, education and healthcare. There is a term called ‘Cycle of Poverty’. It refers to an event where poverty persists for at least three generations. There are limited or no resources for such families. There are five primary factors which are responsible for poverty in a family or in a state, or in a community. The factors include ignorance, disease, apathy, dishonesty and dependency. These factors, in turn, contribute to the secondary factors such as poor infrastructure, lack of market, wrong leadership, bad governance,  under-employment, lack of skill, lack of capital and some others. According to an estimate of the World Bank, 220% people of in India live under the poverty line and 36% of the world population has been living in extreme poverty. Poverty is a curse upon society. It demoralises people and undermines their qualities and skills in them. By adopting proper and honest measures, poverty can be driven away from society. For this, the Government must take the initiatives and strengthen the infrastructure by providing proper cropland, necessary finance, proper market to sell products, education, modern tools, transport etc. It is a matter of shame for us to live under the poverty line in this peak age of science. As long as there is poverty in any region of the world, humanity can not claim to be civilised in the true sense. 0 0 0

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Technology is the practical use of machinery and pieces of equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge. The 21st century is empowered with the gift of technology such as the Internet, smartphones, super-fast computers, smart TVs, artificial intelligence (robots) etc. Technology has become a part and parcel of our everyday routine and has revolutionized our lives in unimaginable ways. In almost all the spheres of our daily life, technology has been playing a vital role without which the machinery of the modern civilisation would cease to survive. Technological innovations have made man’s life convenient, easier and better than it was yesterday. This has made it possible to connect with people from all over the world via smartphone, email, video call etc. Technology has replaced the traditional modes of transport and provided us with swift cars, trains, aeroplanes, jet planes, etc.  Medical  Science has also developed beyond imagination. Today almost all the deadly diseases are under cure. Today we have technological innovations such as Ultra Sound, MRI scans, surgical pieces of machinery and other advanced tools. Technology has now become the most integral part of the development of any nation. Technology has also revolutionised agricultural production beyond imagination. In the field of education also, Technology has been widely used and nowadays it is possible to acquire knowledge on anything with the press of a key button only. Though technology has revolutionised our age, yet it has given rise to some negative effects also. For example, it has produced a vicious cycle of cyber warfare, hackers, terrorist attacks, social tensions and so on.  It has made people addicted to social networking making them dull and ignorant. Modern technology is eroding the creativity of human hands and brain. With too much use of technology in every field of human activity, the natural environment has been degrading day by day.   The world of today is so technology dependent that it is quite impossible to come out of its net. But we should use it for our fair purpose only so that we can get rid of its bad effects. 0 0 0

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A book is a written or printed work in any language giving information on anything consisting of pages sewn or glued together along one side and bound in covers. It is said that the tradition of writing books began in ancient Egypt. Then the books were written by hand on the barks or leaves of trees called papyrus. But with the invention of the printing press in Germany by Gutenberg in the fifteenth century, a new revolutionary turn came to the world of books and the production of books became cheap, easy and available. Again with the beginning of the twenty-one century, a new revolution began in the world of books and since then books have been taking a new shape called ‘Digital book’ or ‘Electronic book’. Digital books are available only on digital devices like computers, smartphones, iPhones etc. There is various kind of books on a variety of subjects. But all the books are classified broadly into two categories as Fiction and Non-fiction. Again on the basis of theme, subject matter, form and style books are classified into some branches as Poetry, Essay, Novel, Short Story, Drama etc. Over again, books are categorised subjectwise also as: Literature, Science, Mathematics, Geography, History etc.  A book has thousandfold benefits. Books are our best friends. A book can make us happy when we are alone or unhappy. It can change our minds and give meaning to our life. Books are a treasure of knowledge. Books can take us anywhere in the universe through words and pictures. We can learn about the world of matter and spirit in reality and through the imagination of the author. There is no alternatives to books. We should form the habit of reading books from our childhood. 0 0 0

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Child Labour

When a child under the age of fourteen is put to work in an industry or in any business or in a household for monetary purpose and deprived of their regular schooling and freedom is called ‘Child Labour’.  Child labour is illegal and considered exploitive.  In spite of the existence of laws against child labour, in many countries of the world including India, child labour has been going on both in the cities and the villages.  Child labour is a deeply rooted social evil which has, in turn, led to other social issues such as the sale and trafficking of children, debt bondage, severe and forced labour at low cost and many more. Some of the other acts include hiring children under fourteen for such activities as prostitution, pornography, production and smuggling of drugs etc.  Al these acts are not only illegal but also immoral, inhuman and anti-social. The engagement of children in work harms their health, development, safety and morality. It is rightly said that the children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. If the children of today are exploited and are deprived of their proper growth, education, and development then the future of the nation would ruin and humanity would be degraded lamentably in the hand of immature, inadept, weak and immoral citizens.  So child labour must be eliminated erelong enforcing the law with all its rigidity. 0 0 0

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Christmas is an annual festival of the Christians celebrated on  December  25 every year. Though it is primarily a festival for those who follow Christianity, yet in course of time, it has become popular among all sects of people. There is a lot of attraction in India for this festival because it brings lots of fun and enjoyment. Children enjoy Christmas very much as they get gifts, sweetmeats etc. from their elders. Christmas is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ. During Christmas, people forget their enmity and come together to celebrate their beloved Lord’s birthday with great zeal and enthusiasm. By distributing sweets and gifts, people spread the message that our actions should be equally fruitful and devoid of hatred or enmity. The Christmas tree and Santa Claus are an essential part of this festival. A huge cedar or cedar tree is decorated with glitter, chocolate, gifts, sweets, etc. Cities are illuminated by different types of light. The passion and charm of the Christmas festival have been increasing year by year and it has now become one of the national festivals of India. We should not take the festival as a means of fun and entertainment only but we should also be inspired by the noble ideals and teachings of Jesus Christ. 0 0 0

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Clearing a forest off its trees and vegetation is called  ‘Deforestation’. The land thus obtained is then used for constructing residential or industrial areas or for the practice of agriculture or for laying roads or railway tracks. But the ecosystem and environment are irreversibly damaged due to deforestation. Trees and vegetation in a forest take a long time to grow. Although a forest takes years to grow, man’s desire and greed can destroy it in minutes. Trees and forests play a very important role in our ecosystem. Forests have a great floral variety that includes trees, creepers, climbers, grasses, shrubs, herbs etc. Many wildlife species like mammals, birds, reptiles and insects live in the forest. There live large animals such as elephants, rhinoceros and tigers, and smaller ones such as foxes, jackals, antelopes, rabbits etc. There are many types of birds found in forests. There are many varieties of snakes, butterflies and insects that also live in the forest. All these wildlife species depend on forests for their food. These species lose their homes and food when forests are cleared. Thus we lose wildlife diversity by cutting down the trees of the forest. It is from deforestation that we have lost wildlife like leopards and many others and the lives of many species are endangered. Some species have got extinct so far. The scientific report says that humans are in imminent danger and ruin due to the adverse effect of their foolish acts toward nature. For want of ample forest land, global warming is increasing. The climate is changing. Drought and untimely floods are now common phenomena. All these foretell that the future of the Earth as well the living organisms on it are facing a drastic menace in the imminent future. Therefore if we want to keep our mother-earth habitable and congenial to us and to other living beings we should prohibit deforestation and must take to plant more and more trees. Let us protect the forests, let us live like humans. 0 0 0

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Good Manners 

‘Manner’ refers to a person’s outward way of behaving towards others. Again ‘ Good Manners’ refer to manners which are polite, just and morally correct.  Good manners are reflected in how we conduct ourselves in our daily life. We can also show good manners at home, at school, on the playground, and in any other place, whether we are travelling on a bus or flight, or enjoying an excursion or vacation. Our parents and teachers help us to develop good manners. It is best to learn good manners in childhood. If we have good manners, we are appreciated and loved by our family, teachers, classmates and friends. Respecting elders is good manners. It is also good behaviour to show courtesy to our elders. We show good manners by what we speak and the way we complain. Our body language can also reflect good manners. If we are polite our words should also be polite. Good manners don’t support rude, profane and egoistic behaviour. We can show humility when we speak using sweet language. Speaking slowly and mildly is a feature of good manners. On the other hand, speaking loudly and being rude is bad manners. It is good that we say thanks to those who help in our need. Likewise, it is humility to justify forgiveness. Being polite and considerate is good behaviour. For example, closing a door on a person’s face is a bad manner.  Being considerate towards the sick and physically disabled is good behaviour. Our manners express our personality. If our manner is good then our personality is said to be good. Good manners also consist of speaking the truth and being honest. Because without the qualities of truthfulness and honesty our dealings with others would be fake and artificial.  Good manners can make our social life more and more fine, peaceful, brotherly and co-operative. Therefore we should practise the habit of good manners from our childhood and the parents should give emphasis on inculcating good manners in their children. 0 0 0

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Independence Day

‘Independence’ means the state of being free from dependence. From the sixteenth century, many countries of the world had been losing their independence in the hands of some imperialist countries like England, French, Portugal, Spain and some others. India also became a victim of the British occupation in the eighteenth century and they governed India till the first half of the twentieth century.  But under a series of struggles, India got its freedom from the grip of the British on August 15, 1947. Then a gazetted holiday is declared to commemorate this date every year. Hence the celebration of Independence Day on every 15th of August becomes a great national festival of India. The celebration of Independence Day is inaugurated by hoisting the National Flag at 7 o’clock in the morning. It is celebrated with great pomp and entertainment. The Prime Minister of India delivers a lecture addressing the people of India from the Red Fort, Old Delhi. In every school and college, Independence Day is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.  On this day many cultural programmes are held in schools, colleges, clubs and some government offices. Some competition is also held. In some institutions, a special meeting is also held where the teachers and students deliver lectures commemorating the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for our motherland. Independence Day inspires us to be ever ready to love our country and sacrifice our lives for our honour and integrity. 0 0 0

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Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival of colour and fun. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in every nook and corner of the country. It is celebrated predominantly in India and Nepal but it has also spread to some other Asian countries through diaspora from the Indian subcontinent. People perform the ritual of ‘Holika Dahan’ night before the colourful Holi in the myth of burning all their sins of the last year. ‘Holika Dahan’ or ‘Holika Jalana’ belongs to King Hiranyakashyap and his son Prahlad. There is a big story behind the festival of Holi. Prahlada the son of Hiranyakashipu was a worshiper of Lord Vishnu but was forced to worship his father  (Hiranyakashyap). Prahlad refused. His father was very angry and decided to kill his son in various ways. One way was to kill his son through his (Hiranyakashyap’s) sister Holika by sitting in the fire as a boon to keep him alive. Unfortunately, due to the blessings of Lord Vishnu, Prahlada was saved, but Holika (her aunt) was burnt alive. Since that time, people celebrate ‘Holika Dahan’ by burning their sins and staying healthy and happy.  The next morning, they celebrate colourful Holi to show their happiness. After celebrating ‘Holika Dahan’ people celebrate the arrival of spring in the Hindu calendar. It seems to be celebrated with a colourful, messy and chaotic party. For many, it has become less synonymous with religion but more a sport with colours. In its celebration, powder of colour is thrown over everyone and everything. At this festival, old clothes are worn because the power of colour spoils the clothes. No doubt, Holi is a festival of fun and joy but we should be careful in throwing the powder of colours at everyone so that they can not harm us. 0 0 0

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Natural Resources

Resources like air, water, sunlight, forests, land, rock, soil, minerals, metals etc. obtained from Nature are called Natural Resources. Natural resources are extremely necessary for the survival of any organism including human beings. On the basis of availability, natural resources are divided into two categories: Renewable Natural Resources and Non-renewable Resources. The resources that are either reproduced naturally or can be reproduced or increased with the efforts of human labour are called Renewable Resources. These resources are plants, fresh air, water, land, animals etc. On the other hand, Non-renewable Resources are those which are limited in quantity and can never be reproduced with human endeavours. The quantity of such resources is decreased with consumption. For example: petroleum, coal, minerals, metals etc. All living beings are dependent on natural resources for their survival. Without the use of natural resources, no life is possible to survive on earth. Different resources have different importance in human life such as we need oxygen to take a breath. Sunlight gives us the heat that we need for our daily needs. The growth of plants requires land, soil and water. The tree gives fruits, vegetables, wood, etc. Using wood, we make paper, built houses, bridges and various types of furniture. We need water to drink, wash clothes, grow plants etc. Other natural resources like petroleum, minerals, coal etc. are used for various purposes. With the increase of human population, the impact of natural resources has also increased. To meet the daily needs and comfort of human beings, natural resources are being consumed without considering their availability. If we still do not understand the importance of natural resources, the consequences are risky for everyone. Without fresh air and water, people’s lives will become impossible in the future. So, to avoid this catastrophic situation, we should be conscious of the considerate and sparing use of natural resources. 0 0 0

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Republic Day

Among the significant National Festivals of India, Republic Day is one. It is celebrated on January 26 every year. It is a day to remind the enforcement of the Constitution of free India. It stirs the hearts of people with a sense of responsibility for the country. It is celebrated at schools and colleges by organizing educational, cultural and sports activities. People put a lot of effort into organizing programs and activities to commemorate Republic Day. A grand parade is organized by the Indian Army in New Delhi on the Rajpath to honour the Indian flag. This includes special performances by the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. A wreath is laid by the Indian Prime Minister at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate to honour and remember the great soldiers who have fought bravely for the cause of the nation. The Indian Army salute the President of India during the parade. There is a flypast program by the Indian Armed Forces through fighter jets. Along with celebrating Republic Day, we should be inspired by the ideals of democracy and should take a vow to render our best service to the nation. 0 0 0

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My Summer Vacation

‘Summer’ is synonymous with the holiday because we get a full month off from school during the hottest time of the year. I like the summer vacation very much because I can do many interesting things during the vacation. I get enough time during the vacation to develop my hobby and do all the fun activities that I shouldn’t have to do during my school-going days. I do not sleep late because the morning hours are the most productive time of the day. So I wake up early and go for a morning walk with my younger brother to a nearby park. Many other joggers also visit the park. It is refreshing to go to jogging. After returning from the morning walk, I wash my hand and face and sit down to read books. I also do some additional practice in English. I also like to play badminton. So I spend the evening hours with my friends in the playground. I enjoy eating cool salads during the summer. I like to be creative and make salads with raw vegetables like onions, tomatoes and cucumber. Summer is also the time when we can visit interesting places. My parents take my sister and me for fun activities like river rafting. We also go to the house of our grandparents who live in the village and spend a week with them. My grandparents love us and when we meet them, they treat us with a lot of goodness.  Sometimes I read the biographies and autobiographies of the world’s personalities. During my summer vacation, I frequent the public library of our locality. Thus I enjoy my summer vacation doing things of my own accord. 0 0 0

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Time Management

Time management refers to the management of our time effectively so that we can carry out all the tasks and activities within the specified time. This requires a proper appeal to our time as per special activities. In other words, we need to prioritize our activities so that we can complete our important tasks, and not waste time on useless or unnecessary activities. For this, we need to make a timetable. We need to be practical while following the timetable. If we feel confident and follow the timetable then it would be easier to complete our tasks in due time. To follow the timetable, we must be punctual.  This requires discipline in our everyday activities. Time management and discipline go hand in hand. If there is no discipline we cannot be punctual and we cannot succeed in carrying out our tasks well. While making a list of our daily tasks we should classify our duties and activities on the basis of importance and priority. We can prioritize our activities by setting our goals. Our goals may be both short-term and long-term. We need to discover the best ways in which we can reach these goals through the proper utilization of our time and energy resources. We should also set enough time for sleep and rest and for fun activities to keep us healthy and active. The proverb says, ‘Time and tide wait for none.’ We should bear the tenet of the proverb in mind and should try our best to utilise our time effectively. 0 0 0

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‘Unemployment’ is a situation where someone of working age and ability is not able to get a job though he is willing to be a full-time employee. Unemployment is an issue that confuses governments around the world. Unemployment occurs due to many reasons. Despite often being educated there is a high level of unemployment. This may be due to the lack of association between education and the requirements of jobs or job profiles. Our education system is such that gives emphasis to producing high degree holders but cannot ensure jobs or occupations for them. Educated youth, therefore, remain unemployed, although they have the physical, mental and intellectual capacity to obtain jobs. The unemployed are often poor and destitute. They lack the resources to access food, clothing, shelter and medical facilities required for themselves. Being jobless they become completely dependent upon the resources of others for survival. Unemployment gives rise to many problems. An unemployed person, due to lack of finance cannot take nutritious food and consequently become prey to various deficiency diseases which can be fatal. Without a roof over their heads, people who are unemployed may have to turn to the streets to live a low life. The number of homeless and street dwellers, therefore, increases day by day. Unemployment and the poverty caused by it also increase the level of beggars. People who are unemployed and have no means of livelihood will also not have mental well-being. They may suffer from mental conditions such as depression requiring medical help. At present unemployment problem has taken a deadly issue throughout the world. Even in first-world countries like the United States of America, Japan, German,  France, Arabia etc., this problem has become a principal national issue. There is no doubt that unemployment is a curse upon society but if the governments of the consisting countries take some decisive measures honestly, we think this fatal problem must be solved. 0 0 0

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Women Empowerment

Women empowerment means empowering women with full social rights, economic stability, political rights, judicial power and other rights. Women should get proper rights in society like a man without becoming a victim of gender discrimination.  Once born, women should get proper fundamental rights like men. An empowered woman should have the following rights and facilities: She lives her life independently according to her lifestyle whether at home or outside.

She can feel free to make her own decision.

She has equal rights in society like a man.

She does not feel gender discrimination anywhere.

She feels safe and secure at home or outside the workplace,  street etc.

Indian Government has taken some worth praising measures of women empowerment as:

(i) Beti Bachao, Beti Padhaio Yojana

(ii) Mahila E-Haat

(iii) Mahila Shakti Kendra

(iv) Working Women Hostel

(v) Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women (STEPW).

(vi) Sukanya Samridhi Yojana and some others.

Hope that if the above-mentioned yojanas of the Government can be brought into reality with honesty, then Indian women might be empowered to live a better and more prestigious life. 0 0 0

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The End

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