Kinds of Phrase


Kinds of Phrase

Kinds of Phrase

Kinds of Phrase

Kinds of Phrase

We have already known that a phrase is a group of words that makes a sense, but not a complete sense.

Phrases are of six kinds, as –

(1) Noun Phrase 

(2) Adjective Phrase

(3) Adverb Phrase 

(4) Preposition Phrase

(5) Conjunction Phrase and 

(6) Interjection Phrase

Let us discuss them as below:

Kinds of Phrase


A noun phrase functions like a noun and is used as the subject, object, or complement. Examples:

Husband and wife can do that (subject to the verb ‘do’).

He explained to me how to solve it. (Object to the verb ‘explained’)

Do not boast of kith and kin. (Object to the preposition ‘of’)

Ramen lives amid honour and glory (Complement to the verb ‘lives’).

Some Noun Phrases:

Bread and butter

Birds and beasts

Board and lodging

Bus fare

Book worm

Cotton mill

Cottage industry

Crocodile tears

Country life

Day and night

Gold ring

Food and drink

Food and clothing

Friend and foe

Hand and foot

Honour and glory

Heaven and earth

Husband and wife

Iron safe

Income and expenditure

Kith and kin

Life and death

Land and water

Lock and key

Merits and demerits

Pen and paper

Profit and loss

Right and wrong

Jute mill

Mother tongue

Public service

Summer vacation

Study room

Train fare

House rent.

Ups and downs

Vice and virtue

Weal and woe

Kinds of Phrase


Adjective Phrase functions as an adjective. It qualifies a noun or pronoun. Examples:

Ram is devoid of common sense (qualifies ‘Ram’)

Kamala is confined to bed. (qualifies ‘Kamala’)

She is a woman of great fame. (qualifies ‘woman’)

They were found lost in thought. (qualifies ‘they’)

Some Adjective Phrases:

Busy at work


Blind of one eye

Cured of disease

Confined to bed

Devoid of common sense

Devoted to duty

Ease loving

Fond of music

Free from peril

Easy to learn

Eager to know

Able to move

Beautiful to look at

Cold as ice

Dark as night

Hard as stone

Ready to help

Full of joy

Good for nothing

Green with crop

Involved in debt

Mad with rage

Made of gold

Next to impossible

Quite false


Second to none

Weak in mathematics

unable to act

Unable to go

Unwilling to help

Willing to come

Sweet as honey

White as ice

Soft as cotton

Tender as flower

Kinds of Phrase


An Adverb Phrase functions as an adverb. It modifies a verb, adjective or another adverb. For Example:

Kanak reads day by day. (Modifies the verb ‘read’).

He was handsome beyond description (modifies the adjective ‘handsome’).

She is not after all happy. (Modifies the adverb ‘not’).

Some Adverb Phrases 

All day/All day long

All at once

All the year round

At first

At last

At once

At dawn

At noon

At mid-day

At dead of night

At no time

By chance

By and by

Before long

By degrees

By turns

Day by day

Day after day

Ever and anon

Far away

For good


In future

In the past

in the meantime

In short

In course of time

In the daytime

In broad daylight

In the afternoon

In the evening

In all respects

On foot

On the whole

Once upon a time

Once again

Out of doors

On the way


Side by side

Safe and sound

Step by step

From door to door

To and fro

Uptill now

Year after year

By sea

By land

Kinds of Phrase


Preposition Phrase functions as a preposition. It takes place between two nouns and shows the relationship between the two. Examples:

He could not attend the meeting because of illness.

There is a playground in front of our college.

He advocates in favour of me.

Some Preposition Phrases: 

Because of

By virtue of

By dint of

By way of

By side of

By the by

For the sake of

For want of

In accordance with

In respect of

In lieu of

In consequence of

In quest of

In favour of

In spite of 

In the occasion of

On account of

With a view to

With respect to

Kinds of Phrase


A Conjunction Phrase functions as a conjunction. It connects two nouns, pronouns, phrases, clauses or sentences. Examples:

Renuka as well as Labita is honest.

Please wait as long as I return.

She runs as fast as a bicycle.

No sooner had we reached the station than the train left.

Some Conjunction Phrases:

As fast as

As soon as

As long as

In ease

Not only …………… but also

No sooner ………… than

As well as

In order that

Kinds of Phrase


An interjection Phrase works as an interjection. It expresses sudden joy, sorrow, regret etc.

What a shame! he has failed.

My God! save me.

Ah me! I am undone.

Some Interjection Phrases:

Ah me!

My God!

By God!

For God’s sake!

O Heavens !

What a pity!

What a shame!

What a wretched!

Kinds of Phrase

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Kinds of Phrase

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