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Anonym is a word that is opposite in meaning to another word in the same language.

Antonyms are formed in different ways as:


1. By substituting a different word, as

Words —– Opposite words

After ——- before

Above——- below

Begin——- end

Black——- white

Buy——- sell

Cheap——- dear

Coarse——- fine

Dark——- bright

Dawn——- dusk

Day——- night

Dead——- alive

Deny——- admit

Dull——- keen/sharp

Dwarf——- giant

Easy——- ——- difficult

Ever ——- never

Failure——- success

False——- true

Far——- near

First——- last

Forget——- remember

Gain——- lose/loss

Guilty——- innocent

Hard——- soft

Heaven——- hell

High——- low

Hope——- despair

Ill——- well

In——- out

Junior——- senior

Kind——- cruel

Knowledge——- ignorance

Lend——- borrow

Little——- big/much

Life——- death

Open——- shut

Optional——- compulsory

Peace——- war

Present——- absent

Proud——- humble

Rain——- sunshine

Rich——- poor

Rise——- fall

Right——- wrong/left

Rough——- smooth

Simple——- complex

Slow——- fast

Start——- stop

Strong——- weak

Sweet——- bitter

Short——- tall

Thick——- thin

Vague——- clear

Vex——- please

Virtue——- vice

Wet——- dry

Young——- old

Win——- lose


2. By adding a prefix, as:

Words ——-Opposite words

Agree——- disagree

Normal——- abnormal

Plot——- counterplot

Advantage——- disadvantage

Ordinary——- extra-ordinary

Noble——- ignoble

Legible——- illegible

Moral——- immoral

Perfect——- imperfect

Proper——- improper

Seen——- unseen

Known——- unknown

Deed——- misdeed

Violence——- non-violence

Manage——- mismanage

Practice——- malpractice

Treat——- mal-treat

Regular——- irregular

National——- international

Discipline——- indiscipline

Visible——- invisible


3. A list of Miscellaneous Antonyms:

Word——- Opposite words

Absolute——- relative

Accept——- reject

Abstract ——- concrete

Acquit——- convict

Active——- inactive/passive

Admittance ——- quittance

Adversity——- prosperity

Affirm——- deny

Afraid——- bold

Ample——- scanty

Angel——- devil

Arrive——- depart

Back——- front

Backward—– forward

Barren——- fertile

Base——- top

Beneficial——- harmful

Blunt——- sharp

Calm——- boisterous

Care——- uncare

Close——- open

Competent——- incompetent

Condemn——- Praise / approve

Confidence——- diffidence

Conscious——- unconscious

Contract——- expand

Credit——- debit/discredit

Decent——- indecent

Defect——- merit

Defend——- offend

Delay——- haste

Descend——- ascend

Empty——- full

Encourage ——- discourage

Enthusiasm ——- indifference

Entrance——- exit

Eternal——- transitory

Exterior——- interior

Extravagant——- economical

Even——- uneven

Fact——- fiction

Faithful——- faithless

Fallible——- infallible

Female——- male

Fickle——- steady

Finite ——- infinite

Fit——- unfit

Bad——- good

Beautiful——- ugly

Broad——- narrow

Defeat——- victory

Early——- late

Famous——- notorious

Foolish ——- wise

Freedom ——- slavery

Full ——- empty

Genuine—– spurious

Happy ——- sorry

Honour ——- shame

Increase ——- decrease

Optimism ——- pessimism

Oral ——- written

Particular ——- general

Present ——- absent

Punish ——- reward

Pure ——- impure

Rise ——- fall

Long ——- short

Modern ——- ancient

Natural ——- artificial

Safe ——- dangerous

Unity ——- diversity

Violent ——- gentle

Weal ——- woe. 0 0 0


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