One Word Substitution


One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution

One-word substitution is the art of using a single word for many. There are many phrases and clauses for which only one word can be used. The use of a single word for many imparts exactness and precision to speaking and writing. A list of one-word substitutions is given below:

One Word Substitution

1. A tank for water plants and fish ___ Aquarium

2. A place where birds are kept ___ Avary

3. One who wants to destroy all law and government ___Anarchist

4. Money given to a wife by her husband after legal separation ___Alimony

5. That which happens once in a year ___Annual

6. One who practices some art for pleasure___Amateure

7. One who lives on vegetable ___Vegetarian

8. A medicine which removes the effect of some poison or previous medicine ___Antidote

9. That which can not be understood ___Unintelligible.

10. An office with salary but without work ___Sinecure

11. Fit to be eaten ___Edible

12. Something likely to cause death ___Fatal/Deadly.

13. An animal that lives on flesh___ Carnivorous

14. One who eats the flesh of its own kind ___Cannibal

15. That which can not be put into practice ___Impracticable

16. A book which does not bear the name of the writer ___Anonymous

17. That which can not be heard___Inaudible

18. A speech made for the first time___ Maiden

19. A book written by hand___ Manuscript

20. One who works for money___ Mercenary

21. A word no longer in use ___ Obsolete

22. A child born after the death of his father ___ Posthumous

23. A book published after the death of its author ___Posthumous

24. A prize awarded after the death of its winner___ Posthumous

25. An office with work but no salary ___ Honorary

26. A medicine which can cure all disease ___ Panacea

27. A place where an artist works ___ Studio

One Word Substitution

28. Houses in which soldiers live ___ Barrack

29. A place where coins are made ___ Mint

30. A place where medicines are dispensed___ Dispensary

31. A word with opposite meaning ___ Antonym

32. An institute for higher learning___ University

33. A disease caught by touch___ Contagious

34. A man who is not married ___Bachelor

35. Life story written by one’s own self___ Autobiography

36. A sound that can be heard ___ Audible

37. A word or custom which was used in old times ___Archaic

38. One who can neither read nor write ___ Illiterate

39. The custom of having only one wife ___ Monogamy.

40. That which ends only in death ___ Fatal.

41. A hater of womankind ___ Misogynist.

42. One who hates mankind ___ Misanthropist.

43. Money paid to a woman for her personal expenses ___ Pin money.

44. An instrument used by both eyes to see distant objects ___ Binocular.

45. An instrument which magnifies small objects  ___Microscope.

46. An instrument which measures temperature ___Thermometer.

47. An instrument which foretells weather change ___Barometer.

48. An instrument which transmits sounds more loudly ___ Microphone.

49. An instrument which is used by doctors to examine the chest ___ Stethoscope.

50. An instrument which carries the voice to a  distance ___ Megaphone.

(One Word Substitution)

51. An instrument which sends messages to long-distance ___ Telegraph.

52. An instrument which transmits spoken words to long-distance ___ Telephone.

53. An instrument which guides sailors on the ocean___ Compass.

54. An instrument which takes photographs ___Camera.

55. To give up one’s claim to the kingship of a country ___ Abdicate.

56. One who easily believes what others say ___ Credulous.

57. Something through which one can easily see ___Transparent.

58. A man who loves mankind ___ philanthropist.

59. Persons who live in the same age ___ Contemporary.

60. A man who loves the whole world as his won country ___ Cosmopolitan.

61. A match which remains undecided___ Drawn.

62. A man who behaves like a woman ___ Effeminate.

63. Men going out of a country ___Emigrant.

64. Goods sent out to another country ___ Exports.

65. A speech delivered without preparation. ___Extempore.

66. The killing of a brother___ Fratricide.

67. The killing of a man ___ Homicide.

68. That which is against law___ Illegal.

69. An ink which can not be effaced ___Indelible.

70. One who can not be corrected ___Incorrigible.

71. A place where a blacksmith works ___ Smithy.

72. A book where photographs or autographs are kept. ___Album.

73. A book which gives information on all subjects ___Encyclopaedia.

74. A list of book ___ Catalogue.

One Word Substitution

75. A book which tells dates and days ___ Calendar.

76. A book which contains telephone addresses ___ Directory.

77. A thing that can be seen ___Visible.

78. The killing of a king___ Regicide.

79. The killing of oneself___ Suicide.

80. The killing of one’s parents___ Patricide.

81. An animal or plant that lives upon the body of another___ Parasite.

82. The custom of marrying two wives ___Bigamy.

83. The custom of having a number of wives ___ Polygamy.

84. The custom of having more than one husband ___Polygandry.

85. Anything through which one can not see ___ Opaque.

86. A man who knows many languages ___ Linguist.

87. That which can not be conquered ___ Invincible.

88. A disease which spreads through air ___ Infectious.

89. The killing of an infant ___ Infanticide.

90. A man who can not make a mistake ___ Infallible.

91. A man who can not be appointed ___ Ineligible.

92. A thing that can not be believed ___Incredible.

93. Goods brought into a country ___ Imports

94. Men coming into a country ___ Immigrants

95. A writing that can not be read ___ Illegible

96. That which can not be eaten ___ Inedible

97. That which can not be solved ___ Insoluble

98. A person who can not pay off his debts ___ Insolvent

99. A government carried on by a king ___ Monarchy

100. The government by Lords and nobles ___ Aristocracy

(One Word Substitution)

101. The rule of officials ___ Bureaucracy

102. The rule of the rich ___ Plutocracy

103. The rule of the mob ___ Mobocracy

104. The rule of the church official ___Theocracy

105. One who loves his country ___Patriot

106. One who is all-powerful ___ Omnipotent

107. One who is present everywhere ___ Omnipresent

108. One who can see everything ___ Omniscient

109. Animals that live in groups ___ Gregarious

110. Animals that can live both on land and water  ___Amphibious

111. Animals that eat both meat and vegetables ___ Omnivorous

112. Medicine to kill germs, insects etc___ Insecticide

113. The killing of one’s own mother ___ Matricide

114. The killing of an entire religious group, class, race, nation, etc___ Genocide

115. Killing on a large scale ___Massacre

116. A book containing account or description of books ___ Bibliography

117. One who loves books ___ Bibliophile

118. One who loves womankind ___ Philogynist

119. One who does not marry ___ Bachelor

120. One who hates the institution of marriage ___Misoganist

121. One who changes his principles from time to time ___ Opportunist

122. One who takes a gloomy view of the future ___ Pessimist

123. The study of the origin of words ___ Etymology

124. One who is hopeful of the future ___ Optimist

125. The science of gardening ___ Horticulture.

126. The study of the lines on the palm ___ Palmistry.

127. One who breaks idols ___Iconoclast.

One Word Substitution

128. One who worships idols ___ Idolator.

129. The doctrine of considering everything as a manifestation of god ___Pantheism.

130. One who does not believe in God ___ Atheist.

131. One who reads books eagerly___ Voracious.

132. One who wants peace and the total abolition of war. ___ Pacifist.

133. One who is quarrelsome and ever ready to fight. ___Bellicose.

134. Nations at wars ___ Belligerent.

135. One who makes pleasure the chief end of life.___ Hedonist.

136. One who loves only himself ___ Egoist.

137. A man who loves others ___ Altruist.

138. One who hates knowledge ___Misologist.

139. One who lives in another country ___Alien.

140. One who gives up his religion ___Apostate.

141. A soldier who runs away from the army ___Deserter.

142. One who leaves his party and joins another party ___Renegade.

143. One who can use either hand with equal skill ___ Ambidextrous.

144. One who travels on horseback ___ Equestrian.

145. One who walks on foot ___ Pedestrian.

146. A purse carried by a lady ___ Reticule.

147. Medical examination of a dead body ___ Post Mortem.

148. A decision taken with the consent of all ___ Unanimous.

149. A speech or writing too full of words ___ Verbose.

150. Favouring one’s own relatives ___ Nepotism.

(One Word Substitution)

151. A state based on one particular religion ___ Theocracy.

152. A state not based on any particular religion ___ secular.

153. An author who steals ideas and passages from another author ___Plagiarist.

154. Those who work in the same office or institution ___ Colleagues.

155. One who works enthusiastically for some noble cause ___Missionary.

156. That can be explained in more than one way ___ Equivocal.

157. That which can not be understood clearly___ Ambiguous.

158. One who gets angry at trifles ___ Irritable.

159. One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain ___stoic.

One Word Substitution

160. A conversation with one’s own self  ___ Soliloquy.

161. One who can speak in more than one voice ___ Ventriloquist.

162. One who walks in his sleep ___ Somnambulist.

163. One whose favourite recreation is lovemaking ___Philanderer.

164. One who is very rigid in matters of discipline  ___ Martinet.

165. One who advocates the cause of women ___ Feminist.

166. One who is given to the enjoyment of the senses ___ Epicure.

167. One who is proud of his learning ___ Pedant

168. A child born without the marriage of its mother ___ Illegitimate

169. Words engraved on one’s tomb ___ Epitaph

170. A place where clothes are kept ___ Wardrobe

171. One who stands against his own country or king ___ Traitor

172. The act of speaking disrespectfully about God___ Blasphemy

173. The act of violating the sanctity of a place of worship ___ Sacrilege

174. One who shows unreasonable enthusiasm for some cause ___Fanatic

175. One who is particular about the smallest detail ___ Meticulous

176. An umbrella used by a lady ___ Parasol

177. A building where dead bodies are kept ___ Mortuary

178. A list of the dead ___ Obituary

179. One who has a long experience ___ Veteran

180. A woman whose husband is dead ___ Widow

181. A man whose wife is dead ___ Widower

182. That which happens twice a year ___ Biannual

183. Prayers offered in the morning ___ Matin

184. Prayers offered in the evening ___Vesper

185. One who believes in practical observation and experience ___Empirical

186. That which can not be divided ___ Indivisible

187. That which can not be questioned ___ Unquestionable

188. That which can not be avoided ___ Unavoidable

189. That which is liable to be burnt ___ Inflammable

190. A language which is no longer in use ___A  dead language

191. A word which has the same meaning with another ___ Synonym

192. A property inherited from father ___ Patrimony

193. Above all price and value ___ Invaluable

194. Animals living on human flesh ___ Cannibal

195. Beyond the power of nature ___ Supernatural

196. Contrary to nature ___ Unnatural

197. A place where buying and selling of goods are done ___ Market

198. A place where birds and animals are kept for show ___ Zoo

199. A place where clothes are manufactured ___ Cloth Mill

200. A place where goods are manufactured___ Factory

(One Word Substitution)

201. A building where goods are stored before sale  ___ Godown

202. A place where lunatics are treated ___ Asylum

203. A house where the Muslims offer prayer ___Mosque

204. A building where objects of historic, scientific and arts are kept ___ Museum

205. A place where people stay for improvement of health ___ Sanitorium

206. The Head-quarter of a Government ___ Capital

207. Where two flowing rivers meet ___ Confluence

208. People who attend a meeting to listen to lectures ___ Audience

209. The students who appear in the examination___ Examinee

210. One who composes poem ___Poet

211. One who makes ornaments  ___ Goldsmith

212. One who makes shoes ___ Cobbler

213. Who is famous for delivering lectures ___ Orator

214. One who dies for good cause ___ Martyr. 

215. A line without any curve ___ Straight.

216. A man who is one hundred years old ___ Centenarian.

217. The first meal of the day ___ Breakfast.

218. Where a lion lives ___ Den.

219. Where the king lives ___ Palace.

220. Where a spider lives ___ Cobweb.

221. Where a horse lives ___ Stable.

222. Where a bird lives ___ Nest.

223. A man of eighty years old ___ Octogenarian.

224. Where any people can take meal ___ Hotel.

225. Where pupils come to read ___ School.

226. Where dead persons are buried ___ Grave.

227. Of no avail ___ Futile. 0 0 0

One Word Substitution


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