My Dear Sweet-heart


My Dear Sweet-heart

My Dear Sweet-heart
(A Collection of Love Poems)

Menonim Menonimus


My Sweet-heart (A Collection of Love Poems) by Menonim Menonimus Written between 2001and 2018)

My Dear Sweet-heart
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My Dear Sweet-heart

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My Dear Sweet-heart


My limitless feelings expressed in limited words.

Menonim Menonimus
Santi Kanan
21 September, 2019

My Dear Sweet-heart


Love-A Sonnet
Sweet Kiss
My Beloved
Oh My Beloved’ s Toe
My Beloved’s Hair
My Beloved’s Eyes
My Beloved
My Beloved’s Cheeks
My Beloved’s Breasts
My Dear Darling
True Couple
Love of Brother and Sister
Ode to Spring
To Autumn
A Mountain Sight
Ode to Summer
Sea Wave
An Abandoned Palace
Mother’s Love
The Nectar of Life
Love and Affection
The Evils of War
Enmity a Bitter Seed
The Twinkling Stars
Dewdrops in the Morning Sunlight
A True Friend
In memory of Srimati Indira Gandhi
The Rose
In Memory of A P J Abdul Kalam
Love the Sweetest Feeling
Dove a Bird of Peace
Mourning the Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi
On My Bald Head
My Home
Mother’s Love
Rubel and Liza
Song of Love
The Evening Sun

My Dear Sweet-heart


Love-A Sonnet

In tragic love affairs, the heart doth ache
As two lovers’ fate doth harsh decree
Their passion burns with fervor, but doth break
As destiny doth force them to be free.

The winds of change doth blow and intervene
In moments bright, joys turn into tears
And hopes and dreams, with love, in death convene
Their fates entwined, for many weary years.

Yet still, the heart doth hold on to the past
And yearns for what could have been, yet wasn’t
In memories, love doth ever last
Its power unyielding, its hold steadfast.

For though their love, in life, was doomed to fail
In death, it lives on, a never-ending tale. 0 0 0.

Sweet Kiss

Oh how sweet the feeling of two lips entwined,
In a moment of passion, love and joy combined.
The gentle touch of a beloved’s kiss,
Fills my heart with a bliss I cannot miss.

Kissing you is like tasting heaven’s nectar,
With every touch, my love for you grows greater.
Your lips, so soft, so warm, so divine,
Bringing me a happiness that is all mine.

I feel your love in every kiss we share,
Your gentle touch, your caring embrace, I do not care.
For wherever we go, wherever we may be,
Our love will always be as strong as it can be.

With each kiss, we say goodbye to our pain,
And hello to a love that will forever remain.
For you and I, together we’ll always be,
And every kiss we share will always be our symphony.

Oh how I long to hold you in my arms,
And feel the warmth of your love and its charms.
With every kiss, I feel your love so true,
And I know that our love will always see us through.

So let us kiss and hold each other tight,
And let our love shine as bright as the stars in the night.
For in this moment, we have everything we need,
Just you, me, and a love that will always succeed. 0 0 0.

My Beloved

Oh how fair, how divine, how lovely is she,
The beauty of my heart, my love, my dream.
Her hair like golden threads, her eyes like sun,
Her skin like silk, her smile like moonlit shine.

Her grace, like a dance, flows with every move,
Her laughter, a sweet melody, echoes within.
Her heart, pure and kind, shines bright like a star,
Her presence, a bliss, a sight to behold.

She walks with an ease that makes the wind envious,
Her voice, like a symphony, soothes all who hear.
Her words, like a gentle breeze, carry wisdom and love,
Her touch, like a ray of sunshine, warms the soul.

Her spirit, wild and free, soars higher than the sky,
Her soul, a work of art, shines brighter than the sea.
She’s a rose that blooms in the field of life,
A diamond that shines in the rough of strife.

She’s the sun that rises each morning, bringing light,
The moon that glows each night, guiding in the dark.
She’s the ocean that soothes, the wind that whispers,
The fire that blazes, the earth that holds firm.

Oh how blessed I am to call her mine,
The beauty of my heart, my love, my dream.
I will cherish her forever, in this life and beyond,
For her beauty, her grace, her love, are simply divine. 0 0 0

Oh My Beloved’ s Toe

Oh graceful toe, so delicate and fair,
Thy curves so smooth, without a single care,
Thy rosy hue, doth match thy sweet abode,
In sandals, pumps, or bare, thou dost radiate.

Thou art the star, in my beloved’s feet,
A sight to behold, so dainty and neat,
Thou dancest with rhythm, a grace divine,
And dost add charm, to every step so fine.

Oh how I adore, thy gentle sway,
Thy beauty unmatched, doth light up my day,
With every step, thou dost set my heart aflame,
My beloved’s toe, thou art my love’s sweet claim.

So here’s to thee, my love’s lovely toe,
Thou art a treasure, I am proud to know,
With every step, thou dost steal my heart,
Forever and always, we shall never part. 0 0 0.

My Beloved’s Hair

Oh, the beauty of thy black hair so fair,
Dark as the midnight sky, yet oh so rare!
Its softness is a comfort, a gentle care.
A crown of glory, a symbol of thy flair.

With each stroke of the wind, they dance in delight,
As if in joy, they take the world in sight.
Each strand, a mystery, of beauty untold,
Reflecting the fire in thy heart, so bold.

With a single look, thou taketh my breath,
With a single touch, thou calmeth my stress.
Oh, how I bask in thy glory and grace,
And bask in thy hair, like a warm embrace.

So let this poem sing thy praises, oh love,
And let the world know of thy beauty from above.
For thy black hair is a treasure, a rare delight,
A symbol of thy strength and inner light. 0 0 0.

My Beloved’s Eyes

The eyes of my beloved,
A window to the soul,
Reflecting all that’s pure,
And all that’s whole.

Their depth, a mystery,
That captivates my heart,
With a gaze that’s warm and tender,
And a sparkle that never departs.

The color of the morning sky,
So bright, so bold and true,
And every time I look into them,
I feel like I’m falling in love with you.

They hold secrets untold,
And stories yet to be written,
But every time I look into them,
I feel my soul being uplifted.

Oh, how beautiful,
The eyes of my beloved,
With their grace and their beauty,
A treasure, rare and unspoiled.

So here’s to the eyes,
That I hold so dear,
And to the love that shines,
With each and every tear. 0 0 0.

My Beloved

She walks with grace, a gentle breeze,
Her eyes, like stars, shine with such ease.
Her smile, a ray of light in the dark,
Her laughter, music that leaves a mark.

Her hair, a cascade of golden waves,
Her skin, soft like a bed of petals and dew.
Her touch, a warm embrace, comfort so true,
Her presence, a feeling of peace, a renewed.

She is a rose, blooming amidst the thorns,
A beauty that knows no bounds or norms.
Her kindness, a beacon in times of strife,
Her love, a gift that brings new life.

Her laughter, like a melody that dances,
Her words, like honey, sweetly enhanced.
Her heart, a place of pure love and care,
Her spirit, a flame that shines so rare.

She is the sun that brightens the day,
The moon that lights up the night in its way.
She is the gentle breeze, that caresses the face,
The fire, that warms and sets the heart ablaze.

In her eyes, one can see the world,
Her love, a treasure, forever unfurled.
She is the ocean, deep and vast,
Her beauty, a wonder that’s meant to last.

She is my beloved, my heart’s true queen,
A beauty that surpasses all that’s seen.
She is the reason for my every rhyme,
My love for her, an eternal climb. 0 0 0.

My Beloved’s Cheeks

Two cheeks, oh what a sight,
Roses in bloom, fair and bright.
Soft as silk, smooth and warm,
A beauty unmatched, nature’s charm.

Each blush, a burst of delight,
A precious gift, a lovely sight.
With every smile, they come alive,
A radiance that makes the heart thrive.

They hold the secrets of her soul,
And speak of joy, and make her whole.
Her beauty shines in their sweet glow,
A sight that I will never let go.

So here’s a poem, to my beloved’s face,
Two cheeks that grace the world with their grace.
In them I find my love, my life, my treasure,
Forever, my heart will find its pleasure. 0 0 0.

My Beloved’s Breats

Oh fair, celestial orbs, twin mounds of delight,
Thou art the sun that warms my soul by night.
In beauty and grace, thy curves do excel,
A joy forever, and the source of my well.

With heaving breath and beating heart I stand,
Gazing upon thy form, so soft and grand.
My eyes are filled with thy sight so true,
For in my heart, thou art the morning dew.

O thy two rosy breasts, fairer than gold,
That in thy loveliness, doth ever hold
The key to my soul and the depth of my love,
My darling, with thy breasts, my heart doth move.

And as the moon, doth wax and wane so bright,
So do thy breasts, a never-ending sight.
My eyes, they drink in thy divine perfection,
And I am lost, in thy sweet, loving affection.

Oh, dearest love, my heart doth sing thy praise,
For thou hast made my life a brighter blaze.
With every breath, I whisper thee my love,
And in thy breasts, I find the heavens above. 0 0 0.

My Dear Darling

My darling’s thighs, oh how they charm and grace
In beauty they rival the stars up in space
Curves so smooth, skin soft as silk
A sight so divine, it leaves me feeling ilk

Her legs, a work of art, a sculptor’s delight
Every inch a masterpiece, a stunning sight
Her gait, a symphony, each step a graceful dance
An enchanting melody, a visual trance

Oh, how her thighs have captivated me
In their embrace, I long to be
Their hold, a warm, comforting embrace
A sight that leaves me in a dazed state

Her every move, a graceful flow
A beauty unmatched, it never grows old
So here’s to you, my darling’s thighs
A sight so precious, it never dies. 0 0 0.

True Couple

Together they stood, hand in hand,
A love so strong, it could withstand
The trials of time, the winds of change,
Their bond grew stronger with each passing day.

Their hearts entwined, their souls as one,
Their love was simple, yet never done.
It was a love that defied all reason,
A love that knew no off-season.

They laughed and danced, they cried and played,
Shared all life’s joys, its worries allayed.
They stood by each other, through thick and thin,
Their love was a flame, burning bright within.

They whispered sweet nothings in the night,
Stared into each other’s eyes with delight.
They kissed beneath the stars up high,
Their love was a beautiful symphony, a lullaby.

And so they lived, this husband and wife,
Their love a beacon shining through life.
It was a love that would never fade,
Always be there, in good times and in bad. 0 0 0.

Love of Brother and Sister

A bond like no other, a love so true,
That’s what a brother-sister bond can do.
With laughter and tears, they walk through life,
Hand in hand, causing endless strife.

They may fight and argue, but it’s just a show,
For deep down they know, their love will grow.
Through thick and thin, they will always stand,
A constant support, a loyal hand.

The brother may tease, but he’ll protect his kin,
For her smile is worth more than any win.
And the sister may nag, but she’ll always care,
For her brother’s happiness, she’ll always be there.

Their childhood memories, they’ll forever hold,
Of mischief and fun, stories never told.
And as they grow older, the bond will remain,
For a brother and sister, will always remain.

So here’s to a bond, that can never be broken,
A love that will last, a love that is spoken.
For in this world, where nothing is sure,
A brother and sister, will always endure. 0 0 0.

Ode to Spring

Spring brings with it a breath of fresh air,
A season of love, renewal, and care.
With its gentle breeze and warm sun rays,
The world awakens from winter’s dreary days.

The flowers bloom, painting the land with hues,
A tapestry of colors, a work of art, a muse.
Petals soft and fragrant, a delight to the nose,
Their beauty so pure, it makes the heart overflow.

The birds return, filling the air with their song,
A symphony of melody, a dance all day long.
Their sweet notes, a declaration of love,
Their music, a reminder of the beauty above.

The sun shines brighter, warming the earth,
Bringing new life, new hope, new birth.
And as the days grow longer, and the nights grow warm,
We find ourselves in the arms of nature’s charm.

Spring is the season of love and of dreams,
A time of joy, of laughter, of life’s little beams.
So let us bask in its beauty, its light, its peace,
And cherish this season of love and release. 0 0 0.

To Autumn

Oh Autumn, the season of colorful delights,
When the leaves turn gold and red and orange with might,
The trees stand tall, proud and bold,
Their grandeur and splendor never grows old.

The crispness of the air, so fresh and cool,
Reminds us of nature’s grand design, simple yet powerful.
The skies are clear, with a touch of blue,
And the stars twinkle like diamonds, bright and true.

The harvest is in, the fields are bare,
And farmers rest, content with their share.
The sun sets early, painting the sky,
With hues of pink and orange, a natural high.

Autumn, a season of transformation,
When nature sheds its old form for new creation,
It reminds us to let go of what’s old,
And embrace the new, with faith and hope to hold.

Oh Autumn, how we adore thee,
With your vibrant hues and crisp cool breeze.
Your grandeur and beauty shall never fade,
And in our hearts, your memory will forever be engraved. 0 0 0.

A Mountain Sight

A mountain peak so grand and tall,
Rising up above them all,
Its snowy peak against the sky,
A sight to fill the heart and eye.

Its rugged slopes and craggy face,
A testament to time and space,
The wind and snow have carved it so,
A natural work of art on show.

The sunrise brings a golden hue,
And sets the snow and rocks aglow,
The clouds and mist dance all around,
A wondrous sight that knows no bound.

The mountain air is crisp and clear,
A feeling like no other near,
As if the soul is lifted high,
And free to soar beyond the sky.

Oh, mountain sight so pure and true,
You bring us peace and beauty too,
And though we cannot scale your height,
We know that in your grace we might. 0 0 0.

Ode to Summer

Oh, Summer, sweet and fair,
Your beauty fills the air,
With scents of flowers blooming bright,
And warmth that brings such sweet delight.

Your days are long, and filled with sun,
With skies of blue and rivers run,
And every breeze that softly blows,
Brings fragrant scents of flowers and rose.

The world awakens to your call,
As nature dances with you, tall,
With fields of green and hills of gold,
And all the beauty we can behold.

The butterflies flit from flower to flower,
And birds sing in trees, hour by hour,
As bees hum in meadows and gardens bright,
And dragonflies glide on wings of light.

The sunflowers stretch to reach the sky,
And poppies sway as breezes sigh,
With daisies, roses, and lilies too,
All blossoming under the summer’s hue.

The trees stretch high, their branches sway,
As squirrels and birds run and play,
With leaves of green and bark of brown,
All summer beauty that can be found.

The sand on beaches, soft and warm,
And waves that crash with such a charm,
As seagulls fly and children play,
And families gather, day by day.

The sunsets in the evening sky,
Bring colors bright that catch the eye,
As oranges, reds, and pinks combine,
A beauty rare that’s truly divine.

The fireflies dance, with light aglow,
As twilight settles, and stars start to show,
The world around us, soft and still,
And the peace and calm that we can feel.

Oh, Summer, your beauty is a sight to see,
With all the wonder that you bring to me,
And though you fade, as all things do,
Your beauty stays, forever new. 0 0 0.

Sea Wave

A sea wave crashes onto shore,
A mighty force to be reckoned for.
Its beauty lies in the way it moves,
A dance of power, grace, and grooves.

It rises high, a towering crest,
A momentary pause, then it’s off to the next.
It arcs and curls, a magnificent sight,
A fluid sculpture in the morning light.

The colors of the ocean blend and swirl,
A kaleidoscope of blues and greens unfurl.
The sun glints off its sparkling form,
A shimmering mirage to keep us warm.

The sound of waves is music to the ears,
A lullaby to ease away all fears.
It soothes the soul, a healing balm,
A natural rhythm, a calming psalm.

The sea wave embodies the power of nature,
A symphony of movement, a living sculpture.
It speaks to us of life’s ebb and flow,
A timeless beauty that we all know. 0 0 0.

An Abandoned Palace

Amidst the green and lush trees,
There stood a palace, once grand and free.
Its walls were tall, its windows bright,
A home for royalty, in its golden light.

But now it stood, a shadow of its past,
Its walls all broken, its windows smashed.
The gardens that once bloomed with life,
Now lay barren, a playground for strife.

The palace gates were open wide,
As if welcoming anyone inside.
But no one dared to venture in,
For fear of what they might find within.

The silence of the palace was deafening,
The only sound was the wind whistling.
The creaking doors and the rattling chains,
Were the only things that dared to make a claim.

As I entered the palace, my heart did race,
For I knew I was in a haunted place.
But my curiosity was greater than my fear,
So I ventured forward, to explore and hear.

The entrance hall was grand and vast,
With high ceilings and a marble cast.
The chandeliers were still hanging there,
But their light had long vanished into thin air.

The walls were adorned with intricate art,
That must have taken years to impart.
But now they were fading, covered in dust,
And the floor was littered with rubble and rust.

I walked towards the throne room, with caution and dread,
For it was said that ghosts roamed its bed.
But as I opened the door, my fears were allayed,
For there was no one there, just an empty stage.

The throne was still standing, tall and proud,
But its cushions were gone, and it was covered in shroud.
The room was silent, as if it were holding its breath,
But I could hear the whispers of the ghosts that once left.

As I walked through the palace, room by room,
I saw the remnants of a life that had once bloomed.
The kitchen, the bedrooms, the hall of fame,
All lay abandoned, and it was such a shame.

The gardens were overgrown, with vines and weeds,
The fountains were dry, and the flowers had receded.
But amidst all this desolation and despair,
There was still something that seemed to care.

It was the memories of the past, that lingered on,
The love, the laughter, the battles won.
The palace was a testament to a time long gone,
A reminder of the beauty that once shone.

As I left the palace, I looked back once more,
And saw it in a different light, than before.
It was not just a building, that lay in ruins,
It was a story of a life, that had gone into oblivion.

The palace may be abandoned, but it still lives on,
In the tales that are told, and the songs that are sung.
It is a part of history, that will never die,
For it will live forever, in our hearts and minds. 0 0 0.

Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is pure and true,
A love that’s always strong and new,
A bond that starts before you’re born,
And lasts through every night and morn.

From the moment you enter the world,
Her love for you is unfurled,
She cradles you in her loving arms,
And keeps you safe from all life’s harms.

She watches as you grow and learn,
Her love for you will never adjourn,
She’s there to wipe away your tears,
And calm your every anxious fears.

She holds your hand through thick and thin,
And helps you navigate life’s spin,
She’s there to pick you up when you fall,
And be your rock through it all.

A mother’s love is like no other,
Her heart’s a wellspring of pure wonder,
She’s always there to give her best,
And help you through each new quest.

So treasure your mother’s love each day,
And cherish her in every way,
For her love will always guide your way,
And keep you close throughout life’s fray. 0 0 0.

The Nectar of Life

Love, the sweetest nectar of life,
Brings joy, happiness, and no strife.
A feeling that fills hearts with affection,
And gives meaning to each connection.

It makes the world a brighter place,
With its tender touch and warm embrace.
It’s a feeling that can move mountains,
And heal all wounds like soothing fountains.

Love can bring two hearts together,
And make them stay like birds of a feather.
It’s a bond that can last forever,
And make every day a sweet endeavor.

In love, there’s no room for doubt,
As it casts away all fears and drought.
It brings out the best in every soul,
And makes them feel whole and in control.

So let us cherish love and affection,
And spread it far and wide with conviction.
For it’s the essence of all human existence,
And the greatest gift of life’s persistence. 0 0 0.

Love and Affection

Love is a flame that burns so bright,
A warmth that fills the darkest night.
It sparks and crackles in the air,
A feeling that we all should share.

Affection is the gentle breeze,
That soothes and whispers through the trees.
It kisses gently on the cheek,
A language that we all can speak.

Love is the song that fills our hearts,
A melody that never parts.
It sings and dances in our souls,
A harmony that makes us whole.

Affection is the tender touch,
That says so much, but means so much.
It comforts, heals, and gives us peace,
A gift that never seems to cease.

Love and affection, intertwined,
Two hearts that beat as one in kind.
A bond that time can never break,
A love that always seems to wake.

For love and affection, they’re the key,
To happiness and harmony.
So cherish them and hold them near,
For they’ll bring you joy and banish fear. 0 0 0.


In fields of flowers, the bees do roam,
Gathering nectar to bring back home.
They buzz and dance in the golden sun,
Creating a treat that’s second to none.

From their hard work comes a sweet delight,
A golden syrup that’s pure and right.
It’s full of flavor, rich and deep,
A taste that lingers long after you eat.

But honey’s more than just a treat,
It’s packed with goodness, good to eat.
It’s rich in nutrients, vitamins and more,
A food that’s healthy, a food that’s pure.

Honey’s known to help with a cough,
And soothe a sore throat when it’s rough.
It can boost your energy, help you sleep,
A natural remedy that’s hard to beat.

So next time you’re feeling down and low,
Or just want a snack that’s good to go,
Try some honey, and you’ll see,
How a little sweetness can set you free. 0 0 0.

The Evils of War

Amidst the rubble and debris,
Lies the remnants of humanity,
Echoes of a once-thriving city,
Now ravaged by the wickedness of war.

The clash of swords and the sound of guns,
Filling the air with a deadly hum,
A constant reminder of the evil done,
In the name of freedom and righteousness.

Families torn apart, children left alone,
Their innocence lost, their hearts turned to stone,
The horror of war, the price they have known,
Their lives forever changed, their futures unknown.

The smell of death, the stench of decay,
The bitter taste of sorrow and dismay,
A cruel reality, with no hope of escape,
As war rages on, with no end in sight.

The scars of war, both physical and mental,
A never-ending cycle, always incremental,
A dark shadow that’s forever central,
A reminder of the evil sides of war.

Let us not forget the cost of conflict,
The lives lost, the dreams left unfulfilled,
The untold stories of those who were killed,
In the name of war and all its evil.

For peace and love are what we need,
Not war and hate, nor acts of greed,
Let us come together, and plant the seed,
Of a world without the evil of war, indeed. 0 0 0.

Enmity a Bitter Seed

Enmity, a bitter seed that’s sown,
A venomous brew that chills the bone,
It twists and writhes, it burns and stings,
A festering wound that never brings

Relief or solace, only pain,
A stormy cloud, a hurricane,
That churns and rages, without end,
An endless cycle, that never bends.

It feeds on hatred, jealousy,
On greed, and envy, constantly,
It thrives on lies and deceit,
And all the things that make hearts beat

In anger, and in rage, and spite,
It feeds on every grudge and slight,
And grows and grows, a cancerous thing,
Till nothing’s left, but suffering.

But there’s a way, a different path,
To end this cycle, break this wrath,
To sow a seed of love and peace,
And let it grow, and let it cease

The pain, the hurt, the endless strife,
To end the cycle of enmity’s life,
To let forgiveness pave the way,
And bring an end to this bitter play.

For only love can truly heal,
Only kindness can break the seal,
And let the light of hope shine through,
To show a way that’s bright and new.

So let us choose, to break the chain,
To end the cycle of enmity’s reign,
And let love be our guiding light,
To bring an end to this bitter fight. 0 0 0.


Discipline, oh discipline,
A virtue that’s hard to win.
It takes effort and dedication,
To cultivate this great foundation.

It starts with a simple decision,
To set your goals and your vision.
To focus on what’s important,
And not let distractions become dominant.

You must have a will of iron,
To resist temptation and desire.
To stay true to your path,
And never give in to a moment’s wrath.

Discipline is a way of life,
A daily practice, a constant strife.
It’s the key to success and achievement,
The path to greatness and fulfillment.

So embrace discipline with open arms,
And let it protect you from all harms.
Let it guide you through the toughest times,
And help you climb the highest climbs.

For discipline is the fuel of the soul,
The strength that makes you whole.
It’s the pillar of a life well-lived,
The foundation on which greatness is achieved. 0 0 0.

The Twinkling Stars

Oh, twinkling stars in the night sky,
You shimmer and dance as I pass by,
A thousand diamonds in the dark,
So lovely, bright, and full of spark.

You flicker and twirl up above,
So far away, yet full of love,
A guiding light for all who seek,
A promise that the future is not bleak.

You sparkle and shine with such grace,
A heavenly display in outer space,
You remind us that beauty is all around,
And in the darkest times, hope can be found.

You glimmer and glow, oh shining stars,
A wonder of the universe, so far,
A testament to the power of creation,
And a reminder of our own inspiration.

Oh, twinkling stars, you light up the night,
A symphony of wonder, a delight,
You fill us with awe and endless wonder,
And make us dream of what lies yonder. 0 0 0.

Dewdrops in the Morning Sunlight

In the early morning light,
Before the day has fully begun,
The dewdrops on the grasses bright
Glisten like diamonds in the sun.

Each tiny drop a world in itself,
A sphere of sparkling clarity,
Reflecting light and life and wealth
In its own unique prosperity.

Like stars fallen from the sky,
They adorn the earth below,
A gift of beauty to the eye,
A reminder of life’s ebb and flow.

The dewdrops dance and play,
In the soft and gentle breeze,
As the sun begins to rise and slay
The darkness of the night’s unease.

And as the day begins to unfold,
The dewdrops slowly fade away,
A fleeting moment to behold,
Before the sun commands the day. 0 0 0.

A True Friend

A true friend is like a beacon of light
That shines bright in the darkest of night
A steadfast presence, a comforting sight
A bond that’s strong, an unwavering might

They laugh with you, they cry with you too
They see the best in everything you do
They lift you up when you’re feeling blue
And guide you when you don’t know what to pursue

They listen without judgment or fear
They support you when your dreams draw near
They wipe your tears and chase away your tears
And cherish the moments that you hold dear

In true friendship, there’s no need to pretend
You can be yourself, and it’s never the end
The bond you share, it will never bend
And your souls will connect until the very end

So hold your true friends close and dear
And let them know how much they mean, clear
For true friendship is rare and sincere
A gift from the heart that will always be near. 0 0 0.

In memory of Srimati Indira Gandhi

The nation weeps and mourns today,
For we have lost a leader so brave and strong,
Whose life was taken away,
By the hands of violence and wrong.

She stood for the people and their rights,
Her voice echoed through the land,
Her vision for a better India,
Guided us with a steady hand.

Her legacy will always live on,
In the hearts of those she served,
Her passion for justice and equality,
Will never be forgotten or swerved.

Her life was a sacrifice,
For the nation she held so dear,
Her memory will be cherished,
For many a long and sorrowful year.

We bid farewell to our beloved leader,
Who fought for us till the very end,
May her soul find eternal peace,
In the company of the heavens. 0 0 0.

The Rose

The rose, a flower of beauty rare
With petals soft and sweetly fair
Its fragrance fills the summer air
And brings a sense of joy so rare.

With colors ranging from softest pink
To deepest red, its petals link
In perfect harmony, each one
A masterpiece beneath the sun.

A symbol of love, the rose is known
To bring a smile and a tender tone
To those who receive its gift so bright
A token of affection, pure and right.

Oh, rose of beauty, how you bloom
In gardens, parks, and every room
Your gentle touch, your perfect form
A sight that can truly transform.

And though your beauty fades away
As petals fall and colors gray
Your memory will forever stay
In hearts that cherish you every day.

So let us celebrate the rose
And all the beauty that it bestows
A symbol of love, a gift so pure
A treasure that forever will endure. 0 0 0.

In Memory of A P J Abdul Kalam

A great soul has left us, a shining star has fallen,
Leaving behind a legacy that will forever be recalled,
The nation mourns the loss of a true son,
Whose life’s work has touched so many, one by one.

His love for his country knew no bounds,
He dedicated his life to making India profound,
From humble beginnings, he rose to great heights,
Becoming the people’s President, an inspiration in sight.

A man of science, a man of peace,
With words of wisdom that will never cease,
His teachings still echo, his vision still bright,
For generations to come, he will remain a guiding light.

His contributions to India’s space and defense,
Are a testament to his intellect and brilliance,
But it was his humble heart that made him great,
A rare combination, hard to replicate.

Today, we grieve the loss of a beloved leader,
Whose absence leaves a void that’s hard to measure,
But we take solace in the fact that he lived well,
And inspired countless souls with his life’s tale.

So, farewell dear Kalam, you will be dearly missed,
But your spirit lives on, in the hearts you’ve kissed,
Rest in peace, our beloved President,
A life well-lived, an inspiration well-sent. 0 0 0.

Love the Sweetest Feeling

Love, the sweetest feeling we know,
Like a seed that is planted to grow,
It warms us inside and makes our hearts glow,
And makes the world a better place to show.

Love, a force that moves us to be,
Our best selves, our truest form to see,
It lifts us up and sets us free,
And gives us wings to soar with glee.

Love, the bond that ties us together,
In a world that is ever-changing, forever,
It gives us strength to weather any weather,
And brings us closer, now and forever.

Love, a melody that sings in our hearts,
A symphony of joy that never departs,
A light that shines through the darkest of parts,
And fills our lives with endless arts.

Love, the magic that weaves a tale,
A story of hope that will never fail,
A flame that burns without a scale,
And guides us through life’s every trail.

Love, the essence of all we seek,
A treasure that is never too weak,
A light that never fades nor oblique,
And holds us close, gentle and meek. 0 0 0.

Dove a Bird of Peace

A bird of peace, with wings of white,
A symbol of love, in flight take flight,
The gentle dove, so pure and bright,
In the sky it soars, a wondrous sight.

With feathers soft, and eyes so kind,
A creature gentle, and yet refined,
In the face of danger, it won’t mind,
For in its heart, peace it does find.

The dove is a bird, like no other,
A symbol of hope, to all it does offer,
In its beak, an olive branch it does proffer,
To heal all wounds, and end all suffer.

So let the dove, fly high and free,
In a world that’s troubled, let it be,
A beacon of hope, for all to see,
And bring us closer, to a world of unity. 0 0 0.

Mourning the Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

In sorrow and despair we gather here today,
To mourn the loss of a leader taken away.
A life so full of promise, cut short by a coward’s hand,
Leaving behind a nation to grieve and understand.

Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India,
A man of vision and purpose, a leader so kind and wise,
Was taken from us in a moment of senseless violence,
Leaving us to ponder on life’s fragility and mortality.

His journey began with hope and aspiration,
A legacy of public service, in his every action.
He carried his father’s torch with pride and commitment,
And inspired a generation with his courage and temperament.

As a leader, he led from the front, with a clear sense of duty,
Taking tough decisions, with compassion and humility.
He dreamed of a modern India, a nation of hope and opportunity,
And worked tirelessly to make that dream a reality.

But destiny had other plans, and a bullet stole his life,
Leaving us to grapple with the aftermath of strife.
The nation wept, as we came to terms with this tragedy,
Of losing a leader so dear, whose loss is a lasting legacy.

We’ll always remember Rajiv Gandhi, his life and his sacrifice,
His spirit lives on, his legacy inspires and unites.
May his soul rest in peace, in the knowledge that he touched so many lives,
And his memory lives on, in the hearts of a grateful nation that thrives. 0 0 0.

On My Bald Head

On top of my head, there’s not a single hair,
It’s as bald as a baby’s bottom, that’s only fair.
I used to have locks of brown and gold,
But now my head’s as smooth as a mole.

I’ve tried it all, from wigs to hats,
But nothing really seems to match.
The hair loss shampoo, that’s just a joke,
And toupees? Well, let’s just say it’s a hoax.

People say it’s just a sign of aging,
But I say, it’s just my hair escaping.
Maybe it’s time to embrace the baldness,
And focus on other things, like fitness.

No more bad hair days, or bed head,
Just a shiny dome, that’s all I get.
But hey, there’s one advantage, that’s true,
I never have to worry about my hairdo.

So, to all the baldies out there,
Let’s unite and embrace what we wear.
We may be lacking in the hair department,
But our confidence? It’s more than abundant. 0 0 0.

My Home

Home is where the heart belongs,
A place of comfort and sweet songs.
The walls are painted with memories,
Each room holds a story, like ancient treasuries.

The kitchen is a place of warmth,
Where delicious smells take form,
A place to share meals and laughter,
A place where love is the master.

The living room is where we relax,
Curling up with a book or chatting with our packs,
A place to watch movies and play games,
A place where we can be ourselves without any shames.

The bedrooms are a place of peace,
Where we find solace and release,
A place to rest our weary heads,
And dream of happy times ahead.

Home is where we feel safe and sound,
Where our loved ones are always around,
It’s where we find love, hope, and joy,
A place that nothing else can destroy.

Sweet home, oh how you make us whole,
A place of comfort, a place for the soul,
A place where we can be ourselves,
And leave behind all our troubles and worries on the shelves. 0 0 0.

Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is like no other,
It’s boundless, fierce, and strong.
It weathers storms and trials,
And endures the test of time.

She’s always there to lend a hand,
To soothe our aches and pains,
To kiss away our tears,
And chase away our fears.

A mother’s love is pure and true,
Unconditional and bright.
It shines like a beacon in the night,
Guiding us through life’s dark plight.

She loves us for who we are,
And always believes in us.
She sees the best in us,
And encourages us to trust.

Her love is selfless and giving,
And asks for nothing in return.
It’s a love that’s always forgiving,
And never seems to burn.

A mother’s love is a treasure,
A precious gift from above.
It’s a bond that will never sever,
And an everlasting symbol of love. 0 0 0.

Rubel and Liza

Rubel and Liza, two hearts intertwined,
Bound by love that fate had assigned,
Their passion burned like a fiery blaze,
But alas, their love was doomed to a tragic phase.

Rubel, a man of noble birth,
Liza, a girl from humble earth,
Their love was forbidden, their love was a crime,
But in each other’s arms, they found solace sublime.

The world was against them, their families disapproved,
But they defied all odds, their love unimproved,
They lived for the moments they spent together,
Their love, the only thing that made life better.

But destiny had other plans in store,
Their love, a flower that would bloom no more,
In a cruel twist of fate, Rubel met his end,
Leaving Liza, brokenhearted and in pain, to fend.

Her heart shattered, her dreams destroyed,
Liza wept for the love she enjoyed,
Her tears fell like rain, but could not wash away,
The memories of Rubel, that would forever stay.

Tragic love, a love that burns too bright,
And fades away, like a candle in the night,
Rubel and Liza, a tale of love and loss,
A story that reminds us of love’s heavy cost. 0 0 0.

Song of Love

You are the personification of love,
You bring joy to my heart with your love,
I never feel lost with you by my side,
You are the happiness that resides within me.

Your love is a never-ending fountain,
A fountain that never dries,
The happiness it brings sustains your life,
This happiness never dries.

Love illuminates the sky,
Your love brightens my eyes,
The light that never fades,
And within that light, my soul sings.

You are the personification of love,
You bring joy to my heart with your love,
I never feel lost with you by my side,
You are the happiness that resides within me. 0 0 0.

The Evening Sun

As the evening sun begins its descent,
The sky becomes a canvas of warm hues,
A masterpiece of reds, oranges, and gold,
Painted by nature’s masterful muse.

The sun’s rays stretch across the land,
As if reaching out for one last touch,
Illuminating everything in sight,
A moment cherished by so much.

The shadows lengthen, the light grows dim,
And the world is bathed in a golden glow,
The evening breeze starts to gently blow,
As the sun descends, oh so slow.

Birds flutter, and animals stir,
As they prepare for the coming night,
The sun, now an ember in the sky,
Continues to cast its last light.

The world is transformed, by the sunset’s kiss,
As the sun slips below the horizon,
And the evening sky is left to reminisce,
On the day that has now come and gone.

But fear not, for the evening sun shall rise,
Once again, to light up the world,
And we shall be blessed with its beautiful guise,
As nature’s secrets are unfurled. 0 0 0.

My Dear Sweet-heart

The End

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