The Little Girl and the Stars



The Little Girl and the Stars

The Little Girl and the Stars


The Little Girl and the Moon

(A Collection of Juvenile Poems)





Menonim Menonimus




Internet Edition

The Little Girl and the Stars (A Collection of Juvenile  Poems) ‘by Menonim Menonimus, Published by





Internet Edition






D.T.P. by A. Shahriar

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To the lovelier hands 

Of the children of the world 

Who like to lisp the soft rhymed words.

.… Menonim Menonimus







The Little Girl and the Moon

The Little Boy and the Stars

When I was little

Dear Mother

Dream Yester-night

The Clock

For the Joy of Bihu


Thank God

Sing Thy Song

The Maid of Nature

By the Bank of Luit

My Dear Mother


A Child

I Want to Shift My Abode

Love Yours and Mine

Where is the Grace of Youth



Far off Flying Bird

Strange Fly

Joys in Nature


Don’t Bemoan

Freedom will come again

Encaged Bird

The Moon


Will come in Time

Dark Day

A Man Himself is

We are in Thy Hand

To God

In the Courtyard

Look at

What  is Life

Truth Depends upon Time

To the Butterfly

Morning Prayer

I know not

Thank God

I’m a Little Child

Almighty God

Butterfly – I

Butterfly – 2

Butterfly – 3

Butterfly – 4

The Rain Drop

The Rose

Do Your Duty in Time

The Cuckoo

Do the Best

What a Joy it would be


All are Busy

The Song of Rain

Who am I?

I Love







The Little Girl and the Moon


Mother, mother! Look at the moon

Among clouds how it rushes soon,

Being a little girl I’m to go there

For all the time laid here!


Mother, mother! Does she speak

Either tea or milk does she drink?

Mother, mother! Come out and see

And all these things tell me. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


The Little Boy and the Stars


Who are you twinkling in the air

What are you doing sitting there?

I wonder you seem so fine and fair

Come down, come down, my dear.


From the far-off sky says the stars:

To meet you I’m unable to go there

No chariot, no plane, no stair is here

Please stay happy where you are.


“Please go to bed and sleep to-night

We shall talk again next night

Then I will show you a brighter light

Please do not call me to-night.” 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


When I Was Little


I am a poor little child

I can neither read nor write,

I’ve heard from my father

Ram and Ravana did fight.


Bravely they fought each other

For many days in wrath,

At last, Ram overcame Ravana

And sent him to death.


When I asked my father

Where he learnt these things,

Father said- things are in books

And I learn them by reading.


Since that day, I began to read

And learnt all the letters,

At first, I found so hard

To learn all those matters.


But today I can read

The books and books,

Though so vast they seem

To read at first look. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


Dear Mother


Who has brought me up to young

Who showed me the light of morn?

Who lulled me singing a sweet song

-She is my mother, dear mother.


Who fondled me taking me in lap

Who soothed me at night to nap?

Who fed me fresh water from the tap

-She is my mother, dear mother.


Who showed me the stars so high

Who in my pain cried with a sigh

Coming and sitting so very nigh

-She is my mother, dear mother. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


Dream Yester-night


Mother, mother,

I’ve dreamed a dream

In the dream, I went to a new world.

In that world, there is a sun

The sun gives white light

So much bright

In that bright light

I took a journey to the hill

On the hill, there was a tree

It was a very big tall tree

I took a rest there under the tree

Beside the tree, there was a lake

On that lake, I saw a flock of swans

They were swimming from east to west

Singing the song of funeral

I asked the swans- who is dead

They replied- our mother is death 

We are orphans.

Suddenly I saw a lion coming near

Seeing it I began to run in fear

Then with a breath, I rushed to your lap.

This is the end of my dream.

So strange it seemed. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


The Clock


We have a clock hung on a wall

The clock calls tik, tik, tik

And bells and warns

At the time when an hour ends

And a new one begins. 0 0 0



For the Joy of Bihu


Why my heart dances like the wild fawns

When, to the world, comes spring?

Why my heart swells up in joy and pride

Like a dove with swift wings?


Why upon the flowers the birds fly

Welcoming the dappled beauty?

Why the stars of the far-off sky

Sparkle and dance in frailty?


Why upon the flowers and trees

Fly the bees and butterfly?

Why all the boys and girls in glee

To winter bid goodbye?


O, it is for our Bihu- a source of joy 

It is our dearest season,

Here we embrace each other with love

And thus we build the vault of union. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 




Autumn is thy name- Autumn, Autumn

On thy sky fresh clouds ever and anon,

After summer with charm thou comest

Rain comes but leaves off so fast.


With a fresh and calm and serene landscape

Autumn flowers bloom out of summer’s grave,

The weariness of long summer it drives

Long bond of humdrum life we leave.


With beauty, charm and transparent calm

If affects our pained heart like a balm,

Around the world with white green

It revives again the spirit of spring.


With this the entire world dances

Upon the sweat caused by summer, it fans

Certainly, if the spring is of seasons’ queen

Of all the seasons’ autumn is the Prince. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


Thank God


Thank that Almighty God

He made the motley world,

And all the myriad trees

With their luscious fruits.


Thank that Almighty God

Of all, He is the great Lord

With beauty, joy and love

He makes us happy and laugh. 0 0 0



Sing Thy Song


Moon! Please sing thy song

With a silent voice sing thy song

Listening to thy heavenly melody

Let us be cheered up and happy.


Send thy silvern light 

To enlighten dark night

Let us thy bliss enjoy

Make us live with joy.


Let me have some more 

In beauty, you are not poor,

With a silent calm tongue

You are the richest of all. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


The Maid of Nature


In the state of beauty and gold

Soothing is it- not hot nor cold

Among the greens and hilly daisy

She plays with the laughing lily.


Rose- the sole maid of Nature

Knows nothing of pain and torture

Only joy and peace, peace and joy

Along with thy beauty let us enjoy. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


By the Bank of the Luit


I wander by the bank of the Luit

There the heavenly glory I meet,

The rippling flow of its water

Playing with whom I feel no fear.


Its every wave gives us delight

On its bank, the sun rises bright,

No tricks, no pretext is there

Your waves and fishes are so dear. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


My Dear Mother


River is rippling

It is beautiful.

The dove is soaring up 

It is charming.

The rainbow is bowing

It is wonderful.

The fly is flying 

It is heavenly.

The clouds are sailing

It is amazing.

Mother  lulls  her child

It is the best of love.

The rose is dancing in the wind

It is worth gazing.

The stars are twinkling

It is a source of ever joy. 

But more beautiful is my mother

Who bore me on her womb.

More and more reverend is she 

Who nursed me,

I’m more indebted to her 

Who taught me to lisp.

My heartful thanks to her 

Who lulled me on her lap,

More worthy of love is she 

Who showed me the path of light. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars




Young  are they 

Like the month of May

Who are good at heart

To whom pain is mirth.

Sleeping upon hay

Who can boldly say:

We are on the couch of rose

Neither woe nor remorse.

Who are busy with their deeds

Keeping away from misdeeds.

In troubles who never sigh

Whose ideal is always high.

Young are they

Who are always gay

Both in well and woe

Of none who is foe.

Even he is young

Who can sing a song

Both in sun and rain

Both in winter and spring. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


A Child


Once a lovely child

Went to the woods-

Where everything was mild

And in a pleasant mood.


She feared none, nothing

Neither lion nor snake

She played with all things

Their heads did she shake.


The tiger kissed 

On her comely cheek

The lion kissed 

On her red neck.


The snake came 

And crept to her throat

So lovely so tame

Her affection it sought.


They played all day long

Exchanging kisses and love

All the wild beasts 

Served as her maids. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


I Want to Shift My Abode


Where on the mosses

Under the bloomed roses,

Or behind the hills

Whence the brook flows,

From east to south

From west to north,

Where the fawns play

Beside the wavy bay,

Under the blue sky

To see the clouds go by,

Where the spring ripples

The wind blows humming,

The birds wake up in morn

With a smiling face, no mourn,

Away from the noisy world

I want to shift my abode

To that evergreen place 

I wish to live in peace. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


Love Yours and Mine


Love yours and mine will remain forever

All things must die but love dies never.


My love is like a bright morning star

To usher the bright golden days near

If you’re with me I’ve no fear.


Something is good or better than nothing

To the eyes of true Love, fair is everything.

Whatever trouble is faced they can bear.


Love can turn foul things into fair

But true love is always green and fair

All pains and sorrows true love can bear. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


Where is the Grace of Youth


Where have gone thy grace and beauty

The pride of thy youth

The splendour of your mouth

The blooming breast

Now damped by the mist

Every organ of thine looks filthy. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 




It was in my long past prime

I heard the song of a skylark

With care, my ears did mark

Now all is past, I’m in slime.


Melodious song did she sing

To my whorled ears

At night forgetting fear

With joy it made my heart swing.


Now for years, I’ve not heard her

The heavenly darling

Sweet song singing

I’m mad of its song to hear.


Nature’s glory, sky’s pride, heart’s queen

Now is no more

My heart pains in sour

Since her departure, I’m gloomy,  not fine.


But when I recall my moments with the lark

My heart fills with pleasure

Joys get up beyond measure

My heart feels light, not dark. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 




When you will die, the lug-worm shall bite

On your virgin limbs, on thy knots, on thy organs

You will have no strength, no will to fight.


Against the worm to protect thee from harm

The ants shall enter into thy mouth and nose

And eat away your golden hairs and ears.


Beauty is your pride that chose a life full of foul

Then why you keep yourself away from a fly

Showing vain pride of thy airy beauty.


So without delay soon come nigh

Don’t lead against love a vain mutiny. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


Far-off Flying Bird


Thou fly up so far to the sky, o bird

Furrowing the pores of the fickle air

Thou the darling of the flying herd

The morning’s minion far-off and near.


Thy ascending is like souring up to my master

More quick than the mind of a mother

None can surpass thee flying up faster

Are you up to meet our saviour?


If it is your goal, carry up my entity

From this muddy mundane mortal world

With thee let me ascend to the realm of beauty.

I am laying here being crestfallen tenfold.


Some call thee large hawk or falcon

The turbulent, fleshy, robust bird’s son

In the word of Hopkins you are windhover

But I think you are a Christ-like ascender. 0 0 0The Little Girl and the Stars


Strange Fly


Strange fly, heartily welcome to thee

A new native of Nature twice welcome to thee

God’s graceful glory, thrice welcome to thee

Thy first appearance has bewitched me.


Thanks to Him who has created thee

With coupled, dappled, double dye

How lively, how comely thou art to see

Being jealous of thee, all make a sigh.

Day-light is only a dim dusty dark

In front of thy very variegated beauty

When you are in my sight, I fail to mark

All other beautiful things of Almighty.


Tell me who has bestowed on thee

Such high heavenly glorious grace

Oh, how glorified you seem to me

He is ever fortunate who looks at thy face. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


Joy in Nature


The sweet fruits hang down like willow

The grapes drop down into my mouth,

Blows the wind fresh and mellow

From the high hills to the sea- south.


The snow-flake roars and breaks down

The laughing tulips bloom lovely,

Flows the fountain, leaps the fawn

The stars above head shine finely.


The birds sing to my twisted ears

The cuckoo bids me a warm welcome,

Only joys and peace around me there

All are in a gay mood- Nature’s fame.


My heart craves to enjoy them long

Amid joy my heart leaps and swings

Hearing songs from peacock’s tongue

Seeing the wild flies smiling and dancing.

But woe is- joys are not for the poor

I must leave it soon in search of food. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


Self Dependence


Sister, cease to look and enjoy the wide sea

Playing and dancing with the waves,

Or with the green-blue valley to be glee

It is time to harvest to reap, to sheave.


Look how the yellow paddy and wheat

Are leaping to and fro in the wind!

Our yellow gold, our hungry belly’s mate

Take the sickle in hand and cut and bind.


Sing songs feel joy and make sheaves

Gather and glean from the green field

Cease to listen to the humming bees

Cease to enjoy the beauty of woods wild.


He and she both are rich whose green field

Provides corps and all delicious food

Whose trees provide with wood to build

Houses and homes to live in a gay mood.

Happy be he who stands on his own feet

Whose goats and lambs give milk and meat. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


Don’t Bemoan


Don’t bemoan friend, it is vain

To lament the loss of one’s beloved

He is far away from to be thine.

Time will come and sweep away all

The comely beauty from his breast

Take patience and wait for the time.

To come and see him fly up like vapour

And see him more to turn into mist

And then you will smile.

Within your heart and thank

Saying: I was in vain pursuit

And lament for what is buried! 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


Freedom Will Come Again


We are mad of Freedom

The challenge of life has come

Exchanging with death 

We have got our freedom

How many days will it last?

Soon we become the victim of

Terrorism and caste-ism

To fight against these

We have to call up Gandhi and Subash

Every Indian must have to be 

Nehru, Petal and Azad.

To meet the needs of women

Some Sarojini must come

Then each woman of the land 

Must be Laxmi- bhai.

The Punjab again will give birth to

Some Bhagat Singh

To fight against terrorism 

He will encourage us again.

‘Joi Hind’, ‘Bandee Mataram’ will be sung again.

Every youth must forget 

To commit sin and crime

Maulana, Pandit all will take food 

From the same plate.

Hindu Muslim being a union

The tri-coloured flag will hoist.

For freedom we are mad

The challenge of life has come

Again we will have freedom

The call of joy will come. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


Encaged Bird


Human bird weeps being confined

In skin mortal coarse body,

Like a caged pigeon or sparrow bird

Hanging on to feed his belly.


It is like the dark stomach of the earth

Unable to be out if quake does not help,

The body is itself  a burning hearth

And burn the encaged soul self.


It hankers after to rise up in vain

Ignoring the vehemence of Heaven, 

Who tries to bring it out suffer pain

Wise is he who thinks it is divine. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


The Moon


At dead night when all were in sleep

It was only I that came out stealthily,

Ignoring the black, dark, dust and deep

To talk with the moon that shone finally.


It shone and sent me her beam tenderly

I took them up with my bony finger,

And along it embraced me lovely

As it came up to my soul so dear.


It danced and sang in tongueless melody

Lulling and consoling my ache,

And bade me warm welcome heartily

For life, joy and love’s sake.


My heart being overjoyed danced and danced

Forgetting my life’s frustration,

Now no moon, all is seared and bleared

Joy is to feel only from my recollection. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 




Nothing there is to preserve thy beauty

All thy charm must run away

Like sailing cloud

With the passing of hours and days.

No chamber, no refrigerator, no chest

Can keep thy charm intact.

Thy waist would hang down like a willow

The face would turn wrinkled

Eyes would be swollen

Ears would hardly hear

Belly would suffer from dyspepsia

The tongue would be stammering

Teeth would drop down

Like yellow leaves

Thy Will would dry up 

Hardly would any drop of juice come out 

While squeezed.

It is grave only that can easily 

Perpetuate thy charm and beauty. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


Will You Come on Time


Let you not be fed with a venomous feast

Keep away thy mind

Be wise, heed to read

With the glory of Swaraswati let you be blest.


Though beauty bewitches you and your lust

Be away from that chamber

Not make your life darker.

On good deeds let your wills be rest.


It is time to build your life and career

Not to be maddened by desire

To good deeds be dearer

Abstain from misdeed and honesty always bear. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


Dark Day


I woke up from my morning bed and felt dark

Around me, surrounding me

That flew humming like a bee

Everything faded, paled, nothing bright was to mark.


The earth seemed to be ceased to go round the sun

The rose from plants dropped down

The smile of the sun sank down

Cut down were the fathers of the swimming swan.


That day Indiraji was shot down by a volley of bullets

That woeful, cruel morning

Made us weep and sigh

Symbol of harmony, peace India’s amulet. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


A Man Himself is


A man himself is a divine god

Made of God’s own image,

He is an Angel and she a goddess

Hence his heart longs for Heaven.


A man himself is a burning hell

Since sin is inborn,

A man himself is a bright sun

Burns within and mourns.


A man within is both a man and a woman

Hence he is an egoist,

A man himself is a microcosm

Sunk in sigh and mist.


A man himself is lower than a beast

Hence there is bloodshed,

A man himself is more than a Devil

Hence with cruelty he is fed. 0 0 0



We Are in Thy Hand


We are in thy hand

Lovelier flowers,

That bloom and spread fragrance 

And the beauty and then withers.


We are in thy hand

Sea surges,

That dance over waves and waves

And sink down forever.


We are in thy hand

A revolution

That struggles with two hands and arms

And goes down. 0 0 0



To God



If I’m a star

Let me have light.

If I’m a planet

Let humanity within.

If I’m a flower

Let me have honey.

If I’m an Angel

Let me safeguard mankind

From all evils.

If I’m made a man

Let me be perfect. 

And with thy perfectness 

Let the world be enlightened. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


In The Courtyard


In the courtyard of a poet

Is the silver light

To burst open the poet’s passion

The poet keeps himself sitting

Biting the pen. 

He dies not lives not 

Yet struggles to die and to live. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


Look at


To the moon look at

O my dear maid

You are beautiful

But not as what you look at.


Look at the wild lily

You are more beautiful than thy kind

But not than what you look at.


Look at the blue sky

You are chaste and pure

But not than what you look at.


Look at the morning dew

You are beautiful as a red rose

But not as a drop of morning dew

That you look at. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


What is Life


Off and on I question myself

What is life?

I think, I feel and then found

It is strife.


Sometimes I think life is nothing

Or like a dream

As a babe dreams and forgets

So it is my time.


Sometimes I ask –what death is

Is it embodied pain

To get rid of the earth’s weariness

And sufferings?


Sometimes I think- Death is the path

That leads us to the state of Immortality. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


Truth Depends Upon Time


Truth is changing, it depends upon Time

Depends upon human looks and mind.

Truth is a mystery, remains always a mystery

It is a thing of God, the source of Eternity.

A transparent truth years before Christ

Now is no truth in the hand of Scientists.

Today’s false would be tomorrow’s truth

In our truth then people would laugh.

As in antique time, men did see and run

After the gods of woods walking like a fawn.

Bestowed with petty ears and short feet

With a horn and a tail like that of a goat.

She nursed all the trees and woods and greens

As her own dear children and offspring.

Who is there in our time to believe

We call this ancient blind faith.

And comment as a mere mystic story is it

Told by the wise sages to lull our hearts a bit.

Again a time would come, Faun will revive

And protect us and guide the woods and trees.

And people would comment on our knowledge

To be confined to some blind bondage.

As before Copernicus sun moved round our Earth

That was then people’s white truth.

Today we believe the Earth moves round the sun

Now their truth is our white false and fun.

Time would come and then men believe

The earth no more runs round the sun

And then our belief people would shun. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


To The Butterfly


Why do you make delay?

I’m out of joy and glee,

Why do you forget me?

I’m to play with thee.


Are you in a state of forgetfulness?

Keeping me in a state of weariness,

Or are you someone’s fiancée

Or like me in pain falling in trance?


Love, the love of thine and mine

Like a May morning fine,

But oh! I’m confined in prison

Oh! you forsook me without reason. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


Morning Prayer


O my dear, dear great God

Thou art the creator of all,

Cherisher, saviour, the Lord

And the father of us all.

Save us from devilish deed,

Keep away from wicked heed

Please show us the paths

Shown by the pious.

Help us feel thy grace

Bless us to enlighten our race. 0 0 0



I Know Not


I know not- where art thou

In the garden among the flowers

With beautiful petal that blooms

To provide us with joy in gloom?


Or art thou in the sky

To see the clouds go by

Or art thou among the stars

To guide the great universe? 0 0 0



Thank God


We thank you for thy grace

That we breathe the air so fresh.

For the flower that blooms

And for thy care to the grooms.

We thank you for the light

And for the dark starry night

Those make us happy and please

Let us grow with thy kind bliss. 0 0 0



I’m a Little Child


Oh! I’m a poor  little child

I know no devotion,

Father says: to every good child

Thou provide ration.

I’ve heard – thou love the child

More than the mother,

Keeping away from human eyes

Take care of us as a father.

Oh my God, please love me more

Let me feel thee,

Though I know not how to pray

Yet I entreat to love me.

Please guide me that I can become

A dearer good child,

Please teach me how to pray thee

And make me mild. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


Almighty God


Who has neither father nor mother

But the father of all

-He is our great God.

Who has no creator

But creates us all

-He is our great Lord.


Who worships none

But whom we all worship 

-He is our great God,

Who has neither birth nor death

But controls the both

-He is the Almighty God.


Who never eats, drinks and sleeps

But creates them all

-He is our great God,

Who is never to be governed

But governs the worlds

-He is our great omniscient Lord. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 




I love you my dear butterfly

I’m in love with you

Where have you got robes

So beautiful so new?

Bah! How queen-like you seem

Where you come from

Please come and take perch

On my love full bosom. 0 0 0





O, my dear butterfly 

When you go to sky,

Please accompany me

All the things to see.


Let me enjoy the stars

And the black showers,

Visiting the moon

I shall return soon. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars




Tell me the tale of the sky

I see you go by

Is it the abode of our Lord

So graceful so kind?


Tell me soon – tell me

Do the stars talk with thee?

Do they love you

You seem so fresh and new! 0 0 0



Butterfly- 4


Come on my dear fly

We are to play with thy

Come on and with us play

Play and let us be gay.


Please come on to my flowers

And never go to the showers

Stay here, play with flowers

And please play with I. 0 0 0



The Raindrop


O the silver flying shower

I wish to feel you more

Come in the early morning

And fill my heart with raining.


Your song makes me happy

While you fall look so pretty

Fall again on my housetop

Fall again never stop. 0 0 0



The Rose


O my dear golden rose

Where you got thy beauty?

Tell me, please tell me 

Again let me enjoy thee.


Who is your mother

Who is your cherisher?

Tell me and give me

Little beauty from thee. 0 0 0



Do Your Duty in Time


Do your duty on time

With all your might,

Read at morn and night

Let you be bright.


Perform all your  duty

Never be lazy,

Duty makes us happy

Keep always busy.


Wash your hand and face

Before taking your food,

Do your household deed

Be cheerful and good.


Obey all these rules

Play well but little,

It is the way to be good

At home or at school. 0 0 0



The Cuckoo


O black-bird, cuckoo

Where are you going to

Kou, kou, kou calling

Why are you flying?


Come on, dear  cuckoo

Come on to my lap

I’ll give the golden nest

And the fruits best. 0 0 0



Do the Best


Do the best, do your best

Then you will be blest,

Dear little boy, dear boy

Play little with the toy.


Prepare your lesson everyday

Remember- Sunday is holiday,

Wash your clothes on that day

Go to school all remaining day.


At school or at playground

Do your best, do your best

Remain cheerful and be happy

Never be wicked, be friendly. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


What a Joy It Would Be


If the water of the sea

Becomes  sweet tea

If the moon of the remote

Comes down to my home

– What a joy it would be!


If the cloud of the sky

Comes down to my garden

If the sun shines at night

And brighten my cell

-What a joy it would be!


If the birds of the forest

Sing song in my nest

If the fly of pied colour

Gives me her mirth

-What a joy it would be! 0 0 0





The cloud calls ‘gir, gir, gir’

The spring glides ‘jir, jir, jir’

The crow sings ‘ka, ka, ka’

The child laughs ‘ha, ha, ha.’


The wind blows ‘rib, rib, rib’,

In cold, we tremble ‘hir, hir, hir’

The fog calls ‘ga, ga, ga’.

Faw bird sings ‘fa, fa, fa.’ 0 0 0



All Are Busy


“I am busy”, says the bee

All the day gathering honey

And making hive, don’t see?

‘I am busy”, says the bee.


 “I am busy”, says the star

Twinkling at night in the sky

Guiding the showers go by

“I am busy’, says the star.


‘I am busy”, says the earth

You and all may behold

I do my duty in mirth

‘I am busy”, says the earth.


All are busy singing their songs

Performing duties all day long. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars 


The Song of Rain


‘I am rain’, your dear rain

Upon me depends your grain

When I fall, it is not in vain.


I fall when your plant needs

With my juice grows the seeds

Peasants till the land with greed. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


Who am I?


I fly up the sky a lot,

Both in cold and hot

Sometimes I am in the ground

Sometimes I am in the pond.


I am also in the cloud

Making a black crowd

I am the friend of farmer

My name rhymes with ‘mother’.

I am bliss from heaven

Now say: what is my name?


You are none but ‘water’

That rhymes with ‘mother’. 0 0 0



I Love


I love all the flowers that bloom

Fondle them holding to my bosom,

The rose, the marigold, the lotus

Make swell my heart so much,

Not the beauty and fragrance mere

But also the thorns that they bear.


I love the eastern sky in the morn

After dawn, the sun shows its horn,

Giving away its generous silver gold

Spreading all its wings that it holds,

With them, my heart leaps up in joy

They call me to play being a toy. 0 0 0





Cuckoo is a cunning bird.

It is black in colour.

It lays eggs in crow’s nest.

To avoid nursing labour.


It appears in April and May

To make us happy and gay.

In a loud voice, it sings

Conveying us good tidings. 0 0 0

The Little Girl and the Stars


*The End* 


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