Rainbow Tomorrow Night

A Poetry Book with a Difference



Rainbow Tomorrow Night

Rainbow Tomorrow Night

Rainbow Tomorrow Night

(Collected Poems)





Menonim Menonimus




Internet Edition





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A. K. Azad, Betbari Pather







I Am Moribund / 9

My Motherland / 10

Only for You My Maid /11

Temptation / 13

Here the Earth / 15

She Sits Down Here /16

In My Letter /17

O, My Mother / 18

Thirsty Earth /19

My Mother-country /20

O, My Maid /21

Had Thou Known /22

When the Green Longings /23

Without You / 24

She Enters the Opera / 25

Give Me A Piece of Cloth / 26

On My Way to You / 27

My Mother My Goddess /28

Oh! Man / 29

The Old Desire /30

An Elegy / 31

Last Night /32

For You /33

A Shadow Follows Me / 34

The Silence /35

My Voice Leaves Me / 36

My Eyes / 37

When the Lust / 38

With You / 39

Thy Hair / 41

Nothing Remains of Him / 41

To Death / 43

I Don’t Get Drunk / 43

Don’t Wake Up / 44

For You I Will Be / 45

I Keep Waiting For You / 47

A Poem / 49

Help Me  Leave You / 50

I Remind You /51

To My Darling / 52

When I Hear / 53

Wherever I Go / 54

In The Domain of Poetry / 55

A Love Poem /56

Passenger /57

I Throw My Silence /58

Wishing a Natural Death /59

For Love /60

Let Our Day Start /61

Riddle /62

To You, My Friend / 63

Excessive Outbursts

To Our Great Patriot /65

I Am Always A Child /66

Fragments /67

The Buzzing Bees /68

The Sky Has Changed Its Dye /69

With You /70

I Come to Know / 71

Modernity /72

My Identity /73

Quench My Thirst /77

A Moon in The Darkness /78

Let Her Go /79

Your Voice /80

Why Is This Fatal Silence /81

I Want You to Be /82

How Niece It Would Be /83

For Love to You /84

I Know That /85

Your Vision Haunts Me /86

Ask Me Not /88

In My Image /89

Our Tombs Are on The Hill /90

Between You and Me /91

Something to Say to You /92

The Bird /93

O, God /94

I Write Because of/95

An Assamese Says So /98

A Poem /99

The Rapture of Paces /100

On the Other Bank /101

Today Evening /102

The Green Tree /103

Yester-night /104

The Custard Man /105

You’ve Left Us /106

The Chess /107

The Rain of Pain /108

It Does not Matter /109






I am Moribund


I am moribund

For I am in need of some spray of jasmines.

Sprinkle the fragrance 

Of night queen around me!

Besiege me and take hold of my entity.

I heard so much of songs

But not as sweet as hearing you.

You turn the ascent into drops of Arabian perfume

When it comes out of your throat

I am mad about your song.   0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


My Motherland


In my dream last night

 I saw:

A host of yellow bees

Coming out of my soul 

Producing sweet wax

Producing Divine honey.

And I saw the sun

Glowing in the heart

And the Moon shedding silver light.


All of a sudden

A gust of wild wind blew away

All the cells of my dream.

Thus the dream is seen in Spring

Lose in Autumn. 

Then I, an immigrant, came back 

To my motherland

And asked: My dear mother

Do you still have a place

For a dream? 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Only For You My Maid


All my words leap up in joy

Only for you

And the Sun knits from above

A handkerchief for thy lips.

Only for you,

My feelings get untied and flow down

Like a fountain of love 

I cover up your rosy flesh with kisses

And sip up from your lips

The nectar of your flowers

And smell the fragrance of myrtle leaves,

The aroma of jasmine.

Only for you, my heart’s maid

Smiles my eyebrow,

And my chins chant,

Searching for thy breath on my chest.

And my fingers sail across the seas of your palm.

As it is only for you,

I unlock my heart.

As it is only for you,

I will overcome my fears, my sorrows, my loneliness,

And enjoy the ecstasy

Of reaching the Edge of the Universe.

And set free my insanity and leave my soul.

Only for you

I will gather all the joys,

All my passions, my feelings and my all entity

Only for you, my maid. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 




She desired

To sip the morning dew

And did it.

A frail thread dripped

From the light of her spirit,

And she enlightened

The deserted caves.

A drop from her breath

Oozed Igniting

Woods of amour.

The domesticated cat

Bites the breeze’s fingers

When she massaged its hair.

A cup of Assam’s tea

Embraced her desert-like lips

And then

A luscious spell flowed down.

The warm kisses

Replete the fields with adoration.

The pillow that stuffed

With their sighs

Slept in loneliness.

That was the temptation of the Crest-fallen,

The grandchild of Freedom. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Here the Earth


Here the earth is gruesome

As if it were the surface of the Moon

Devoid of aqua.

Where the sun casts down its igniting sparks.

The Green earth is severely harsh,

Till people get drunk

It is time to retreat

Here the souls die of loneliness.

Oh! Liberty,

Thou art exiled from it

Wherein the most precious gems

Abide by thy sands.

The drops of rain make her soak in 

But the pail of poison. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


She Sits Down Here


She sits down here near an old hearth

She sits down flattering to and fro

That has remained her

Of an age of green peace

What an amazing time…!

All have turned grey 

With the advent of Spring. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


In My Letter


In my letter, I’ve put my dreams

With the alphabets of tears

If you’ve loved for me 

Appreciate them in your language.

I am ignorant of your tongue

Please don’t make an error 

In placing the marks of punctuation

Otherwise, Death would devour my dreams.

My dreams are my life

Your love is my soul. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


O, My Mother


O, my mother,

I know how affectionate

I am to your heart!

And I know-

Your eyes won’t blink

Before I surrender to sleep.

If I don’t return on time from wherever I go,

You will delve the entire earth

Knocking at all the doors.

O, mother

It is only you who can search out my voice

From the multitude of people.

You can identify my footsteps in the desert

And can smell my breaths in the air.

No matter how older I become,

I am a child in your eyes.

O, my mother, I wish my past would revive again

And I would once again sleep in peace on thy breast. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Thirsty Earth


Thirsty Earth gaps up

Like the tall date tree in the desert

And when clouds heaps up the sky 

There is a smile in our mother’s eyes.

We leap and dance like the fawns and calves, 

Laugh in joy

We shall drink up to our throats

And the lights dance like moons in the lake

We are thirsty here since our birth.

We are thirsty for life and love. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


My Mother-country


Here the land- where you are

Wear the appealing images of life

The flowers fill her with fragrance

And the larks sing songs happily on the trees.

Here the summer is the season of the wedding,

Or flowers and honey,

Here the night is intimate with glee

It is none 

But my dear mother country. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


O, My Maid


O, my maid,

My desire is very lonely

Without you

In the nest built of twigs and straw.

At the edge of the long river

Or on the branches of the moon.

Had you known-

How fresh the breath of wind is

Under a starry night!

I am so poor, so wretched to them alone.

Had thou been a maid in reality?

We would have awakened a heavenly glamour within us.

Buds of new trees would have been sprouted 

In the womb of our flesh. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Had Thou Known


Had thou known

How little my ambition is?

It is lesser than that of thine

Than you could imagine.

It was only to have thee

Either in the desert or in the plain,

Or in the wild woods to pursue

The golden fawn.

Or to be in a restaurant

For a single cup of dreams.

Of the bread of time…! 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


When the Green Longing


When the green longing touches us,

We slacken in the shade of the wet grass

In order to tinge our domain in reddish brown

That whispers,

Into the ears of time to implant the seeds of love.  0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


Without You


Without you

The pot of my love is empty

Like a cup

Without coffee;

In front of the eyes is the spectrum of

Primitive dreams

But don’t you know-

It is blind without thee? 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


She Enters the Opera


She enters the opera

To enjoy her favourite movie

Though she knows-

Her hero will elude her

When she would be sucked up to the last drop.

Yet she likes to enjoy the movie

Yet she is desirous of having a glance of him. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Give Me a Piece of Cloth


Give me a piece of cloth

To wrap up my dreams.

Give me a veil to escape 

From the cruel claws of loneliness

Let me have a wallet 

So that I may conceal the silence of my spirit.

It is as naked as the wind.

Let me sprinkle the drops of my love

With the alphabet of embracing.

Let me unfold the apron of loneliness

With the warmth of thy breath.

Give me a piece of cloth

If it discloses the mirrors of my melodies,

It will adorn us.

Whenever I hide in it

I hide my grief. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


On My Way to You


On my way to you

I will not tarry a little

Nor shall I take repose

To quench my thirst, to fill up my hunger

Lest I would be late to embrace you.

If I am confronted by the entire people

I will wage a war

Alone with the strength of your love.

On my way to you, my dear beloved

I will not tarry a little. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


My Mother My Goddess


My mother, my goddess

You are a beacon of light unto my dark passage

A rain with all the Arabian perfumes unto my thirsty heart.

My mother

The spirit of my life

An eternal spring of compassion.

My mother,

An evergreen tree protecting me from the summer heat.

A star in my dark sky

A garden of love and flower.

My mother is my entity

And everything that has been and will be.

My mother is my goddess

Without the bliss of whom my life is not a life. 0 0 0 

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Oh! Man


Oh! Man

Standing on the brink of this earth

You aspire to the galaxies

With the light of a flickering torch,

You, man,

Aspire to the far-off light-years

And gaze at the watch in hand

Forgetting thy brethren on this lowly land

Oh, man

You suck the blood, strangle the souls, and kill the babies.

And sour up to space

How protean you are! 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


The Old Desire


The old desire

Dwells on the balcony

Only old women appreciate:

Why the rain of autumn is unable

To wash the face of evening…! 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


An Elegy


Oh! man of strength

Be our guards 

And tread upon our spirits.

And guards

The age’s recess

To make it wider enough.

You make us drink the wine of high and low

You make us forget our kith and kins

And make us hate and envy our blood.

In your hand

We become the tools of your prosperity

We get birth only to lose our entity.

The tears of our progeny become our elegy. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


Last Night


Last night you whispered to my ears:

Here is your light

Here is your home,

Here is the spring of life

Here is the existence of your spirit.

I woke up and jump with my eyes still in sleep

To catch up the light

And as I jumped up I fell down the deep ditch.

I am here struggling to death 

And there you are making a feast of our blood. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


For You


For you, I keep awake all night 

The depth of darkness mocks at me.

For you, I sing a song

And travel the entire world 

But the thundering clouds distort my tone.

For you, I go to the bank of the river 

But the river either dries up or changes its course.

For you, I have been losing my soul

And you are from there 

Calling me a  mad. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


A Shadow Follows Me


A shadow follows me

I know not whose shadow it is.

It has the treading of Death

The blade of the soul of hatred

Chases me;

I hold my breaths

On my hand.

Yet follows me

Whenever I become ahead of it.

I try to escape it

But it gets ahead of me.

I run as fast as I could

But it reaches me

Before I can hide behind the wall

It whispers to my ears:

You are the enemy of my silence.

I am dumb-stricken

For centuries I had been his friend! 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


The Silence 


The silence of the night is a grinder,

It grinds me as the hurricane grinds 

The stone buildings on their way

I am afraid of it

I cry:

And surrounding my soul 

The darkness of the entire world comes down. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


My Voice Leaves Me


My voice leaves me

When I utter

For a piece of bread

Or for a drop of water

I have no steady state

As I am always chased by the image of Death

Does it like the smell of my blood?

Ah, my darling,

How awfully it hurts me

The look of fear in your eyes that I know!

The tear of repression wherein my picture will grow

A journey of life,

A Journey to nowhere,

The path of my illusions and dreams,

A truth is beating me with the hammer

As long as I don’t fall into death. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


My Eyes


My eyes

Shine with grey-coloured clouds.

My heart

Glosses with love.

Let all the whiteness of my skin be burnt

By the embers of the fervent eagerness,

And the sparrow of love

Sings in my blood veins,

So as to cause the daffodils to blossom.


I would seduce you

With the warmth of my breathing

So stretch out your rosy fingers

Towards my dreams. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


When the Lust


When the lust that chases after me,

The veins of my dream fluctuate 

And gushes out a fervent dream.

As if I rise up

From the airy sky of vision.

You sweep away the particles of dust 

From my bosom.

In your eyes

A remnant of endless slumber

Lying like my hidden grief.

Against the lust that occurs again and again. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


With You


I was with you 

In a dim winter 

By the side of the burning hearth,

Dreaming of a maid 

Who might be dreaming of me,

Dreaming of burying my secret in her bosom

A secret that none can know.

I was with you on a hot summer

My stout psyche yearned for your amour

And then you said:

These flowers are absolutely mine 

Let none draw them near him.

I became crest-fallen

All my hopes dried up.

By the side of the burning hearth,

I was with you in the crazy spring

You looked at me

I was all the time dreaming of you

Shutting my eyes up

You sighed for my breath 

You drew the image of desire

I being ashamed of a new agitation

Ignored your call.

Now you are weeping there 

And I am here.  0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Thy Hair


Thy hair was fond of the wind,

As I had been.

When I picked up a piece of them 

Smaller than my size.

The sleepers did not wake me up

With their enthusiastic dreams

Nor my spirit did stop on the edge,

Having a long conversation,

Trying to convince the traveller to stay:

All that I got is borrowed from my parents

Near a line where water falls down,

And a sharp blade was there

To provoke the lap of my childhood. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


Nothing Remains of Him


In an old box of the reminiscence

Nothing remains of him

All are void of what she is in need

This is what she conveyed to her fresh Lord

At midnight.

He did not utter anything,

His hand took the liability to practice the piece of the task

From what I am escaping.

Arms widely opened, having the taste of luscious juice

 I’m going back to the primitive state of loneliness

Forgetting all the old promises,

Leaving behind me all the lost alphabet

Chewing the people’s songs,

In order to utter them once again,

More than being in silence. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


To Death


O Death,

There are so many things,

That I’ve forgotten with you

Before you had begotten me.

Now I need a van to carry me,

A wing would be

Enough to go on travelling

Through all the stations,

Searching for my lost wallet. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


I Don’t Get Drunk


Although I drank all species of wine,

I don’t get drunk,

But I am done so only by sipping your chin.

I’ve got acquainted with all your tender limbs,

But I did not see a thing as tender as your smiles.

Life tightened its grip around me and evolved

But I never saw a narrow waist

Nor did I see precincts revolving

Circling, swaying me

I lived in this life in its all dimensions,

Sailed all the seas,

To lose my entity

But it is your eyes that have drowned me.

I know all your curves,

Your flirting hoarse,

And all your noise and obstinacy,

Your insanity and eagerness,

And all your flow and tide,

The wail of your tempests,

The warmth of your compassion,

The tranquillity of your secrets,

The harmony of your sighs.

I know your everything 

After only when I lost all that belonged to me. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night

Don’t Wake Up


Do not wake up,

Oh! dawn,

Oh! the cock,

Oh! the ocean,

Oh! the clock.

For lo! I am tired to the edge.

The wind swoops down

On the earth’s peak,

And the star that used to fill my hand,

Is no longer anxious to bear my sighs.

Do not wake up, for I am here,

Castaway on the time’s peak;

Memory has no heart to open

Nor has the sea its brink

Oh! Dawn, sleep late

Behind the eyelashes of the night

The image of the swelling promise

Died within me.

Today has no more tomorrows,

Nor do I believe.  0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


For You I Will Be


For you, I will be

Whatever you want me to be.

For you, I will be

As coquettish as you like

With all my appealing senses.

For you, I will be

The smile

As lovely as that of a rose.

For you, I will be

Once a maid,

With full flight,

I will be the soul 

With wings to fly with you in the wind.

For you, I will be

Melodies that melt away

Your grief

And alleviates your wounds.

For you, I will be

The vastness of the sky

And the tears of heaven.

For you, I will be

The night and the day,

The glittering leaves of time.

.For you, I will be

The homeland,

The dwelling place,

The shelter.

For you, I will be

The refrain,

The convention,

The mazes,

And a reckless horse.

For you, I will be

The rain,

The roses,

The violet,

A piece of cotton.

And all the joys of heaven and earth.

For you, I will be

The dream,

The existence,

And reality.

For you, I will be

A puppet.

For you

Only for you…

I shall transform everything. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


I Keep Waiting For You


Beside the brink of the Luit

I keep waiting for you

In the darkness

That dribbles down through the pores of night.

Beneath the edge of the hill

I keep waiting for you,

Concealing the fear of loneliness

In the pocket of my garment.

I keep waiting

Wrapping my soul in apparel made of wool

Watching the awakening of the wind

From beneath the high building

Trying so hard to move my feet.

Your image is warmer than mine,

Your hand is softer than my palms

Your head that undergoes my bosom

Is dearer than that of mine.

Where is the hesitation

To remove your tent from my depths?

Thus I 

Quench my thirst by the nectar of your memory.

Come to my bosom,

And crawl in like a lion in prey

Let your rough hands

Glide on my back

Like two giant wings,

Embrace me with slackness,

Arrange the days of my time-out

On your rough-curved shores.

I look at you,

Being swollen with pride by the odour of fast breathing fragrance,

Behind you,

By the horses of your wild lust

On my body that must rest

On any crescent.

My heart must stop soaring.

I must get used to everything you like. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


A Poem


Sour me up 

From this narrow world

To your vast bosom

In order to glow like a forest of pine trees

And burn like the comets

So that the magical pavement may

Glimmer suddenly.

Let the sparrows of our love 

Soar in the sky.

As our lips are thirsty for love for years

I attach my back, my front to yours,

My head to yours,

My hand with yours.

We look

As if we were one

Engulfed by the summer heat

Wetted by the mist.0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Help Me Leave You


If you are my true friend,

Help me leave you.

Or if you are my beloved,

Help me to be healed from you.

If you wish me a life

Please help me die.

If I had known

That the sea was so deep,

I would not have sunk into it.

If I had known

That Love was so tyrannous,

I would not have fallen into it.

If I had known my end,

I would not have begun my journey.

I longed for you,

So teach me not to crave.

Teach me

How to pull up the roots of agony

From the depths of my heart

Teach me

How tears may die in the eyes.0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


I Remind You


I remind you

As a diary with torn pages

You were all my past and present

And all the days of my living.

My love for you is a plant of white rose

So why do you kill the plant?

My love for you is as fluent as the hilly brook

So why do you push me to the rock?

Oh! you whom I bestowed the sun’s light,

Then why do you give me darkness in turn?

I’ve handed over all my forest and trees

So why do you give me the desert in turn?

You tread on me so harshly

To be borne by my spirit.

Why, oh! my love, blow over me 

Like the tempest in summer

That overthrows me headlong upon the coarse hill.

I am bled, torn into pieces

O let me die for your love! 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


To My Darling


Oh! my darling,

Why are you away from me?

Had you known-

 How long a day of mine seems in absence of you?

Let me not make naked by the morning dew

Keep me chaste by making drunk in your cup.

A day of mine without you 

Is mocked at even by the sun. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


When I Hear


When I hear her footsteps

Bizarre  appears from its lurking-place

Devoid of veil

Naked, shameless

As a piece of poem

That reveals its secrets 

To all who have the heart to feel. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Wherever I Go


Wherever I go 

Your breath chases after me

Sorrow is that you are away.

I take shelter in the forest.

The wind upholds my veil 

And mocks at me

I fall senseless.

When I wake up

I see I am lying naked being wild

I am helpless,

As if a lonely star in the vast sky

Weeping, bewailing and repenting 

Had I not known you in life! 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


In the Domain of Poetry


Whenever I ride on the horseback 

To set out for a tour in the domain of poetry

The mines of beauty explode in my eyes

Being unable to bear I weep incessantly. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


A Love Poem



Too much we’ve sipped up 

From this brittle goblet,

We need a new one

To enjoy the ecstasy like the buzzing bees.

But my dear,

The fingers of the clock

Started pointing at our eyes,

So let us go

Before they shed

The blood

Of our passions. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 




The passengers that get into your eyes

Are but the thousand images of mine

I will have led my journey to eternity

If I can be the passenger of your eyes.0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


I Throw My Silence


Whenever I throw my silences unto you

The pasture of the poem grows up on your chubby cheeks

And on dimple chins

I keep gazing at them forgetting my entity

I wonder how bewitching life may be! 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Wishing A Natural Death


Friend, don’t go out

The dogs are barking 

The red horses are galloping

The bullets are searching for a charming chest.

The heartless jackals are yelling

Here is the bed 

Lie on it 

Drink venom or highly alcohol 

Or high hemlock drops

And get death.

I, in no way, can bear the pain of

Seeing you die by a bullet.

Here, lie on the bed

And die in silence. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


For Love


A grain of joy with you is enough

To extinguish the fire of grief, pain, hatred

Sorrow, sufferance, woe and tears.

Oh, my shepherd,

Why are you going far?

The ghost of a smile on your lips

Flutters around my heart

Stay here under this acacia tree 

We both will make the feast of life

I will be the mother soil

You will be the seeds

From the womb of mine would take birth a new humanity

With a heart full of white love

Mother earth would be free from

Hatred, envy, rivalry 

None would happen to shed tears

No sorrow would there remain to feel.

All our offspring would be brothers and sisters

O, my shepherd 

Let us cultivate the field of white love. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Let Our Day Start


Let our day start

You’ll gather the pieces of our sorrows of separation,

And take me away to a far-off land

Devoid of darkness

Just from this moment 

Let the day start.

Oh! You seem to be drowning in your worries,

To be soared up in the clouds of doubts

Let you come near and

Plant a palm tree in my heart

We both will prolong the age of futurity

With our mutual love. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night




Life is a riddle

One day you told me

I laughed till tears came out of my eyes.

Now you are away from me

I am from you 

And the meaning of Life is taking shape

As your story.  0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


To You, My Friend


Dreary Darkness is crawling ahead,

Gathering in the streets of our minds,

Enshrouding our present and future

While the Satans are infesting our chambers

Drinking our wine,

Eating out our foods.

From our sky departs the moon of fortune.

Leaving not a single offspring

To get revived our lost hope. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Excessive Outbursts


I saw you standing on the Sun’s shoulders,

Shedding your sweat

As a token of fraternity.

You were standing silently

Like a high mount.

The cloud did not shed a shower

Nor did the moon shed her silver rays that day.

I saw you staring at the sea for the long years

I saw you be fallen down from the shore. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


To Our Great Patriot


I saw in you

The night to be getting enlightened

I saw in you the snow to be melted

I saw in you our dreams become true

I saw in you a line of rainbow

Shining in the midday sky

Without a bit of stain

We saw a beacon of hope in you

We leaped up with the dream of freedom.

But alas!

When you just began to bloom

They with a wild revelry made a fest of you.

And we all fell dead losing all hopes. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


I Am Always A Child


I am always a child

Though I’ve trodden forty springs

Under my feet with a chestful hardship.

I’ve to soar up much

Riding on the wings of butterflies.

My cruel memories now like to strike 

Against the wall of chaos

My chants are signed by chirps of swallows.

We are famine-struck, emaciated people

A dead one

Our only hope is to see ourselves always as a child. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night




Fragments of life lay here

On the wild sea 

Playing with the waves of light

Running to and fro 

With the hurricane

That blows over our vales and dales.

The wave sings

The city falls

The snow melts down 

The high hills tumble down

Seeing our sorrows. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


The Buzzing Bees


The buzzing bees 

Sweep down on my garden

And sip up all my honey.

At the very advent of my spring. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


The Sky Has Changed Its Dye


The sky has changed its dye.

The two friends have exchanged their feelings

Space can be their shelter no more

 Who craves for poetry?

Time isn’t a godown for memories anymore.

Talking isn’t running away anymore.

The beloved one is not ready to exchange her heart with her mate.

Who is the one in wait for bread on the screens?

Or water from the Himalayan springs,

Who is the one whom days have not set up its fires,

Does the air kill water?

In the air, poetry dies.

In water, love dies.

In the dusk, darkness is preying on my stamina.

You have not acquainted with the light’s wing

Nor heard the hunter’s secret who is sleeping

Like dawn over the hill,

With the dream of the sun. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


With You


With you, I have to engulf 

The taste of beginning.

I keep my cup rolling on

And doze,

But my heart never got alleviated

Nor its flute quiver.

A drop of eagerness 

I sipped a drop of fervour,

A drop of death.

Here I am closing my eyes happily

And I do not know what the tale is.

The love of my travelling heart is

In the clouds of my cup.

My life is brimmed with wretched comforts,

Swindling despair. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


I Come to Know


I come to know-

Between your hands,

The distances of words quiver,

And tales bewail.

Their great heroes come out from their blank pages,

Travelling in my bones,

Infuse their eagerness into my pores

And I get lost in you.

O you who are wakeful like a star,

Deep sounding in my wounds like an arrow,

Torturing and afflicting me,

Sucking and casting me away,

On the threshold of a dream.

Between your hands,

The illusion is Reality. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night




God has sent the world of ours

After the fashion of Modernity.

Hence there is the tree of fire

Burning and throbbing

Without smoke.

Here smoke is the inauguration of fertility,

And land plots to get its fruits aborted.

No hope is left for us,

But to go back to the kitchen

With nothing but our own blood

Which is more delicious than the manna of paradise. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


My Identity


Here is my identity-

I am Menonim Menonimus

A man of mankind

With all the strengths and weakness

Born to poor peasant parents.

My father is a naive village people 

A man of grey complexion, of average height

Totally untaught, unschooled

Though the credit of being the founder of a school 

In our vast locality has gone to my grandfather.

That lies adjacent to the very abode.

The force of poverty sent my father to the fields

Instead of treading the dust of the school.

My father even don’t know how to

Put signature on the register book.

If needs he strikes his left thumb smeared with ink on the paper.

He knows not how to speak in a standard tongue 

Nor does he know:

How to embellish rough thoughts with sweet words.

Neither does he know how to flatter to make friends 

Nor does he know how to gain favours. 

But he knows well how to plow the land

With a couple of bulls on the hard rock.

His feet are as hard as steel

His hands are as strong as the hill.

He is a simple person

Simple in dress, simple is a smile, simple in dealing

He knows not how to swindle, or cheat in a transaction.

He is totally unaware of politics

Though he exercises his rights to cast votes.

As is my father so is my mother

Belonging to the same humanity.

Unschooled, unlearned.

Naive from head to foot.

Neither thin nor stout

With an average good complexion.

I am the first child of their conjugal life

Brought up with hardship

Amid sun and rain

Living under a free blue sky.

Fortunately, I happen to receive schooling

That makes me a little humane and more rebellious.

And for the most part self-learned.

With the realization that I can teach better than my masters’.

I hate all of them who ask me:

What is the name of your religion?

What is your nationality?

What is your language?

Which party do you belong to?

I think- I belong to the human race 

Hence the religion of man is my religion.

I think-

Truth is the truth- Truth can never be two

And if two it is not a truth at all.

I have taken birth on this third planet 

Hence I am an inhabitant of this globe.

I speak in the language of my heart and brain

Taught by my instinct and conscience.

I’ve reached my fortieth now this very year

Treading upon many hungry springs

Keeping naked on many winters.

I am jobless

How skillfully I am deprived of my rights!

Because of my religion

Because of my language

Because of my peasant birth.

Teaching  is my avocation

Writing is my service to humanity

By means of which I wish to break down

Man-made narrow boundary

Of nationality, of religion, of caste and of creed.

I never hate people

Nor do I rob others

No matter though I am accustomed to breathing well in hunger

But I am to teach my humanity

How to get rid of the usurpers.

O the selfish, shameless, blood-sucking, heartless flocks of foxes and Satans


Beware of my people’s hunger! 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Quench My Thirst


Quench my thirst

With the warmth of your breath

I’ve devoured all the sands of the land of Pyramids

But your lust is vast,

Your suns score me.

Let me sip your lips

Away from the well’s edge.

Your juice satisfies my boiling flesh,

And makes me smile.

The tulips blooms but

At the outskirts of my heart.

Let it be shifted to my courtyard

A loaf of bread I made

With the blood of my injury, 

When I am alone 

They stab the cells in my blood

With curved cutlass.

When they come to me being thirsty like me. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


A Moon in the Darkness


A moon in the darkness 

Wears the attire of fire,

Being bled in love,

Love: a river of tears and blood.

The fragrance of the summer flowers

Disperse my heart’s mast.

For the one who arrogantly approaches

my naked heart

And kisses the stale  corpse

And tries to bring the dreams into reality. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


Let Her Go


Let her go…!

Do not steal her from her swamp!

How deep she sunk till her ears gets deaf underwater!

How she runs behind the bleating sheep 

Under the confusing clouds

She is the widow of the scored earth

She is the lady of the approaching death.

She is the lady of fathomless darkness,

Hovering with her buttocks like heavenly dust,

Entering the gate of our planet. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Your Voice


Your voice amazes me I do not hear

I am the one who is laid shrunk on your palm.

If all the trees got blossomed

If all the women delayed their winter

Our love would have been prolonged.

Your calling worries me

Makes me blind

So I like to keep myself deaf.

Inflict me so I may know your heart

The one who sits here is not I.

I do not know if I am near or far. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Why is the Fatal Silence


Why is this fatal silence?

Are you still thinking of what happened that day?

Think it to be either an accident

That happened during the past human hours

Or as the first taste of welcome.

Why does hesitation ascend your features?

I can’t bear your silence anymore.

Talk, do not be taciturn

I beg you, by true love.

Regarding things I have no hand on,

But I accept not your doubt about my loyalty.

O my sweetheart,

Let no doubt have a place in your heart,

Strangle not our love by your own hands,

Get out of your terrible silence,

And forget what happened that day.

Think only of love and love

And forget what befalls us from grief and pain.

My blindness leads me to you,

Be merciful and stretch your hand towards me. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


I Want You to Be


I want you to be a coat for my winter,

For freezing winter that overwhelms me.

Cool, extreme cool

All around me,

And you’re the quilt of winter,

And a flower being bloomed in my garden

My heavenly madness leads me to you

Nothing remains from all my breaths

But moans and agony

Like a Lantern of the night before it was chocked by pallor,

Extinguished by a merciless wind. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


How Nice It Would Be


How nice it would be 

If we remained friends!

I am in need of a female’s hand

To usher me to light. 

To be drunk with your sweet song

And sweet words to hear.

Be my friend

I fancy wandering about the bank of the lake

With you hand in hand.

Be my friend

I am desperately in need of a shade

I am scored, burned by the sun of love. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


For Love to You

This morn wakes up slowly

Unfastening from the clutches of the darkness

In joy, the butterflies of my heart fly up

And the beast of the soul runs so far.

This morn drips wine;

And all the plants of the heart get intoxicated.

They reveal their charms to the light

And divulge the breast to the dawn.

This full morn reminds of them well 

O, how the universe is inscribed on our lust!  0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


I Know That


I know that

You are bored with repeating the same tune.

Again and again

When the black butterflies

Strike you for more honey

It is true

When fingers spread

Their snails

Unto your indoor axis.

I know you are in need of it

To divulge your secrets.

Let us hide within ourselves.

I know- the raw sky

Is like the orange of transparent autumn.

It is still to paint 

The colour of our old desires

It is true 

That the lights of harbours look like us.

We only need music

That can go beyond the sequence of time. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


Your Vision Haunts Me


Your vision haunts me

Alone, like an apparition

I look at the spaces through my window

And close my eyes with no lashes,

Awake with no  moon,

Depart with no journey

I write to you my sighs

With the ink of my tears

Upon the hymn of sleeplessness.

Take away my despair, take away my vain pleasure,

And whatsoever dirt myself has.

Take me like a melody

On the swing of the lap.

I pass the avenue with no foot, no step,

My ambition towards you is eternal

Does my eternity have no trace…?

I am the moments of those 

Who died young without a reason,

And lived without a purpose.

Time and I are in a war.

Fire and I are in my pulse,

Life with a void.

I am so acquainted with life’s misfortunes.

They do not make my foot quiver! 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


Ask Me Not


Asks me not-

What my illness is

I am unable to sprinkle the tears of mine 

Unto your breast.

Don’t ask me about my past

It is in your hand.

Don’t ask me –

About the memory, I live for.

Now I am in rebellion against my wrath

That touches on my weakness in secret.

My wound and I are one

I always gather my shed blood

As the reminiscence of our past pleasure.

But when my travelling to you comes

Be sure,

I will scream out-

It is enough. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


In My Image


In my image,

You are a garden of roses 

Your perfume is

The glittering of the dews 

You are a legend

Wearing the robe of ecstasy.

The melody of your image

Reverberates on the throbbing of the night. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


Our Tombs are On the Hill


Our tombs are on the hill

A dungeon far away from civilization.

The night is falling into the valley

Moving between snow and trenches

And my mates return from being murdered on their golden day

From their bleeding chests,

Rises the cough of the horizon

And the rustle of the broken wheels

Chanting a new song for the dead humanity. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


Between You And Me


Between you and me is love

Between you and me is God,

And the flowers blossomed in spring.

Between you and me is a line of dreams,

And spotted memory

Stretching out their hands to temptation

For our primitive beliefs. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


Something to Say to You


Something I have to say to you

In this glowing morning

About the days to come

We will take the path that would lead us 

To the valley of love.

Where blooms all the beautiful flowers.

It seems 

Your days are weary

As the days of mine are getting alike

We will talk about all the futurity 

Forgetting our past 

Uniting in the presence

On the lap of ecstasy. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


The Bird 


The bird that was taught to fly so tenderly

During the whole summer 

To be  my playmate during the whole spring

Today is broken-winged.

She can neither walk nor fly

And with it I am crestfallen. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


O,  God


O, God

Who says – you are invisible?

When I close my eyes 

I see you everywhere

Among thy creation

Present as definitely as our soul.

I see you

In the torment of experience.

I see you anytime 

When I am devoid of love or replete with it. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


I Write Because


I write not that there is no god 

But that I must discover God

I write not that I am dead

But that I must be born

I write not that I like writing

But that I must make my people live.

I write not that there is light

But that I must enlighten the darkness of our heart.

I write not that I am hungry

But that I must drive out your hunger.

I write not that there is no love 

But that we must learn to love. 

I write not that all the universe is in chaos

But that we must live in order.

I write not that we are exploited

But that we must send the usurpers into the gallows.

I write not that I don’t love the king

But that we must get rid of his tyranny.

I write not that there is no writer

But that I must teach them how to write, why to write.

I write not that there is no beauty 

But that we must preserve it.

I write not that there is no peace

But that we must practice it.

I write not that there is no book

But that we must read.

I write not that I can’t sing

But that we must learn for whom we should sing.

I write not that I can’t do other than writing 

But that I am destined for writing.

I write not that I am not mad 

But that we must get rid of madness.

I write not that I want a reputation

But that humanity must be glorified.

I write not that I am envied

But that we must overcome our enemies.

I write not that there is no truth

But that truth must be fortified.

I write not that I wish to be immortal

But that I wish to die in peace.

I write not that everybody will read me

But that everybody must realize himself.

I write not that writing is my occupation

But that honesty must be maintained in our earnings.

I write not that there is no morality 

But that we all must follow it.

I write not that there is no smiling

But that we must cease the causes of weeping.

I write not that there is a fraud 

But that we must eradicate the roots of all corruption.

I write not that I don’t know what I am

But that I must appreciate what is in me.

I write not that there is no flower

But that the flowers must be protected from being defiled.

I write because the world must be saved from being ruined. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night

An Assamese Says So


I am an Assamese 

I am torn apart for being born outside Assam

My homeland sets apart my national identity.

My abode is nowhere

My native brothers call me a foreigner

The foreigners also call me a foreigner

I am now excommunicated

From my native land.

My place is nowhere

I have no sky to play with

No river to swim in

No hills to visit

None to shake hands with

Except for my own sorrows

Now my parents begin to doubt me

Whether I am their child or not

I think it would have been better 

If I had not been born.

I say-bury me where there is no nationality. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


A Poem II


Once the mysterious curtain was lifted up,

Her face came out.

I saw in her hand an image

I was astonished –

It was the image of just mine.

I asked her:

“Why I am in your hand?”

She replied with her eyes:

“You are absolutely mine.”

Since then I am in love with her. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


The Rapture of Paces


The rapture of paces

Slowly inclines to me

And falls headlong on the wall

And gets an injury.

It bears the flesh of oblivion.

Far away, she keeps on going.

She treads on the scream of the sand

With her weary feet,

And feeds night

The morsels of the tale.

And before the wave shows its jaws,

She dives into the Moon’s face

While it is midday

Keeping on dreaming. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


On the Other Bank


On the other bank of the river

The arrogant fate stumbles down

Being afraid of the whispering of the branches

It likes gossiping like a mentally crazy girl

Biting her fingers. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


Today Evening


Today evening

Roses will be wedded

To the rippling of the rivulet

 Flowing down from the hill.

They leave their dreams

On the threshold of dawn,

And move ahead with a bride like coy

The curtain goes down

And after clapping

She remembers

She was dreaming all the while. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


The Green Tree


The green tree

That you see here on the edge of the street

Once belonged to me

Then I was in my mother’s womb.

After my birth, it belonged to the landlord

With all its boughs.

After my younger brother was born 

It was snatched away by the king.

Now the king is dead

Now it belongs to none.

When I demand its ownership 

They say-let the king long live! 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night





You sat alone on a lonely island

Like taciturn road at night infested by war

Forgetting himself that he is alive.

The angel of Death 

Beats the drum

And then all departed

Being afraid of life

On this holy age! 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


The Custard Man


The custard man 

With a long grey beard

Wearing a long shirt

With long weary sleeves

Beats his wife every night

And every night the wife bewails

Like a baby.

The neighbours

Makes great of fun it

Enjoying the scene.

But the poet ceases to see a dream 

And weeps to be helpless. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


You’ve Left Us 

Last night, breaking the wall of romance

You have left us

With heart-full sorrows to eternity

Keeping us in chaos and misery

The king’s horse arrived 

And accused us of being your assassinators

We are helpless like you as you had been 

While living.

Such is the law of our land. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


The Chess


What kind of game chess is?

Every day my child asks me:

Did I play it

While I was his age?

Every day I say:

I don’t know whether it is a type of game or a horse race

Neither my father nor my grandfather had owned a horse

Say- how can I play? 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night


The Rain of Pain


The Rain of Pain

Falls down

While the spring passes

From our land

Like a mad woman.

The winter comes down to our lap

After the land gets inundated

Like a headstrong hill.

Death descends

When we begin to dream anew 

After the rain. 0 0 0

Rainbow Tomorrow Night 


It Doesn’t Matter


It does not matter

If you are fair or foul

I love you.

It does not matter

You are dull or talent

You are learned or unlearned

I love you.

It does not matter

If your complexion is white or grey

Black or red

I love you.

It does not matter

Whether you are dumb or blind

Lame or bawdy

I love you.

It does not matter 

If you have long black hair or head without 

I love you.

It does not matter

Whether you are chaste or unchaste

Charming or ugly

I love you.

It does not matter

If your perfume is cheap or costly

I love you.

It does not matter 

If you bear a soft mellow body or a course one

I love you.

It does not matter

If you are born of poor parents or a rich one

I love you.

I love you 

With all your strength and weakness

With all your beauty and ugliness.  0 0 0


The End


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