In search of a White Heart




In search of a White HeartIn search of a White Heart


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Menonim Menonimus




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In Search of a White Heart (A Collection of English Poems) by Menonim Menonimus, 



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(In Search of a White Heart)


To My Motherland


My Prayer


Hajo Hills

Standing on the Sharaighat Bridge

Ode to Monsoon

My Native land

To My Motherland

Turn to 


Gauhati Hills




Radha in Search of Krishna


30th October

The New Comer 

A Message

A Shepherd’s Song

With You I Climb up

To Muse

A Stranger and A Beggar

Ode to Indian Poets

Love Knows no Bound

My Mother My Muse

Sati Jaymoti

Paying off Debt








My Love My Rainbow

Child Krishna

No Peace in Thee

A Love Song

For Love

To the State of Nature


Divine Soul


I’ll Die for the LIving

In Your Love


My Abode

Devoid of




In Search of a White Heart



For My Motherland


When my freedom is at stake, my mother, 

Let me be the true son of the Indus Valley

Let me stand against thy foe, thy enemy

Let me stand beside my native brother.

Bless me with a sound mind and body 

With the light of the stars, let my heart shine

With thy love let my breast fill up again. 

Invigorate me to overthrow thy foe, thy enemy.

If my heart does not ache, my soul does not pains

For thee, to keep up thy freedom, thy chastity

Let me die this very moment, efface my entity

Let me be a true son of the Indus Plain. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 




My mates wait a while here beside the valley

Let me enjoy its trembling breast with golden rice

Under the green sky let me hear the divine voice

The fringe of wheat toss about is joy really.

Wait and let us enjoy the bed with green grass

Look at the hares leaping, the sheep grazing mildly

Hear- the white snow falls breaking silence wildly.

It is our heart’s heat, source of ecstasy much.

Friends, open the door of thy bosom and let enter

The strange silence, divine beauty into thy heart

Let us be beautiful with them effacing dirt

Let this joy and beauty remain preserved forever. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart


My Prayer


O God, Source of Eternal Light, enlighten my heart

With thy gracious light: the source of wisdom

I’m amidst dappled dark and in sandy desert

Let me sour up to thy Eternal Kingdom.

O God, the Absolute Sovereign, delve my mind

My soul and heart to appreciate thy greatness

Within thee let me take shelter, be kind

And endow me with thy solemn meekness.

O God, the Immortal Love, let my eyes see

The objects that forever a source of beauty

Keep me away from the things of thee

If not created for us- soft and velvety.

O God, the Eternal Emperor, let my ears

Listen to the calm, still, message divine.

The voice which still mankind has to hear

Let our heartless heart be dirtless and fine.

God the source of Love, all things let me love

As thou love all or as a mother loves her child

Let me love the stars and the sky that move

To all things make my mind kind and mild.

Let my tongue express, oh my God Omnipotent

The tones and songs that you love and desire

Let my lips pronounce the untold tale eloquent

It is my prayer by thy grace let me inspire.

O the Omnipresent Everlasting, make my lust

Desire which forever divine and humanely

Keep my carnal desire away from mere crust

If my love is base, mean and not heartily.

O my dear God, make my hand and arms

Embrace that you like me to embrace

Let me not approach to that cause harms

And enlighten my dark cells by thy grace.  0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 




O God, the Lord of Lords, thou art noble and just

But seems to me a riddle as the March’s crust.

Art thou just only to the heartless and to sinners?

And cruel and unjust to the good and pious?

The world shows thou art indeed so much such

Brotherly bloodshed on thy earth proves thee to be thus.

If thou art not so and I’m in the wrong

Then why our killers are amid joys and songs

And the pious are bereft of their rights

Why are they away from thy grace and light? 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart


Hajo Hills


After a long twelve years, I’m here again

Amidst wild trees and bower

Again I’m amidst joys and pleasure

Those cause my heart to swell up, o my dear.

Again I’ve heard the blue bird sing

I see the grey rabbits hopping

I see the red fly in a flock flying

And the stream flowing rippling.

Again spring comes to my heart

With all its beauty and mirth

How the green Hills embrace me

With heartily love makes me glee. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart


Standing on the Sharaighat Bridge


Long days the weary world was on my head

Aching heart was full of sorrow and pain

Barren was my heart without grace of rain

I was dipped in sighs and sorrows and I bleed.

Now here I’m on the Sharaighat Bridge

Under my feet river Luit flows rippling

Leaping, hopping, dancing and singing

The swans are swimming on its edge.

It is dawn the sun is about to rise

With a brighter rays, light and heat

To enlighten the world driving away the mist

The birds are singing: how melodious the voice!

Now no pain, no sorrow and no woe I have

My poor heart is rich with all the wealth

All my years’ ache and agony now melts

I’m happier and from poverty I’m safe. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


Ode to Monsoon


Monsoon the Queen of wind

With divine bliss

Compelled to bless our land,

With hands and feet

It comes and meets

The dry soil in choir band.

With its moisture and rain

Grows new leaves to grain

Falling down the sere leaves,

A palatable music

It does mimic

After whimpering bees.

It causes leaves to sing

With a melody divine

To replete Nature with joy,

What not more it imparts

A joyous tone it engirds

And makes Nature a playful toy.

The plants bloom with flower

The birds sing in bower

To all new vigour come,

All the gloom of winter

It drives away not bears

And sing songs on drum.

Sear apparatuses nature changes

With a pair of novel ways it gazes

Adoring herself as a bride

Spring the willful invokes,

The cuckoo, sparrow, the cock

The fountain to its way glides.

Certainly immortal thou art

Life not death thou bearst

Keeping kind living for ever

Blow please in our heart

Bless us with new art

And new spirit let us bear. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart


My Dear Native Land


That is my native land where I’ve born

The land tends me with heartful affection

For my land, my heart weeps when she gets pain

My heart swells up when the battle she gains

The trees of which give me air and breeze

The sweet honey is given us by her bees

The land is dear, dearer and dearest to me

For fuel that provides us with woods and trees

Her rivers and springs glide sweetly

Adding joys, pleasure, to the  store of beauty

This is our land for whom we are proud of

Say: how can we keep from her bosom aloof?

The land is forever mine- the land of ancient glory

Bless me, my Lord to keep my land holy. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


To My Motherland


Oh, my dear, dear motherland

Let me die in thy lap,

Let me take birth again and again

For thy love to have.

Let me fly like a bird

From hill to hill,

To enjoy thy majestic mountain 

Let me not fail.

Let me bloom like a lotus

In thy lake and valley,

Let me shine like a moon

To enhance thy beauty.

Let me blow like a sweet breeze

From east to west,

Let me flow like a river 

To serve thy people best.

Let me gather honey as a bee

To sweeten thy drink,

As a rose let me bloom

In thy river’s brink.  0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


Turn To


O obstinate, sensitive, whirled ears

Be dumb, neither give ear to nor hear

The music that brings unto me

Amorous lewdness, vain glee.

Don’t let me heed to the feigned melody

Keep away from flattery entirely

The cursed damned sweet sound

This chases our heart as a hound.

O, Soul! Turn to the music Heavenly

That comes down to pious heart constantly

From the abode where lives our Lord

Endless ecstasy His music to us affords.

O cursed ears don’t be whimsical

Turn to what is truly musical. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 




Make haste, go to Him and say

Deeply I love Him nay

But with a devoted heart

Bow down to Him in mirth.

Make haste, go to Him and appraise

I’m blind with tears and sighs

Committing blunder on His faith

Forgetting the creed that was said.

With all my strength I weep and cry

To mundane joy bidding goodbye

Merriment on Earth is foolery and fraud

Spiritually I’m still in the bud.

Vain is all, weary is the world

I’m mad to rise up to my Lord. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


Guwahati Hills


Friends, how steep the hills are

Look ahead how beautiful they are

Every atom belonging to the hill

Emits the rays of beauty if you can feel.

Look at the swamp full of lotus

Leaping and dancing like the stars

How sweetly they call on my heart.

Like the fashion goods of a mart.

Friend, look at your hind side

And give your eyes and mind

How forcibly falls the cataract

Oh! How joyfully they do act.

Now friend, look at the west

Turning your eyes from east

How the crimson sun sinks down

In the bed of Luit behind the mount.

Where is the painter, where is the poet

They can appreciate what we never get

For them, the world is full of beauty

Against all fouls, they lead an open mutiny.

O friend, had I been an artist

Or a poet, or a painter, or a playwright

How truly I would portray them

For joy and truth, not for fame! 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 




When I was out of deep thought of thee

I was out of myself

My life and ways were not plain and free

Till I received thy help.

I was like a tree full of boughs and twigs

Beyond its patience

To bear the weight like a tree of fig

I was overloaded hence.

A worn-out shirt was round my heart

Full of dust and sin

That took away all my edge and mirth

I knew not what it did mean.

It was more like thought and thought

Without any solution

I tried my best to change nought

Because I had no motion.

Pain after pain afflicted my bosom

Clouds heaped upon clouds

I ate fruits and manna but proved venom

They chased me like a hound.

I ran and ran but found no shelter

Because I was far from thee

In every psalm, I did chatter and falter

Please thy grace shower upon me.

My chest was inundated with tears

Cursed by my wayward life

Oh! what not a pain I had to bear

Keeping away from thy benefice.

The entire world became darker to me

As dark as an adder

Nothing could I mark and see

Oh, what a woeful matter!

The stars did not twinkle in the sky

The moon did not shine

No bird did I see to sing and fly

For my sins done.

My eyes I myself did make blind

Committing self-done sin

Nothing could I see nor mind

Oh! I was sinners’ dean.

I come to know it is thy grace

By which I’m redeemed

Thought of thee makes me see thy face

Now I’m not blind.

How great and merciful thou art to me

Oh my dear, dear Lord

With a pious heart let me serve thee 

O the gracious God.

Affliction ushered me the way

So calm, straight and bright

It is you who can sway 

Overall being petty or might. 0 0 0 

In search of a White Heart




O. Our Muse why art thou dead

Wake up again from thy grave,

Console us in sorrow and sad

Sing again- let our souls save.

When thou wert alive, song was in river

Melodious music was on leaves and trees,

Our souls got life listening to thy song dear

Thy song soothed all even the wounded bees.

With thy death, our souls have died

All our spirits have gone mute,

Would not thou wake up and ride

Oh! Wake up and play on thy flute. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 




Lands and lands are there many

As there are many rivers and hills

To our east and west

To our north and south:

The land of Morning Sun

The land of Golden Fleece

The land of Winding City

Many lands are there:

The land of Mid-night Sun

The land of Eternal City

The land of Dreaming Spires

The land of many Cockpits

But nowhere is a land like ours

Ours is the land of: 

Tajmahal, Qutub Miner

A land of world-famed Red-fort

Where is land like ours?

With one-horned rhino, golden tiger

The land of the sacred river like the Ganges

A land of Earth Heaven

A land of kings like Purus, Vikramaditya

Asoka- whose powers and prowess

Made them matchless.

It is our land-

The land of sages and saints 

The land of Dev Byash and Balmiki 

Wherever I go the spirit of my land goes with me

And its image haunts me like a hunter

It is my land, a land so dear.  0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


Radha in Search of Krishna


“O my dear heart, my dear gold

Where art thou

Leaving me forlorn, leaving me alone

Where art thou?”

Thus sobbing, weeping and bewailing

Radha moves here and there

Being mad of love goes to the glade

Where she meets a dancing hare.

Kneeling to his feet, she enquires:

O tell me where my Krishna is

Oh! I must find and have him

I will die otherwise.

Going to Mother Ganges, she entreats:

Please don’t be dumb

Let me know where he has gone

O where is my Lamb?

Having no reply, she prays to the wind

Either tell me or kill me

Where will I get my Shaym

To be happy and glee?

The wind with a wink goes flying

That turned Radha eccentric

Then meeting with a mermaid, asks:

Where is my Kanai, please beck.

But having no reply from them

She goes to the deep woods

And there she fell into a trance

Waking up she found in Krishna’s lap. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart




Why o our dear Muse Kalidas, India’s pride

Are you dead? Oh, no! At leisure, asleep

Get up, open your eyes and blow on your pipe

Our decadent India by your bliss let be bright.

Wake up with your graceful Sakuntala amid greens

With morning sunbeam on her face and forehead,

With sportive spring and autumn in dense garden

Bless us with your immortal verses and bless to read.

Since your sleep for years and years and days

We are deprived of your pen, ours are blunt

We have voices but not melodious and pleasant

Let us be invigorated by your bright beams.

You have the power to bless us with true music

Sweet, grave, sonorous with divine melody

As Milton blessed England and Petrarch Italy

Rise up and let us sing after your voice. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


31st  October 1984


That day the sun rose so late with dim rays

The entire valley turned gloomy with its bay

The frost heaped- it became night at morn

Sorrows and woes to our hearts were born.

The birds ceased to sing their song

Pathetic was their mood and tone 

The flowers in garden bloomed with tears

We knew not what meanings did they bear

The wind blew with a spear in her heart

The streets were buried under sands and dirt

At 10 a. m. she came out of her chamber

Many attendants and guards were around her.

As she approached ahead with a smiling face

O what a stigma on our human race

Like a volcano burst out a bullet

Straight to her heart, it did penetrate

Echoed the sound in our hearts without late

Our soul bleed that never abates

India’s pride, Srimati Indiraji is assassinated. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


The Newcomer


Let not the newcomer

Seduced by 

The so-called civilization,

Let not wrap her in soft silk clothes

To beautify her fashion.

Let her keep away 

From the paws of 

The two-footed animals,

They will squeeze her

To the drops of blood

And will suck her to dull.

From the hand of a lion

There may have hope

To scot free at once,

But not from the sages

For their sports

They would make her dance.

No elm tree let provide her shade 

To contaminate her

To perpetual hell,

Lust is a modern desire

That flames out from 

The ringing of a church bell.

Let her live unknown, obscure

Let her breathe the wild air

Keeping away from your tower

No mansion she needs 

To embrace your lust

Green woods is her bower. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


A Message


Go on after whom you are chasing

No frustration does feel in the heart

Hold on your quill and go on pursuing

I heard telling from Heaven through dark.

While I was laying on my weary bed

With thought of broken heart

Weeping for my verses that laid dead

My heart by the message been shaken.

And then I came out from my confined cell

And saw the stars twinkling and shining

Prefiguring my bright glittering doom

Then my soul with hope did swing.

Never bloomed flowers suddenly did smile

Then my heart with newer vigour did fill. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


A Shephard’s Song


Curse be upon them

Who drive us to poverty

Curse be upon them 

Who mock at our misery.

Curse be upon them

Who ignore the creed of humanity

Curse be upon them

To the poor who show cruelty.

Curse be upon them

Who threaten the bond of peace

Our diversities that increase.

Curse be upon them

Who are full of feigned love

Curse be upon them 

Who engulf more than they deserve. 

Curse be upon them

Who lives on bribe

Curse be upon them 

Who take honey, hate the hive. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart


With You, I Can Climb Up


With you, I climb up the red hills

Every day, every morning, every night

We climb up and climb up, never fall

We gaze at the Khasi villages

Floating in the air, in the mist

Hoping to get our snatched away feast

But all have been lost and gone away

In our misery, we have to relay

And nothing else remains our mate

It is made our fortune, our fate. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


To Muse


Thanks to the Muse

Who governs the realm of song and music

Making our bards their voice melt and fuse

To wake up our souls with a loud shriek

Sitting beyond the clouds in far off sky

Whence send the harp of strings of thy.

Thou sent the great Kalidas

With lyre of golden strings

To create melodious songs much

Full of sight and visual imageries

In whose hand the woods got life

And soothed the heart who did grieve.

Thou sent thy ever gloried Pipe

To our prophet Ari Shankara

To attune the Bargeets and hymns

And also to reputed Madava

By whose songs this land was over flooded

And the east-west on their voices floated.

Thou the greatest of all Muses

Thou bestow on us song and joy

Thou provide us with Heavenly news

To sorrow bidding good-bye

Thanks to thee, the Muse highly divine

With thy same grace let me bloom and shine. 0 0 0

 In search of a White Heart

A Stranger and a Beggar


A stranger through the long public street

Was going homeward from the weary town,

Wind thwarting wind blew, at play was fawn

The sun was about to rest on the horizon west.

The black-blue cloud was sailing over his head

As if it would fall down with storm and hail,

Leaves of trees were dancing in wind on hills

The red rays of the sun fell on the mead.

At once a beggar appeared in front of him

Dress was tattered; eyes were full of pathos,

Skin was sun-burnt, face was green like moss

He looked queer and somewhat grim.

He came in haste near the street stranger

A wallet in a hand, on the other a stick,

His voice was full of pathos but meek

“Give me a rupee”, entreated the beggar.

The stranger searched his entire pocket

And searched every corner of his shirt,

No, nothing did he find to give as a gift

Even a handkerchief to give, he did not get.

Out of shame and despair tears came out

At last, he put forward his hand to the beggar,

“Excuse me, excuse me”, said the stranger

Beggar smiled and said, “It’s also a gift lot.” 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


Ode to Indian Poets


Indian poets, the glory of the world

The crown of civilization

Our homage and gratitude to you, our gold;

Many and many thanks

Like sands on river banks

Spreading, scattering new taste you did mould.

You over-flooded our land with sweet songs

With melodious song

With the light of morn

Creating laws, ways of life and thoughts;

With your inspiration

By your creation

Human race learnt to lisp sweet songs.

While you were alive, alive was mind

The trees could speak

The sea could beck

And a new world could find;

Searching every corner

The land far off and near

Gathered honey for us and for the whole kind.

In spring there were both rainbow and rain

Flowers did bloom

Was only joy no gloom

You drew them with care, with pain;

Hands were full of light

Heart full of might

Bound our hearts with love and co-feeling.

Today’s eyes you were not poets or bards

But true gods

Everybody did nod

There grew jasmine out of dirt and mud

With sweet fragrance

Spreading branches

Now we have poets without flowers and bud.

We are selfish, we have flowers without beauty

We are superficial

Stricken by gale

Dark is our world, the heart is gloomy

No bird sings

But only sighs

Our face we keep smiling without gaiety. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart


Love Knows no Bound


Love is love that knows no bound

It chases after its objects as a hound,

Love is like a fragrant beautiful flower

Staring at whom birds spend all the hour.

Adoring outward charm and beauty

Is vain glory and short-lived futility,

It is like gilded gold, paper made of roseate

Forgetting true being and dear mate.

It is like the bloomed red lotus

To get it one must wet in water.

It is like far-off stars above head

We desire to have lying on mead.

Vain it is if pursued physical beauty

Forgetting true love to the Lord holy. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


My Mother My Muse


My Mother is my first great Muse

Though my mother knows neither:

What poetry is

Nor what literature is.

My mother is unlettered to the root

My mother- an ancient woman in modern age.

She knows not- 

What does poetry contain?

What is poetic imagery? 

Or what is metre or rhyme?

My mother does not know-

What is a letter, how words are formed

Or how sentences are made?

With which letter her name initiates

Yet she is my greater Muse.

In the whole of my mother’s life 

There is not a single day 

That she spent in memorizing a single word.

My mother does not know- 

What a picture interprets.

Yet my mother is my Greater Muse

My ideal poetess.

My mother does not know-

What is called dance-

Ball dance, Disco dance, Bihu dance or Krishna dance.

My mother has happened to see a radio

But never listens to a word that it utters.

My mother does not know-

How voices are transmuted to a transistor.

My mother never beliefs- 

That the earth moves round the sun.

She is firm in her belief-

That the sun moves round the earth

And makes day and night for us.

Yet my mother is my greater Muse

All the traits that I think a poet should have

Are visibly present in my mother.

She does not know-

What is a lie and how is a lie made?

My mother does not know-

What is bribery? 

Or how to murder a child in brew?

My mother does never desire to be rich

In a single day or night

My mother does not know-

How to cheat, chide or make a quarrel with others

My mother is a simple woman

Lives simple without hankering after comforts of life.

If truth, simplicity, honesty are the traits any art 

My mother is the highest specimen,

My raw materials and my sole inspiration. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


Sati Jaymoti




At morn, it was becoming night

A night full of underground dark. 

All of a sudden the shining sun became pale 

All the clouds piled over clouds 

And deepened the darkness.

Thunder began with lightening over lightening

A storm blew in from the mighty Himalaya

A gale, a tornado and a hurricane began 

from the Bay of Bengal

The trees were overturned boughs were smashed

The rural roads buried in hills and hails.

The mother earth burst out as a volcano.




“It is the royal order”, said the Chaudang

Reveal where have you sent your husband Gadapani?”

Sati Joymati said nothing.

She remained silent

Again she was asked and asked 

But no, no word came out from her mouth.

Then Joymati after Lararaja’s behest

Carried on and was bound tight with a tree in the Jerenga Field.

The Chaudang asked her again-

“Where have your husband fled?”

But Sati Joymati uttered no reply.




Then whip of iron brought in,

With a tail to it and blazing fire on its end.

The Chaudang began to whip and beat

As he was ordered: 

“ Whip her, punish her, insult her and torture her 

Till she opens her mouth.”

Then whipping after whipping,

Beating after beating began

Fire was set on her hair.

Sati Joymati remained silent

Neither a piece of bread nor a drop of water

Was given to quench her thirst.

All the dryness and heat of the desert became visible on her

Yet remained silent, wanted nothing:

No food, no water, no rest.

Pearl-like tears coagulated and dried up in her eyes.

Blood flowed out of her limbs

As spring flows to the sea.




Sporting fawns suddenly stopped their play

The wild deers stopped to graze,

The hares shunned to suck up their mother’s breast

The Luit all of a sudden stopped to flow. 

But silent was our Sati Joymati.

She neither cried, nor wept

But prayed in silence:

“Bhagavan, afflict me but save my husband

And free my motherland from the hand of tyrants.”




After fourteen days of incessant torture and affliction 

Our Mata Sati Joymati

Took her breath last

And her immortal soul soared up to Heaven. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart


Paying off Debt


Hazarat Muhammad, the  Prophet of mankind

Has spent his sixty-two years,

Only one noon and night has to breathe

And waiting for Azrail to come near. 

Then he calls on his disciples and said:

“If you have any demand from me?

Or anything has to be had or receive

Tell me fearlessly and be glee.”

This call spread far and wide like lightening

Or like fragrance in a swift motion,

But no, many came but demanded nothing

And said, “We’ve no demand, no accusation.”

When the noon past, night drew near

A man named Akkesh came,

He said as a complaint, “Yes, yes, yes

I have a demand to have.”

Muhammad called him near and said,

Pronounce your demand soon,

More he said, “If you have anything to have

Say soon, I will try to solve.” 

“Once you had gone to a battle called Ohud

And whipped your horse”, he said,

“Yes, yes, yes, I had gone, I had gone”

Muhammad calmly responded.

Akkesh said, “Then you had whipped your horse

But the whip struck my backbone.”

Now my demand is that in turn, I want 

To whip your bare backbone.”

Everybody present cried out, “No, no”

Our Huzor is about to die

Do not hurt him, please do not whip him”

Saying so, went Akkesh’s nigh.

Abubakkar entreated, “For ten times whip me

And save our Guru Muhammad.”

Omar stood to bear a hundred whips, and Othman

Stood to bear two hundred.

Hazarat Ali wept and wept and cried out,

“Whip me more than a thousand times

But save our Huzor, our Master, our Prophet

And all his sorrows let be mine.”

Muhammad with a smile admonished all his disciples

To be silent and not to bewail,

And said, “Let Akkesh beat me at my backbone

Repay my debt let me not fail.”

Hazarat Muhammad then called Akkesh nigh

Taking off his long shirt,

And giving the whip in Akkesh’s hand

Said, beat me and let me repay my debt.” 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 




The bomb remains asleep

The battle breaks out

The heart of the poor poet wakes up

And touching the Earth calls upon- 

We need redemption.

The poet’s eyes

Sharpened by time

Comes running 

Takes off his tattered shirt 

And says:

Let me have the bullets just into my heart

And save our brothers. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 




You will come with the flowers of hope

In your hand

I have been waiting

To fill up my heart

With the fragrance of your sharp-edged flowers.

The whipping time have

Smashed the chambers of my heart

Now all is ashes.

You will come 

And we together cross over the gloomy hours. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 




When the bees, singing songs,

Fall upon the flowers

And embrace the petals

The rain of tears begins to shower 

The air of sighs begins to heat the earth.

Had I been a flower! 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 




Every deep dark night 

Makes the poet remind

The talk of the moon-light

The poet is overjoyed

And forgets to realize-

Whether the moonlight in the sky

Or the sky is the moonlight.

Whether the poet is the sky 

Or the sky is the poet! 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 





The sun would shine-

In the east

In the west

And everywhere

The darkness of the earth would fly away.


He would have mercy on us

And lull us with his love and light

We would take birth again. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 




Dark falls down


Encircles the earth.

But why-

A question arises in my heart.

It is still day

Then why does the sun set at midday?

I am brooding over 

My past, my present

And moreover 

What is to come? 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 




There is no talk pertaining to my motherland

Every man is my motherland

With their love and tears,

With their sweats and sighs 

And with their bent haunches

Every particle of my motherland is dearest to me

I shall die if a piece of sands is insulted.

Every blow of the wind of my motherland is ours

Though foul or fair in smell

I’ll wage my lifelong war against him

That throws even an oblique look at my motherland.

My motherland is my respiration.

My hair, my dye 

The mole upon my eyes

My beard, my mustache.

My tears and smiles

My motherland is my life, my struggle, my entire entity. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


My Love My Rainbow


Thou art my rainbow

With red, green, blue dyes

I rejoice at thee

I smile with thee

I know not-

Whether you see or not.

Thou art my she-sparrow

Always with me

At day at night

Flying, dancing and hopping

I sing with thee- 

Whether you hear or not.

Thou art my fountain, my spring

Flowing, blowing, gliding to sea

I swim in it

But I do not know –

Whether you feel or not. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


Child Krishna


Why mother make anger with me

I am thy poor child,

Let me have some curd and honey

Then I will be mild.

“Krishna, I cannot give you much

I’ve also to give to your brother,

Be content with what portion you have

Be content with this, my dear.”

“Look at the sky how handsome the rainbow

Be temperate, be a good child,

Take the flute, play on it and take the bow

My dear be good and not be wild.”

“Mother, sure I would go to the field

But now kiss me little,

Otherwise, I will weep and run away

I am a child little.”

“No, my child, my heart, my bosom

Don’t run away, never,

I would love you, kiss you

I would love you ever.”  0 0 0

In search of a White Heart


No Peace in Thee


No peace, no peace in thee, O Science!

Thou unite nothing but divide everything

From root to boughs, from boughs to leaves

From leaves to petals, from petals to veins

It is Nature that unites us in harmony

No artificiality is there, no diversity.

There is but only bare truth, naked truth

Science destroys all beauty, contaminates mirth

Only dissection comes out of thee

It turns our beauty to naked be.

Thy factories exhale poison to air

And make us suffer disease and die.

The entire world is turned black and grey

Full of foul air and trash if to say.

Science, goodbye, we bid goodbye

Go away, go away, don’t come nigh

Let us pure air take and enjoy

Let us leave thy faint colored toy

Let us play with the natural daffodils

Let us play and sing in the wild fields.

How lovely, how lively, how affectionate 

The wild flowers- their touch make us fortunate

Let us welcome the green hills, natural lake

Full of beauty for peace and life’s sake

Nature, raise your hands and arms

Against the material, and industrial harms

And protect us and save our helpless soul

Defend us against the science foul. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


A Love Song


Life is not so long as long as love is

With you a million years I wish to live.

We’ve known each other so lately

Some days have passed to know us heartily

Why did we not meet since our birth as it seems.

Only days will pass, no hope will end

One day in the door of death we will meet

You are my all, the least particle I fear to lose.

Love is love if a pair can be as we are

A little doubt in love is enough it to mar

Come and let us embrace, the chance don’t miss. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart


For Love


Come, come, my dear come and embrace

It is time proper to make our love.

Come and come it is the time to fly

It is time to enjoy the starry sky

Oh! Come embrace and enjoy love.

Thou the steady star in the sky north

We’re to enjoy the world together in mirth

Would you not come down to enjoy love?

Or remain where you are shinning

God help me, I’ll fly up to darling

But oh! If I had the wings of a dove.

Far is near if our love is pure as gold

Dear God! Enable me to fly uphold

It is love by whom all the stars move. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


To the State of Nature


No, I can’t live here amid clay of quarrels

Among high and low, ups and downs,

Here no heart can spiritually up swell

All are in a sad mood, no play of fawns.

Why should I need to contaminate my passion?

Heart’s hope, eyes’ desire, mind’s peace,

Here is only divide and reign and confusion

To bite one’s heart here is full of mice.

No true love here grows but feigned

All is seared, bleared, marred by tread,

Nothing mind’s content is here to find

None is safe to walk free on the mead.

I will strike my board and thence run

To the state of peaceful, blissful Nature

Everything is there to love nothing to shun

Getting true love the heart can feel mature.

I will build my hut of woods and grass

Beside the calm evergreen sweet lake

O, heart! Go there be calm, quiet, be hush

For some peace, and happiness’ sake. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 




Why is the fringe of thy saree on thy breast?

Let beauty glitter

Let the lotus bloom

Let the bee fly upon and suck honey.

Why is thy eyes closed?

Let the stars shine with thy light

Let the dark earth be bright.

Why are thy arms not ready to embrace?

Let the willow creep up to the tree.

Why are thy ears not hear?

Let the river flow ripple and sing.

Why art thou not mine?

Let thy thirsty soul drink juice and be quenched.

Why dost thou not come to me?

Let the stream glide to the sea. 0 0 0

N. B. This poem was first published in the ‘’Diamond Jubilee Souvenir, Hilapakri High Madrassa’’, 2004-2005

In search of a White Heart 


Divine Soul


Why should I need to seek the Divine Spirit

In the dark at deep night

Sitting under the starry sky?

Why should I need to chase after His Spirit

In the mountain peak

Under towering oak

Or in the silent forest

Among beasts and bushes?

Why should I need 

To be gloomy and crest-fallen?

I had been a fool, blind 

And heartless till this hour

Thank Heaven! 

Just now I have felt and seen 

The divine Spirit in me

Sitting in my heart in peace

That guides both my intellect and my feeling. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart




The whole yester-night

I had the thought of you

Had you been with me in the same cot

What had not been happened to us!

How lonely we are within ourselves! 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


I’ll Die for the Living


Since my birth I’m alone

And today I’m bereft of my all-

From my mates and maids, 

From my brothers and sisters.

I’m alone face to face with arms and war

I’m alone yet I’ll fight with all my might.

My heart is as hard as bronze

My hands are as strong as a fierce storm

My feet as bold as the Jupiter

I must show the world- 

How cruel my heart is!

How kind my love to my land is!

I must be cruel to show my kindness.

I’m for men a hope, a frustration

I’m a breaker and a builder.

I’ll die for the living

I’ll be living for the dead. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart


In Your Love


In your love 

I’ve sunk down

As Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Had sunk under the flame of 

Little boy and Fat boy.

In your love

I’ve become dumb

As Einstein became after his Relativity.

In your love

I’ve become mad

As Lord Buddha became

After he found out the path of Redemption.

In your love 

I’ve become a poet with a tattered shirt

As Balmiki became after his Ramayana.  0 0 0

In search of a White Heart




O, Love!

Where have you sprung from?

From heart

Or from eyes

Or from flesh?

I know not-

Are you an ever-mate instinct-

Divinely bestowed upon 

Human soul, flesh and brain?

O, Love!

Where have you sprung from first?

From eyes?

No, I can shut up my eyes and forbid thee.

From heart?

No, I can admonish my heart not to seek thee.

From brain?

No, I can deviate my brain from thee.

From flesh?

I know not

Perhaps it is our soul, it is our life

It is our food on which our instincts live. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


My Abode


I shall make my abode amid the wild daffodils

Beside the lake where grows lovely lotus

With joy and peace my heart to fill

For my contents, the green woods is much.

The crickets shall be my musical pipe

The bumblebees shall be my dear drum

The flowers shall provide honey to my hive

To play with I shall have the macadam.

The butterfly will be my dear darling

To sing and leap and dance with

The cuckoo will be the minion of morning

And wake me up from sleep- it’s my faith.

The hilly brook and fountain’s rippling

Will be my all days’ song and music

Only calm and quiet and peace, no weeping

Where every object is full of joy, mild and meek. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


Devoid of


The sky is full of stars

Yet my heart is dark.

The garden is full of fragrant flowers

Yet my cells stink foul.

The earth is full of riches 

Yet my belly is empty.

The river is full of water 

Yet my soul is thirsty.

The land is full of forces

Yet there is chaos, bloodshed and death.

There are men and men 

Yet I’ve none to share my sorrows

I’m alone, I’m alone

Wherever I go only my sorrows follow. 0 0 0

In search of a White Heart 


The End of ‘In Search of a White Heart’



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