A Sequence of Love Poems






(Lovelia: A Sequence of Love Poems)



Menonim Menonimus




Internet Edition


Lovelia (A Sequence of Love Poems) by Menonim Menonimus, 


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D. T. P. By A. Shahriar,  Barpeta (Assam)




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In the hand of a dear one 

Who has suffered 

A lot in life 

For love.

...  Menonim Menonimus 




(A Sequence of Love Poems) 

  Lovelia- 1

My deep dear darling, my love’s monarch

I shall be a tree with spreading twigs and leaves

And thou are a creeping willow. 

I shall remain standing on the roadside

And thou shall creep round me.

The wind would keep blowing over

And thou dost dance and flatter thy flag

The passerby strangers would gaze at us 

In wonder they would say:

What a lovely scene this is!

I shall be a flying bee

And thou shall be a bloomed flagrant flower

I will fly and fly and fall upon thee

And suck thy honey and enjoy thy beauty.

The gardener would stand by the garden and look at us

And exclaim with joy: 

What a nut-bolt matched pair of lovers they are!

I shall be the sea full of endless blue water

And thou shall be the waves and leap over me 

And play hide and seek with the pebbles on the shore

The stars would peep through the darkness

And would utter in ecstasy:

What a pleasure, o what a joy!

I shall be the Moon 

And thou shall be the lotus in the lake

I will shed my beams over thee 

And thou shall receive them  

With thy mouth gaping up being gluttonous.

The tourists would perch on the beach of the lake

And enjoy the beauteous petals 

And the glory of thy beauty day and night

And would forget the weariness of a thousand miles.

Dear Lovelia, 

Would thou not be the yellow light 

If I shall be the morning sun?

Would thou not look more beautiful than a Rainbow?

Would thou and I not be what we wish to be?

I shall be the sky

And thou be its fathomless blue

In our praise, all the night stars would sing a song

It is love, the inspiration of which makes us live ever young. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 2

I’ve no sorrow of my own

I am coloured by the sorrows of thine

I’ve ever wept for thy comforts

I am bled and the drops of blood flow 

Through my breast to my feet

Yet I’ve no sorrow of my own

I’ll never cry for my own

If I ever cry, I’ll cry for thee

Lovelia, my bosom maid

Thou art my sole source of joy in times of well and woe.

I am amid the whirlpool of weary ocean

My mates and comrades

My kith and kins stand against me,

Against my love to thee.

All accuse me of the crime of a philanderer

All begin to hate me, forsake me and wink at me

I’m like a mather-flower used nowhere

Dear Lovelia, yet I’m happy as thou art mine

Thou art my utter surviving source without a substitute 

That keeps me living.

Let the entire world stand against me en masse

Yet I’ll have the spirit to live for thee, my only hope

Don’t turn thy eyes from me

If thou forsake me 

Let the light of my life be put out 

I want not to live a moment more 

If thou art not mine. 0 0 0

Note:Mather-flower‘ is a kind of flower which has no fragrance and is neither sucked by bees nor praised by poets nor is it used in any rituals. 


Lovelia- 3

Many a sun shining morning I’ve enjoyed 

With dews glittering as a piece of pearl on the green grass

With the bright blossomed beautiful flowers with tender buds

Looking at them my heart used to dance in heavenly joy

And in wonder I exclaimed: 

O what a joy, what a scene of beauty God has ever created!

With that morning scene, my whole days spent in ecstasy

My sorrows went away flying like a flight of birds.

My pain dried up like the water-vapour

And then I cried out in joy:

With such a source of beauty, there is but no object to compare

But now my sense of beauty has changed

After having come into contact with thee

O, my Lovelia thou art ever living fixed morning

Thy face is more shinning than the yellow sun

The morning sun remains intact only for an hour

But thy face remains ever glittering to me

The sun shines on the external objects of Nature

But the rays of thy beauty enlighten the heart of things and mine.

To compare the beauty of the morning

With that of thy face 

One must bow down and burst out in wonder: 

The sun is as dark as the moonless night

The beauty of thine is as mighty as a god 

Even the single ray which drives away

The entire darkness of the underworld. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 4

Why should I need to make new friends?

Why should I need to bear my former friends in my mind?

Why should I need to talk of my mates and colleagues?

Thou, my love- longed Lovelia is my all

All my love is bestowed upon thy heart. 

All the source of my affection that had been on me

Is enshrined on thee.

If thou love me alone

It would mean that I’m loved by all.

All the sources of the beauty of my friends are engraved in thy bosom

And if I look on thee it is equal to looking at all my friends

Thou art, to me, a living brook

And I – its wavy torrents.

I dance and dance and make waves upon waves to make thee happy

For thy joy, I sing song being a bird to thy heart

I’m a vassal to thy joy and pleasure

Call me and I’m to thee- whether thou art near or away from me. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 5

Wert thou not that Helen for whom 

Thousand young Princes went mad?

Yes, thou wert that Helen for whom 

A thousand battle-ships were overthrown

Yes, thou wert that Helen for whom 

Thousand Princes had lost their throats

And met their immature death. 

Thou wert that Helen for whom

 The city of Troy burnt into ashes.

As that Helen thou wert an emblem of sole beauty for all ages-

And it was thy beauty for which thy heart went arrogant

And for thy arrogance thou could love none

And for that none could love thee but thy beauty alone

But God kindly wiped away thy surplus beauty

In this second edition and thus has cut down thy pride

And thus God kindly makes thee suited to me. 

I love thy humble heart, not thy muddy body-

For which everybody takes passion

Now being thy flesh not so charming 

Thou have no love-competent- but only I 

Eager to build a new Troy. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 6

Being my heart-ship with thee

I have forsaken my friendship with them 

Who were in my bosom

Now I am away from their favour, 

I’m away from their warm affection

I’m away from sharing their smile

Yet I’m happy along with thee.

Thy smile is my wealth,

Thy whispering is my music

In the realm of love thou art the Empress

Who sways over not only the heart that bears love

But also the hearts that bear no love

Even thou bring under control the minutest dust and grass

And in thy kingdom, I’m a marigold

That blooms in the sun-light 

And disseminates fragrance throughout night.

Why should I need friends

Where thou art my all-

My guide, my maid, my stick, my moon in dark,

My caterer in heart’s hunger

I’ve lost my freedom-

Oh, no! Why should I need to aspire for freedom 

Where I’ve no separate entity.

I’m in thee and thou art in me-

I respire in thine, thou in mine

We are a plant of flowers-

Thou art its fragrance

I’m its petals

Thou art the boughs, I’m the leaves. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 7

Thou may not believe in my love to thee

Whether my love is true or false-

Thou may ask me again and again

But I’ll remain silent to thy query

Where are the words and phrases enough 

To suit the passion of love to express to thy ears?

My love to thee is as vast as the heart of Virgin Mary

Who took upon her head all the stains

That the world could throw upon a virgin mother-

Yet she loved and nursed the Son 

With the purest warmth of her heart.

I love thee like that of the Beacon of Asia 

Who loved every love-stricken man 

And blessed with the message of redemption.

My love to thee is like that of Krishna

Who kept his beloved always within.

If yet thou believe not, keep thy ears to my bosom

And hear the pulsation of my sea-like blue love

That sings only the song of thy praise.

O yet if thou believes not- let me die for thy joy. 0 0 0

Note: ‘Beacon of Asia’ refers to Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.


Lovelia- 8

I’m waiting for thee so a long while

Hast thou come stealthily?

Dost thou fear anybody?

It is dark- nobody will see thee coming

Even the moon is beclouded

And the stars are in favor of our love

They are twinkling only for your pleasure

But emits no light.

Come when the sun is beyond the horizon

By the sub-lane singing the song of inspiration

Sometimes play on thy silver whistle

To make me know beforehand of thy silent coming

I’ll be waiting with the finest garlands of divine flowers

To welcome thee under the Jasmine Plant

Why should we need to hide our love from the world?

Dost thou forget that it is our love

With which the world inhales and keeps up its appearance?

If thou come by the bank of the lake

The lotus of which would dance for thy joy

Come with a heart full of strength to meet 

All the opponents and foes of our divine affection.

And let the entire world see-

In the realm of Love

I am the King and thou art the Queen. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 9

Our love to each other is like the poles of the Earth

The earth has but no rest-

It has two duties of its own:

It revolves round the sun and round its axis 

Keeping the backbone towards the north-west direction

It travels far and wide but never turns its head

My bones and flesh may go away from thee

But it means not that I go away from you

My head may turn opposite to thee

 But think- the eyes of my love is always towards thee

When I set off my travelling to the far-off lands

My feet walk onwards but my heart retreats 

And take shelter in thy heart

When I walk through hot and cool

My heart remains save in the moderate temperature of thy chest 

As thy heart is in my bosom wherein my heart is in safe.  0 0 0


Lovelia- 10

If thou art coming

Please don’t be afraid of the street strangers

Come on straight

Art thou not mad of love for me?

Please come on at bright mid-day as if everybody can mark thee

And may whisper to ears to ears: 

Look at- it is she who has no equal in love.

Would not thou come?

Lovelia, no fear- I’m waiting for thee since the full moon

Let thy veil be half-opened 

And thy eyes be twinkled that 

I can recognize thee from far off distance

And run up to thee to receive thee

Do you wish the garland of flowers from me?

Alas! I’m so poverty-stricken 

Say- how can I collect thread and needle to knit a garland for thee

Please don’t wish to smile on my lips

As my smile is bestowed on thy eyes

Let me look at thee

Let me stare at thee and let me live. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 11

Lovelia, look at me

To keep watch on thee-

How I’ve been suffering day after day, night after night

The chill falls down upon my head, feet and hands

And it makes me tremble like a naked lion in winter.

To keep thy Will’s chastity intact

 I welcome the fear of dark night

I make my love-competent afraid of my sharp sight

And drive them away.

Now everybody of them postpones following thee

And hide on thy back

None whistles to draw thy heed, none plays on their pipes.

In favor of thee, I’ve forsaken my sleep and comforts, my tones and songs

Thou art asleep and I am upon the thorns guarding thee.

Look at me- I’m bled and my eyes turned red.

But Lovelia, if thou art willing to violate thy God-blessed will

Then let me know

I’m undone yet I feel peace

When I think- thou art mine

I forget my night’s labour when thou wink at my foes

I’m most blessed if thou art mine 

And most unfortunate if thou art, not mine. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 12

Why, O Lovelia, should thou not love one of thy lovely many?

Why dost thou not do love with thy loveliest one?

Have thou not a pair of eyes-

Look, the pairs of birds flying

The flock of birds is flying in pairs on this spring morning

Only thou art alone- though thou have someone nearest to thy soul.

It is love that makes life perfect and happy

Dispense thy resource of entire love 

To him with whom thou art in love

If thou dost hate me or loves me not

Forsake me forever

Even my bliss would go to thee

If thou love me truly sacrifice thy fickle will.

As the sea takes up all those things that float on it

I’ll so take thee up in my heart

Not all who come to me like the gluttonous sea

But only thee.

Here, in my heart I’ll preserve thee, 

Protect thy will and love thee forever.

But my dear darling if thou love me- love me alone

Love is a feeling that can never be quelled

And love that is to two or more is no love at all. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 13

If I were a painter!

I would have painted thy beauty spending hundred and thousand years

I would have compiled the dyes from the morning sun to paint thy forehead

I would have dug into the inner heart of the Arabian hills

And would have collected the deep dark coal to paint thy long hair

I would have gone to Kashmir, the heaven of Earth

And had fetched the reddish cheery to paint thy two cheeks

If I had means and I were a painter

I would have travelled up to the sky

And have snatched away all the blues to paint thy eyes.

I would have cut off the sharpest utmost peak of the Pyramid

And had welded to thy nose.

If I had the hand of Vinci-

I would have set aside all my other pursuits

And had painted only thy portrait

I would have taken thee to the sea-side 

And made thee stand on the very brim of the sea

Where the sea waves play hide and seek

And then I would have painted thee.

Had I the skill of the hand of Angelo

I would have poured down all my art- skill to portray thee.

I would have painted thee and have placed thee in the sky

Upon a satellite so that all the world

Could look at thee and wonder at thy boundless beauty

What is Monalisa to You?

Generation after generation would have stared at thee and exclaimed:

What a piece of queer wonder it is!

To enjoy thy portrait the Moon would have come down to thy forehead

And praise thee for four hundred years

If I had the scrutinized skill of Picasso

I would have painted thee

In such a way that might attract the Angels of Heaven 

They would have come down and overcrowded around thee.

O what not I desire to immortalize thee, my dear darling! 0 0 0


Lovelia- 14

The mid-day with the bright sun is as dark as an adder

And as black as a  cuckoo

If thou art away from me.

The deep dark night is as bright as the mid-day sun

If thou art in presence of I.

If thou art with me- I can see both the Heaven and Earth 

With their minutest atoms closing my easy eyes

Thou art ever shining source of light to my heart and soul, eyes and mind. 

In the presence of thee, my tears turn into pearls

And my weeping heart turns into an incessant tone of music

My pain turns into my comfort

My pale visage turns into a smooth-looking glass

On which every curious heart can see its reflection.

If thy vision is away from me- my joys turn into pains

My smiles turn into tears.

My musical voice turns into a suffocated voice.

Thou art the sun in my sky rounding which my joys and sorrows,

My smiles and tears revolve.

Thou art the token of my fortune, of my omen- my good and evil

If thou art with me- I can drink the most deadly poison with a smiling face

And die in comfort.

My Lovelia, if thou art with me I can sacrifice my entire entity

And can sacrifice my years and months, days and nights, hours and minutes.

If thou art with me – all the universe are with me 

And if thou art away from me all the worlds are away from me

And even I’m not within me.

When thou art with me it is my day

When thou art away from me it is my night

If thou art with me – I’m alive

And if thou art away from me I’m dead

Thou art my entire entity. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 15

I’m accused of a heinous crime as Napoleon was of heroic victory

The crime that I’m accused of is that I love thee

All my kith and kins and of thine are hostile to me

I’m out of their favor, I’m despised, I’m outcasted

I’m out of the warm affection of my mates and friends only for thee.

I’m like a fallen down yellow leaf unnoticed, unused, 

Uncounted- trodden even by the pedestrians

I’m now like the salty water of the sea undrinkable, unwished

Only for my love to thee- my beauty turns to ugliness

My similes turn into a faltering voice

My virtues to vices

I’m undone, I’m forlorn!

I’m in seclusion

What is the Goddess of Fortune to me?

It stands as a curse for loving thee

I all alone have to bewail my lot, my forehead

Yet I wish to be living for thy love

Let me be cursed, despised, outcasted again and again

I’ve no sorrows, no sighs, no wail

It is thy love that enables me to derive peace in utter chaos

It is thy love that makes me endure all the burden of the earth

You are the greatest resource of my joys and mirth. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 16

Where is my repose- my leisure, my peace, my comforts?

I’m always weary of business, weary of hard toil,

Weary of keeping me awake like a vigilant sentinel

At night also I’ve but not even the least repose.

 I’ve no sleep- when I try to shut my eyelids-

The vision of thy face begins to dance on my eyes

And compels my eyes to keep awake and open

And then thy memory begins to talk with me

And begins to play the role of love

That utters dialogues after dialogues which have no words

But from the heart to heart

You speak and I hear

And I speak and you hear.

My two hands with sharpest swords keep awake 

And watch thy beauty and limbs against thy love competent.

I chase them, I wink at them, I rebuke them,

I condemn them, 

I beat them and make them retreat

Thou art mine and mine only

Thy beauty is my wealth, my pride, garments to my limbs. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 17

Thou and I are one and one is thy love and mine

As a flowering plant- the leaves and the boughs belong to the same plant

Only for bodily advantage- 

God has bestowed upon us separate skin and bones

But our hearts are one

Half of thy heart is in my bones and skin

And half of my heart is in thine

I always bear thy wills with me and you that of mine.

Blind are they who see only our corporal bodies 

And ignore our same soul

Our hearts are like the flowing water of a hilly spring

That flows and flows but never meets an end

Thou art my own body and soul

If I hate myself- it means that I hate thee

And If I love myself it means that I love thee

We are like the rainbow in the morning sky-

The Rainbow that bears twelve colours in itself-

 It is called not by the names of its colours

But by a name that constitutes all the colours’ glory. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 18

As is the sun-lit to the moon-lit

As is water to the lotus 

So are you to my life and love.

As is the flesh to the bones so are you to me

When you weep- I weep

When you suffer pain- I suffer so

When thou laugh and smile – so do I

I’ve but no individual entity – I’m alive because thou art alive

Thy sorrows are mine, thy joys are mine

When you shed tears, my eyes do the same

When you keep awake- it is the day for me

When you lie in bed and sleep- it is the night for me

When you sing, my heart begins to whistle

When you wink- it is hell for me

When you look at me- it is heaven for me

I’ve no life; I’ve no death of my own

When you respire- it is life for me

When you sigh- it is death for me

I’m in you; my soul is on thy soul

My fortune is on thy forehead

Except thee, I’m a stone statue. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 19

Let thy heart be consoled receiving my trifling gift

Though it is a nuisance if compared to that of thine

Mine is like a drop of water in the vast ocean

And thine is like a lake of milk which does never dry

Look at me, my Lovelia- I’m storm-stricken, poverty-beaten

I’ve drowned down the depth of mud

I’m moribund- in such a state what can you expect from me?

 Heart- what men say to be precious

Has already been gifted to thee

You may think my gift a trifle

But for me, it is the part of my limb cut off for thy sake.

Oh! Had I riches- I would have gifted all the stars

All the diamonds of Mars and Jupiter

What I can’t do for thee!

Look at my lips- I smile 

While my eyes make another Atlantic shedding salty drops

For thy sake, I can hide off all my sorrows and can invoke all my joys

Take my trifle and let me feel I’m received by thee. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 20

Thou art a garland of the finest flowers of the earth and Heaven

Adorned for the General by his King after being won a brave battle

I’m surrounded by a queue of people

And I am welcomed as the bravest warrior.

Thou art for me the transparent sky after hail-storm at night 

Where thousand and one stars are twinkling shedding silver light 

To enlighten my dark breast 

Thou art the ocean full of waves

Where boats and ships sail in quest of gold and knowledge.

Thou art for me an everlasting spring in winter

That keeps me fresh, lively and makes me worth living

Thou art for me the hoary snow of the Himalaya by the heat of the sun 

That melts and flows down to wash off the dirt of the earth

Thou art for me a piece of tablet

That embalms my wound heart and makes me comfortable.

Thou art for me a book of philosophy studying which 

I can learn all the wisdom that man can aspire 

Thou art the beginning of my wisdom and the end of my ignorance.  0 0 0


Lovelia- 21

Which god has made thee? 

Endless thanks to him

Thou art made with all the elements of gorgeous beauty

If I compare thee with the sun-bathed morning dew would be poor

If I compare thy eyes with fully bloomed lake-lotus 

It will hide its petals being ashamed of

What is the moonlight in front of the grace of thy face?

It is only the shadow of thy back

The beauty of the Earl had been withered

If thou wert present at that hours

Shakes would have neglected his friend’s beauty 

If he happened to see thy shade once

And throughout all his lines he certainly would have spent 

All his strength and spirit to adorn thee.

Even our Lord Krishna would have forgotten 

His friendships with Arjuna

If thou had been born at that time

Even Adonis, Lora and Fahad would have bowed down on thy feet

As a narrator of thy beauty, I’m unfortunately a failure

And the poets to come would say: 

What a sorry figure had been cut by this poor but brave poet. 

But yet throughout all my futurity

The name of this poor poet would be quoted-

As one who tried his best to find out an affinity of thy grace.  0 0 0


Lovelia- 22

Lovelia, thou art a piece of poetry

As poetry lulls a whining baby on his mother’s lap

So art thou to me.

While I weep in woe, cry in need and shed tears in pain

The image of thine stands up in front of me

And keeps the tender hand upon me and lulls me to sleep. 

As a dilettante buys a book of verse

And read aloud in joy and delight

So thou art to me.

I’m a violin- player and thou art the tone to it

I play on it and forget the weariness of the dreary damp days.

Thou art my eye-sight when I’m blind

Lovelia, thou art a book studying which 

I can learn all that the books of philosophy can teach. 0 0 0 


Lovelia- 23

All the moments, all the hours, all the nights, all the days

You are in my mind and even in sleep I keep thee in my memory

Thy memory is with me even while I inhale and exhale

And while I drink and eat.

While I’m at my ceaseless deeds or in my restless rest 

The poverty-stricken wretched faces of my parents 

Appear in front of my eyes

And only then I forget all the worlds with the bright stars

How pathetic and troubled-hissed the life of my progenitor was!

He is dead (may his soul rest in peace) 

And as a legacy, he has left the same running woes

I’m  his best heir and have been enjoying his legacy properly

Lovelia, no doubt, love’s wing is swifter than the speed of light

But swiftest is the poverty that can set fire both in heart and belly

Lovelia, I’m fire-burnt and have been turned into a piece of burning coal

Lovelia, leave me otherwise the same fire would burn thee. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 24

For my sole friendship with thee

Hundreds of my men have become my enemies

But my Lovelia, I don’t care a fig

Let them say against us, let them sing against us

Let them slander us, let them label against us

Let the world stand against our love-making

Let me be crowned with the thorns

Let me drink the pot of insult

Yet I’ll be loving thee.

My love is as true as the blue of the sky

As white as the Himalayan snow

As pure as the dew, as lively as the evergreen shrubs

If thou art mine- none can snatch thee away from me

Thou art the part and parcel of my soul

If divided both of us would die

Let our love live long proudly

Overcoming all the obstacles and enmity.

That love is the best whose enemies are many. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 25

Don’t go out in the sun – 

The ultra-violet rays may cause you harm

Don’t go out in the rain- 

It may infect thee fever

Don’t walk out in the street-

The strangers may abduct thee

Don’t swim in the river-

The water-current may float thee away

Lovelia, don’t loiter in the public park- 

Somebody may be mad of your beauty

Don’t look at the lake’s lotus-

It must close its petals out of shame.

Don’t be fickle- it may carry defame on thee

Don’t laugh more-

It may stand against thy beauty’s fame

Don’t go out in the dark-

The nymph of the night may hurt thee

Lovelia, come into my heart- 

Here I’ll safeguard thee forever

My love will keep thee always well and warm. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 26

Glass is brittle, brittle is the pot made of clay

And brittle is the rampart made of sands

But more brittle is the heart of a woman

If one gives all the possible comforts to his sweet-heart

For the whole ages must be forgotten 

If her loved one turns his eyes away from her for a day.

Lovelia, thou art a woman and so brittle is thy heart

I turn my eyes away for a moment not hating thee

But because by doing so, I deepen my love to thee

I’m like the sun and so is my love

That moves from east to west across the sky

But never forgets to rise in the east again

But then why dost thou weep so pathetically

You may doubt that the earth is round

You may doubt on a mother’s love to her child

You may doubt that the Himalayas is the Peak of Heaven

But never doubt me that I’ll forget thee

Hence let thy brittle heart be strong enough like a stone- statue

And proclaim in pride- my love partner is my bone and skin. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 27

The sun shines at day but you shine all the while: 

Both day and night.

While the sun rises- it borrows the light of thy limbs

And then enlightens the earth

At night while the sun sets, 

The stars borrow the glow and grace of thy eyes

And then they begin to twinkle and shine

Look at the sky- 

The greens and the blues are the reflections of your forehead

The late spring’s cloud’s colour is the reflection of your black long hair

While you smile all the flower plants

Catch it soon and preserve it to exhibit when the petals open their mouths

The music that we hear is the resonance of your voice

The songs of all the birds are the echo of your veins and pulse

O, God! Immortalize her to make us live and love. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 28

The lotus is beautiful, the rose is more beautiful

But most beautiful is you, my Lovelia

The lotus has fragrance, the rose bears more fragrance

But you have the most.

For your beauty the young world becomes eccentric

Some run after thee, some become jealous of thy opponents

The beauteous objects of the earth are many

All are transient

But you are the only one whose beauty shall remain forever.

My tiresome verses would play the roles of thy revival. 

The morning is pleasing; the more pleasing is the spring morning

But most pleasing is you to all who bear hearts to feel

You may not be dressed with fair skin

But your eyes are made of the elements of heavenly rays.

Beauty lies not on the eyes

But in the heart which an ugly dress may hide under

Lovelia, had I been blessed with the strength of a poet

I would have spent some million years 

To reveal the mystery of your strange beauty

O Saraswati! Let me be blessed with thy favor and enable me 

To portray the grace of my dear darling. 0 0 0

Note: ‘Saraswati’ is the goddess of arts and poetry in Indian mythology.


Lovelia- 29

When I’ll die, O my Poverty, with whom would you live?

Then who would be your company?

Perhaps everybody would despise you

And try to avoid you as we flee from wild elephant

Then you would suffer the pain of loneliness

And then you would weep in woe

You would have to spend your hours in hunger

So, O my mate, my Poverty eat on me, drink on me

Squeeze my blood and sip as much as you can

My everything is yours and use me as you like

I’m your mate and friend 

I spend every moment with you

You are my part and parcel-if I die who would nurse you?

Poverty, you keep me awake at mid-night

You are my co-mate

You are with me while at work, while at leisure 

And even while I am in sleep.

I fear if you leave me- who would inspire me to suffer

You may stick at me as long as I live

But O Poverty! Please never be the mate of my Lovelia

She would abhor you

Then I would be accused of hating you.

Please make me your ever mate and leave my Lovelia in comfort. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 30

You are away from me for a fortnight 

And this fortnight is a course of fifteen thousand weary years for me

During these weary years-

I’ve suffered most, wept most, kept awake most

And I turned into a desert laying far away from human reach

Where no cloud showers, no tree grows, no bird flies

It is only you that can turn a desert into a fertile plain

Where trees with evergreen leaves grow in abundance

You are an infinite resource of cloud 

That gives life to dry and moribund crops

Why have you played the role of a cruel antagonist?

And play hide and seek with him who is dead?

I’m a harp that gets tone when your presence touches it

Long winter has trodden on my love-stricken heart

And I’m about to die

My heart bleeds and I’m turned into an ocean of red blood

If you love me truly- why keep yourself away from me?

Come to me erelong and let me breathe. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 31

Why do you use false painting?

Where all the dyes of Nature are extracted out of your beauty

Have you forgotten your own worth?

In your former birth, you had been a plant 

Borrowing whose scent the god has given birth to 

All the plants of fragrant flowers.

You need not take cosmetics whereas you yourself are the resource

Of all the cosmetics manufactured by the companies

If you do so you would be accused of the crime of self-deception

Where is the competent of the beauty of your lips?

Where are the similes of your cheeks?

Your two cheeks are more reddish than a pair of cherries

And thy lips are more fascinating than that of a parrot

Your two eyes are two twinkling stars

That shine on the face of the sun

And then its reflection enlightens the universe.

Let your beauty remain original

As original as the black dye of your hair.

Dost thou not know?

Beauty painted is the beauty corrupted. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 32

On your face depends my joys and sorrows, 

Smiles and tears, life and death

Lovelia, you are my sun-

When you shine on me- my life begins

And begins my joys and smiles

When you turn your face or set on the western horizon-

My sorrow begins and begins my pain

Enjoying your single smile 

I can forget my thousand sour sorrows.

I’m in your hand a toy- you throw it while your play is over

I’m in your hand a piece of flower

You tear it off for your sports

Lovelia, why are you so cruel?

You are my woe and my well. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 33

You may forsake me, but I’ll never

You may wound me with the sharpest knife

I’ll bear with two lips smiling.

Make me destitute of  everything 

Yet I’ll wish to live long only to love you

I’ll love you to the last moment of the running time

Though at mid-day the sun sets down

And it becomes dark and darker.

Let the earth be eclipsed by the sun for centuries

Yet I’ll never cease to love you

If the pain and agony of separation trouble me 

I’ll weep and cry and shed tears and tears 

Till a new Pacific takes birth

You may turn against me and sentence me to death

Yet I’ll be loving thee.

You may bite me being a serpent

Yet I’ll wish your peace and happiness

If death comes to me and takes me off

Yet I’ll endeavour my best to throw my love to your heart.

Lovelia, the first-born flower of spring may curse me 

Yet I’ll pray to God to bless thee

Give me affliction, wail and woe

I’ll put them up on my head

And preserved them in my chest as your bliss

I’ll not cease to love thee though the water of the seas goes dry

And all the snows of the Mighty Himalaya melt away

And inundate the green Earth.

Hate me, wound me, bite me, beat me, and kill me 

Yet I’ll be loving thee

Love, if true is ever ready to bear 

All the misfortunes that may come in life. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 34

As the rain is to the driest land 

So is thy memory to my broken heart

The rain falls down on the earth 

And moisturizes the moribund crops and blesses them with fresh life

So is thy presence to me.

Life is but the reflected light of the sun 

Upon the moon that in sympathy throws to the dark night

And enlightens the path of the strangers.

But love is the heat that keeps life warm and makes worth living

Thy love to me is my soul and entity

Lovelia, live long and let me live

Thy love is the fixed source of light 

That guides my half-broken bark in the dark ocean

But my Lovelia, why dost thou hide thyself from me

And lead me astray? 0 0 0


Lovelia- 35

With whom shall I compare thee?

The volcano that nurses the source of heat and fire

Hardly gets matched with you

Placing my entire existence on thee

I’ve been bestowed with only the sea of sorrows

My owes have increased

My impeach has ten times multiplied

My eyes turn into the lake of hot water

My heart is torn nine times by the sword of thy sight.

Thou, my fresh flower, has turned into a black bee

That sucks honey out of every flower

Leaving its poison, in turn, makes it suffer. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 36

Every fresh-water well nurses mud in its bed

Every flagrant flower has its thorns

And even in a mother’s heart, there is anger

So is your fault, sins and crime to me

You are ever pardoned with all your faultful futurity.

It is love that makes me weep 

It is love that makes me smile

It is love that makes me fly up to the stars

It is love that makes me sink under the sorrowful sea

And it is love that makes me live 

It is love that makes me live through living death.

I being the slave of thy love

Can turn my sorrows into a source of joy

And misfortunes into fortunes.

Though whimsical, a burglar, pirate thou art to me

Yet thou art the Lordess of my ever-young love

In spite of all thy hostility- 

I’m richer than all the Emperors when I think of thee. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 37

Lovelia, I spend my days and nights after thee 

As the light spends its hours after the sun

And the night after the dark.

When you are asleep forgetting the day’s weariness

And forgetting my loves to thee

I stay awake pacing under the open sky.

Had you known how much woe is there in my heart?

You are the robber that robes no coin, no rupee, no riches 

But soul and heart and send his victim to eternal loss

When at black night you make merriment with my opponents

Then I die with sighs

Thy laughter is my tears

Thy generosity to others is my poverty.

What is the case?

When I look at your face- you show your back

When I approach thee you go far away from me

Yet I follow you- 

It is love that has turned me blind. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 38

If you love me- love me whole-heartedly

I like not the twilight- but either dark or light

In the dark, I close my eyes up 

And see with the eyes of my heart

And when I see with the eyes of my heart- 

I see none but only thee.

How do you dare to divide your love?

You are the flower bloomed in my heart

Say: who would allow himself to tear off his heart?

If your love is true to me- 

I’m wealthier than the bosom of the richest gold-mine

If your love is half to me- 

I’m poorer than the moon devoid of air, water and life.

Lovelia, if you love me- love me with all your heart

Otherwise, let me die. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 39

You often say: Don’t spend your hours keeping your eyes on me

Oh, Lovelia! Think of me-

How can I live losing my own entity?

You love me but like the winnowing wind

That blows over vales and hills 

Breaking the buds and boughs of trees.

Lovelia, believe me!

I don’t keep my eyes on thee but on my own heart 

Which is bestowed on thee.

If my love is betrayed

Say, how would I keep my soul living?

I’m like a fountain pen in the hand of a poet

Who uses it under his own will

If my love is thine- yield it as you like

But let me be free from the anxiety of losing  my will

As is a stone for a stranger, as is a star for a wandering bark

As is the sun to the light

So are you to me

I’m in your hand- a piece of handkerchiefs it as you like

But my entreat is that- keep it clean. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 40

I love you- in turn, I demand nothing

Divine is our love

As spontaneous as the air, as free as the sands of the desert. 

Why should you protest- our divine love would cease

If I go away from thee

Whereas my heart is made of thy own elements

It  is always inclined to thee

The wings of my love are swifter than the swiftest horse on earth

It is even swifter than the rays of light 

I can travel to thee while I wish 

And can go away when occasion needs. 

My heart throbs, my eyes make an ocean, my feet become feeble 

When I want to go away from thee. 

Let me leave thee for my hungry belly

On the way, if my last hour seize me 

O my Lovelia, I’ll remain standing on the threshold of heaven.

Physically I may die but our love is immortal

My soul would pursue you until the end of time. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 41

Either in Heaven or in the earth the most forlorn is he-

Whose love is betrayed.

Love is a feeling- as much as one tries to deviate his mind

So much it sticks at his Sweet.

Love is a power that can easily break the chain of  gravitation

And can show- how heroic it is! 

Love is so much deep that the depth of the ocean is shallow

If compared to it.

Lovelia, I’m so much engaged with your spirit

That I’ve no feeling of my own 

I’ve eyes but I see not 

And your betrayal to me is your loyalty.

In true love all the crags are plain

As the far-off mountain is. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 42

Thy cloud-like dark hair is turning grey

Thy flesh becoming wrinkled, thy eyes bulging

Thy neat skin is turning coarse and squalid

And thy tight hips are turning loose

And thy beauty is falling down like the summer shower

But our love remains the same 

As young as it was in the initiatives.

Feel me- I’m still loving thee.

The world may be upturned

The sun may cease to shine

The sea may move up to the mountain

The highest hills may fall headlong on the ground

But I’ll never stop my loving

I love thee with all thy misfortunes. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 43

Lovelia,  let us hatch and yield fruits of our love

Look we are becoming old, decrepit, despised 

And neglected by the youths

Erelong, sooner or later

We’ll die and our beauty will die with us

And leave this mortal earth 

Then the world would feel weak, rude, lorn and poor

Come let me plough thy fertile field

And let us produce fruit 

That will preserve your beauty and my love to thee

Let us look on our fruit’s face in our despised old age

As we look at our image in a mirror

If it  happens so, we’ll say aloud in pride:

Here lies our beauty, here lies our love

Let me engraft my youth’s aspirations and art

And let me feel victorious as a peasant.

Like the ever glorified rose-

He will be glorified everywhere for being borne

Your purest beauty in him

If we don’t do so- we’ll die and our love will die with us 

For not being able to be well-preserved. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 44

Thy fleshy mud and cell being hackneyed 

Affords less taste to that of mine or vice versa

But obstinate is my soul- it looks at nothing external

Neither at thy flesh nor at thy hidden secrets

It only looks at thy heart.

So while my flesh turns away from that of thine

My soul flees to thee.

Now I’ve been suffering from the dilemma-

Whether I support my flesh or my soul

Day and night this conflict continues

And now I’m war-beaten, war-stricken

If I support my flesh- it’ll keep thee away

If I support my soul- it’ll keep thee always in me

I’m a man made of both mud and spirit

O, God what will I do? 

Let me have my love or let me die. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 45

Two loves are in me: 

One for my motherland and the other is for my Lovelia

Whom would I take up and whom would I forsake?

Love for both is in my blood.

The conflict between the two continues in me 

I’ve no sleep, no joy, no comfort

My mind is burning within

My hunger loses its gusto

My eyes cease to see

What would I do now? 

Would I keep to my Lovelia where my soul is kept? 

Or to the Motherland that generously bears me in her womb? 0 0 0


Lovelia- 46

Love is a cup of liquid

That tastes sweet while drunk

But when it enters the belly it becomes poison

And causes ceaseless agony.

Love is like water when it gets cold begins to freeze

And when gets heat begins to melt.

Love is a dish of food that never digests

If devoured, comes out through the throat being sighs 

And through the eyes being tears.

Love is a volcano that hatches coal and oil

And gets flamed when burst out.

Love is like the rainbow in the sky

That exists only for some moments

But remains long in the memory. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 47

My hard hand kept its fingers on thy swelling chest

And thou hold my fleshless finger tight with the silent consent

I kept my long lips on thy tender cheeks

You welcomed them with eyes closed up.

We spoke to ourselves and exchanged words

That got never expressed

I pressed on thy swelling limb

And you bore with bitter-sweet patience

We wept not, we smiled not 

Yet all were done

Such were our preliminaries of both joys and pain

Love grows as a plant grows, blooms bear fruits 

And spread fragrance. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 48

As you treat yourself so you will be treated by the Lord

Then why are you so cruel and severe to yourself?

You bear beauty, a heart so myriad, a mind so spotted

Though I’m betrayed well

Treat thyself well and live 

And let the world be paid what is due

Dispense them with your dearest one

And let him be the worth owner of thy worth beauty

What is the price of beauty-

If fades away unnoticed, unenjoyed.

Lovelia, don’t kill, don’t be so much cruel

If you can love and extinct death. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 49

Come out of thy confined cell

Open your eyes and awaken thy senses

And feel and look at the sky-

The twinkling stars are playing with their mates and maids

The young moon is playing with the grey coloured clouds

The red roses have bloomed spreading their 

Fresh, fair, fragrant petals

The birds are flying over the house roof

In pairs rejoicing in their sense of love

The crickets are singing in the street 

Adding their tone to the rippling sound of the monsoon wind

All are ready for thy pleasure.

Cease to weep and be consoled

I’ll never forsake thee.

Come out and enjoy them shaking off the black desire of death

If you die premature- nature with all her objects of beauty

Will weep to die being an orphan. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 50

O, all-devouring Death turn thy chariot

Have you not seen the blood-sucking leeches

Eating up the apple of life?

Chase them, seize them, carry them to Hell

Seize the beauty of flowers or the light of the sun

Take off the green leaves of the evergreen trees 

And make the world bereft of life-

I will have no objection.

Turn the day into night,

The seas into the plateau, 

Turn the green grass into seared yellow-

I’ll never feel woe. 

But not come to my Lovelia ere we leave

A track of ever-glorified love behind us. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 51

Had I been a poet- I would have compared thy beauty 

With the beauty of an Autumn morning

I would have compared the deep scent of thy forehead

With the pervasive scent of the night queen

And thy eye-brow with the marigold.

Had I been blest with the gift of verses

I would have compared the blue of thy eye-ball

With the blue of the apparent Autumn sky

And thy cheeks with the brighter brim of dawn

And thy two swelling balls with two pieces of Kashmiri pomegranates.

Alas! I’m deprived of such stamina.

Otherwise, all the past poets might have withered 

And all the future poets would have ceased to be born 

Being ashamed of my art of glorifying thy beauty and charm. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 52

Silent was my Muse, silent was my feeling, emotion and spirit

Till my heart was struck open by your love

Now I’ve woke up from my inborn sleep

And now I can see and feel

But it is too late—

Thy love has bestowed flesh upon my bones

Strength to stand up on my feet and vigour to live

Now my silent Muse can sing, 

Can utter words and compile verses

What is Apollo in the contest with my Muse?

If my new-born Muse winks at- 

It would fly away in dread.

My Muse makes me play with darkness 

That reigned my realm so long

And has enlightened my dark cells with the atoms of utterance. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 53

For whom would I preserve my poverty-stricken pieces of poetry?

And for whom would I sketch my faltering feelings?

I’m so much woe-worried that my verses may not see light

Only I know how much agony has been suffered

In hatching and bringing them out from my womb.

If, my Lovelia, thy cruelty kills me before time

And my feelings remain incomplete

And my verses in the dark

Then my mates and critics, my friends and colleagues

Would sneer at me and would say— 

This pretty poet had beguiled what he ought not to yield

If it is so and I meet death before my death 

Thy cruelty would be accused of it 

And then my readers would shower their curses upon thee

Then all my praises for thy beauty would be proved futile. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 54

Everything goes under the sway of Time

The flowers we see today must wither tomorrow

The baby that looks too pretty must grow old and die

The gorgeous palaces, the ever-glorified monuments

Must go to decay.

The high hills that stand proudly must, one day, wear away

But my Lovelia, thou art an exception and exception are my verses

My love if true shall live long through the ages

And then the devouring Death shall suffer a failure.

It is my verse the heart of whom would preserve thee well

And through the ages, thou shall be living 

In the heart of my readers.

Their derived pleasure shall be thy crown 

Their praise shall be thy glory

And thus with thee, my verses shall remain immortal. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 55

Lovelia, my sole Muse, worshipping whom 

My senses took birth, came into age and got perfection

Some philanderers may turn to a poet running after thee

And their pieces of poetry may outlive than that of mine

But that mine is replete with true love, truer appreciation of love

My poetry may not bear the cadence of prosody

It may not bear fine figures

Yet I assure mine are the lines true in feeling

Look at me- my eyes turned bulging, my figure decrepit 

Sore on my brows, broken is my voice being in love with thee

Have my love competent suffered so long only for love?

If so let me not write, let me die unuttered, unsung. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 56

I’ve known the seven wonders of the world are leaning toward ruin

The Heaven of the earth is being buried under the blood

Many vast royal realms have scattered down by the fury of time

And I’ve seen the green fertile woods turning into the dusty desert

The same must happen to thee, my Lovelia

One day thy hours must meet its last

And then thou shall tread on the earth no more

None will speak to thee nor will they incline to your avarice Will

And then everybody shall forget thee

But it is only in my verse

That thou shall live forever

And perusing my green verses our progeny shall remember thee. 0 0 0


Lovelia- 57

The verse that comes out of the womb of love, though tender, is better

And if my verses are so born might catch honour

And if better is my lines- I think my sweaty labour is not in vain

The present world may not appreciate my bony lines

Let spring follow winter, let day follow night.

Time would pass, men and critics would die

Many would take birth with better eyes to see

And if they find something grand in my petty lines

They would wonder and say- what a mighty feeling is overlooked!

My Lovelia, if then they wish to bestow praise

All would go to thee as it is thy love and thy cruelty 

That turns me to a poet  

And for whose lines all gathered praises must go to thee. 0 0 0


 The End


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