Evergreen Loves



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Evergreen Loves

Evergreen Loves


(A Collection of English Poems)







Menonim Menonimus





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EVERGREEN LOVES (A Collection of English Poems) by Menonim Menonimus Published 


First  Edition 2019



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D. T. P. By 

A. Shahriar





(Evergreen Loves)


An Interview

My Loves to You 


I am not Poor 


I Have Everything 

For Thou 

You Gave Me Everything 

A Play 


One by One 

Reminding Him 

A Love Motto 

An Artist 

My Heart is There 

When the Night 

A Riddle 

How I Believe 

Power of Words 

For My Men 


Yesterday Morning 

Silent was the Night 


Under the Starry Sky 

If I Grasp Up 

A Troop of Cavalries 

They will Come 

For My Mother 

They Know Not 

Walk On 

If I Ever Be 


I Like 

I Draw 

My Mother

Again and Again 

I am Out of Myself 

Your Song 


Liberty My Darling 

The Great He 

I Love Only Him 

I Hear Her Whimpering 

My Sorrows 

The Poet 

If I Could 

Tell Me 

What Do You Want


Once There Was 



They Must Die Who are Dead 


It is Drizzling Rain


As I Have Heard 

It Becomes


The World Yours and Mine  

We are in Need of Him


I Can 


Whose Path is Paved 


The Moon-light 

I was There

Here is Nothing

Words of Life

Her Name

To a National Hero


Hoary Horse


My Hackneyed Shirt 

Difficult Time


A Torso

Modern Creature

A Strange Animal

I Have Seen

Still Today

The Bahag

Give Back

Every Night

You Taught Me

When We Talk

One After the Other

Don’t Be Sorry

Once Again






An Interview


That day I could see nothing

Dark was getting down through the window 

The hour was late evening

As the Sun  leaned on the Western sky

Scattering the yellowish light

And I was within myself.


I and the go-between sat 

In the closed-fisted chamber

Perhaps it was thine

I sat on what was destined for me

And he sat on thy sleeping bed.

And then two men of about fifty entered the room

He opened out the pages of a book for children. 

I was not surprised that you read books 

Written for babies.


The boy (perhaps thy male attendant)

Drove us into the next chamber 

And we followed formally

Yet then I was in a state of curiosity.

The yellow-rays of the setting sun 

Encroached upon the little chamber

Already I had forgotten- why I went there 9

I could imagine nothing

I could think nothing.

A delay

And then a man in his fifties

With his comrade entered the room.

Then a pause and then a talk with no words

They seemed to be satisfied

I thought to be so

Sorrow is that we talked with the voice of silence.


That was the first rill of my interview

When they took their exit then came in a stranger

A girl of twenty with bloomed body

Carrying with English fashioned Indian tray 

in her hand

Then I was in my poetic dream 

I dreamed and dreamed and thought:

Who and how the queen of my heart might be.


Then came the second phase of my interview 

You- I thought nothing except awaiting girl.

Long minutes later I realized- I was in the wrong.

Between you and me 

You looked at me as an agile girl looks at a stranger

And I looked at you as I look at my classmates.


Yet then I was in the trammel of wonder and shame.

We returned when the cool dark enveloped 

the mother Earth.

That is what I can remind of you from the storehouse of my memory. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


My Love to You


O, my dappled colored morning minion

My love to thee is like

The chaste white snow of the Himalayas

It is a breeze like mellow

Roselike fragrant

Lotus like smiling

Bee like melodious

Honey like sweet.

It is my mother like dear

My love is like that of Virgin Mary

Out of whose womb loves and loves to take newer birth. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 




If thou hast been

When thou was not mine

I would have peace within

I am till today lonely

Just as my love and desire is lonely 

Thy love upon me is like the divine breeze 

That makes me sour from Earth to Elysium 

From finite to infinite. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves

I am Not Poor


Through thy lotus-like finger pores

Drop down the full-bloomed Moon

I embrace them

As I embrace the darkness of the moonless night.

I am destitute of everything

Yet I am not poor

I have everything that 

Thou canst desire to have. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves



Thy face is my poetry

Full of divine imageries

That carries thousand mysteries

Leopard-like spotted

Dew-flashed in the morning 

Red-brown at noon

Brighter at darker winter night

I grasp them tight while I am dead. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


I Have Everything


I have everything to tell you

But I cannot

You have not kept thy heart upon that of mine

How I tell you-

Your hand is snow cold 

And blood-like red

How I approach thee.

The heat of the cruel summer is in my breast

O how I endure life! 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


For Thou


For thou


Outside the panic-stricken bower

The newly born sun

With a flash of light 

That has turned me blind of eyes

But enlightens the inner cells of my chest. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


You Gave Me Everything


I sought nothing from you 

Yet you offered me everything

Your orchard,

Your graceful garden with luscious fruits

You gave me everything-

Your orbs, your ups and downs,

Your apples,

Your oranges,

Your cherries,

Your heart and soul

Your laughs and smiles,

Your adder-like hairs.


Tell how I bear all these

I have only a heart full of love up to its ridge. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


A Play


I keep a piece of stone on thy chest

And you take it in tenderly.

We play this sport over and over again

Alas! You are never tired.

The ocean of juice is over-flooded

And I get floating up like a dead fish.

You are the ship

I endeavour to become its helmsman

The fuel of whose is your desire. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 





Somebody had stolen it from my zoo

It was bestowed upon this poor poet 

By the Celestial Deity

Prior to a century

Before I was born

To shed sighs.  0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


One By One


One by one 

The planets, breaking its net, fall down

To my wounded heart

At night, at mid-day, at noon 

When I am out of myself

 It makes me dumb to sing. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


Reminding Him


Reminding him 

Please, O my Heart, 

Do not weep

He will take birth again 

When you will die to get your soul back. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


A Love Motto


The Sun needs no instruction

It will drink and sleep in time

How long I would wait for death 

Since death is my day and night. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves

An Artist


Don’t ask me for my Introduction

Don’t ask me my Whereabouts

Please do not waste your fuel in pursuing me.

Open your eyes 

Let your eyes look around

Let your heart feel

You will find my introduction 

You will know my whereabouts

You will know my ubiquitous existence

You will find me –

In the tears of the children 

That have lost their parents in the face of bullets

In the heart of the weeping widow

Who have lost their husbands in the flame of fire

You will find me in the heart of the young girls 

Who have lost their existence in the cruel hand of love.

Sometimes you will find me in them 

Who make beds on the ridge of busy streets on the chilly winter night.

You will find me in the heart of a poet 

Who is cynically wearied of life.

And if you bear a heart you will also find me in your blood.

I am an artist

In the world of sorrow, sufferance, pain, exploitation

In the world of high and low 

In the world of sighs and woes

You will find  my whereabouts

I am alive  everywhere

I am alive forever. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


My Heart is There


On the other bank of the river 

There is a mountain


Fire bursts out from it

And a poet says:

My heart is there. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


When the Night


When the night is in sleep

All the lamps are off

The sky is under the blanket of darkness 

My heart is lonely

Then I dream the dream of 

How I can make my spirit alive.  0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


A Riddle


A snake 

Like a dream

Encircles the world

But forgets that- 

He himself is a snake. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


How I Believe


The spring season would make us smile

I don’t believe

It would turn the yellow leaves green

I don’t believe

It would cleanse the foul world

I don’t believe.

With thirty springs

I have played. 

Yet there is the river of tears

Yet there is the foul smell of the Earth

Yet children are being made orphans

Yet the world is red with blood. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


Power of Words


I died for the whole yester-night

Believe me!

Surrounding my death comes the night,

Comes the darkness,

Comes the lonely solitude.

How wonderfully!

Surrounding my death comes forth the offspring 

Of words through the door of my heart.

How wonderfully the offspring of words have changed

All the programmes of my universe.

And changing themselves they fill me up 

With all the awkward solitary queer intuition.

The queer sound of words has made 

A drastic change of my inner entity.

I have heard the sound 

That breaks the concrete stones of the skyscrapers.

The triple tones of it thrust down the cell of my blood.

I died for the whole yester-night.

The death has changed the colour of my heart

And I can bear the extreme heat of the Dog-star.

All the doors and windows of my heart have opened

And now I can see all that is beyond our physical world.

It is for the words that I died for the whole yester-night

Making myself dead I have tasted the manna of the light

That makes me live for my fellow being. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


For My Men


If you call upon me

For my fellow human being

I can make my soul dead.


For my countrymen 

If you call upon me 

I can make my blood flow out till the last drop.


For my comrades 

If you call upon me

I can make my tears shed.


For brothers and sisters  

If you call upon me 

I can sacrifice my soul.


For my men 

If you call upon me 

I can taste the cup of death 

Again and again. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 




I can wait for you

If you can make your heart feel 

How deep my love is… 

I can wait for you 

Singing the song of benign night

Whimpering the hoary wind

I can wait for you till the end of my breathing. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


Yesterday Morning


Yesterday morning

A pair of white doves 

Came flying down my breast

I embraced them with all my might 

But alas!

Today morning, I found a piece of heavy stone 

Pressing me down. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


Silent Was the Night


Silent was the night 

Dark was the world

Lonely was I 

When she came 

With a garland of flowers in her hand 

But with a knife in her breast

Alas! I am dead. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves




Yester-night the world made a revolution against

The fields full of greens

It rebelled against her children who are blind

Though they have eyes

It rebelled against them who are dumb

Though they bear throats, uvula and tongue

It made a revolt against them who are deaf 

Though they have ears

It rebelled against itself

We know nothing of them 

We are in eternal sleep! 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


Under the Starry Sky


In this ubiquitous universe

Under the starry sky

And with the passing of hours

I find being unacquainted with myself.


The elm tree 

On the ridge of the street

Day by day is getting old

Its leaves are turning yellow

And at last, it becomes unacquainted with itself.


 Mankind, the Supreme Being 

Who claim in pride:

We are civilized

Becoming queer beast

And with them, the Sun is emitting more red lights.0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


As If I Grasp Up


I am in such a state

As if I will grasp up 

All the strength and crowns of the kings

I think, I,  with all the perfumes of flowers,

Make the earth sweeter

And raise this muddy world up to the snowy mountains.


I think I will play on all the flutes 

And sing the songs of Eternity

My blood congeals

As if it is in the freeze for centuries. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


A Troop of Cavalries


Just now 

From the page of history

A handful of wind 

Have given birth to a troop of cavalries

On their journey through the desert

They will encounter a band of pedestrians

Who will overcome whom

Whether the cavalries or the pedestrians

I think I am one of them

But I know not 

To which troop I belong. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


They Will Come


They will come with a burning banner 

Getting down the hackneyed black flag

Of the old centuries.

They will come 

With two armful love 

For our loveless hearts.0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


For My Mother


Just now

The sun comes down to my courtyard

To adorn the withered breast of my mother.


Just now

The Rainbow of the Oriental Sky 

Comes down to smooth the wrinkled eye-brow of my mother.


Just now

The western wind comes down to my tiny world

To lull the age-long pangs of my mother.


Just now 

The twinkling stars come down to my hand 

To enlighten the dark cells of my mother. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


They Know Not


The sun is on their shoulders

Shedding light on their dark cells

Yet they say:

We are out of light

A poet says: 

It is a welcoming realization. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


Walk On


Walk on but very cautiously

There is your king

In his hand

Fire, whirl-wind

Even the ghost dreads of him


The King does not know –

His soul is in your hand. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


If I Ever Be


If I ever be a lake of water 

You would be a yellow flamingo

And swim on from morning till noon

From noon till morning.

If I ever be a star of the sky

You would be its twinkling light

And drive away the darkness of the breast of the Earth.

If I ever be a plant

You would be its flower

And drive away the foul smell of the world with your fragrance.

In every moment of our embrace 

We would inundate the world with the juice of love. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves




Beauty lies everywhere

In the woods 

In the morning sun,

Beauty lies in the forest 

Where the hares run.

Beauty lies in the morning dew

That falls on grass,

Beauty glitters upon the rose and lily

And glitters so much.

Beauty is even in the far off Moon

That sheds silvery light

The stars that twinkle emit beauty 

In the adder-like dark night.

Beauty lies in the open tract of land

Where grow wild plants

Beauty is also in the tiny ants.

Beauty is in the glow-worm

That plays with dappled light,

Beauty is everywhere- around us 

But alas!

Our heart is so black. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


I Like 


I like to be burnt

But it does not mean that 

I cannot burn others.

I like to be defeated

But it does not mean that 

I have no ability to win.

Being burnt and burnt

Being defeated and defeated

I like to show –

How much beautiful life may be! 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


I Draw


I draw my sketches

The sketches of my heart and feeling

I portray the image of the world

With all its dark and light

Joy and pain. 

The world itself is my feeling. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves

My Mother


My mother, now a septuagenarian, is not like the mother of any other poet

My mother knows neither-

What is called literature nor what is called fine arts

She does not know what poetry is,

Neither does she know what a poet does

She knows not what architecture is 

Nor does she know what sculpture is.

My mother in her entire life span has not visited any art gallery

She has never heard any dialogue of any dramatic performance

Even if she hears the recitation of a piece of poetry 

Her face shows neither agitation nor any emotion

She thinks life is as she is

Otherwise, all are beyond life.

My mother is a lady who is inexperienced of Anthropology and of Neology

My mother does not know- 

What Newspaper is

Why it is read.

Once when she happened to look at a moving picture in a television

She made a disgusting wry of her face

And commented: I don’t believe in what is beyond nature

Only the devils can speak with the pictures.

And she is my mother who has never spoken a word in the telephone

She does not believe the Satans.

And it is my mother who during her entire life 

Has not worn at least a single pair of shoes.

My mother knows neither the meaning of Revolution nor the significance of Struggle

My mother is quite unknown of the conflict of Capitalism and Communism

She has never seemed to hear the name of Marx nor of Aristotle.

My mother does not know- 

That at the time of any Political Election the Leaders speaks in a loud voice 

And make our hearts swell up 

Though with them it is the fifteenth election in my mother’s life.

My mother has never heard of the Press Conference or of Inauguration Meeting. 

My mother is a simple innocent naive village woman.

My mother has never been to the door of any educational institution

If anywhere she happens to make a signature 

She puts forward her right thump with dove-like innocence.

My mother does not like the modern custom of sending the children to school

If she happens to see a girl frequenting a school 

Her heart pains for the whole night in fear of violating her chastity.

In her entire life, I have never heard her encourage us to reading

She hates those who sing or try to learn singing

She has neither enjoyed any Dance Performance nor any Music Night 

Once when she heard of such a night 

She commented with much abhorrence:

Those are the acts of the prostitutes and beggars.

While in searching  a bride for me 

She looked into all the surrounding villages 

In search of an illiterate girl below twelve.

She often said: Marry an illiterate but chaste girl and be happy.

She hates all who earn their livelihood other than cultivating the land

In her whole life hardly has she shown any tendency for buying vegetables from the market

She wishes to meet a natural death.

She does not know what the name of her motherland is

She neither knows-

The name of its President

Nor the name of our Prime Minister.

She does not know that Mahatmaji with the weapon of Non-violence 

Had freed our dear land from the yoke of the British

She does not know why our land is called ‘India’ or ‘Bharat’

She only happened to know the name of her village

Her village is her motherland

Her village is her world 

She does not believe that there may have any village like the village in her surroundings.

In her entire life span, she seemed not to speak a single lie.

My mother for me is the symbol of all Natural virtues

She is a thousand books that make me think more and more about matters

Than the entire mankind with all their store house of knowledge can teach me. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


Again And Again


Again and again

Please don’t induce me to my image

I am an airy nothing.

Again and again 

Please don’t make me weep

I am beyond what I wish to be

All my tears have been dried off. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


I am Out of Myself


Within the dark green forest

I am a stranger

The dripping sun-light called upon me 

To call on my mate

Along the bank of the hilly spring

I wandered and wandered after a dark shadow.

Yester-night I dreamed of a day 

Coming downward- till I am dead.

The wind whispered on my ears:

Don’t follow the dream

You will be assassinated

If you can follow your own footstep

As the sun follows its orbit 

The moon its own

And the world round the sun.

For the whole yester-night 

All the moon-light dropped down to my breast

Alas! Where would I keep all these blessings 

I am out of myself. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


Your Song


Your song reminds me of my sword built of many wounds

Song like the burning lamp of the sky conscious of love and rebel

Your song makes me lose my identity and I become a man

And a symbol of panic-stricken, suffered, exploited, forlorn mass. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 






In the fleshy body of the increasing moon-light

The black dress of death lies

The sorrow-stricken sun-light 

Lies headlong under the root of elm tree

In the deep dark night 

They send their anonymous letter to my woeful heart

The unknown poet of the street reads and weeps.




From his hand, my love swings down

And his soul from that of mine

We are friends and foes to each other

From morn to eve.

But from the break of the night to the break of day 

We both play with the dark

Every once I suffer the discomfiture

And he wins over me

I am a downtrodden artist 

He is the mighty king!




Thus our life from him to me 

From I to him 

Revolves round each other

We are the subjects of the domain of Darkness

Say: how can we overcome our legacy? 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


Liberty, My Darling


Will you not call on me?

I am hungry for you

Since my birth my soul is far away from your sight

Please, darling, come to-night

I have been waiting for you since my first crying on the earth

If you hesitate please come silent

While the whole world is in dead sleep after day’s tiresome journey

Let the full moon shine on the head of mankind

Let the cricket sing aloud 

Let the leaves of the trees grow green

Let me breathe

I am suffocated

Please call on me or let me die. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


The Great He


Nothing is there to molest our psyche

Where the Great He dwells

We are given sins to commit

To know Him well.


Nothing is there to brood over

What remains is His will

Nothing is there to think that happens

It is He the gap to fill.


He is ours, we are His

All are vice-versa

To haunt after desire 

Only our mania.


Light that peeps through horizon

Is nothing but His shadow

It is He that guides the stars

And send us breeze mellow. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


I Love Only Him


I love only him, only him

He is amidst the pain-affected brain

He is in the dancing golden corn-field

He is in the defunct silent moments of the deep silent night

He is the rain of the moon and crystal-like freshness 

On my barren bosom.


I love him, only him

He flies about in my day-to-day life

Being a swift bird

He is in the silent darkness 

To lull the bleeding of my wounded heart

In my heart he gives rise to the hill of courage 

And the flow of spring.

He is the song of my sorrowful days

And the tide of my rhythm

He is the nurse of the core of my tender heart.


I love only him, only him

He embraces me when I am forsaken by all

In the deep sandy desert


He is in the water, in the wind, in my respiration

He is my inborn mate

He is words, words, words. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


I Hear Her Whimpering


I hear her whimpering

Her whine,

Her blind loud weeping,

Her outcry

For a morsel of rice

For a piece of bread,

For little water.

And I hear the agony of her inner she

Inexplicable in rhyme. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


My Sorrows


My sorrows- your laughter

My sufferance- your sneer

My tears- your quaint looks

My silence- your din and bustle

Of feast with the witches

My weeping- your resource of joys

You are a man- I am a man

But between what a vast ocean! 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


The Poet


No poet has his definite whereabouts

He is chiefly the winged invisible revolution

He is the easy affection of the flow of love 

In the wind trembled in times of chaos

He is the laudable tone of hoary heart.

Word is his sword, his gun, his bow

He is far away from death 

He lives from heart to heart

He lives through mortal to eternity.

He makes us sob

He makes us weep

He fills our heart with the fuel of courage

He makes us live in death. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


If I Could


If I could breathe

I would have smeared the greens of the far off sky 

To your eye-brows

If I could put my hand upward 

I would have adorned your hair-lock 

With the rays of the glittering stars

If I could be free of the yoke 

I would have made roses bloom in your breast

But, O me!

I am chained since I have learned to love. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


Tell Me


Tell me-

Who forgets the pain in life?

Let my lexicon have a word more.

Tell me –

Who has not suffered in life?

I would keep my lines hid from him.

Tell me-

Who has not shed tears in life?

I would pull my eyes out for him.

Tell me-

Who has no love in life?

I would sacrifice my soul for him. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


What Do You Want


What do you want:






Take- here is my whole entity. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves




This compartment is absolutely reserved for him

This little compartment

Decorated well

Around its walls there hung the pictures of the heroines-

A bust of his pre-existence

In the month of July 

His dead body would be sent back. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


Once There Was


Once there was-

A shower of rain

A bevy of ladies

They halted where to halt

Sometimes they play where to play

Sometimes they danced where to dance

Sometimes they fell into the mud of hearts

Where falling into was prohibited

It is for which they are dead now. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves




Its name is pain





Head with a hood of thorn on it

Feet without any shoes

Hand-palm painted with myrtle green

Blood like that of everybody

It is just like a man







Eats and drinks

But remains hungry since its birth. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 




Be cautious

Don’t touch it 

It is a tiger

It howls like a Western Monarch. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


They Must Die Who are Dead


Stand up

Sit down

Again stand up

Again sit down-

Here is our death.


You make yourself stand up

When you are commanded: Stand up!

You make yourself sit down

When you are commanded: Sit down

You put your head forward 

When the rifle is held up- 

Forgetting the talk of Green Mountain 

And the melody of the hilly rills

Forgetting the bloomed flowers

Silvern cornful fields

Forgetting the talk of men and the dear world

They are you that let the heads put forward to the rifles and death

Here is our problem.

Though I hold your face upward showing the mirror 

And the rays of light

You wink and close your eyes and take back your face down

Though I relate you the story of struggle 

Yet you hear not 

You make your ears deaf

 I have gone into the interior of your soul 

And found that you are dead

Well they must die who are dead! 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves




It is only for two days 

Comes the comet down the earth

It was for the last two years on the Mars

The king of it purchased it from the lord of Venus

It will be given warm welcome by tomorrow

The gazette proclaims. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


It is Drizzling Rain


It is drizzling rain

From heaven to earth

Oh! No from the sky to the underworld

A heart full of affliction  

No rain can wash off the stigma born within.

Like the flow of ocean- tide

It causes our bosom to swell up

But in every morning it gets punctured. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves




Viper swallows the words of the dead

The words are the voices of the face of everyday

It lives on yelling loud cry

Like that of the Little Boy or that of the Fat Boy

Nursed well by the New World. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


As I Have Heard






Of war 

Our skilled smith will weld them out 

To present us peace and comfort with more death! 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


It Becomes


It becomes the time of curfew

The night sky has sucked the least particles

Of the rays of the city bathed in the sunlight.

Silent death comes down 

In the vein of my blood

I feel the wild weeping of the hill of Patkai

And a river flowing over my brittle bosom

That makes my eyes cry up to bleeding.


The lane and the sub-lane become dump due to agony

The sleepy snake creeps under the feet

The far off agitation of the suffocated traffics 

Bring in the complex anxiety of fear.

Life survives, yet survives 

And also survives the riddle of the lane

Yet we call ourselves the sons of immortality. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves




From an African play


Comes down

Cigar in his left hand 


He calls upon:

Enkindle it, enkindle it.

Beside him burns the candle of woods

Burns the flower and blood of the newborn babies. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


The World of Yours and Mine


Where the thousand and thousand stars burn to their last particles-

The spirit of the soul desires to be a bird

But no wings!

Alas! no wings

The flag of light drops down  

What is the sign of the stars to the stars?

The lost comet appears again deviating from its orbit

There burns the mockery of the sun

The pain of the light is smeared upon the blueness of the sky.

Yours is that sky

That is also mine.

She is our sister 

Sister of our all bears the innocent child of the civilization

Rainbow grows in her breast

She exhales the honey of life 

But we kill her ignoring her identity. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


We Are in Need of Him


We are in need of him

Who believes:

Through the fallen street 

Comes the flight of the sun-light

That would enlighten our dark heart

He is our best guide.

Come out 

Let us welcome him with our love. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves



Come from where you are 

I am coming out where I am

Let us make our earth the temple of peace. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


I Can

Up to the mountain

And can cross the sea by swimming

Searching the warmth of heart struggling against the creepers

But alas! I can hardly take my breath

I am strangled. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 




Every great poem is a great riddle

Break it- 

It would emit the dye of diamond

Suck it- you will get the fragrance of  honey

Drink it- it will strengthen you with the vigour of spirit.

Recite it- it will bloom being the fairest rose in your garden

Keep it with you- it will keep you alive.


Every great poem is itself an evergreen tree 

That yield fruits through all the seasons

Eat them and grow to live long

Every great god dreads it -lest it would overthrow the throne

Every great poem bears the strength of making 

Our heart swells up to heaven

Every great poem survives all the mighty kings.

Every great poem is itself a volcano 

That erupts suddenly and engulfs all the dirt

And broods out a newer Earth. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


Whose Path is Paved


Whose path is paved?

Whose eastern door is closed? 

Is the sun-faced sweet dream false?

Then stop looking

The breast of the sun is also dark.

There are two waves- life and death

Both are ready for their self entity.

Let us explore our respective chariot

Keeping away the circle of ever night

Let us go on our pilgrimage.

The sun is blind 

Yet the sun-light is true

Let us enlighten our heart by bleeding

Let us dissolve the fog of long nights

Our soul is the promise of being sunward. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 




The resonance of freedom

Flies from face to face

Where would it take shelter-

Everywhere it is chased to be hanged

The core of it is like that of an egg

Suffocated within. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


The Moon-light


The moon-light the other night 

Get welted in the golden dew

The ghost in such a time 

Called upon me  beyond the river

To enjoy life

But my path is thorny. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


I  Was There


I was there during my whole spring

Amid the red sands

Being the oasis of the desert

But no bird was there. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


Here is Nothing


Here is nothing 

Step by step only mountains

Snows and fossils-

Fossils of our forefathers

Fossils of decayed civilization

Here we are their offspring

Living in the skeleton. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


Words of Life


Dripping my quill

In the chin of sufferance 

I compose my verses

With the words of life. 0 0 0 

Evergreen Loves


Her Name


Her name is tears

Through my naked chest, it glides down

Smashing my bones

Whipping my hungry cells

From day to night

From night to day

With red flames of wildfire.  0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


To a National Hero


Thou art obstinate

Thy status is national

Sightless invigilator of pillage

Of exploitation

The monarch on thy breast

Thy field is full of easy-earned riches

The crown of thy head is costly

Thy backbone is replete with affluence

Have thou not heard the whining of a baby?

With thy bare forehead 

Thou have frowned at the bare lap of thy mother.

Have thou not felt-

How many cool nights had been spent by thy mother keeping vigil?

Now with naked body

With bare breast

Thy mother is half dead.

If you are a man

Throw away thy status and bow down to the feet 

Look at the tears flown out of the wrinkled checks of thy fainted mother.  0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 




Sometimes I am made dead by the Angels of Death

All my conscience comes to an end

Yet I struggle to live

Snatching the piece of duty from the bondage of time

Recollecting the page of promise

I shake my hand and feet to invigorate the arms of the new generation

With bold inspiration 

And fight to restore the broad horizon.

Thus with a strange reawakening 

I let the Dove of Peace fly to every bosom of my brothers.0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


Hoary Horse


In the silvern night of winter

Comes down a hoary horse of war

And urge me to ride on

I gallop on to the campaign 

And fight alone 

All my mates run off 

And mock at me

I happen to think- why I am born! 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves




Do you think- Revolution refers to the transfer of power?

I am not in your row.

Revolution is the inaugurated healthy space of time 

Broken out of the stagnant wall of forced darkness.

Revolution is the splendid faces of those 

Who are victorious of the Class-struggle?

Revolution is the morning bathed in the white sun-light

It is the thundering of the strangled soul

It is the transparent moonlit of nights 

After the bursting of ignorant bullets,

It is the green air after massacre, bloodshed and famine.

It is the spontaneous laughter of children.

Revolution is the harvest of the novel thoughts,

The song of golden hopes

It is the holy rain after drought.

Revolution is the ecstasy of living

It is healthy breathing, a wild breast full love and fellow-feeling. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


My Hackneyed Shirt


I have preserved my hackneyed shirt 

in a closed chest with much care

It bears the chronicles of the sufferance of the world

The sweat of my father

The pathetic manipulation of my mother’s tired palms. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


Difficult Time


How difficult time it is to grasp up

It is as abysmal as the blue sky

It comes to us as the sun-rays come to us

When with the sighs of throat

I try to forget my pains of breathing

It lulls me to hoary age.

How relentlessly it has grasped away my childhood and my youth! 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 




Every lonely night 

I commit suicide

The spirits of my dead friends come 

And give me the pleasure of their company

Some of them give me the agony of their loveless desire

Some of them give an oblique look at me 

Some of them give me their love, some of their abhorrence.

But everybody of them gives me 

All their belongings shaking off their heart

And then my dead body turns into ashes.

Every night I commit suicide 

My living friends call on me and give me their loneliness.

Thus I live and commit suicide

Thus I die and revive again. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


A Torso


On the left of the junction 

There is a torso of a king

 No hand it has 

Neither abdomen nor feet

Only a chest and two eyes

And with a crown on his head.

On its pedestal is inscribed:

At mid-night it yells for its aide de camp

A beneficiary of the king adds to:

He has to return from the Forest of Africa

By the night plane

Made of ivory.  0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


Modern Creature


It is a strange creature

Sun is her image

Endowed with pink China rose

Comely is her face

Yellow is her hand 

Silvern is her feet

Golden is her palms

Her hair-lock is as black as the chimney soot 

It walks like a fairy

A monkey plays with her shadow 

At dead night don’t go near her 

She falls in love with a dream. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


A Strange Animal


Do you know him?

It is a piece of rock

Oh! No 

It is a strange animal-

As old as the salt of water

Every day it makes itself new

It strolls about the serene solitary streets

At night its cold hand wants to make me warm

As the moon shines in the night sky. 


The strange animal is swimming

Round the ocean

It is amphibious

When the west wind blows 

It sings to solace its hungry heart

The song of funeral. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


I Have Seen


I have seen the field seduced by the over-water

The son of the pregnant corn buried under the sands of the river

I have heard the lulling song of the pyre

Caused by our brothers looted everything of the city.

I have seen their eager hands causing fierce devastation

I have seen their hypocrite and greedy rashness

Their living freak of fraudulent

And their ugly sins.

The ray of the sun-light is confined within 

That came out breaking the hard uterus of the Earth.

The desert comes ahead slowly 

The bunch of orchid flowers fall down in the cote of the banyan tree

Slowly and slowly they efface 

All the green and golden colour of the heart

As an inner disease does.

It makes the earth dappled coloured with blood.

It builds the tomb of boughs, trees and flowers with the bricks 

Transforming a river into a desert and a fountain into a hill.

A ghost of cicada loses its way while flying from sands to sands for water.

This year the month of December comes earlier

The black cloud of the months of June and July still roaming over our heads.

In the fields of the farmers, the wheat or bazra has not swelled up.

And the dates fall down earlier before they are ripe.

Brothers, let us live! 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


Still Today


The flock of white doves does not fly over our head

The green fields of ours do not lull our tired heart

The sun cries up to its throat being separated from her maid

Mother falls swoon whose child is carried off from her bosom

Still today we are dead in life. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


The Bahag


The Bahag comes thus

Ringing the drum and pipe

Carrying in the perfumes of spring

Scattering the tone of love in the heart.

The Bahag comes with bloomed flowers

It comes with jolly sky

But it is far off from the orphans like us. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


Give Back


Please give back our snatched-away sun

Since then our sky is gloom and dark

Cloud over cloud heaps up 

And our world is buried in the underworld

Give back our sun. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


Every Night 


Every night is itself a solitary song

The poor poet is its tone

Every night is itself a scarlet sun

The poor poet is its withered light. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


You Taught Me


You taught me, my Love

Life means the marriage of tears with tears

Feeling of joy within its dream. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


When We Talk


When we talk of the world of Peace

My friend, you say of struggle

And then my talk of peace 

Mingles with the dyes of the rainbow.

And then both of we become the symbols 

Of both peace and struggle

But alas! We are born dead. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


One After the Other


One after the other 

The bricks of the wall of the orphan 

Beaks down

As if the whole world is going to extinct forever

His every hair turns into a stick of burnt iron

His every sigh reflects 

That the human civilization is on the wane

His life is now in the deserted ocean

Amid the torrent of men, he is alone. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves




I find him hanging in the sky

Being a star

He is as hard as a mountain

While I approach him 

He talks boldly of Revolution

And the talk of a gust of storm. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves


Don’t Be Sorry


Don’t be sorry 

I’m a being fugitive

One day I’ll come back

And then you will feel-

I was fugitive in your heart. 0 0 0

Evergreen Loves 


Once Again


Once again I’m in the state of darkness

Bereft of a heart to feel

What should we exchange between ourselves?

We are made heartless 

Lest we would raise our hands against the darkness!


The sun sinks in blood

Yet autumn comes but not to our heart

But to them who are blind yet pretend to see. 0 0 0



* The End *


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