For My Countrymen



For My Countrymen

For My Countrymen

For My Countrymen

(Collected Poems)




Menonim Menonimus




Internet Edition


For My Countrymen (A Collection of Poems) ‘by Menonim Menonimus, Published by




Internet Edition




D.T.P. by M. Samima

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For My Countryme 


When I Die

Guide Me

Reading the Poets

For  a Long Time

Inside My Soul


Only to Me

The Moon is With the Caravan

Her Jaunty Braid


Do As You Like

Kill Me

The Stone

For My Countrymen

My Beloved is Seized off

The Baby

The Cowards

Don’t Walk Behind Me


They Did Not Know Us

They Say So

Who is There

She Alone

She is to Melt

With Love

The Postman

I Dip My Eyelashes

How Strange

She is Now

We Wanted to Drink

The Rose

For Freedom

You are Fantastic

You Come

I Was Delving

The Night


The Coloured Meadows of Life

From the Egg of Violet

I Walk Between

I Wander

Date Trees

From the Heart of the Hills

I Am Killed

Come and Let’s Rouse

Oh My Darling

Love For My Motherland

To My Motherland



What I See

In a Solitude Chamber

A Woman Says So

You Are My Dream

Who are You

This is My Shadow

She Used to Say


Oh! Beloved

I Will Not Cry

To My Darling


Princess of Dream

O Brunette

Our Secrets

When the Night Falls

I Imbibe Myself





I Give Away

The Shadow


Prayer to the Sea





  When I Die

When I die

They eulogize me

With all the green myrtle leaves

And all salute my coffin 

Homage is paid to me! 

But seem not to free me

From the shackles of captivity.  0 0 0 

For My Countrymen 

Guide Me

One day they thronged here

With the olive leaves

And waved their hands biding adieu to me

And with them, they had the questions of eternity.

They thronged here with my dreams

Either in insanity or in sound mind.

While from my forehead the hopes were dangling

And from my palms dropped down the stars

And the forests shunned the sun.

How I draw my lightning on your bed

Guide me…

Guide me, oh Blackness!

From this mortality to eternity. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

Reading the Poets

On a cold winter evening

We were reading the poems of the bygone age

Sitting under the elm tree. 

Beside me was my dearest one.

I read the lines aloud

And she imitated them with a muffled voice.

Some of them I could hardly decipher

And she commented: all must be gold or rubbish.

We were revising, but with no talk

Sometimes she gave a smile ignoring my heed

Sometimes she dissembled as if she understood them all.

But the portion we understood was the talk of our heart

Written prior to our birth.


Years have passed- long years

I have ceased to read those poets

But understand them better

Which were left to them for being hard to decipher.


She is not with me

I am not with her

We are far away from each other

Sometimes she rings me and says:

Friend, I don’t know whether you like those poems or not

But I myself have become a piece of poetry.

Half understood half not. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

For  a Long Time

For a long time

In the heartbeat of our people

Dwelt a Bullet.

Carrying with which we reared up our children 

And teach them how to live 

And die being bullet-stricken. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

Inside My Soul

Inside my soul I named you 

And on your vastness 

I stretched the map of the question:

See how I can afford myself

To hunt for such obsessions aggrandized like deep marsh

Transmogrifying the mounts into knockers

Striking the beds of the sea.

See how I can afford to wake up and not to wake up

While the river inundating

My heart’s obsessions.

Out of sand a line of scorpions crept praising as in worship

In the name of the eclipsed promise

There they emptied their poison

Bringing down their luxurious blackness on me

And with no trace of lethargy glistens

As if they were ring doves

Attempting flying in a fragmented space

And to the killed light.

The banners fastened their wedding parties

While they lifted my death

From a temptation that fluctuates

Between hope and illusion

I am with no hope!

While this light that reflects in gold

Is the light of my dust!

As if the palms of hand and dust are one and the same.

As if I and the bullets are one and the same! 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 


The censor who supervises the errors in the book

Devouring the words

The alphabets

And sentences

With the colons and semicolons 

Till my book becomes neither distorted prose.

Oh, my God

What am I going to do

With all such ink and papers? 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

Only to Me

Only to me 

You insinuated the wound of the heart 

And the weeping of the orphans.

You blame me when you come

To peep into my secret agony

And make me hear the elegy

Half told before I was born

In your bloomed heart and lips.

I am roaming about rounding the coarse hills 

Moaning in the sea of your love. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

The Moon is With the Caravan

The Moon is with the caravan

So vast for the dream 

Too short for my flesh

Then who takes half of the tale into the lap

Told by none but by the Spirit of Eternity

Whispering to my ears. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

Her Jaunty Braid

Her jaunty braid

When under the shade of a tall tree

Signifies to me 

That she is in need of a male friend.

A temptation in her look

Then a rapid turn

To the wild road

Where the street-boys stretch forward their claws

She is in a confined cell now.


She cautiously flutters

Flutter sand floats

Over the Indian Sea

Her blood outruns

Through her deep hot sighs. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen


Pearls dropdown 

Through her dimple cheeks

And get reflected in the mirror of my bosom!

In the course of time, all will go dry

But not her pearls would turn arid!

Though all desert along with I will dry up. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

Do As You Like

Take off your hat 

And bow down the feet

Of the wind which shakes your long hair-lock.

Once the wind had been your guide,

And heart’s mate

Now bow down and relax

Then sit down under the bare tree

Once it had been thine

It is your love that makes it bald.


You may mind or not 

Put a canvas on a tree

Take a pen

Draw an agile woman in sleep!

Or ignore it

You are as free as the wind. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

Kill Me

Kill me

But let me have your last kiss

But before you throw my bones away in the bog,

Eat me by piece

But let have the touch of your breath

Before you devour me

In the dark, darker night.


I was wandering my universe

With a sword and small dreams

I rode the world and went stiffly

But on my road, I suddenly became aware of

That my dreams are dead

As I am a captive in your soft cruel hand. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

The Stone

It is the Stone

Ah, how I convey unto thee 

What does it mean?

Is it not a piercing comet

Trailed with a blazing flash?

It is the stone

It is the Median wrath

Exploding the thousand hearts

Of the newborn babies.


It is the Moon

Wandering around the gowns of the night

Awakening the slippery path 

Dragging into the alleys of the city

Fusing its beam in the juice of your orifice.


Or it may be the song

To be chanted in the evening prayer

That the saints do

At the break of the night. 


It is a stone!

Created in our chest

To be carried with all our life

Waiting for the nice moments to come! 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

For My Countrymen

For my countrymen

I have been sacrificing all that I have

My veins, my blood, my feeling, my heart 

I have been forsaking all my entities.

Let the long sleep of my mother be broken

Let my mother be alive again

With all its love and glory

With all her kindness and filial juice

Let my pride melt away under your feet.

Being tired of long travelling

I yearn for your soft chest to sleep in peace

For all the rest of my life.

I adore your eyes, my mother

With the hot tears in my eyes. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

My Beloved is Seized off

My beloved is seized off

By the gust of wind

Striking the depth which was absolutely mine.

My beloved’s sweet madness now is not mine

Her Paine forest has turned into a vast desert for me.

Her smile is no more a star

Nor alluring is her crescent lips. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

The Baby

The baby’s question declines

And the answer resorts to darkness

Asking about the war that has begun on his heart’s core

Oh! My motherland

Who wages the war of bloodshed? 

What is the reward or punishment for voicing against the war?

What is the guilt of emptying a will full of tiredness

And the hungry looks of the eyes 

Have I not the right to live and breathe? 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

The Cowards

The cowards

Can’t sleep

Because they are in great dread of victory

Though God is not unkind to them.


The brave can defeat everything  

Every mountain, every plateau, 

And the deep depth of darkness

Except for death!



Moves towards

The end, towards the eternity

That teaches us

How to seek gold

Out of shedding blood.

Is it possible to get together

Both love and hate

In the face of the same star. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

Don’t Walk Behind Me

Do not walk behind me

Like my shadow

Nor before me

Like my spirit

It is the time to be just a friend.


Don’t escape the dew drops

Just sniff its scent to enjoy life

With the fragrance of tulip.


Do not grieve over the martyrs

Just follow their footsteps

And go ahead to the battlefield

Like a bold son of our mother. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen


Why does the silence

Beat me with her elbows

Just like a deceased beloved does.

Though I’ve lost myself

Her soul is with me

And raptures within me

As every song gets tone in the throat of a singer. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

They Did Not Know Us

They did not know us anymore

We drifted from the cloud in the obstinate morning

Towards the azure eyes of the sky.

That was busy following the shadow.


She effaces his image in the exuberant sea waves

Telling me the talk of hunger

And the tale of her twittering lips.

They used to find

Our smiles that we exchange between ourselves

At deep dark night 

Beside the bank of the river.

Let them call us blind

We are lovers. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

They Say So

They say so 

That the first steps on the ladder

Start with the beginning of dawn

That leads us to the dear lap of our mother

Who keeps awake all the hour

Embracing us in her bosom. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

Who is There

Who is there

With the floating cloud

To remove the poems from the bosom of the sky?

Let him die unborn

The poem is the soul of civilization

That keeps the existence ever young

From time immemorial to the future through the present

Knitting our hearts with the needle of love. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

She Alone

She alone

Exhaust her time

Standing by the side of the window-pane

For all the summer, for all the winter

Waiting for a perfect prince.

Alas! The king is death

How could the prince be born? 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

She is to Melt

She is to melt in the ice

With all her youthfulness 

Looking for a poetic night

Forgetting herself

She gets torn within. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

With Love

With love

I contemplate the endless blue of the sea

I behold the wings of dreams

Running over the waves

Like heavenly gleams

Singing in divine joy

The song of love and freedom

The song of life

I sail with my passion,

With my love

Leaving behind

My home

My language

My sect

My complexion

My worries

My fears

Walking hand in hand with my beloved. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

The Postman

The Postman came off and on

With the news of the universe

Delivered and departed.

Someday he came in the morning 

And someday he came in the evening

Carrying about your new tidings

Sweet were the letters

The fragrance was in the alphabet

Days were the night

Nights were the days

When the coded signs were deciphered

I smiled within myself

Joy was in my moments

Lively was my life

The hand palms were full of shining stars

The eyes were brighter

Even I could see in the dark

Spring had been my winter.


Alas! Time

You have gone on your way

Leaving with all the baggage of your joys

Now the postman has ceased to frequent

My days have turned into nights.


So is our love

Gives joy for a moment

Sheds tears for hours. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

I Dip My Eyelashes

I dip my eyelashes

In the night’s sweet scent

And I kissed

On the evergreen leaves of memory

Sprinkling  my sorrows

Under the shade of a cloud

Wetting them with the blood of ink

With the water of rain.


My longing passes by

Being mellowed with memory

Let me sip

The juice of her absence

Her sweet, luscious image. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

How Strange

How strange was her love? 

And her way of walking to the moon:

A word after a word

A wave upon a wave 

A sail that I could not see through the veil


I will stay here asleep until the night breaks

Like a blind bat 

And then will cry on the top of the flowery hill:

O you the beloved one

Come back

Let us decorate our valley.

Let us dream again in the endless night

Until Death carries us together to immortality. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

She is Now

She is now in a state of oblivion

Lying under the night’s armpit

Encircled with grief and waiting

No one remembers her anymore…

She awaits the emergence of dawn

From the breast of freedom

And for the sun to come out.

For uttering a word of freedom

She used to dream of the river and the sea

Of forests of evergreen trees

Of gardens of dates and grapes

After her, we wrestle like madmen

For a drop of rain. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

We Wanted to Drink

We wanted to drink wine

So they burnt the vineyards

And we had to quench our thirst with muddy water

Nothing remained but an image of the homeland

In the form of a burnt sod

Martyrs are they

Who died for our sake.

But we are dead 

Who will remember them? 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

The Rose

The rose with which I shared my fear,

Is now in utter decay.

It is time to perceive, and ponder over it.

It is time to borrow words

From their throats

But I am suffocated to death.

The worlds are in dread

To which all are accustomed to embracing.

As the solitude to solitude. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

For Freedom

Then I will come back to you

To give my face to be hit

And give my tongue to be cut

My mind to wake up

My heart to live on

And my blood to be washed away

On those forlorn days of slavery

Under the shadow of the sword

I shall come again being a soldier. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

You are Fantastic

You are fantastic

As a dream,

The cheeks are like roses

Shinning in the morning dew

When they spread their lovely petals

On the face of desire

I love you!

As the night loves the darkness

With all the jasmine fragrance. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

You Come

You come

While I am nailed to the window

With one half of my heart

And the other half on the table

Then the rose shows its exposed thighs.

With shock and pain, she asks me:

Why my fingers are falling apart,

Like the woods of historic past?

I tell her about my people 

And how they are

Let us draw near each other.


But she leans on me 

With her wet hair over my tears,

And my songs are aggressive, unruly and shy

But a history of oppression

Where for seventy springs 

We are kept in hunger. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

I Was Delving

I was delving

A place in your heart

To sow the seed of love

That my reality may grow within you

How can you instill hope

Without I?

You’ve come

Please don’t leave me

Keep your hand upon mine 

Let us enlighten the dark cells of our motherland

And then leave me

Or love me till the end of life. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

The Night

I’ve enkindled a pair of candles

To drive away the loneliness of the darkness

As the moon desires to play with the sea waves 

In the lonely solitude night

But in vain. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 


There is a well

That is thirsty for centuries

Beside the crazy mountain

Beyond which there is a valley

There my dreams are collapsing

Like pieces of the tower in an earthquake

Suddenly. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

The Coloured Meadows of Life

The coloured meadows of life

Decorates you, o my motherland.

My dear motherland,

I am piled up with your comely memory.

I sipped the wine of fear

From the mirror of tranquillity.

I thought dyes would wither

I was astonished to find it

Passing through the chasm of Destiny.

Eternity inscribes its letters over our face

Days are passing by like my shadow.

I am driven out from the benign lap of my motherland

And the heavy mist surrounds my hopes.

I will sing in spite of all the meadows of pain.

I will sing,

And get closer to you

That you may bring the prophecy of my wound into reality. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

From the Egg of Violet

From the egg of violet

A bird comes out

Being burnt in grief.

It sails up to the sun to be healed

To be healed by the moonlit in silver night

Stirring the womb of creation.

It wriggles around me

Grasping my poetic acumen.

I long for the bird of the violet

To smell his aroma on every lonely night

Thus I find myself wandering.

Losing my poetic imagery. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

I Walk Between

I walk between the walls of siesta;

Your memory pushes me

Whenever the night’s darkness makes its abode. 

I stand at the ruins of charisma

To be wrapped up by its aroma.

Come closer

O seizures of the solitude.

You are squeezing out my juice from my veins.

Taking hold of my fate.

Making me chase your sorrow

In sole solitude night. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

I Wander

I wander into your eyes

To engrave your name

On the plate of my heart

Wait a while,

O seizures of my spirit

Quench my age-long thirst. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

Date Trees

The date tree has bewitched you

Snatching you away from my entity

Leaving me forlorn, pain-stricken, wretched

Throwing me up the sky

Like a planet 

To be subservient to you Lordship. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

From the Heart of the Hills

From the heart of the hills

A tale was born

A tale of a maid

Who adores the rocks,

Leaving the living soul behind 

Embellishing herself with the imagery of a poet

Thus she comes to a nonentity

Without knowing it. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

I Am Killed

I am killed

By your prettiness

O, the pretty princess!

Memories rebel against my livery

As a nap takes me

To the state of unreal dreams

Of the past and of the present. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

Come and Let’s Rouse

Come and let us rouse our heart

Within us is a longing for beauty

That can be had only by our mutual love

And within our insanity

And within our defeat

And within our lust

That can be had by our mutual kiss.

Sad and depressed is the morning nectar

Grief-stricken is the face of this morning

Who keeps burning till its last entity?


Within me a desire to sip the talk

Of the river 

That becomes silence in my body

To the daylight which is embellished with Jasmine

And flows towards the thirsty veins

And towards the spot where you are. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

Oh My Darling

Oh my darling

I have the season of love 

Like this spring morning.

I have uneasiness

Within my desire

But I am among all the deprived

Dream alone

Heavily breathe alone

All alone, suffering from the sleeplessness of the veins

For your absence for long. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

Love For My Motherland

We all are wrapped in divine dreams,

Plucking the rose of creation,

Sipping your luscious juice,

Drinking the toast of love,

Feeling the moment of your invisible touch,

Singing and dancing all day,

Leaning on the voice of madness,

The trees stand all alone,

Naked, mournful,

Shrieking out with thirst and desire,


O homeland

My soul weeps

My heart is heavy and cold with mourning.

I will slay the image of death,

The yoke of slavery

That hides in the cave of sorrows,

And burns this fate,

And get you rid of the captive dungeon of hell

To a place where we will become the brothers of freedom.

Embrace me!

Take away the thorns of bitterness

From my bosom.

Let my eyes see with your light

Then let me sleep in the palm of a dream’s reality

For I have nothing but this warmth

Of your affectionate heart. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

To My Motherland

A crazy vicious moment

Without warning has got erupted

The lamps of love extinguished

The heart became void

And shrivelled.

O, my motherland

Sunk under with blood and fire

Death copulates with our futile past, present and future

Everyday compels us to embrace 

A thousand new tragedies

The youths of dreams get aged before time

Dawn hides itself inside a speckled serpent

Bitter malice makes us our enemies.

O, my motherland

Which bird will find a nest?

Which butterfly will find a flower?


Oh, my motherland

Make me your voice

The voice of the tortured and compelled

Ponder upon the tears of the orphaned and the bereaved. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen


Being mad of the unseen 

My soul sours up to the eternity

To feel utter ecstasy.

Entering the gates of heaven

Wrapped in celestial lace

Being wrapped in the light of the stars,

Followed by a choir of angels singing,

I prostrate

Feeling tranquillity in my spirit.

I hear a voice coming out of the aura


Upon thee, I bestow my mercy,

Exalting thee,

Placing thee in the heights,

Choosing thee

Among my beloved ones…!

But, before entering the eternal garden of love,

Let you pass through all the gates,

And behold my reward, my penalty,

My blessing, my wrath!” 0 0 0

For My Countrymen



I played with the companies of fire

And kissed their lips

And they mine.

And thus I got burnt without being ashes

Once I slew my friends

Because I inherited grief from them

And a living death.

My beloved came

Lamenting me with no tears.

I said to her:

‘I have been living forever.’

She said to me,

‘You are dead since your birth.’ 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

What I See

What I see in my house

But remnants of past memories

Twittering in tranquillity

Like bursting volcano

Spreading the flames of fire unto our breasts.


My past memories always run around me

And before me

They see me crouching in the secret corner of my home

Where there is no gleam of light.

My past memories are as brilliant as the mid-day sun

And strong like a mountain

As stubborn as the history

As compassionate as my mother’s breast. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

In a Solitude Chamber

In a solitude chamber

Dark and cool abide,

Valleys of darkness glide down 

Through the drops of blood 

And from its eyes, rivers of tears explode to flood.

And from the cheeks of cool

Comes out the blaze of fire

All of a sudden a strange woman steals into the chamber

And engulfs both the two. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

A Woman Says So

I am a woman

With dreary distant dreams

And in my soul

Stubborn laws.

Rhythm  melts

From the eyelashes of my spirit

My loved one comes unto me

Offering distance kisses

That gives me immortality with death.


Now I am in need of silver silence

To realize whether I am dead or immortal.

I am in need of an island

To expatriate my tears

So that love may make me mad. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

You Are My Dream

You are my dream 

A dream after a lost dream.

In my eyes the imagery of the past poems

That embraced their beloved 

With all their beliefs and disbelief

So I am aspiring to embrace you

At day, at night

Every time as I did in my dream.

To you, I had handed my heart over 

Embrace me as you did

O my beloved one

Please don’t send back my heart. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

Who are You

Who are you

Turning my verses to be trembled

In such a sweet spring?

You come to me as a poke,

Gathering me from the remnants

Instilling me over your gaps

And then you disappear

Leaving me in shapeless pain. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

This is My Shadow

This is my shadow

Extracted from the sharp side of a sword

Like a burning flame

Scattering darkness of hell. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

She Used to Say 

She used to say to her shadow:

Whence do you come? 

Who is your father?

Who is your mother?

She asked 

While I was searching for my soul in her bosom.

I replied: 

How can a dead spirit speak? 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 


She came out of his world of grief

Leaping up and down in ecstasy

Her loved one says to her:

I am overburdened with joy

Let me share some of your grief. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

Oh! Beloved

Oh! beloved 

I stood up and said to my eyes:

Stand up and look at my eyes

And see the ruins of people who leave it alone

Calling those who built it

Censuring those who ruined it

She said: O house, what happened to you?

Did the days change you?

And where are the people who lived here?

Did you get any news after they quit?

Did you?

They were here

They had dreamt here

They had drawn here

In the very bosom of my mother. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

I Will Not Cry

When I met you 

You wiped away the tears from my burning eyes

To meet you my eyes are blind

And my eyelids tremble with moisture

Being hopeful for a better future!

O my beloved, I am here with you

To take a firebrand from you

To get power from your light.

From here, my beloved

I am trying to hold your hands

And besides your head, I want to put my head

To rise up my forehead with yours to the sun

O beloved, you are like the mountain peak

And like the flowers of our homeland

How could I crush me?

How could I climb up to you?

Make me dead

I swear, after this, I will not cry! 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

To My Darling

O my darling, 

If you possessed the spirit of my madness

And some of my dense desire

The days to come would change the scars of sorrow

And build gorgeous palaces out of hard stone

A jewel of diamond

In the shore of life.

You are like water to the thirsty soul

And the anthem of my future.

You are my poetry

The Muse of my verses. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen  


I pray to God every day

In all my prayers,

I plead to God to forgive all my sins

Except for the sin of loving you.

In the sanctuary of your love,

I am a refugee

Appealing you for the touch of your lips. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen  

Princess of Dream

You are the princess of my dream

The dewdrops of my memory

And echoes of my words 

In my loneliness.

And in the heart of mine

A ragging gap

With the past breathings.

Princess of my dreams

Don’t rill

Reveals to me what you have

I am your trustee.


Princess of my dream

You are like the Sun in winter,

Tampering with daylight,

Rippling like a glittering stream,

You are the fence of my tears. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

O Brunette

O brunette, 

The night is jealous of your eyes,

Of your golden black hair.

Roses are jealous of your fragrance.

The mermaid is jealous

Of your chubby cheeks

The vineyard is jealous 

Of the sweet honey of your saliva.

The sky is jealous of your eyelid’s blue

The sun is jealous of your shining beauty.

O brunette

Let me be your captive. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

Our Secrets

Our secrets are

Pearls hidden in the heart’s cell,

Our tunes are like the strings of voice,

Our secrets are like arrows

Imprisoned in silence

Slumbering in the eye’s pot

Stuck in the tete-a-tete.

Our secrets are sparrows living in our haunch.

When we approach to embrace,

They fly away! 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

When the Night Falls

When the night falls

I put my memories on my eyelashes 

And get sleep over the membrane

Like a river that never meets the sea.

I sail within myself,

Striking the hurricane

Floating with the sea waves.

And then I die

With the dying night

With every drop of rain

With the darkening hours

As you rob me

Of my everything.

And then I take birth again with the sun rising

Being Death-stricken, agony beaten. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

I Imbibe Myself

I imbibe myself.

Being deserted along the shore of solitude

And come across my coming future

Being dipped under the throbbing of your every pulse.


I fall down like pieces of paper

I quench my thirst from a bereaved land.

I am strange to myself

My heart is on the aged woman’s lap 

To overhear your whispering. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 


Do you take pleasure in the taste of loneliness?

Have you ever tasted this?

Do you know?

It is a cigar sold in street- shops

He who sips it goes to the dog

And he who tastes it not repents till he takes to sip 

So is our life in the hand of the goddess of Love. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 


All the mirrors are bowl-shaped

Except for the face of my beloved

Reflected in the mirror of my heart. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 


He was declared a quisling a year ago

And was exiled to an Atlantic island

This very year he has returned to his motherland 

And find him aliened in his own land. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen


I repent for my loss

And in my loss, you feel joy 

My loss and your joy

Are but our inheritance come down 

From our predecessors. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

I Give Away

I give away my all 

To you, my friend.

I give my smile

My joys,

The dye of my hair,

The long mustache cut short

I give you all

My heart, my soul

My past,

My future

My birth 

And my death.

Kill me with your affection

Or give me life if you like

In your bosom.


You showed me the leaning tree

I don’t abhor you, my friend, because of your way.

But because in this unmanly age

It seems you are nobody

So for this reason, O my friend,

I jump down and fall

With no regret at all. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

The Shadow

The shadow takes a rest

Under the Peepal tree every noon

After it gets tired of waiting for its soul.


It opens up its mouth

To drink a drop of honey 

Dripping down from the rain

And leans on its own cheek

As on a pillow.

Thus the shadow descend 

To be tired every noon 

And to take rest under the Peepal tree

Being unaware of its existence. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 



The photo of yours

Kept on my table

Whispered to my ears

I closed my eyes and heard:

You are drinking the juice of life 

From the cup of death

I startled and wept all night. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen 

Prayer to the Sea

O sea

Would you like to hide me

From the clutches of many a hyena’s claw?

That keeps chasing after me 

Day and night, night and day.

Would you like to wash away my sins?

Done alone in a solitary night

Being tired of memory.

O sea!

Would you embrace me?

With the swift paces of a war-horse?

O sea, baptize me in your Sanctuary. 0 0 0

For My Countrymen

*The End*

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