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If You Go Away


If You Go Away

If You Go Away


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(If You Go Away)


 Love is full of Bliss

Give Me a Piece of Paper



Rose and Fire


Ode to Spring76

If You Go Away

For Love (II)


To God         

To Medona



That You Say


The White Dove

After My Death

Love II

I am Tired

Talk of Mine

The Bright Sun

Good Deeds



Again Drops of Tears


My Love

He is Coming

Look at the Spot


You Say

Learn by Life


To My Mother

In Search of a New Sun


Unfelt Feeling

With the Feeling of Love 

My Companion









Love is Full of Bliss


Love is truly full of bliss

It hums in my ears like bees.

What will I think of my flower?

Is she always mine and near

Is she for my heart and care

Love can but never sear.

What will you think of me?

I’m always thine and thine

Be truer as you seem to be

You are mine and solely mine.  0 0 0

If You Go Away

Give Me a Piece of Paper

Give me a piece of paper

Let me have written the diary of the night

The page of which is full of blood

I’ve ink but of tears

Sighs are the letters

Words are made of pain

Sentences are made of shrieks.

The interpretation of which will be death.

Perhaps I’ll not be living by tomorrow

I’m a crest-fallen being

Now sunk in the sea of woes

I see nothing- I’m turned blind

Everywhere there is dark and deep dark

The stars of my sky have set down

Even the glowworms are beaten down by the storms. 0 0 0

If You Go Away




For long days he is away from home

His poor parents took him about here and there

Even they are unable to catch his shadow.

He was a young boy of twenty

Playing of football was his hobby

Even he won some matches

He was simple, handsome

And curious to know more

But the whip of poverty drove him away from home

Someone reported to his father:

He has got a job in a gang of terrorists

And having finished his gorilla training in Myanmar

He is serving in the northeast.

His father lost himself in the air of tears and sighs

And muttered within himself:

Why had he not died in the brew?

All of a sudden he happened to hear

The knocking at the door

Opening up the door he met the peon

Who delivered to him a telegram

Where was written:

My dear father, 

Think not of me

I’m in the world of the Sun

In the light of which I’ll present you with a newer life

Full of peace, equality, brotherhood and fellow-feeling

Free from poverty, fear, disorder and exploitation. 0 0 0                            

If You Go Away




Long, bending, twelve-colored, charming Rainbow

Is glittering in the eastern sky

But my hand is empty-

Neither a stick nor a ladder is in my hand

To bring down the bow

I leap and jump putting my hand up and up

But every time I stumble down and got wounded

I’m now wound-stricken

Yet I leap and jump

I hope one day wings must grow on my arms

And then I’ll fly up to the sky

I’m a piece of stone 

That can both speak and move-

But never breaks down. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


Rose and Fire


Rose is in your hand

Fire is in my belly

Would you like to exchange your rose

For my fire?

Would you like?

Friend, wait and see-

Your rose is your volcano

My fire is my spring! 0 0 0

If You Go Away 




You’ll like and love my lines and speeches

As I draw your veins, your skins, your heart and brain

I speak in your voice

And utter for you what you ought to utter

You have been walking through a maze

in the dark. 

You have been speaking in the tone trained by the


You have been eating, drinking, doing as your fathers did.

A day must come when you’ll see with your own eyes

Speak with your own voice

Act with your own hand

Think with your own brain

Feel with your own heart

And then I’ll be your dearer

And then you’ll see all my uttering is your own

My uttering is the cock that will wake you all. 0 0 0

If You Go Away


Ode To Spring


O Spring, the darling of all the seasons

Thou art matchless, ever young, evergreen

Ever glorious, ever beautiful just like one’s first darling.

Like a sullen beloved, you remain far away from me

And this absence enhances my love for thee.

You remain silent in a drowse-like monsoon

That rising up from hibernation in the month of April and May

Carry clouds and rain and moisturizes the dry- thirsty land

And adds spirit to the roots of grass, plants and crops.

You are the brook that issues out of high hills

And glides down making melodious songs to our ears.

You are the overflood with a heavy surge

That inundates the earth and fertilizes 

The crust of our dales and vales.

You are the rainbow that bears twelve colours

To lull the love-stricken heart of the poets.

What are the Moon and her beauty in front of thee?

In thy face thousand flowers bloom

Spreading fragrant smell and allure 

Thousand of birds and bees to dance and fly upon thee

Thy forehead is the source of infinite rays of light

Borrowing some of which the sun enlightens our Earth.

You are a book of poetry reading which 

The poets invigorate their creative power.

You are a flock of fawns

That dance and leap on the green grass

And plays hide and seek with the travellers.

You are a compact disk 

That contains thousand of tunes and cadences

Borrowing only a few of which

The singers sing songs and achieve glory.

Thou art a resource of music and lyrics

That has produced our Lata, Jackson, Johnson and many a Rafis.

Thou art a lake of living love

That makes us live and keeps us living. 0 0 0

If You Go Away


If You Go Away


If you go away from me

Perhaps in my mind there will arise:

Some reminiscence, some darkness, some rays of light

Some queue of smiles and some drops of tears.

If you go away from me

Perhaps in my mind there will arise:

The transparent sky after raining

The glittering moon-light

And the moments that you had handed over to me forever.

If you go away from me

Perhaps in my mind there will arise:

Some feelings that would make me mad

Or make my life cease to living. 0 0 0

If You Go Away  


For Love


Perhaps I’m the most selfish

For that- 

I can stick to you 

All my life-sucking the juice of your love

I’m obstinate and mad of you

For I can live or die with you

I can laugh and weep with you all my life.


Perhaps I’m the most selfish 

For that – 

I can go away from you in a moment forever

In the light of the day 

And even in the dark of the night.

And can live just with thy memory. 0 0 0

If You Go Away  




Have you not heard of me?

I’m your devotee for long.

A poor patient of love

I suffer and die, suffer and die

And take birth again only for your love

I don’t know-

Whether you know or not 

I’m your devotee for long. 0 0 0

If You Go Away


To God


God, why have you brewed me?

Is it for suffering?

God, why have you produced me?

Is it for your sports?

I’m in your hand a ball

You hurl me, kick me as you wish.

God, I’m your devotee

Give me the shapes as many as you like

And satiate your thirst.

God, bestow upon me 

All the sorrows and sufferance of the universe

Let me die and take birth to lull thy desire.

But please, my God, spare my offspring.


God whatever is your will—

Express through me

I have kept open my heart, my soul, my hand

And my eyes and my head

Let me be the compact disk of all thy wills

And let me show Your might. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


To Medona


My Medona for so long days


Whose dream have you composed?

Tell me-

How can I help you

To safeguard your all dreams?

Tell me, my Medona

My chest is kept open 

You can vouchsafe your dreams here forever. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 




Why should I need to keep up 

The juice of my love?

What is at present

Is falling heavily to the wall 

For want of a cup.

Alas! I’m moribund 

Due to the wastage of my flower. 0 0 0

If You Go Away




Friends, let me take a deviation 

From the path of yours

Mine is never trodden

None has travelled before through my road

It is cliffy, rocky and full of thorns

Let me walk through and bleed

Let me see, tread and conquer

Or let me die in my feat.

I think it better to die in the struggle

Than to live like a coward. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


That You Say


That you say against me-

Is the melody to my ears.

That you censure me- 

Is the sweet music to my heart.

That you keep away from me- 

Makes my love deep to thee.

That you look at the sky-

Means that you look at my heart

Every night, every day 

I travel to eternity. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 




Certainly, you have killed me long ago

Now what you see is only my phantom

The deed I pursue is my habit only.

I’ve nothing to claim to be mine

I’m in the hand of destiny-

A puppet, a robot.

I do nothing

Only what my flesh does 

Is the abeyance to the commander.

Certainly, I’ve no eyes

My eyes have been made blind long ago

What I see is dark only. 0 0 0

If You Go Away


The White Dove


Look at the sky. 

The blue of the sky is covered with clouds.

The sun is shining but the light reaches not the earth.

The stars twinkle but in vain

The hills have trees but no leaves

The spring has water but no flow

The birds are in the air but their wings are broken

The flower- plants grow in lush

But there is no fragrance.

The lake is full of water but we are thirsty.

All are in chaos again

As the cosmos was in the beginning.

Only the hours are living

Look at the sky-

A white dove is flying over the clouds.

It is about to fall down to our lap

Come out, my mates and maids 

Let us come out of our ever-locked door

And let us break down the vault of clouds

And let the white dove come down.  0 0 0

If You Go Away  


After My Death


After my death

Let me not forget the moon 

The trees, the woods, the bowers with golden lily,

The silvern jasmine, the sweet-voiced parrot

With them, I live all my life.

Let me not forget- 

The rippling sound of the mountain spring,

The soaring song of the lark,

Humming music of the bees and birds.

They were my playmates since my birth.

Let me not forget my friends and colleagues

They loved me much.

Let me not forget my foes

They taught me a thousand lessons.

Let me not forget my hard beloved

She taught me to suffer long. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


Love II


Love is a word

O no,

It is a feeling.

O no,

It is a divine bliss

As hard as a metal

As easy as air

As brittle as a piece of glass.

It is as obstinate as a viper

If it bites one must die. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


I am Tired 


No, don’t approach to me 

Just this moment.

No, don’t embrace me 

Just this moment.

No, don’t look at me 

Just this moment.

No, don’t put your arms toward me

Just this moment.


I’m too much tired of your cruel love. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


Talk of Mine


Talk of mine 

If comes to your mind

Tenderly open up thy heart

There you will happen to see-

My love is sitting silently

Singing song to thee

The song of spring. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


The Bright Sun

(To Sister Patricia)



Look at- 

The bright sun is ahead of you

It rises up

Peeping through the blanket of the horizon

Divining away the crowded clouds of its orbit.

Welcome it, sister

Catch it up to your chest

How bright, how lovely, how joyful, 

How pleasant the sun is! 

Still, it is morning, the noon is at a distance

It seems you are already near it

But am I?

I am far away from its sight.

Throw your eyes to the west

Look at and be glee

You have already acquired the wings 

To fly up to it

But am I?

I am a beamless star shrouded by dark and dark

And visible no more

Hold tight to your sun

And let me be shined in thy light. 0 0 0

If You Go Away


Good Deeds


Mind, don’t be disturbed within

In name lies nothing

The deeds we do is all

If our deed is well

We are well

Otherwise, a man will fall.

Can a thing acquire praise? 

If it is worthless in service

The glory of life comes

Not from vain fame

But from the deeds one does

If you call a cuckoo

Either bastard or mulatto

It would sing-song fine so.

The sea is a sea-

It does not lose its depth

If we call it desert.

If you call a bee by any other name

It would not cease to sting.

O mind don’t be blind

Look at the page 

Many have earned fame, not by names 

But by honest deeds.

You also can earn so

If to your name good deed you can feed. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 




For the whole night shower of tears

Came out of my eyes

As the gust of monsoon springs from the ocean

And fertilizes the barren glade

It was the wind that turned into a hurricane

And struck my inner heart

And then my heart began to bleed blood

As the hills shed tears on the river.

Drops of tears and blood fell on my chest

Like a glittering star or like frozen snow

Sometimes it appeared to me 

As white as a white elephant is

And sometimes it seemed as red as jasmine

Or as red as fire flame is

I asked them, “What art thou?”

They smiled and said, “Love, love, love.”

I wept and bewailed-

How pathetically love is going out 

Of my eyes and heart! 0 0 0

If You Go Away 




Where there is the rising sun

I’m out of that place

Where there never rises the sun 

My journey is there

My birth is a journey

And my journey is to the state of darkness

As I think, I’m destined to enlighten the dark universe. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


Again Drops of Tears


Again drop of tears fell on my left palm

As a comet falls on the earth’s atmosphere

And bewilders all the scientists and 

Make the world wonder.

Tears not red, not pearl-like but white

And green with all greens

Why did it come out, what was its cause?

I thought now and then

It came out as fruits come of flowers

Or as the darkness out of the sun

I knew not why it came out, hence I asked:

“Tell me why you have come again”.

It wept and said in a muttering voice:

This is the symbol of white love.

Then I realized: why I am so sad

Love is a labyrinth and a net

Coming out of which is not easy and safe. 0 0 0

If You Go Away




I’m unknown to myself

Yet I’m a friend.

I’m known to him 

Yet I’m not known to him

Friends are many 

But few are there 

Who shine like jewels. 0 0 0

If You Go Away


My Love 


My love is my everyday sin

It is my face 

Wherever I go 

I carry with.

My love is the greens

That import fresh air to breathe.

My love is a man 

Everywhere his image is in my heart.  0 0 0

If You Go Away


He is Coming


He is coming through the unpaved path

A round ball is in his palm

O, no it is a sun

The sun is full of fire

But free from dust, venom and germ-

Our far crying star.

Let us welcome the boy with the sun

My mates and comrades come

And let us stand strong 

Let the sun be our flag

Our future lies in its shade

Let us hoist the flag

Otherwise, we will die. 0 0 0

If You Go Away  


Look at the Spot


Look at the spot

Here still visible is the blood

The blood of a thousand uncorrupted hearts.

They knew not how to protest

They knew not how to suck youth and blood

They knew not how to handle a gun

Or burst the ball of powder

More they did not know-

How to kill and kick and make victory.

They just began to know how to protest

It was their only crime.

Death was their only reward

Now they are sleeping safe and sound.  0 0 0

If You Go Away




I’ve dreamed a dream of your face

Glittering like the golden paddy 

In the field of November.

Your lips speak to my ears that know no ends.

Your two eyes speak to my eyes

That utters no word yet verbose.

Your mouth is dumb 

Yet speaks a thousand words unto my heart.

I’ve dreamed of your hair-

The hair is as bright as the sun of the April Sky.

It emits keen light by which 

We can see even at dark night. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


You Say


You say, “You are a poet.”

Yes, I’m a poet-

As I’ve only one room

Where I sleep, I think, I repose, I weep, 

I smile, I read, I write.

Yes, I’m a poet-

As my hair has turned grey before time

My belly burns day and night

My hands keep busy with wood and stone

My eyes keep vigilant 

While others are in sleep.

Yes, I’m a poet-

As I’ve only a pair of hackneyed dress

Having no pocket. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


Learnt by Life


It is mine 

Mine is this

All about this is mine.

What is mine is yours

But what is yours is not mine

Let it be a proverb

As it is learnt by life. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 




Let us be brothers

Let us be sisters

Our mother is one

Wombs are many

Let us be as our mother wishes.

Let us be flowers-

Some of us lotus,

Some of us jasmine.

Some of us marigold,

Some of us rose

And let us together make a garden

With our variety of colours and flavours

Let us make our land an Eden of Heaven. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


To My Mother



Why had you given me birth to as a human child?

If I were a bird

Then I would have enjoyed freedom!

But it would have been better

Had you given me birth to in the deep forest

Far away from human home!

Mother, it is your society 

That has corrupted my flesh, my soul, my eyes, and my desire.

I’m shackled everywhere.

Mother, I’ve voice but suffocated

I’ve hands but manacled

I’ve eyes, mother, but I’m turned blind.

I’ve brain, mother, but made inactive

I’ve ears but I cannot hear 

I’ve a tongue but while I open my lips

Then stones and bricks are hurled unto my breast.

Why should I need to live?

Mother, bless me with the boon of death.

Mother, it would have been best-

If you had not given me birth to.

Mother, look at the sky- the birds are flying in freedom

They are nobler than us

Mother, have you ever seen any bird 

To suck and sip the blood of its kind?

Or have you ever seen any beast to eat the flesh of its brother?

Look at us mother, 

Our hand is reddened with the blood of our fellow

brothers!  0 0 0

If You Go Away 


In Search of a New Sun


I go out

Welcoming the Dark

I wander and wander

And at last

In the plain point of the Himalayas

I weep and rest.

Thus from hour to hour

From moments to moments

I go ahead by the bank of Eternity

At dead night when the mist and fog come down

I send my eyes up to the sky 

In search of a new sun

That will enlighten our black hearts. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


My Companion


When I set out for an unknown world

I remind-

The face of my mother full of pathos

The forehead sweat of my father gifted by the fiery furrow

I keep preserved the colours of their dreary days. 

Their distorted faces are my sole inspiration to gallop ahead. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 





The world becomes pregnant

By the paws of the century

All the nymphs sing the song of rebirth 

Breaking the silence of the night.

The glow worms show them the path to light. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


Unfelt Feeling


The Pathos 

Dripping from the heart

Breaking both the banks

Flows over the hot belly of the plain.

The taciturn sun falls upturned 

From its oven-formed orbit

The stars of the nocturnal sky stop to smile

Veiling up their golden-tinged teeth. 0 0 0

If You Go Away 


With the feeling of Love


With the feeling of Love

Forgetting high and low

Shaking off your hand from the trammel 

Of terror and hypocrisy

Putting out the flame of conflagration

Sing the song of

Love, integrity, equality, prosperity

And let us live.

Our hand and face-

All are the same

My blood is red

Your blood is red

You feel pain if wounded

As we feel

Then why is so much bloodshed?  0 0 0

If You Go Away


The End


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