In the Light of Candle


In the Light of CandleIn the Light of Candle


In the Light of Candle

(Collected Poems)




Menonim Menonimus



Internet Edition 


In the Light of Candle (A Collection of Poems) ‘by Menonim Menonimus, Published by


Internet Edition





D.T.P. by M. Samima


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In the Light of Candle



To My Mother

I Would Visit You

Bloody Earth

I’ve to Tell You a Tale

To Your Garden



Letter, Mobile and Some Feeling

For Love

My House

The Dead Century

A Black African Says So

In the Light of Candle

I Thought

Black Market

To You

The House


Had I Known

No Flower

Since Then

In the Land of My Crazy Beloved

In the Fair Field of

In the Fair Land of

In the Hill of Sorrows


The Song

Look At

After Death

I Would Not

I Also Can

When I Look at Your Face

Hard is Your Heart


Since Long


You Have No Right


After a Step Ahead

The Melody

Veiled Up

I Get Melted

To My Beloved

Vigilant Night

In Finale

For the Present

Still Silent is the Flute

In Such a Bloody Night

As the Night Embraces

How Pathetic

Listening to the Humming Tone


My Beloved

But Alas!

Oh! Where are You

How Intoxicating

For Your Thirst

I Got Drowned

My Beloved -II

To My Beloved

In Your Hand

I am Pacing Ahead

We Die Within

I am a Child Sunk in Dream

Solely For You

A Piece of Stone

My Entity

A Tool In My Hand

Let Us March Ahead



If It is the Hour

Let Us Go Ahead

I Was in Wait

For Your Love


With Words

After Day and Night

I Have Been Travelling

The Sin


Lonely Love

Alas! A Note of Filthy Rupees


White Truth

No Grievance




In the Hot Heat of Your Love

There Was a Forest

An Introduction



Had I Means!

What a Queer Darkness

Nothing But Love

A Soul

The Fragrance of Jasmine

Just This Moment


After the War


Whether Me or My Love


Come On My Maid

What a Charisma

Would You Come Unto Me

I Love You 

I’ve Not Dreampt of

Being a Poet

True Devotee of Love

In the Mountain of Love

If You Don’t Do

If God Revives Me Again

Have You Come in

If You Wish

Come Out and Enjoy

The Silver Night Queen



Forlorn Hour


A Poem

Let Not Our Offspring Be

The Image of My Mother




Table of Contents



To My Mother


Mother, excuse me

I’ve become decrepit

To keep up my promise given to you

My backbone has been broken down into pieces

My entire entity has been torn apart 

With the roaring of the lions.

My eyes are plucked up to the root 

And I am unable to see the path.  

My ears are made deaf by the sound of jets.

Mother, excuse me

I’ve become unable to climb up the greens

Look at me, mother

My hands are manacled

The sickle that you gave me

Has been snatched away from my hand.


Mother, would a sun take birth in your smile

That would enlighten the entire world?

Mother, bless your new child.

Let die your dead child. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

I Would Visit You


I have given you words:

I would visit you the following year once

I shall climb up the paddy field with you

Putting my palm upon that of yours.

I will walk in the cornfield barefoot

I have heard that there grow the greens.

Isn’t it?

Do you know, friend?

I like to enjoy the greens swept away by the wind.

Friend, does the sunrise in your valley?

I would like to enjoy the sun rising there. 

I will fill up my four pockets 

With the voices of the blue, white birds. 

Here in our land 

There is a great scarcity of the voice of any bird.

I have heard- The deers and antelopes drink water in the open ponds

Please show me once.

Here in our land, there is no howl of jackals

Nor the whistle of crickets,

We are accustomed to the shooting sound of the guns

In our land, the sun rises at midday climbing up the high hills

If I am alive till the coming autumn

Sure, I will visit your land. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Bloody Earth


One night I went to another world

In the entire sky of that world 

There was a single heart.

I was afraid of-

How does the sky bear so much blue?

The glittering stars said to me:

We all have only one flag.

Our father is one,

Mother is one

Only wombs are many.

We obey only one religion, 

One creed and one culture. 

I heard and returned

When I told all these

One of my mates said:

I also went there once

But returned soon

How I bear 

So much peace in my narrow heart! 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

I’ve to Tell You a Tale


I’ve to tell you a tale

The tale of a land full of greens

The green grass grew there in lush

Green was its water, like the greens of the seas.

My father’s father often said so.

He heard the tale from his father’s mouth

There was a river rounding which a civilization set up

They lived under a big tree 

The sky was their roof

They did not know –what Democracy is

Yet they were the Lords of their own. 

Now there is none

The civilization got devastated when there rose up a king

The grass of the land demands:

None can search out our history. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

To Your Garden


Once I frequented your garden

Driving away the darkness of the night

Following the smell of your mouth

But when I arrived at your garden 

All the lights had gone off

All the flowers got withered

I wandered about here and there

Searching for your fragrance

But a reptile chased after me and I ran back.

Many days and nights have passed

Now my frequenting has turned into history.

Now I’ve become the Lord of that garden

And the flowers bloom in my heart

That never faint, never wither. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



To curb the anxiety of the mind

To forget the pain of separation from a dearest one 

To connive at unbearable poverty

To deviate mind from the humdrum ways of life

Now-a-days men have taken to narcotics.

Having drunk they have to lie headlong in the street 

Some have got accustomed to abuse, 

Beat and torture their wives 

After returning home at mid-night. 

They have accustomed to utter 

The unutterable words and phrases being drunk.

Some have forgotten their daily chores.

I have seen one who sold his shirt for a sip of opium.

(How much true was the news- I don’t know) 

Wine, poppy, cigar, tobacco, are some of the species of intoxicants. 

Some say: 

Hankering after the opposite sex is also a kind of intoxicant.


Now-a-days the prices of all the goods are raising higher

I have heard from the mouth of one of my mates:

The cost of a pack of English wine is one thousand

A pack of Japanese wine is one and a half thousand.

He reported more:

A hundred grams of heroin costs ten thousand rupees.

All the intoxicants are prohibited to deal in an open market 

But no ban on the black market.

Another friend of mine commented:

What a fool they are-

Who are addicted to so much costly heroine.

Another mate said to me:

It is better to buy a woman for a hundred rupee. 

She will keep you intoxicated for the whole night. 

She is sold in the open market.

What else can be a cheaper intoxicant than a woman’s flesh! 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



Shed your tears

Here on my palms

My Gold, my beloved.

I’ve spread flat my two forlorn palms here

Since my birth, I have been alone

Please give me your touch

At least with your tears

I am so long alone in a solitary cell.

How can I bear so cutting pain of loneliness? 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

The letter, Mobile and Some Feeling


Excuse me, my dear darling

Since the advent of Mobile Phone

What a drastic change has occurred to me!

I have forgotten the art of writing a letter

Just like you.

I‘ve remembered-

Day after day 

How eagerly I kept waiting to receive your letter

Written in a hand just like the beck of a parrot. 

When your letter fell in my hand

What an agitation was not felt in my heart!

I read it, reread it,

How tenderly I handled it,

Filled up with warm kisses

And forgot myself

Being intoxicant with a divine ecstasy! 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

For Love


They were buried here- in this very field.

They had died a premature death

In the hand of the revolutionaries. 

Time will pass  

We will be living no more

Then the followers of the revolutionaries 

Would take up the charge of the field

And then they will say:

Once there was a river. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

My House


I had a shed house

They took hold of it and built a mansion on my house 

And then some others built another mansion on it

And then another

And again another one

They have been building new and new houses with many chambers

They are now the inhabitants of skyscrapers

The stars appear to them to be larger 

We- who have been living on the ground floor, 

Have become dwarfs in the eyes of them

They hate us, they spittle on our heads;

They tread on us.

Pity to them – what fools are they!

They can hardly realize 

That my shed- house is the foundation of their mansion. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

The Dead Century


My mother gave me birth to 

In a time 

When the worlds with all the galaxies were sunk in utter darkness

The far-off green mountains were clothed in black clouds

The goddess of the moon was in its mother’s womb

Now I’ve come of age

And with me, the dark night has been becoming darker

I am moribund

And the darker night has been becoming deeper

I desire-

If I could fall into sleep in peace! 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

A Black African Says So


That you have seen the Pyramids

They have been carrying with them the grandeur, pride and victory

A grand heritage of stones and sculptors

Of the ancient emperors.

Perhaps they would remain standing for some thousands of years more

Bearing the testimony of their pride and glory.

The Pyramids people from the nook and corner of the globe visit

And become aback in wonder

And bow down to the might of their patrons.

But alas! If you had appreciated

How every block of stones got wet with the sweat of the black slaves

What weight they had to suffer on their shoulders!

How many slaves met their premature death under the stones?

Had you known –

How the obstinate workers had to bear up the beating of fire

All those history remains unwritten forever

But if you shut up your eyes and see with the eyes of your heart

You would come to read all this history

Hidden in every block of the stones. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

In the Light of Candle


In the flickering light of the candle

When I practise the art of death at night

Then often I come to see the image of my old father

With a cigar between his fingers

He goes on smoking 

As if he has been burning off all the debris of the earth.

Seeing this mission of my father

The infant pen in my hand drops down.

I think –if I could have burnt up all the fouls of the globe!

But I am forlorn, I am helpless

I have no cigar with which I can burn off all the foul smell of our heart. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

I Thought


When I kept my hands on that of yours

Or you kept your hands on that of mine

Then I thought-

Throughout the entire world 

There was the existence of you and me only

As if all the bliss of heaven came down to us

With all their glory

If I could be a poet:

I would say:

We were happier than the rivers of the earth

More beautiful than all the roses of the globe

Newer than the bright sun

As free as the wind.


Time passed on

Now between us, there is a great gap

Now it seems the earth is full of people

I am alone out of it.

But what have you felt-

I am utterly ignorant of it. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Black Market


Once I had a great abhorrence of the black market

I heard and even experienced-

In the black market

An artificial scarcity of goods is created

Sometimes some costly goods are sold at a cheap price

And sometimes some cheap goods are sold at a high price.

In the black market, the government is deprived of vat and tax

The consumers are sent to the seas.


But of late

My outlook toward the black market has reversed

I have ceased to abhor the black market

Because my beloved off and on comes to me

And sell her love at a cheap price

I also got her love bought in silence

In such transaction

We pay neither vat nor tax. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

To You


With a horrid difficulty

I’ve collected the ten-digit numbers of your cell phone

That you’ve added to your modern lifestyle

You’ve gone far away from me

And your soul has been wandering around me stealthily

As the comet of Halley moves round the sun.

Perhaps it was I who heard the name of cell phone first

Yet I remain one of being unable to become an owner of it.

Nowadays the art of writing a letter 

Has turned into a curious object of the museum. 

And all of my twelve doves have returned 

Without having got any reply.

Today, it is my first call to you on the phone.

I’ve nothing more to tell you

Only a request-

I entreat you to accept.

That you don’t love me 

Never reveal it to anybody

My soul is already dead

I pray you-

Don’t kill my skeleton.

I’ve given you words-

I’ll never bother you

Either by sending a letter or by calling you by phone.

Now, from just this moment

I’ve begun to go away from you

As the solar world has been going away from the Milky Way. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

The House


The house has become decrepit

The house built by my father

With much care

He took a rest after the day’s hard labour.

The house was not charming to look at – it is true

But its founding stone was strong – as strong as his will was.

Now the scratch of time is visible in it

Father was an illiterate naive peasant

He knew not what called furniture

And for that, the house was devoid of decoration.

We are the product of modernity

To cope with the time we have imported some furniture to the house

Now the beauty of the house has increased somewhat

But nothing has been done to strengthen its foundation.

One day, either soon or late, the foundation of the house would break down

Then its roof would fall down and smash all the furniture below it

Hence though late

We have come to realize –

Had we strengthened the founding stone of it

Instead of increasing its decoration!


Like the house built by my father 

The foundation of all our houses has been weaning to weakness

Of late we fear the roof would fall down to our heads.

Come on my brother,

Let us strengthen the foundation of our house

Before we get it decorated. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



Poetry is the music of my sorrowful days

The beacon of hope in the state of despair

Poetry is the warm coat of my spring days

Poetry is my beloved in the solitary cell

Poetry is the lotus blooming at midnight.

Poetry is the healing touch on my wounded forehead

Poetry is the smile amid the drops of tears

The diamond bloomed in my eyes.

Poetry is the solution to my unsolved sum

Poetry is the slogan of victory in front of the monster called Poverty

Poetry is my peace, my comfort

Poetry is the song of solace throughout my crest-fallen life. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Had I Known


Had I known

You would fall down from that yonder blue sky

Upon the petal of rose bloomed in my courtyard

Being a plant of sweet jasmine!


Had I known your eyes can bring down 

The sun of the far-off sky

To the heart of my dark chamber!


Had I known

The night moonlit may glide down from your smile

That washes off the mud of my chest!


Had I known 

In your tears blooms 

The satiated flower of my sufferance!

I would have been yours since my birth

And seize you up

Swimming across the dreary Atlantic

Treading the sky-high mountain. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

No Flower


Now there is no floral morning

Every morning is seduced by the sun

Every morning is bitten well by thorns

Every morning gets birth with the flow of blood

Every morning is scratched to the heart by the nail of black hours

Every morning now inaugurates dreary days ahead. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

Since Then


I have been sitting here

With the permission of joys and sorrows

With the permission of tears and fears

Long since then.

In my eyes 

I have painted the picture of charming days

Now it is light and then it is dark

Now it is wind and then it is prolonged drought

Amid such hours the drunkards are passing by 

Some of them are babbling within themselves 

For a handful of comfort

Some are strutting ahead being sunk in the seas of wild desire.0 0 0


In the Land of My Crazy Beloved


In the land of my crazy beloved

Flies up the dust falls down the green leaves

When it is deep night.

Every word uttered within ourselves 

Gets echoed in the galloping wind.


I am sitting down here beside this rippling river

And get startled as if I am swept away by the eagle.

In the land of the blind

What is there to fight?

Everything comes and goes away 

Like the shadow of mystic light. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

In the Fair Field of


In the fair field of the poet’s chest

Coagulates the mud of blood

And the bloody sun is inaugurated in the humus of that mud 

On whose basin one hundred thousand swords 

Play the sports of newer life every day.

Welcome our desired revolution

Age-long sighs must get ceased ere-long

Sacrificed blood in struggle never gets digested

In the fossil of hours

Wake up my brothers- it is the time best. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

In the Fair Land of


The pot of love

 Is burning day and night, night and day

As if it is the volcano of Vesuvius

Scorching within without rest.

It can come to life through seeming death

It can engulf the great plains of exuberant grass

Or in the summer season

It can melt up the undesired frost

In the state of conscience, everything is possible. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

On the Hill of Sorrow


On the hill of sorrow

Being fallen headlong

Comes back the pen of the poet.

Who is there to lift up the poet’s existence?

In your hand, the poet’s soul is at stake 

It is as if a piece of iron kept floating by force in the endless ocean.

Let the leaning tree fall down – they say.

But the long shriek of the forlorn poet

Rings up there as the slogan of your long-desired freedom

Oh! who knows-

The poet’s soul is dedicated to your survival. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



Who does not like an ornament?

The ornament made of gold and diamond.

Just during the late bygone ages 

Even the kings also wore a lot-

What the lady of our days get hatred to wear

That day I heard them whispering:

The ornament is a robust burden to civilization!

Is it?

I am unable to appreciate

Sometimes happen to become a philosopher. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

The Song


My sister sang the song

In a bad tone 

Yet everybody applauded highly.

The song was also composed badly

Yet they praised it 

Because it came out of the pen of our king.

In our land everything is relative

King is the standard for measuring the worth of everything! 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Look At


Look at –

The house is emitting the flames of smoke

As if a conflagration from the sun has been coming down 

Engulfing our solar worlds.

All are about to run 

But where would they go

Everywhere it is full of black smoke.

A poet biting his pen comes out wearing tattered pent

Gestures to us:

Let the smoke engulf the world

Let a newer world be born out of its ashes.

A philosopher coming out of his solitary cell

Shrieks out: 

Oh, no! 

They would set fire to the newer earth also.

Let us extinguish the fire:

This earth is as dear as our soul. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

After Death


Like a green sod of soil

I would like to lie down here

Among the dead buried soul

To meet my eternal mate living in yonder sky. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

I Would Not


I would not fall in love anew

The old wine is my favourite

It is enough to lull me to death than the new pack

I don’t believe there may have another field full of gold.

I want not to be the Himalayas

Nor do I want to be a volcano

I am a poet

Let me live like a poet

Being forlorn. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

I Also Can


I also scan sing song-

But I’d not sing

I also have tone-

But I’d not let it out.

I also know the gamut of the entire range of music

But I’d not manipulate my fingers on them.

The lonely couch on the solitary night is my favourite mate

Where my harp keeps playing on itself.

I also can interpret the feigned smile of the whores

But I’d not do.

I also can flow down to the sea,

I also can blow like the wind from east to west, from west to east

But I’d not do so

Because all are still in sleep

The hills are still sunk in the sea. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

When I Look at Your Face


When I look at your face, my dad

I remind of the hot midday of April

The heavy rainfall of May

And the cold oven of the month of December.

When I look at your face

My eyes turn into a deep ocean. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Hard is Your Heart


Hard is your heart

As hard as a hoary piece of the hill in desert

Hard is your heart

As a cold winter.

Being cheated again and over

Look at-

My heart also has turned hard. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 



Through the tender ladder of your dream

Comes down a snail

With golden wings

She comes down and goes up flying

Without being bloomed like a flower.

Hence empty is my long-cherished bower. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

Since Long


Since so long you are in the dark

Aren’t you?

Let us soar up to the light

I am so long swimming across the sea of darkness

Forgetting the field of green grass

Forgetting the talk of the twinkling stars. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 




None is away from being a poet

As all are in hunger

Just like the ancient sages and philosophers. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

You Have No Right


You have no right

To snatch away the ecstasy of her song

That she has been singing since her first cry.

I don’t need the burning stars

Nor does its ashes

If you can- 

Give me back my reminiscence

That one day you bestowed upon my breast 

With a tender smile. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



A song is not a song always

As every poem does not convey the message of solace

Some songs are

Like the unsolved sum

Remains undone! 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

After a Step Ahead


After a step ahead

The courtyard of blue sky

But treading many a step 

I‘ve turned into a tired bard

The sun is my desired destination

But I have neither wing nor ladder. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

The Melody


The melody that has in your song

None can appreciate

But he- 

Whose heart is burned to death. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Veiled Up 


How would I feel the sun

Had you known-

I’m covered up by the veil 

Of your cruel amour. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

I Get Melted


In these heart-broken spring hours

I get melted in the sea of your gamut

As the dewdrops get evaporated in the sun.

Who sings the rhyme-less songs

On the lonely beach of the surge-full sea

Who bewails to the core of heart

On such a tsunami night. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

To My Beloved


The poor wind has blown over 

Bedewing your chubby cheek

Leaving a scratch on your lips

Sneering at my heart.

O my loved one

Pardon me 

I am dead already. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

Vigilant Night


The word 

That I had to utter

To respond to thy sullen anger

Is found nowhere in the pages of lexicon

For that is my so long vigilant night

You pardon me or not

Let me have committed the same sin

Over and again

As a frustrated poet pollutes himself every night. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

In Finale


In finale 

I’ve become victorious

Murdering the boring mosquito

As sometimes the heaps of clouds overcome the sunlight. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle  

For the Present


For the present

Let the sunrise up here

Let our time glitter 

With the twelve colours of the rainbow.

At present let a storm be blown over here

Just here in the courtyard of my heart.

Tomorrow is the day of our newer birth. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

Still Silent is the Flute


Still silent is the flute

Tomorrow is the day of the sun rising

Maybe the automatic harp would ring up

In the beating sound of my hammer

Protruding the big head 

The rainbow of the seventh sky

Would come out to the sky of our valley. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

In Such a Bloody Night


The sky is sanguinary with the colour of blood

Nowadays the blue hills can carry the glittering stars

They can play with our souls

The sports played by our forefathers

The stars by the name of poetry

Can burn all the stigmas into ashes

On such a bloody night. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

As the Night Embraces


As the night embraces

The moonlit

Putting forward its two hands.

So can I embrace the flavour of wind

Blown over my head

That comes touching thy fragrant body. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

How Pathetic


The home of the snows though near us

Yet we are deprived of enjoying its charm

How pathetic it is

As pathetic as the poet’s lonely heart. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Listening to the Humming Tone


Listening to thy humming tone

I’ve come out on such a black night

Holing up my wounded hands.

Outside beyond the campaign

Glides down the river since the time of chaos

Floating away from the stigmas of our civilization

Yet so black, so dark is our heart

Yet ever empty is our desire. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



And I’ve nothing to carry more with my shadow

From the secret cell of my lungs

Comes out a quintal of hot sighs

Without having any market price

Though I know-

How precious they are to me! 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

My Beloved


Throughout my whole adolescent age

I’ve run after you being a philanderer

As a crazy poet runs after the simile of his love

I’ve sought you from green plains 

Up to the summit of the mountains

From mountain to the bed of seas.

Now all my desire has come to extinct 

And I find you

Being bloomed lonely in the desert. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

But Alas!


Treading the arrogant meadow filed

I am now in this fertile plain

Here every morning rises up the jolly sun

Being sharp as the edge of a furrow

Yet it is very dark here.

Breaking the heart of the vast sky

Comes down the moonlit

But alas!

Here all are out of life. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

Oh! Where are You

Only for you, I’ve come across many weary miles

Treading down the bed of volcano

Crossing over the coral bridge

Gulping up the salty water of the seven seas

Being blind to all the scars and wounds

Carrying with a handful of warm loves

To adorn thy youth.

Oh! where are you? 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

How Intoxicating


How intoxicating is your memory

Like the aroma of poppy

Like the nicotine of tobacco

I inhale up and become giddy

Every hour every moment

For all the futurity

Of your love

Let me remain as your sole devotee. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

For Your Thirst


You invoked on and I went

You laughed and I followed.

You‘d hung up a mirror of reminiscence

In your doorway

And I cross over it with a leap

And peep into your dream

And played on your harp with my finger

Your silence became its cadence

And sang the same cliché song

Again and again 

Only to quench your diurnal thirst. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

I Got Drowned

I got drowned in the sea of your love

During the whole spring

And come out with much difficulty

Being seared and scorched.

Now I myself am the sea

Tears are its fuel. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

My Beloved -II


When rains drop down of your eyes

My bosom becomes inundated.

When lotus blossoms on your lips

My spirit swells up to heaven.

If you take the harp in your hand

My heart begins to dance. 

If you put on a rose in your hair lock

The stars come down to my lap

If you keep your eyes on that of mine

The zephyr begins to blow.

On the road, you walkthrough

Perfumes follow. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

To My Beloved



Come to my courtyard


And stay blooming.

The dew would fall upon your face and cheeks

The moon of the night would lull you to sleep.


You are the nymph of heaven

The oasis for this poor poet. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

In Your Hand


In your hand

Arrows, bullets, guns

In our hand a pot of golden hope.

You vomit smoke and fire

We inhale the green grass. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

I am Pacing Ahead


I am pacing ahead to the unknown land

My colleagues and mates are already there

All of them bore the spirit of struggle in their blood.

Unheard, unsung, undone!

I am here legging behind

Being lonely, being crest-fallen. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

We Die Within


Our human valley is the hanging bridge over the mountains. 

We are drifting up and up to get rid of the dust. 

Time is fleeting in its own sweet will 

Like the hilly spring with inborn giggling noise.

We click and roar, growl and howl

And die within. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

I am a Child Sunk in Dream


I am a child sunk in dream

Composing my own ones

Forgetting my existence

Sometimes a shriek comes out of my heart

And I get startled and die. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Solely For You


Sometimes I walk onto you


I wish you to be living.

Sometimes I dip down the sea


I wish to glean pearls to adorn you.


I look at the sky


I wish your safe travelling

Under cloudless fresh heaven.

Since I am in love with you

I am not for myself

But solely for you.

I am much intoxicated with your amour. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

A Piece of Stone


A piece of stone

I gleaned in from the foot of a hill

And adorned it with a new robe.

Day by day it got life and soul

One day it began to mutter words.

I was amazed:

Can a piece of stone have a voice?

It began to love me 

And I without my conscience 

Began to be drowned in the sea of its warm affection.

Days passed by 

One dark night it left me stealthily.

Leaving behind it only the rays of reminiscence. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

My Entity


They say: You compose poems

But I say:

No, I shed my entity

Lively with blood and flesh

Some of which are black, 

Some of which are white

Some are mulatto.

All are not talented equally

Some are wise enough

Some are fool

Some are cowards.

Some are hard enough – as hard as spat

Some are brittle –as brittle as glass

Some are lively with wise talk

Some are feeble with chilly talk.

For that none is responsible:

But my strength and weaknesses.

Some grow fat and some grow to skeleton

All don’t draw the same affection from you

But for me, all are my children 

Regardless of their colour and health.

I love them from the core of my heart.

I make fun with them

I cry with them

I smile with them

I play with them

They keep me warm

They are my sole shelter in my solitary cell.

The world may go away from me

People may thrust me away

But they always stick at me.

Regardless of hot and cold

I am proud of them.

You love them or not

But I say: don’t connive at the entity. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

A Tool In My Hand


A tool is in my hand

They say it is ‘pen’

But I say:

It is my gun with which I shoot at the enemies of humans

With it, I shoot at them who make sports with our souls

Who tear the petals of blossomed flowers

As the frolics of children.

It is the sickle in the hand of a farmer 

With which I reap the crops of peace, fraternity and equality

It is the helms of a boat in the fathomless sea

To guide the sailors to their destination.

My pen is the eyeglass

That makes the blind see. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

Let Us March Ahead


Let us march ahead

With the white flag in hand

As swiftly as the dove

Breaking off the wall of high and low

Smashing the arrogance of the naked hills

Plucking off the root of banyan trees. 

Furrowing the bed of angry seas

Bringing down the high rainbows

Redeeming the oppressed, exploited

And the victims of the law

Striking on the bald head of the mammon.

Let us march ahead 

Sweeping away the thorns of our plain path

Driving away the black cloud from our sky

Bidding farewell to the storms.

Let us march ahead

Inaugurating the breeze of fraternity, peace and equality.

Let us march ahead with the roaring voice of lightning

With the light of the far-off stars

Let us come out of our narrow cells

With the weapons of arms and spirit

We are the monsters only to live like humans. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



Today, just this moment

I’ve sacrificed my everything to you

Let me be blessed with your touch

My hopes are in you

My melodies are in you

My music is in the throbbing of your chest.

My verses are in your will

I think always of you

Squatting on the mud under the roofless sun

I am your poor devotee.

Take me up to your lap

And let me die. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



Isn’t love a boon on humans by the Almighty?

In love is there envy and anger?


It is the oyster of life

That plays on itself when it is spring

The flowers bloom in its touch.

It is the western wind that blows 

And soothes the mighty summer

It is the sweet union of a lotus and fly

And smears us with all the blues of the far-off sky.

Then who is there to tread on this heavenly bliss

Let us mark him well

For him the earth is hell. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

If It is the Hour


If it is the hour of my departure

Friend, let your reminiscence be my mate.

Let my path be enlightened by the rays of thy eyes

Let your sweat be the fragrance 

To lull my tired time

Let your smile be my wings to sour up to heaven.

Let your sweet voice be the music

To soothe me throughout my soaring moments.

Your warm affection be my book

A reading in which I can forget my journey’s boredom. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Let Us Go Ahead


Again it would be dawn

The sun would rise up 

And the darkness of the earth would extinct.

Along with the morning sun, the cuckoo would appear 

And inundate the whole world with a newer melody.

The day is about to appear

Friends, don’t retreat,

March forward. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

I Was on Wait


So long days I was in wait

To give tone to your song

But alas you’ve ceased to handle the pen.

So long I was in wait 

To dive into your pond

Forgetting myself

But alas! You’ve ceased to have the pond dug.

So long I loitered there under the elm tree

Keeping watch on your eyes

But alas!

The tree has turned death.

So long I was crying 

To be lulled by your embrace

But alas! You are heartless. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

For Your Love


Who are you smiling behind the screen?

Who are you so enchanting?

Your smile has turned me blind in eyes

What has happened to me?

Why am I dead to myself?

Is it for the craving for heavenly bliss?

I am so dull to realize this! 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



Your memory is my elegy

I read and recite

And lull my burnt heart. 

Who is there the gap to fill up?

Lonely is my universe.

Imageless in my verse!

Alas! 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

With Words


With words

I wish to invoke the freshness of withered crops.

With words 

I wish to restore the coo of the white dove.

With words

I wish to rehabilitate our long-desired freedom.

With words 

I wish to give back the lost smile 

To the children bereft of their parents.

With words 

I wish to inaugurate the golden sun.

With words, I wish to soothe the heart of the widows

Whose husbands were made the victims of the planned massacre.

With words 

I wish to bring down the rivulet

The rippling song of whose would wipe off our tears.

With words 

I wish to sweep away the scars of my heart.

With words

I wish to give life to the dead.

With words 

I wish to turn the desert into a green valley

With words 

I wish to quench the age-long thirst of my land and people. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

After Day and Night


Day after day and night

I go to the river

And spread out my narrow arms.

Day after day and night

I go down the lake

And exchange my sighs.

Day after day and night

I go to the hill and fill up my gaps with lush green.

Day after day I go to the sun 

And get burnt within.

Day after day and night

I soar up to heaven

And bring down the flock of white pigeons.

Day after day and night

I sleep on my mother’s lap

And get newer life. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

I Have Been Travelling


I have been travelling

From earth to sky 

From sky to earth

Grasping up the pretty fingers of my mother.

And I become sharper and brighter

As the edge of a sword 

As the rays of a diamond. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

The Sin


The sin committed all of a sudden

And form you many a fragment of voiceless words fell down

Outside was full of mysterious darkness.

From your eyes came down drops of wet tears

In the shape of a dry smile.

Then I was busy in wild mystery sent on me forcibly

And on your lips reflected some artless vocabulary

I was perusing the tale, Sohrab and Rustom

Already Rustom attacked Sohrab with his spear

The resonance of which could be heard in your breast

And the splashing of the red blood reached my chest

Just only then I come to realize:

A sin is committed

The moon flew up to heaven again 

Just before getting it touched

Maybe it would fall down again on my breast

But till then I would forget the manuscripts of my imagery. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



The devil-like night gets attacked

In the garden of our courtyard 

In the month of April and May

The aged morning with fiery anger

Drops down breaking the airy wall of heaven.

I am in need of nothing

Neither smile nor tears

Nor have I the weakness to anybody.

Everything that (we all have)

I have in me also.

I am yours

Yours are my smiles, anger, and feelings.

Like that of bloomed red rose 

Is my love, my affection 

Everybody hangs round me to pluck off often. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Lonely Love


I can spend a thousand and one nights keeping vigil

Your reminiscence is like the flavour of night jasmine

Always floats in the sea of my breast.

You are away from me

And I keep always beside you at day and at night

Being your shadow.

The stars from the sky fall down

On my vigilant bed

Then I smile at you

And the tears dip down from my breast.

Keep where you are

Because the flowers bloom for you only

The manuscripts of my love 

Is as blue as the sky, as spontaneous as the waves of the sea.

For that, I am mad of your love

In the drunk nights also. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Alas! A Note of Filthy Rupees



A note of fifty rupees has gone to the wall

After the Bible

I come to realize just after going through it. 

Had I not purchased it I could buy five kilos of rice

To quench the hunger of my flesh

Yet I am fortunate enough that

The rest have not been bought

To go another two days with hunger. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle




What is the agony of Poverty!

Like the fibres of coconut, it wraps up the fertile rainbow of life

In whose seven colours the sighs of the old, youth and child get waved

Alas! How unbearable is the weight of poverty

That keeps us on run all the time like an arrow-wounded antelope.

It is like that of a thorny bush

It bites both in and out of its victims.

Alas! How deep in dark the yard of a peasant is

On board daylight comes down all the darkness of the Blackhole.

In the Light of Candle

Come in! Come in! O Poverty


Please don’t gnaw us little by little

Eat us at the single bite and redeem us

From the hell of Poverty. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

White Truth


I’ve trodden the courtyard of twenty-five springs

And have seen the smiles of spiky rose

And have tasted the foul fragrance of the orchid

How stinky they are!

And I’ve seen the sun with searing light

How fiery they are!

I’ve not forgotten the words my mother told every spring

But dare not to retell

She told the white truth:

The flowers do not bloom in the hut of the poor

Nor does the sun shed golden light.

The flowers you see, and the sun you see

Are adverse to your will. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

No Grievance


I’ve but no grievance against you

Save a single entreat:

If you don’t dislike

Come once with all your might

And drink up the juice to its last ooze that I have 

And eat away all the flesh with tiny cells in me

And leave me forever biting me bit by bit throughout life. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



Have you spoken of Religion?

Tarry a little

I’ve a tidy tiny chest

Where I have kept closed all the temples?

Have you spoken of Love?

That primitive unchaste thing

Let not be pronounced twice. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



River by the name of sky is

Confiscated in the land of sun.

The vast green valley by the name of civilization 

Is the guest in the land of another Galaxy.

The only name of my Love is –

My mother, my motherland. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 



Now it is the time of plucking down 

The vault from that citadel

The fingers of my hands are troubled with 

Not breaking down something since my first cry on this mortal Earth.

And my hammer?

It took many years to be whetted.

From this very autumn

I would embark to break down the heads of the naked hills

One by one I would exhibit my long nurtured strength

And the sports of breaking down and rebuilding. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

In the Hot Heat of Your Love


In the hot heat of your love

I’ve been melting into water

And along with it my inner self is drying up and dried up.

For your love

The meteor emitting out of the land of the Milky Way

Glides down over my courtyard.

For your grace

The reed drops down from the fingers

And growls up my hunger.

For your bliss

Empty is my two hands

Chained by the shackle of nonentity. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

There Was a Forest


Many days ago there was a forest

Many animals like rhinoceros, elephants, 

Tigers, horses, deer were there.

The tigers growled, the monkeys giggled.

The elephants putting the forest on its back 

Walked round the entire Earth. 

The elephant with the Earth on its back looked like an eagle.

Seeing it the deer leaped up to the yonder moon.

And then a line of dark era.

Now there is no forest

Nor is there any animal

In the cracks of time, there is laying heaps of skeletons. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

An Introduction


More than ten thousand-fold was the intensity 

Of the loneliness of that night.

The movement of the Milky-way was humdrum.

The pathetic weeping of the land of the stars 

Dropped down like the rains in summer.

I kept my breast naked

And all the loneliness of the universe struck at my heart as an arrow.

They tore off the molecule of my blood cells

As done to a craggy mountain by a modern hydrogen bomb.

Yet I am living

For you being a beacon.

Maybe one day I st off my return journey to the other world

Leaving you all behind with the stone plate of my soul.

Where you would find out-

Why I took birth and happened to suffer a lot. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 



The night was becoming deeper

And more deepened became my disbelief.

About my soul, about my existence

In such chaos. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 



Searching for the definition of a brothel

I went up to the Capital

Then it was late evening

The sun was like a red playball.

The red bulbs suddenly became on 

And turned me blind with the flash of protean light.

I peeped through the hole of my soul 

Alas, I lost my sense.

The definition of brothel was introducing itself to my knowledge. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

Had I Means!


Had I means!

I would have built the aquarium 

With the snow-like white stone imported from Italy

And would have decorated it 

With the dye imported from America.

There I would have kept the smiles of yours, my beloved.

I would have fed you with the cold coconut water

With the juice of pomegranates.

I would have lulled you with the tone of Beethoven

And would have entreated the breeze to blow 

Upon your soft soul.

But alas!

Look at – I how forlorn I am

I am bereft of all the means

Except for a soul replete with the feeling of love

That grows lush only for you. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

What a Queer Darkness



What a queer darkness

Lead me to a handful light

Hold me up from this narrowness

Let me go out of this temple

And let me live like humans.

If you are not dead

Let the match of your hand have an honest use

Set fire to it

Let it burn to the minute

Let it keep burning till the birth of a newer way of life

Free from the trammels of caste and creed. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

Nothing But Love


From you to me 

And from I to you 

The love and non-love

That exist- is burning.

From the Elysium to the fleshy Earth

The affection and non-affection

That exist-is being dissipated among ourselves

For the mountain that stands strong between us.

The fertility and non-fertility

That exists between us

There must grow a tree

The name of which is nothing but Love. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

A Soul


A thousand scars adulterated in poetry

Is now lying in the desert

Gaping up the mouth for a drop of water to quench the thirst

In a deserted tent house the goddess of learning

Weeps bitterly for being lonely.

By the bank of that river where no light falls

There, our feelings would make the bed of roses

There we would hatch out a sun sweeping away the darkness

A song and a tone

Both would give birth to the soul of our civilization. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

The Fragrance of Jasmine


The fragrance of jasmine

Can’t send away the foul smell of the bloody rose

In such a spring.

In the agitated heart 

Now is the flood of tears

All are my easy riddle.

Inaugurating the door of the mysterious night

I build the citadel of light. 

From there the river of revolution 

Would issue out with flame

And would glitter in the wind. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

Just This Moment

Let the struggle be started

Just this moment, just from here

If God comes down to our dark cell

Just this moment 

Perhaps then the monster by the name of poverty 

Would have been dead.

What an unbearable weight it is 

Inherited from our forefathers

So liberally. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 



She comes at night

When no song is sung

She comes

When are sunk in the mud of melody

She comes when there is no battle

She comes when the war is in full swing

She comes in and out of my heart

She is none but my mate- my Poverty

That turns my prosaic words into poetry. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

After the War


After the war

When we all would meet together

None would there be to welcome us

Some ghosts would appear without having eyes

Some would limp on their left foot.

Some would have no ear to hear

Some would have only a torso.

Yet we would get together

And have the talk of love.

We would talk of a healthy morning

And of the talk of the brighter sun with a tender smile. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



Don’t call me to the war

That takes place in the sky of autumn.

Anamika, don’t ask me how my heart is

I am here standing along the river

To receive you with all my tears. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Whether Me or My Love


The river Dhing

And far away from its bank was our first meeting.

The aroma of your sighs falls on my cheeks

And that of mine on your eye-brow

Along the very bank of the river Dhikhao

When it was full of waves 

We had our second meeting.

And then a gap of years.

When the autumn passed to winter and winter to spring

We had our third meeting

Among the odour of marigold.


During our first meeting

I kept my eyes on yours and you upon mine.

In our second meeting

My lips touched your lips with primitive instinct.

In our third meeting 

I kept my breast upon that of yours

Enjoying all the beauty.

And then we left each other.

It is now a story.

Years have passed, many years

We are far away from each other.

I don’t know where you are

You also don’t know where my abode is.

But you are vouchsafed in the protected cell of my memory.

And as you are in my memory 

My entity has fallen in love with you.

Our love would remain intact and living

Until we get our fourth meeting.

Now let me know:

What do you want-

Whether me or my love? 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle




A flower with all the colours of the rainbow


That blooms in spring and withers in winter.


My smile, my tears decorated with warm sighs.


A song full of pathos throughout my life. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Come On My Maid


Would you like to fall in love, my maid?

My maid, make your heart as hard as dry hill

Who knows- when falls the full stop to our love lines.

Come on, my maid, setting fire to the candle

Let us, love till it keeps burning.

Come on, my maid,

Being strong enough to bear the biting of thorns.

Come on, my maid,

I am also in practice to bear all the pains. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

What a Charisma


What charisma your love knows!

The soothing, mellow breeze blows 

In and out of my bosom.

The utter void it can fill up with so much tenderly.

Sing the song that keeps me mad like a drunkard

All through my life.

Let your love be evergreen

And let me live a life heavenly.

On such a sun-bathed scorched evening. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

Would You Come Unto Me


Would you come unto me?

You would come on stealthily?

Come on, my maid at broad daylight

Let the golden sun-light fall on your lotus-like breasts

And let them glitter like two pieces of diamond.

Come on, my maid

When the east wind blows freely

Let your pitch-like dark hair fly-in

The red rose would emit a sweet odour

Borrowing the fragrance of your forehead.

Come on, my maid making a path

Through the crowd of thousand of strangers.

Come on, my maid, here I am awaiting you eagerly

I such a crazy spring. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

I Love You


Maybe you 

You can stay away from me

A day or two

A month or a year

A century or many a century.

Maybe you can go far away leaving me here helpless

The silent gesture of your eyes conveys the tidings

Yet you are free from being accused of so cruel

Because I love you deep down to my soul

Because I love with all your love and cruelty. 

Because I love you with all the lights and eclipse. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

I’ve Not Dreampt of


I’ve not dreamt of him who loves me most

My dreary days are spent with the vigilant moments

I have my talks and tete-a-tete with them 

The moments talk with me

I kiss them and vice versa.

I together with my moments, sing a song

Intenerate the hymns

Chants the carols

Utter the sighs. 

We inundate the scentless sands of dead desert

And get ourselves naked

And practise the sports of love and embracing

Putting up our hearts upon ours

Keeping the legs upon the other.

The moments then walk on silently up to me

And I up to them

And then we forget all the greens of the valley.

The moments then bring in all the surges

And rippling of the mountain spring.

The solitary moments are my intimate friends.

Hence is my indifference to you my maid. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

Being a Poet


You are the golden jubilee of my poverty-stricken poems

You yourself are a great gift of this solitary celebration

Your smiles are the ingredients of my appreciation

Your dimple beak-like two chins are my paradise

Where all the heavenly flowers get bloomed every night

Solely for mine

None knows, none sees:

You are my chrysanthemum, the spring orchid

Jasmine and creeping rose

You are my hanging garden of Babylon.

Sorrow is that I am too busy with my madness

Being a poet, I am not sane always. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

True Devotee of Love


Who is the true devotee of Love?

Is it not he:  on whose smiles glitter the tears of pathos?

The sun rays get reflected in whose wet eyes

And drop down like morning dew drops

Leaving behind a dumb memory. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

In the Mountain of Love


In the mountain of Love

There is a river: so cold like the surface of the Jupiter,

So hot like the inner cell of the Venus

That flows down the bed of my bosom

Always: at day, at night,

Making me feel hackneyed

Like the dirt hurled down the poor pavement. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

If You Don’t Do


If you don’t do 

Either good or bad

That differentiates you from the mass

None turn their look to you

None would come forward to squint at you 

None would say against you

None of you have the cause to approve you.

And then you would fail to know what you are

If you don’t know – 

How much you are rusted or how much wisdom you do have

Or how much propensity of foolishness have you committed

Would remain unknown, and unappreciated to you.

And then dead is the soul. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

If God Revives Me Again


I believe in no tradition of death and rebirth

If after the doomsday

Great God recreates this infinite universe

With all its solar systems

Along with the planet called by the name of Earth

And there if He revives and rehabilitates the human race

And if He revives me again

Then, o my beloved

I would entreat my Lord to recreate you again

Let me be the vassal of your evergreen love

The warmth of whose amour inaugurates the door of my wisdom. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Have You Come in


Have you come in, my beloved

Unplugging the button of your shirt?

That day had you not told me-

Your heart is scorched by the heat of thousand stars?

Had you not make me known-

Your heart to be the spot of a thousand Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

That day had you not told me while roaming about the bush,

Holding my hands-

A thousand volcanoes get erupted in your chest?

If it is- o, my beloved

Gallop unto me

I’ve kept the fingers of my hand soft and tender

With the fragrance of your forehead carried on by the wind

Let me smear the molecule of my loves on your chubby cheeks. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

If You Wish 


If you wish to go far away from me

Then set out this very moment

Don’t look back 

Here I am shutting up my eyes

With all my strength I would barricade the drops of tears.

I would being a poor poet 

Keep on gazing at the sea

Standing on its brim I would bear all the strikes of its waves

And would die drowning in your image. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Come Out and Enjoy


Come out and enjoy

The full moon is laughing up to her throat

Playing hide and seek with the glow worm.

The fore-leaves of the green grass is wetted with the dew

The night queen is splashing its hue and flavour

Through the quiet courtyard of the poet.

The flowing dreams run about to and fro 

Being at liberty for the night

How the dust of gold comes down to my yard

From so high a heaven

Enlightening the poet’s dark cell?

The poor poet is aback. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

The Silver Night Queen


The silver night queen

Shimmers at deep night

Throwing down the wings of light

Takes bath in swirling waves of the Luit.

Climbing up the ladder of light 

The tired soul of the poor

Desires to take a tour up to the sky. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



Madhurima madam

Being flattered by the ash-like midnight darkness

Sings the song of Eternity.

The cat-like lion roars

Gurgles like a frenzy ocean.

The nymph of the Himalayan peak

Climbs down the gorge of the craggy hill

The mermaid wishes-

Had there been a lake

Replete with ocean’s blues and sky’s hues! 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



These flock of golden robins 

From the river of Sowansir

Whisper to my ears:

It is not far away

To get at the bank of golden dreams

Dreamt throughout the ages

Untold, unappreciated. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle

Forlorn Hour


The butterflies fly up

Leaving behind the full winter

Making chorus with the cuckoos of spring

Forlorn, wretched is the primitive minstrel.

The scorched sun whines for a piece of bread

And roars like a hungry wolf

Throughout the coming autumn

How forlorn the dust of hours are! 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



Let the madness of the stars be mine

Let me play with their babies 

In such a solitary spring.

But alas!

Our spring turns into winter. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

A Poem


Let the flowers bloom

Let the meadows swing

Let the fire burn

Let the wind sing

Like the front page of a Souvenir.

Let the dew dance like Death

Let the duck stalk like an elephant

On the bed of the poet’s bosom

And let them live and breathe.

Let the pet’s breast be their sports field. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

Let Not Our Offspring Be


The wind blows

Let it blow in.

The autumn protrudes her head

Let her come on.

The sky peeps through the blanket of the clouds

Let it do the same.

The rabbits leap up the snow

Let them do sports.

The sun scorches the dessert

Let it do as it like.

But, my maid

Let not our offspring be the victims of the death

In brewing. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle 

The Image of My Mother


You are the cadence of love in my withered life

The tender petal of my leafless breathing

The slogan of my suffocated heart

You are my past, my present, and my future

My sorrows and joys, my tears and smiles,

My lotus in muddy water.

You are the gust of zephyr 

Soothing me in cool and winter. 

You are none but the image of my mother

Full of heavenly affection and love.

You keep me living both in rain and sun. 0 0 0

In the Light of Candle



You are mine and mine alone

You are the oasis never dreamt of by anyone

You are the flowing river with the promise of fraternity

You are the shunk of diamonds

Or a meteor never burnt off.

You are the light of hope

You are the desire of attaining perfectness

You are the living poem of love

In my loveless life. 0 0 0

The End



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