Loves and Songs



Loves and Songs


Loves and Songs

Loves and Songs


(A Collection of Juvenile Poems )








Menonim Menonimus








Internet Edition






Loves and Songs (A Collection of Juvenile Poems) by Menonim Menonimus


Years of Composition: 1995 to 1999





First  Edition: 2019






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D. T. P. By  Menonim Menonimus








Dear Shahriar and Samima 

Whose pranks are 

my source of inspiration to walk ahead.

— Menonim Menonimus




A Prayer to God / 7

Dear Puppy /8

I Like /9

Take Me unto Thee /10

A Prayer /11

A Boy and a Girl /12

To Mother/ 13

Freedom /14

The Destiny /15

I Like (II) /16

How I Can /17

To the Lord /18

Morning Scene /19

The Moon /20

The Bee /21

Where you are /22

If You Want Peace /23

To My Baby /24

A Tale /25

Resolution /26

Motherland /27

The Red Kite /28

Lullaby /29

Garden /30

For Lost Beauty /31

Dialogues /32

The Moon /33

Lachit Barphukan /34

The Pride of Assam /36

Once an Old Man /38

What Does God Do /40

A Boy Wishes to be /42

To the Sun Beam /43

In the Dark Lonely Night /44

The Night of Hurricane /46

Beauty Returns Never /47

When I Enjoy /48

In a Spring Morning /50

To Hear the Song /51

The Luit /52

After Dawn /54

I Have Lived Long /56

To a Bachelor Friend /57

Here I am Happy /58

My Flower /59

Rainbow /60

Motherland (II) /62

Prayer /63






Prayer to God


God, thank you for the things so beautiful 

Thank you for the world so wonderful.

I know not- why the stars in the sky twinkle

I know not- why to my lap they don’t fall.

God, let me know- where they get their ray

O God! Let me know and let me be gay.

Why the rivers glide down from the hills

Why they ripple and flow to the far off seas.

Where are you- in the sky or in Heaven?

Bless me with thy grace, let not be forsaken. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


Dear Puppy

(To Sabina Tabbasom, Hojai)


O my dear, dear little puppy

Come to my knees, my dear baby.

And play with me every morn

Leap with me beside the thorn.

I with you shall climb up the hills

Please tale me- how will you feel?

Not wicked but be calm and good

I will feed you delicious food.  0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


I Like


I am a very little boy 

I like to play with a toy.

I like milk and sweets

And luscious fruits.

Mother fondles much

My father is also such.

I have a sister so dear.

I’m happy if she is near. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


Take Me Unto Thee


God, where art Thou- I know not

Whether thou art beyond the Rainbow,

Or in the air blowing as breeze mellow

Let me feel Thee, please bereft me not.


Wherever thou art- take my love

I consecrate all that I have,

Keep my heart unhurt, please save

Let me have the wings of a dove.


I am dipped in ego and self-desire

I’m in dark encircled by cloud

It is thou my God, please mould

My entity taking me higher.  0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


A Prayer


Let me be born anew, again

Let me bathe in thy rain,

Please thy grace let me have

With a heart full of love.

Please let me soar up so high

I am here shedding hot sigh,

Let me see thy beauty

My God thou art mighty. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


A Boy and A Girl


A boy and a girl were playing 

With sand

And mud

With bones 

And veins

With sticks

And music

There was only a dream of joy and loving.


When they grew up met with sighs and nothing

Neither sun 

Nor moon,

Neither heart 

Nor mirth,

Neither light

Nor might

That they dreamed of while playing.


In old age, they had to face weeping

The sea of sorrow

Mates but mind narrow

The sun without light

The sky without height

Now they have only tears for heart’s lulling. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs

To Mother


Oh, mother! Love me, lull me

A happy child let me be,

Oh, mother! Love me, kiss me

A cheerful child let me be.


Sitting softly on your knee

Stars of the sky let me see,

Let me enjoy lullaby song

That you sing in a sweet tongue.


Once again tell me, oh! Mother

Are the moon and stars brothers?

They play hide and seek in sky

Above our heads so much high. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs




I wandered through the wild street

And all the joyous objects I meet,

Where with my soft tender heart

All day long I enjoy all the mirth.


The woods is full of beautiful trees

They ask me always to be glee,

The trees are replete with flowers

They sweeten our heart with flavour. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs


The Destiny


In this absolute age of Democracy

We are the victims of hypocrisy,

The babes are sent to the street

To collect the slum that they meet.


There is no dearth of statesmen

Promises of all progress are given,

Throwing us in the depth of mud

All their promises are proved fraud. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


I Like (II)


I like to wander in the morn

Its fresh and calm air we adorn,

It is time to enjoy beauty

Remaining hours are noisy and dirty.


I like to play with the sunlight

That looks so golden and bright,

It gives me calm and peace

On us light is a divine grace. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs


How I Can


I have no black drop of ink

For my pretty pen to sink

Nor a single page of paper

To draw the lines I aspire.


Tell, how can I enjoy writing

No books I’ve for reading,

Oh God! Why we’re in misery

Redeem us from our poverty. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs

To the Lord


O, the Lord of the shepherds

Give a little of your warm loves,

And give a little of your mirth

We are confined to the hearth.


That you enjoy from morn to eve

Roaming about under the trees,

Playing on your golden lute

And singing song on your flute.


Under the blue transparent sky

Taking bath in the river nigh,

How happy and jolly you are

O, the Lord of the shepherd. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


Morning Scene


It is after dawn rises the sun

From nests come out all birds,

That bring on joy and mirth

Shepherds go to field with herds.


The cocks in the peasants’ hoards

Wait to be fed by their Lords,

Wait all the goats and lambs

For their fellow maids and mates.


In such a time of fun and joy

Provide me with some toys,

And a cluster of bloomed flowers

Give me to play all the hours. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


The Moon


How beautiful the moon is

In the sky among the clouds,

More fair than the flowers

That dance with the stars.


Only at night it can be seen

With them had I there been,

To live in joy and peace

What a pleasure would this be! 0 0 0

Loves and Songs


The Bee


O the Bee

You are busy

Gathering honey

For all the day

What do you say?


In your tone

Are these songs?

How much mellow

Let me know

Let me know. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


Where You Are


We are very little boys

We like to play with toys

We don’t know, oh God

Where is your abode?

Whether in the sky

Among the little stars

Or beyond the sun

Where is no van?

To come down to us

To love us very much. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


If You Want Peace


If you want to live in peace in the world

Enjoy the beauty and seek truth as gold,

Avoid the paths of vice and violence

Take up the plain path of non-violence.


Look at all as brothers with an equal eye

Never hate anybody, never say fie,

Follow the path shown by great souls

Ignoring the evil ways of wicked people.


Learn to love all both high and low

Even to the wicked and to your foe,

To your elder and younger speak the truth

Like you let everybody enjoy the same mirth.


Always obey your parents and teachers

Respect, bow down to your elders,

If you obey all the talks above spoken

Then for us all the world will be Heaven. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


To My Baby


My baby that the sun is rising

Get up soon from your sleeping

Get up, get up soon it is morning

Do not waste your hours in vain.


Get up, get up my dear babe

Get washed your hand and face

Put on your long warm drapery

Without making the least delay.


And like a good honest boy

Throw away your petty toy,

Prepare your everyday lesson

Do not run after only fashion. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


A Tale


My babies, I will tell you a tale

A tale of the ancient world

In that world, there was a king

A king as strong as a lion

A lion whose name was Bharat.

He was noble and full of vigour

In whose vigour all other king trembled

Being trembled all other small kings

Came under the sway of him

And he became the emperor of Emperors.


He brought up well all his subjects

Against him, there was none to object

Uniting all he made a big kingdom

Under him, all subjects lived in peace

To all equal justice, he could give

After the noble name of the king

Our land is honourably called ‘Bharat’. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 




When we will grow young and older

We must do the great deeds,

To keep up the pride of our land dear

We will perform great feats.


We will not fear to sacrifice our lives

For the great cause in mirth,

We will lead a life of peace and justice

And follow the path of truth. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs




Oh! My motherland,

I’ve opened up my eyes in your lap

In the prime of my life.

Once again in the last evening

 I will shut up my eyes

In your warm breast.

I wish again my life to begin 

Taking a new birth in your womb

You’re my temple, my image of love

Once again in my new birth 

Let me breathe your air

Let me bathe in your shower

Let me again enjoy the green hill

And the stars with their twinkling.

On your affectionate breast

Let me die and take birth again and again

And let me love and live. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


The Red Kite


Oh! The red kite, oh! The red kite

Go to the sky,

In the land of the moon to see

The clouds run by.


Seeing all the new things there

Please say to me,

The tales of the moon and stars

And make me happy.


Soon go there, fly up so high

In the presence of my eye

Go there flying up to the moon

For the present- goodbye. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 




My dear babe, go to sleep

The night is dark and deep

Be quick, be quick, go to sleep.


My dear, dear little child

You are so calm and mild

Go to sleep, my dear child.


In the bush, the fox is yelling

In the woods,  lion is howling

Behind home, tiger is roaring.


My dear babe, go to sleep

The night is dark and deep

Be quick, be quick, go to sleep. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 




Whose garden is this- do you know

It looks as beautiful as the rainbow

The fence around it who have built

There roses bloom so bright and mild.


There at night blooms the night queen

With fragrance, it smiles- no feign,

Flowers lean upon its petal so dear

It is as if on the lap of its mother.


The bees singing song in flock come

To suck honey from bloomed flower,

With kiss and sweet songs convey loves

Love, beauty and joy they always nurse.


Whose garden is this- who is its master?

I think great God is its Lord and father,

Let the garden remain young forever

To us it is so much lovely and dearer. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs

For Lost Beauty


When you come to my mind

All my pain goes away,

My heart with thine who did bind

In the morn looked gay?


On the sea-shore we did meet

How lovely look to see,

It is for love that my heart greets

For your love to me.


In the last eve of my earthly life

Why am I devoid of mirth?

Who stands on my way as a knife

Throws thorns on my path?


Where have gone your fair world

Oh! Leave me not in life!

Who has tempted you to be withered

Leaving me in infinite grief. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 




There is a lovely rose

Dancing on the green moss,

There is the rainbow

Who creates- who knows?


There flows the spring

With the sound ‘rippling’

Who is their maker

Who is their father?


O, my dear, dear child

Why question- be mild.

Here that all things

With all beautiful beings

Are created by God.

He  is our great Lord

Above so high He lives

All the things He creates. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


The Moon


That is the moon

How beautiful!

Brighter than you 

With hoary hue.

The clouds play

On the sky bay.

I being a child

And so mild

Cannot go there

Their chats to hear. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


Lachit Barphukan


Have you heard the name of Lachit?

Great hero victorious over the Mugal

They came with full of arms

To make a conquest over our land. 

The king foreseeing the peril

Called upon Lachit

Made him the Chief Commander

Of the Ahom soldiers.

He with a skilled strategy 

Decided to build a barricade

He bestowed the deed on his uncle’s shoulder

And ordered him to finish it by the night

Hundred and thousand Ahom youths

Embarked on the deed

They worked hard and became tired

And ignoring the imposed duty they fell asleep

Lachit with fever in him came at midnight

He came and found the barricade in the beginning

And all in sleep

Then he took the sharp sword out of his sheath

And with a strike smite off his uncle’s throat

And said, “Uncle is not greater than my Motherland”

Seeing Lachit’s prowess, all the workers got up in fear 

And begin to work harder 

And accomplished the building of the barricade before dawn

The Mugal soldiers some thousands in number

Came with deadly arms

But found no path to face the Ahoms

And being despair they retreat

On the way, the Ahoms chased after them 

And taught them a hard lesson.

Since then our Assam remained safe 

From the hand of imperialist Mugal.

Hours and years have passed 

Lachit’s love for his motherland remains 

As our paradigm of valour and patriotism. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


The Pride of Assam


We are Assamese

A greater nation

What you need

Make a list

You’ll find all here.

The great Brahmaputra provides us 

With an infinite source of water.

Our land bears hills and hills full of trees

Reeds and bushes

Here you’ll find all.  

Every genus of animals and being

Tiger, lion, deer, bear, and many beasts

You’ll find also a rare creature called ‘One-horned rhino’ 

Nowhere but in the woods of our land.

Herein all the seasons 

You will hear the songs of cuckoo

The chirping of the cricket.

What is not in our land?

We have our prophet called Shri Shankerdev

Who with voice of love and equality

Unites us all. 

Here you will get lady-like Sati Joymati

Who for her love and devotion to her motherland 

Suffered an exemplary agony. 

Is there anyone like Ajan Pir?

He though suffered the pain of blindness

Showed the path full of light.

Who is there like our Kalaguru Bishnu, Jotyprashad?

Is there anyone else

Like the ‘Sun of Song’ Sri Bhupen?

They with their tongues bewitched the entire world.

It is our land 

In it, we get everything we need

We are proud of it. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs


Once an Old Man


Once there was an old man

He seemed as old as the hills

He had neither a single tooth

All his hair was hoary

Skin was wrinkled.

He had many offspring

Hundred and Eleven sons 

And hundred and forty daughters

All the sons were well taught-

How to plough land

The daughters were skilled 

In cooking curry and food

He had twelve hundred and eleven grandchildren

He could call on them by their names day and night.

He told them the story of the Ramayana

The tales of the Panchatantra

He even could tell 

The tales of ‘The Arabian Nights.’

Once he went to a war 

With the barbarians beyond the desert

There he fought well and carried on pride to his land 

He enjoyed a sound health till his death

I‘ve heard my father say – 

He survived up to hundred and half a century

During his entire life he never fell ill

Never saw doctors, never took pill

He got up from his sleep 

While the cock shrieked at dawn

He earned his livelihood by means 

Of cultivating crops in his own lands

He knew no religion-

Honesty in dealing and doing his duty was his creed

He knew not- what is called high and low

What is called untouchability?

What is called enmity?

He said- I’m a man and all are sons

Let all live like brothers.

Days passed his mortal soul left his wrinkled body

Then there arose a king

Came religions

Came different creeds

Sense of high and low took birth.

Came Democracy and began to turn all into chaos. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs


What Does God Do?


Once there was a thoughtful king

Some million subjects he had

He governed them well 

With hard hand.

Everywhere there were joys and happiness

Some called him the wisest of all the beings

And some called him most fool of the fools

He had a crowd of scholars wise in scriptures

He called on them once a week 

And asked each of them a question

Who could answer would get prize

And if failed he had to lose his life

One day he called on them all 

And asked-

“What does God do and earn His livelihood?”

All the scholars listened to it

Some of the scholars replied after their wisdom 

But no reply could satisfy the king

Then most of the scholars lost their life.

To the nearest village of the king’s palace

There lived a man

So poor, so old

He lived long enough 

And more he wished not to live long

He came to the palace

To answer to the king’s question

The king said-

“Try then, if your answer can satisfy me 

You will be well rewarded

Or otherwise you must taste death.”

Then the old man entreated the king 

To go to the field

 The king followed. 

Then he began to plough his land with his bullocks

And said:

“See God does this deed and earn his living.”

The king being satisfied rewarded him with gold and riches. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


A Boy Wishes to Be


With the breaking of dawn

The sun gets up from his sleep

For all day long it does its duty

Without leisure, without repose

How busy, how dutiful it is!

So I wish to be the sun.


And while the dark comes down

From the east, the sun goes to its bed

And for the whole night

Without any breaking

It sleeps

How lazy it is!

How much!

So I wish not to be a sun. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


To the Sunbeam


O the sunbeam, welcome to thee

Many idle hours I have spent,

Playing under thy light seeking mystery

Now in the state of my smothered pant,

I am overpowered by weary thought.

Thinking what is given to the world and got.


Oh! Halt a little outside my bower

Taking away thy glittering bright light,

Keep busy lighting upon my flower

In my agony do not come so nigh,

When entire world is on my head

As if all the world I have to lead.

O, don’t pester me, do not bother me

I am in the realm of deep thought,

Let me pursue after it and be glee

Let me be saved from much heat

How an unfortunate being am I

For the present o, the sun goodbye.


Once again please do not forget

To come back to thorny grove,

My congealed thoughts to melt

Ushering a new light to my hope

Again with thee for joy I will play,

To drive away my pain and to be gay. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


In the Dark Lonely Night


I rambled aimlessly like a bird

Around me was nothing but dark,

Like a minstrel or an ancient bard

Nothing there was visible to mark,

On that lonely desolate hour

I was far off from my bower.


Dark and dark came down to the earth

As the shower covered the sky,

The dark that took away my mirth

No comet was seen to be passed by, 

Or a glow-worm to show me path

I so wretched ever to take birth. 


Clouds heaped upon cloud

Like sands in the deep desert,

Within themselves made crowd

With woe, it stroked my heart,

I hid within myself in fear

The fear I could hardly bear.


Oh! All at once from far somewhere

Came a glimpse of bright light,

It came to my bower and nowhere

That drove away all my fright,

Though there was endless thundering

And ceaseless hailing, heavy raining.


The light showing me the path

Led me to my far off blue bower, 

Rescuing me from dark and its girth 

And from the hand of cursed shower,

How more true the lighting can be

My friend in dark night makes me glee. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


The Night of Hurricane


Oh! Come the gust of hurricane

Breaking the silence of the night

Come the storm to the poet too lean

But to my heart being a fright

Oh! This comes from above hills

With heavy thunder and loud shrill.


Rain after rain falls too heavily

To moisten the dried world

After many a day, it falls greedily

It is but bliss of our great Lord

From eastward to westward if blows

As swiftly as a hilly spring flows.


Broken are my house and its vaults

Walls are but like a pull-out tree

Rain penetrates into my room like a bolt

That takes away all my joys and pleasure

Say in such a state how I pursue

The pretty verse that I have to issue. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs


Beauty Returns Never


After many a night and day

The scene comes to my mind,

When by the side of the bay

I was with my inward eye blind,

The western breeze was blowing

In the flowery month of spring.


Suddenly when I turned my eyes 

Over the green field to eastward,

I saw a range of green mountains

Built by a host of black cloud,

Oh! How charming it seemed

How beautifully the cloud heaped!


The shadow of the cloudy mountain

Reached the land and it grew dark

That added silver beauty to spring

And came out all the beauty hidden,

Over the round moon was lighting

As if against dark it was fighting.


Many a joy to me it brought

As many a moment, I gazed,

Driving away all painful thought

That charmed scene I ever faced,

How happy the moment was 

How lovely and joyous it was! 0 0 0

Loves and Songs

When I Enjoy


When I enjoy with my innermost eye

The bright beautiful morning star,

Twinkling above my head so high

When the sky is free from shower,

My heart up to the heaven swells

As if the entire universe it’ll travel.


When I unfurl my custodian eye

Over the lake of blooming lotus,

Fluttering and dancing so nigh

Facing upward to the moon it laughs,

My heart with joy jump to the lake

To play with the lotus-like flake.


When I turn my eyes to the field

See how softly the meadow grows,

Those look so beautiful and mild

How the law of Nature she follows,

Then my heart rises up to struggle

Against the weary cells and its bugle.


When the sun in west sets down 

With all the sacred bright beauty,

The god of the light rises up soon

To shine the world with silver beauty,

From my eyes drops down all my tears

And I wait for a new life to bear. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


In a Spring Morning


On the lovely knee of Nature

Flashes the drops of frost,

Adorned with comely feature

That glitters golden in boast,

As if a bunch bead of mermaid

Is standing there to be glorified.


On the face of youthful spring

The laughter of bloomed flowers,

Upon it the dappled butterfly swing

Bringing the tide of joy to my bower,

How softly it lulls my weary heart!

That brings back all the joys of past. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs


To Hear the Song 


Getting closed my eyes

With over gloom dark,

Came up the sighs

Like a thundering bark,

Hence long some day

I awoke under the sky of May.


Neither verse nor rhyme

Is being onwards followed,

Neither carol nor hymn

Has been long pursued,

My heart fills up with a passion

Tears glide up to horizon.


Oh! Slumber don’t be my foe

I would fall in sleep not,

With over and over woe

I’ll hear all night hot,

Your song my darling cricket

Your song is my ever long mate. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


The Luit


On that day I with my mate

To the Luit went for first time,

A day of joy and good fate

The banks deluged with tide,

The west wind caused the surge

To wash off its muddy verge.


The high weaves that roared

Around me and everywhere,

A microcosm I had found

The scene I saw before nowhere,

Trouts, tortoise showed their chin

Joy and wonder did they mean.


The fishermen with their barge

One after another following pleasure,

To its foamy bed they did merge

To the Luit- a mysterious creature,

Father of death and rebirth

Cool of winter, hot of hearth.


Birds of brown hazel colour

Upon the waves, they fled,

Under the white moving shower

They sang song pleasant and mild

In the state of joy and freedom

Where poets feel pain not but seldom.


Now always and everyday

I come to it face to face,

To spend my hours on its bay

With newer joy to it, I gaze,

But the joy enjoyed with my mate 

Had passed ever from my fate. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs


After Dawn


It is just the Dawn has passed

And the sun is about to get up,

No frost there is to be betrayed

By the yellow rays of the hub,

All has come out of their warm quilt

To enjoy beauty and with her to melt.


All the birds with their maidens 

Leave their pretty sweet nests,

Flying, dancing with their children  

To the lake that they loved best,

In search of livelihood all are busy

Crossing over hills and vales mossy.


Only a being forlorn, woeful as I 

Still is on my coarse weary bed,

Overpowered by thoughts and sigh

And an eye full of tears to shed,

Neither joy nor pleasure is in mind

My custodian eyes no light is to find.


But suddenly a pair of white doves

Come flying from somewhere far off,

With a heart full of golden hopes

Sing melodious songs to drive off.

All my boundless weary thought

Warns me: thoughts are nought. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


I Have Lived Long


I have lived long enough on life

Sucking the venom of the hive,

Smearing deep dirt dye on it

Defying in vain against desolate feat.


When it was to build up my soul

I was led astray to the path foul,

A forlorn now with grey hair

To me now all are foul though fair.


Only a soul torn by thorn

And a void heart to mourn,

My ever long unwished company

Having neither fovour nor sympathy.


O, a little peace to me please afford

Oh! My dear, dear Omnipotent God. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs


To a Bachelor Friend


Friend, go to the marriage

As you have come to age,

It is but a nature’s sacred law

Breaking it don’t be a foe.


Look at the birds upon your head

They fly in pair above the mead,

Singing, leaping and dancing

They enjoy pleasure no erring.


Don’t be obstinate but be firmed

To the proposal already affirmed,

Be content with what is your lot

Go to dual life when desire is hot.


Be not angry but feel lucky

Enjoy dual life and be happy. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


Here I am Happy


Let him not persuade me to the path

Where joy, truth, beauty take birth,

Beyond this forever greenwood tree

No entertainment I need to happy be.


Neither to the celestial flowery garden 

To be pleased setting all the burden,

Not to the rippling hilly spring sight

If there is no struggle for life to fight.


This is my dear, dear lovely world

A bliss, a gift from my great Lord,

A world full of both joy and pain

Which counts on life not in vain.


Here I’m happier with my men

Than the far off unknown Heaven. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 



My Flower


You are my May-flower

Blooming fragrant in my bower,

Leaning petals upon petals

Are lovelier than precious metal.


Once in spring let be bloomed

Bearing same beauteous mould,

For my ever joy and pleasure

The joy that knows no measure.


For the entire remaining month

Your beauty melts off forth,

None gaze at you with wonder

None takes joy sitting under.


But I’m your ever true lover

In spring, in winter your overseer. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 




Rainbow, who makes you colourful

Who has made you so yellow?

Who gifts you so beauteous soul

Above the earth sky’s below?


Red, green, golden to look at

In the blue sky above so high,

While the sun is still in its hut

Driving your mate off not nigh.


You make a sky-round path

Across the north and south,

Emitting beauty, joy and mirth.

Keeping me out of my hearth.


If you are something like a god

Please take me up to your state,

Throwing away your wrath and rod

Please make me your ever mate.


If you are the bow of Ram

Sita’s spouse Ayudhaya’s king,

Or some others like the same

Please take birth once again.


Or if you are of Parshuram

To struggle against Khatriya,

And against Dasharatha’s son Rama

To overcome all to become mitra.


Thrice and more welcome to thee

Please rise up in my dark heart,

To give joy and pleasure to me

And to provide fresh mirth.


Friend, come out and let us enjoy

What a wonderful piece of work!

That can afford you incessant joy

To its silent song give ears and hark.


Again oh, my dear rainbow

Please don’t forget to meet me,

But my entreat to thee now

Don’t ask me price or fee.


Nothing I have to award you

Neither money nor a penny

But a heart with love not few

To feel gratitude not to deny. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 




For love of my motherland

I am always present here

We forever remain in bond

Never are we to go there.

How dear and lovely is my land

Where I am brought up to life

Though it is not of gold but of sand

Of mental manna, it is a hive.

Here I wish to spend all my days

Till comes my last and death

In its very beauteous sandy bay

I will play in joy and mirth.

Oh! You are my dear motherland

All your particles are gold not sand. 0 0 0

Loves and Songs 




Dear God, punish me 

With it percolate me

You are my God

Lord of all Lords.


Dear God, wield thy rod

It is my prayer hot

Thou art above all

Enforce my humble call.


Throw away from heaven

Still, thy grace is given

Me to arise again

A righteous life to begin.


Agonize me, oh my God

By the cross of our Lord

On behalf of my kind

And make me mild.


Strike me with thy stick

To solve my mistake

And make me transparent 

Like Adam-Eve, our parents.


Hurt me, throw me away

Till I am astray

Away from gentle path

Till I am not in mirth.


Wound me, bleed me

It is my implore to thee

Till I am not he

What I should be!  0 0 0

Loves and Songs 


 The End


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