Under the Starry Sky



Under the Starry Sky

Under the Starry Sky


Under the Starry Sky

(Collected Poems)








Menonim Menonimus







Internet Edition 




Under the Starry Sky (A Collection of Poems) ‘by Menonim Menonimus, Published by www.menonimus.org

Under the Starry Sky




Internet Edition









D.T.P. by A. Shahriar

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A Portrait 

The World

Holding up



Please don’t ask me

I am a Mate

I am

What a Wonder

What a Bliss

My Life in Your Hand


A Tree

The Love of My Mind

The Creed of Harmony

The Child

My Inborn Co-habitation

I Desire

None Can Deny Me

There was a River

What is the Time


They Want

You Have


That Vehicle

The Flag of Revolution

What a Time

The Silence of the Night

Nothing but a Desert

Every Night

The Two Footed Animals

To Mother

My Poems

If Your Weeping

Waiting for You

Heavily it is Raining

Seeing off Our Friend

Don’t Spittle

Come Down to My Heart

It is the Rose

On the Tomorrow Night

From Day to Day

A Flock of Birds

There is no Time

Why do You Call forth

Don’t Shed Sighs


Our World

Do not Compel Me to Hear

No Matter

I Want

Song of the Deprived Citizens

I Envisage

The Smiles of Pathos

Intoxicated Time

My Pen


He is Dead Now

My Life

A Flock of Armed Birds

About a Tree

The Boy

But I Can’t Say

Three Lined Verses 








A Portrait


Once on the canvas of my life

You had painted a picture

Not in water-colour

But with newly invented ink 

Imported from China via Nepal.

You began to draw the portrait

I lay like a corpse

You ordered- Don’t move

I remained still.

You said- Close your Eyes

I fell asleep

You ordered- Spread your feet and hands wide

I did so.

Again you ordered me- Open up your chest

I took off all my dress.

And then with your both hands drew the portrait

When my sleep broke up 

I did not find you.

From thence onwards I have been carrying about

The portrait holding it to be my own property

I do not know whose picture 

You have drawn on my life canvas

Is it yours?

Or of any tree favourite to you?

To get the answer to my query-

I have been looking for you for so long years. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


The World


My world built up of many strikes

Without being conscious of my sins

The world ought to be after my image

But it looks like the world is

As you are like yourself

As I am like I 

Living, feeling immaculate. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


Holding Up


Holding up my forehead

They call upon me to the plain of Death

For many years they were my friends and mates

With whom I used to roam about along long weary miles.

But I am so a fool to be their wise fellow.

Now their naked sword is in my chest

They command me- do not stir, do not move

Have a silent death

The sword was as sharp as a rippling river

As bright as the matured sun.

I gazed at it without making the least motion

And tasted my death. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky




The mystery lies in your dirtiness

They say so-

When he was about to breathe his last

Because of his voice 

That vociferated- what ought to be kept silent 

Hence is his death on the footpath

At mid-day

None looked at the dead body

But everybody trod on it 

As we tread dust on the royal road. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky




The blue shirt

Today has turned into reddish rubbish

The Himalayan wind comes down to our valley

Agitating the confused moon

Yester-night his corpse was brought home. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


Please Don’t Ask Me


In the body of the upper cloud

They dressed in black

I was confused within my breast

Then you were in the state of your dream

Please don’t ask me-

What does black symbolize? 0 0 0



I Am A Mate


The earth is within the universe

The moon is in the sky 

I am in your breast weeping

Forlorn, forgotten, forsaken. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky

I Am 


Under the flow of blood

My struggle lies forever

I am a feeble friend

Come and animate me

Nothing comes out of nothing.

Under your tongue, my voice lies forever

I am suffocated, friend

Come and let me breathe. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


What A Wonder


In my blood- your blood

In my sighs- the sighs of yours

Upon my flesh- your flesh

Yet we are unacquainted with each other

I am not yours

You are not mine

What a wonder! 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


What A Bliss


Death is at your door

Friend, farewell

Death- what a hope!

No, no, I am going to be a god

What bliss!

Had I been died! 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


My Life is in Your Hand


My life is in your hand

You say-

Sit down, stand up

Again sit down, stand up

Stand up, sit down

Again sit down, stand up

Stand up, stand up

Thus in your hand is my life.

Oh! My monarch! 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky




Everybody dances there

Rape dance, bob dance, neo-cupid dance

Neo disco dance, modern dance, 

Ultra-modern disco dance,

Virgin nude dance, gloomy dance,

Bright dance, mad dance.

Everywhere there are dances only

But my feet are broken-

How can I dance my peculiar dance? 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


A Tree


A tree is standing

It looks as if it is upon the water

Its leaves are dumpy

I know not-

Either it has roots or not

If it has- perhaps under water!

My feeling step by step 

Swells up to the greens of the sky

And inch by inch turns into a brittle stone

Full of fossils

The fossils born prior to a century.

Many times I feel myself

As a piece of white ice

Made of salty water of the sea. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


The Love of My Mind


The love of my mind flies down

Under the deep womb of darkness

In the core of my mind 

I feel its gigantic shape.

Love for me is an image at night

Like wandering vapour

Caused by the rays of the sun.

And once I think

It is like the humming 

Of a hilly stream

Welded to life by the tillage of years.

I don’t comprehend-

Either it is my foe or friend. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


The Creed of Harmony


The creed of harmony is unknown to me

Since my birth I am dead

In the field of harmony

Today grows a mighty tree

Whose roots have penetrated into every heart

And keeps confined within her shadow.

Thus my whole individuality

Is losing within myself

In quest of harmony. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


The Child


Reddened by sixteen springs

You are everybody’s maid

Met at the advent of life

With every particle of spring

You exchange your love, soul, heart

And the whole entity.

And in return, you have got

A child in your rose-like lap

A child of mankind

Men say-

The child is a bastard! 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


My Inborn Co-habitation


My inborn co-habitation 

With sorrow and pain

I feel- I am dead

When I keep my hand on my belly.

I lead my struggle against hunger

Every day, every night. 

Every day I am overcome 

By the beast called hunger

A beast- who has both hands and feet.

The blue sky mocks at me 

When I seek solace from it

And then all the love shown by the world

Becomes a riddle. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


I Desire


I desire 

Let the mid-night moon go away

From this sky to another.

Here at night

All are asleep

Only a few poets stay out

Under the moonlight sky

They have no right to enjoy the moon

Because they are poets only 

Without abodes. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


None Can Deny Me


None can deny me

Because I am myself for them

They themselves are mine

Just like a piece of poem

Though not good

None can say it to be his foe. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


There was a River


Once there was a river

Civilization was on its either side

It bore a heart as vast as the sky

As deep as the sea

Full of love.

Nowadays there is no river 

Instead, there is a civilization of mansions and palaces.

With the gardens of ever-bloomed flowers

Everything it has-

All the facilities of the modern mind

It lacks only one thing 

That is – it bears no soul. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


What is the Time


What is the time? 

In the sky the yellow showers

Is it the time of your departure?

Sita would come again 

I never believe

The banyan tree once again 

Would deny giving shelter to the pedestrians

I do not believe.



What does it mean?

The muddy street water

Cries for its mother

Again it is the thousand crackling of frogs

For water.


Tonight they would welcome the hot summer. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky





A star drops down to the under world

I am the ashes burnt in the mid-way

Under the showers.

A bald mountain

Without trees and ice.

For a drop of red blood

A flock of foxes

Can run over the running train

Love for them is laughter. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


They Want


They want to attack my entity

They want to wipe away my smiles

They want to pull out my eyes.

Yet I grasp them to be my own limbs

And struggle against their vein

In favor of life.

I struggle and dream

As a man wishes to live in peace. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


You Have


You have hands

Full of skylight

I have eyes full of rivers.

You have tone 

Full of songs

I have a belly full of fire.

You are a man 

I am a man 

Yet between you and I 

There is a strong wall. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky




f you don’t know-

How to sing

Then try to learn

We need your throat.

In front of us a revolution

In favor of our dead souls

Against darkness

Against our sighs

Against the thorns of life. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


That Vehicle


A vehicle drawn by eleven horses

Treads upon every heart

They need blood 

Blood is their prime food

After the invocation of their boss

They cross the sea swimming

Alas! Their foot-steps 

Echo the groaning of death. 0 0 0



The Flag of Revolution


Where will you hoist 

The flag of revolution

The flag of the New Year

The flag of a new beginning?

Let it be hoisted at first 

In the courtyard of your own heart

And then in the courtyard of every man.

A flag of revolution

Under whom we all be gathered

And then set fire to our dirty heart. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


What A Time 


What a time!

Every soul is itself its enemy

Every soul is weary of its entity

It wants only a chink to make it dead 

Or to drink a glass of wine to forget

That once it was a throbbing soul. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


The Silence of the Night


The silence of the night bursts out 

The people on the public road are bleeding

And burning in its conflagration.


They wanted a man-like life

Since many years

They are kept confined 

In the planet named Earth.

They wanted to keep their steps on the ground

In the state of sole darkness

They were shouting

Breaking the silence. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


Nothing But a Desert


A desert has been taking birth

Out of our wombs

Breaking the eyes, shattering the heart.

And then perhaps

I would die

And then might be beginning a new desert

Who knows if I would die

And there would live men 

But I see in front of my eyes

Nothing but a desert. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


Every Night


Every night 

My mother lulls me to sleep

The door is closed

The windows are hooked well.

Go to sleep and close your eyes

Then they would not find you.


Thus is my humdrum life.

Every night my mother urges me to sleep

And I try to keep awake

I am accustomed to hearing their slogans


Tomorrow I would be one of them

I am alone since my birth. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


The Two-Footed Animal 


Every man becomes a two-footed animal

His hands become paws

Like the paws of a lion or a tiger

Every man becomes a cannibal.

I call upon my soul to meditate over the matter

And say to myself-

If I am in the wrong

Don’t forget to protest.

If you have eyes

Please open up

If you have heart

Let it feel

If you have a mind

Let it ponder over

And let you be introduced to yourself 

If you are a man or a two-footed animal

If you are a man-

Stand against the animals

If you are an animal-

Struggle with all your might to be a man. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


To Mother



Since many a day

I am dead.

Once again 

Please let me come out of your womb.

Once again 

Let me be vitalized with a rebellious spirit

Like the tsunami

Or like the sunlight.

Once again 

My mother,

Become my mother

Become a mother of a new Sun. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


My Poems


My poems are not made up of words

Gathered together searching after 

The secret corner of the lexicon

None would get into my poems

The tumbled-down syllables

Or teeth- broken words

Nor the flowery decoration of the buffet.

My poems are the words of –

Beggars, peasants, vagabonds,

Bullet-stricken youths who struggle to live like a man

That wish to have the sunlight

As the privileged few enjoy

On the cost of the exploited.

My poems are the fragmentary compilation

Of their sighs, shouts, weeping, crying and tears-

That comes out spontaneously

As the rippling of the hilly spring

As the rays of sunlight

As the waves of the sea

As the gust of wind.

And therefore-

My poems are not for the learned few

But for the common many

And perhaps for them

I endeavour to scratch down poetry. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


I Would Not Like


I would not like your weeping

If your weeping is only for you

I would not like your weeping

If you weep for your own woes only

I condemn tears of such weeping

But if your weeping is for all the mothers raped by the century

Then I am proud of your weeping.

If your weeping reflects all the woes and sorrows,

Pain and sufferance

If your weeping aims at wiping out the tears of us all

If your weeping can calm down the fire of our bellies

If your weeping is in search of a bright sun 

To drive away the darkness of our souls

Then friend,

Let me know beforehand

I would go out with a burning candle in my hand

To congratulate you in advance

And if your weeping is for our freedom

For our brotherhood, for our desired peace

Then I’ll quit my quill nor will I pursue verse

Because you are the greatest poem of the world. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


Waiting For You


Waiting for you I keep opening my door

In the deep night, you will come

With a handful of light

From minute to minute

From hour to hour

I wait for you

Looking at the sky through my little window

From dawn to dawn I keep myself vigil

Stirring on my weary bed

Waiting for you. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


Heavily It is Raining


Heavily it is raining

My be 

To-night spring will come to an end

Summer will begin

With sky full showers.

But to me still today

Spring is far away from me.

I have been being burnt well by incessant heat

My face has turned black

And my eyes are blind for too much of summer. 0 0 0



Seeing Off Our Friend


Come on  my comrades,

Let us see our friend off for the last once

He sang the song of our heart

It was his sole crime

Hence he is sent to death

In the open street-

In front of a thousand eyes

He talked the talk of peace

He talked the talk of handful sunlight

He talked the talk of a piece of bread for the poor

He was our friend 

Friend of yours, ours and mine

Perhaps he would give us our rights to living

Now he is sleeping well being ashes

Let us see off him for the last once

Let us derive a newer spirit from his dead life. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


Don’t Spittle


Don’t spittle in the sky 

The sky is in the lap of my darling

I am being a microcosm of the macro world

Laying here with a toy

For her sports

As plucked flowers are in the hand of little children

They tear them, sip them and tore them 

For their game. 0 0 0



Come Down To My Heart


Who shrieks in the deep ocean of dreams?

He is a brighter star

Deviated from its orbit

Come down to my heart

Let me fill up my desert. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


It is the Rose


It is the piece of rose

That dropped down from her hand

On the day before the century began

This piece of rose 

Bears the entire fragrance of the gone days

It is kept preserved in my heart as a mirror of my past.0 0 0 



On Tomorrow Night


On tomorrow night 

Don’t call me on

I’ll be busy to greet the child of the revolution

Tomorrow night he will take birth

I will blow on the pipe

My friends will dance in his honour

The cloud will be raining the rain of flowers

The sky will smile and drop down the pieces of pearls 

The breeze will begin to blow upon the valley

The lark will come down to the earth 

Singing the celestial song

The angel will come with a towel to wrap him up.

Let us all greet the child 

That will be born tomorrow 

Through the wombs of our mothers

Let us keep him living 

Maybe he will hoist the flag of our liberation. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


From Day to Day


From day to day 

I’ve been going to be a mountain

With crags, ice, green trees, yellow soil 

And hard hills

And with this 

I’ve been losing my human entity

Maybe by the coming winter 

I’ll turn bald as a dead tree.  0 0 0 



A Flock of Birds


A flock of birds is flying

From tree to tree

Whispering a talk from ears to ears

The talk of coming storm.

Who are there to break down his abode 

Before the storm overturns it?

But let me build my home 

In the heart of my people living in this vale

And hence is my struggle against myself. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


There is No Time


There is no time 

To turn the eyes 

From left to right

Every throbbing of the soul

Echoes the hunger of the street children.

Every inhalation stinks the sweat of the peasants

Every exhalation emits hot sighs

There is no time to give the least repose to the eyes. 0 0 0



Why Do You Call Me Forth


Why do you call me forth

To the front battle?

I am already in the middle of a campaign

Around me, there are crowds of soldiers

Every soldier wears the same dress

Who my colleagues are

And who my foes are

I know not.

Once my friend said:

War is for man against man

And  it is because- I am in the war

I know not-

Whether I will be able to overcome my foes

Or my foes will overcome me.

Yet I am fighting

Because fighting is my religion. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


Don’t Shed Sighs


Don’t shed sighs

Here also burns the fire

The fire of endless hopes.

Who are you in the dark

Setting light on a lantern?

Leave the spot soon

Here everybody fears the light

Here everybody is taught-

How to love utter darkness. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky




In the cloudy weather of yesternight

I got the tincture of to-night

And tonight I foresee:

What tomorrow night will be.

But what would be gained by this prophecy?

War causes destruction

Yet we wage it. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


Our World


This is our world

Made up of dappled pain

The meaning of which is a riddle

Like a language without vowels

Or like a curriculum of a dead language. 0 0 0



Don’t Compel Me


Do not compel me to hear 

The story of the land of the rising sun

Once I myself wanted to be an endless source of light.

Who knows-

In the orphan monastery 

To-night there will take birth a child

He will be the prophet of the century

He will have no voice of his own

He will only pronounce the voices of ours

Yet during his lifetime, he will be tortured by all of us

They will whisper ears to ears-

Who is his father?

Is he not a bastard? 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


No Matter


Whether you recognize a day as a day

Or night as a night

It is not a matter

A day is always a day

The night is always night

Though you fail to recognize. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


I Want


I want a world

Devoid of hate and enmity

Full of fraternity.

I want a society 

Full of love and affection

Devoid of diversity.

I want a land 

Devoid of high and low

Full of equality.

I want friends 

Devoid of barbarity

Full of humanity.

I wish my brothers and sisters

To grow like men 

Here, there and everywhere. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


Song of the Deprive Citizens


Shiver! the deprived citizens

A farce in the name of Democracy

If it is the play of merriment 

The sky would fall down.

The craggy mountain

Where the clean fountain glides from

Would carry down the bloody water.

The zephyr that blows unto us 

Through the hot sea

Would blow accompanied with storms

Perhaps like an axe or flag

To welcome a newer world. 0 0 0



I Envisage


I envisage him 

In the oasis

I ask him about the state of poetry

He keeps silent

And in turn, he asks me-

What is the course of the green world? 0 0 0



The Smiles of Pathos


Everywhere is fire

The sweet shower of summer is also wearisome.

He is at the front door

Her oven is still cool

As if the sky with all its emptiness

Comes down to her lap.

She smiles to conceal her woes 

But they drop down being the songs of pathos. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


Intoxicated Time


What an intoxicated time!

The heart-throbs

In the damp juncture of river and sea

The soul dips underground

In the blank field of humanity

All are laid dead

Like heaps of dead mice died of epidemics. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


My Pen


My pen 

As if the sun of the sky

Subordinate to the diurnal course of the world

Unable to make day or night itself

Though it struggles to enlighten the cells of times to come. 0 0 0





In the abysmal depth of your sea

I have sunk down

Without being conscious of it

Since the day you have bloomed

You taught me the creed of love.

Now in the light of the lantern 

I am invisible to myself.

The heat of your love is my only companion

Though I am dead now

I cannot avoid my reminiscence. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


He is Dead Now


I have heard her crying

And then whining

For a plate of food.

And then have seen her falling into sleep

That knows no breaking.

I have also heard the throbbing of her heart

When she lost all her mystery

In the dense jungle of mankind

In broad daylight. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky 


My Life


My life is made of the dreams

Of coming future

I have no past, no present

All are smoky

I have been living with my future only.

My dream is my world

And the world is my dream

A flaming story having no end. 0 0 0



A Flock of Armed Birds


In the moonlighted mid-night

A flock of birds came down to the earth

Their hands were arrayed with bows and arrows

I was afraid of-

Lest they would attack me

I heard their whispering among themselves-

We must fight against the bald mountains. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


About a Tree


Once a hilly friend of mine

Sent me a letter

Through the letter 

He informed me of a tree

The tree was upon the peak of the Himalayas

It could walk.

Nobody knew the tree

My friend was its owner

But he had never seen it.

He invited me to inaugurate the tree

For mankind. 0 0 0



The Boy


The boy wished to be a gust of rain

A gust of rain to cleanse the trash and rubbish

He wished to be a shower of heavenly rain 

To wash off the stigmas of civilization.

To cool the hot pain of human bellies

He wished to be a hilly spring. 0 0 0



I But Can’t Say


I but cannot say-

Whom I love

It is the time for the sun rising

I cannot loiter more


The butterflies whispered to my ears:

The new sun of tomorrow is yours. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


Three Lined Verses 


(The idea of Three Lined Verses has been derived from a genre of Japanese poetry called ‘Haiku’ which consists of only three lines, each line of which is composed of seventeen letters- expressing and depicting the phenomena of nature with its changing varied colours. The simplicity of style and theme is its distinguished features. But in my Three Lined Verses, the strictness of seventeen letters in each line has been broken consciously and an element of love besides the theme of Nature has been added to it. The themes are personalized. Its rhyme scheme is kept, like Haiku, as – a b b.)



Oh! How beautiful the bird is

Sings the song of immortality

Her melody is blessed by divinity.



How green, how wavy, how charming!

The ocean of moonlit bathed night

Infinite beauties lie on banks of it.



My inborn friendship is always with you

The Queen of all the flowers bathed in dew

O Rose, lull my feelings so fresh and new.



The day goes down and the night follows

Like the passing of spring and coming of summer

And patronizes my painful heart with full favor.



As the moon- bathed starry yesternight

Soothed my woe-full heart, I dreamt a dream

You came to my courtyard being my bride.



The flock of flying birds

Who does not like- tell me

Look how beautiful is the bee!



Last night a purple sparrow passed flying

Lulling our pain-stricken heart with songs

I am eager to hear again its sweet tongue.



Keep busy with the sheep in the pasture

Here there is the endless green lawn

Enjoy playing with the dappled fawn.



Upon the yellow peak of the hillock

The sun pours down its golden ray

As if it is the king of the green bay.



For you, I can swim across the ocean

At mid-night also I can visit the forest

For your love so soothing, so modest.



Corals are found plenty in the sea

Why do you seek them in the sky

In vain don’t soar up so empty high.



Sun, where do you get so bright light

Dear sun tell me please, please tell me

A flash of your light makes me happy.



What a piece of beautiful lotus!

That blooms in my little pond

Offering joy it dances in the wind.



Riding on the long road of sun rays

I would like to visit the far-off sky

To play with the showers go by.



Have you forgotten our tete-a-tete?

We had by the bank of the vale

The daisy bloom bright on its dale.



How! heart touching the scene is

In the light of the morning sun

When glistens the dew silvern.



Come on the bird, herald of peace

Perch on my bower, o my dove

Sing and stay here long don’t move.



The world with green trees and flowers

Is everybody’s benevolent mother

Let your sons live in peace like brothers.



Shillong, the eastern mother of beauty

Full of red, green, purple plain hills

Both winter and summer full of chill.



Spring fly, don’t leave and tarry a little

Once again let me play with thee

Please give me thy sweet company. 0 0 0

Under the Starry Sky


*The  End*


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