Motivational Quotes An Anthology


Motivational Quotes An Anthology

Motivational Quotes-An Anthology

Motivational Quotes An Anthology

Collected & Edited by
Menonim Menonimus


Motivational Quotes-An Anthology is a collection of inspirational quotes culled and edited by Menonim Menonimus.

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Motivational Quotes An Anthology

Internet Edition

Motivational Quotes An Anthology

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Motivational Quotes An Anthology


Motivational quotes refer to statements or speeches that inspire or motivate people to move forward with their purpose more vigorously than ever before. Motivational quotes motivate us to keep our souls fresh always and thus help us to achieve our goals. They are like gnats that bite on the back of a horse to keep it running and plowing more lands consistently. Motivational quotes are the result of practical experience in life. They express the deep truth of life which only a few people can realize and apply and achieve success in life. In other words, motivational quotes are like fire, which burns a piece of iron again and again and turns it into a piece of gold.
The motivational quotes in this anthology have been collected from various sources and I am very grateful to them. I hope my dear readers would like them and continue to derive inspiration from them.
Menonim Menonimus
Shanti Kanan
January 2022

Motivational Quotes An Anthology

Motivational Quotes An Anthology


To open the Chapters of the book ‘Motivational Quotes An Anthology’ click on the link under.

Chapter 1 Motivational Quotes For Success

Chapter 2 Motivational Quotes About Life and Struggle

Chapter 3 Motivational Quotes For Success II

Chapter 4 Motivational Quotes For Hard Work

Chapter 5 Motivational Quotes For Change in Life

Chapter-6 Short Inspirational Quotes

Chapter-7 Inspirational Leadership Quotes

Chapter-8 Motivational Quotes About Hope

Chapter-9 Motivational Quotes For Hard Work-II

Chapter-10 Quotes for Making Change in Life

Chapter-11 Quotes About Happiness

Chapter 12 Motivational Quotes For Success in Life

Chapter 13 Motivational Quotes on Learning

Chapter-14 Inspirational Love Quotes

Chapter 15 Inspirational Quotes About Life

Chapter-16 Inspirational Quotes About Memory

Chapter-17 APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes

Chapter-18 Ambition Quotes-I

Chapter-19 Ambition Quotes-II

Chapter-20 Collected Motivational Quotes

Chapter-21 Short Motivational Quotes

Chapter-22 Miscellaneous Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes An Anthology

Motivational Quotes An Anthology

The End

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