Wildlife Conservation-An Essay


Wildlife Conservation-An Essay

Wildlife Conservation-An Essay

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation-An Essay

Man is the supreme being of all the beings created by God. It appears as if humans are created to rule the rest. Man is the most blessed creation of God. He is the most intelligent and powerful of all beings. But man is an inseparable part of the world of Nature. The world of Nature works according to certain rules and its own principles. Being a member of the vast world of Nature, man has certain duties and responsibilities towards the rest of the world of Nature. God created the world of Nature in such a design that every object and creature is maintained in norms and balance. Therefore humans have certain responsibilities towards other beings.

These creatures are victims of nature and human attacks. Innumerable varieties of creatures die in natural disasters and many are killed for their food, profit and enjoyment.

These helpless creatures are offered as sacrifices at the altar of the gods and goddesses. Human beings have been indifferent to these creatures since time immemorial. Some of these creatures are used by men. Camels are used by men in the desert as a means of communication. Horses are used to travel quickly. Elephants are used to dig and lift wooden logs. Cows and buffaloes are used for plowing land, driving carts etc. They are our friends and we should think of their protection.

Different countries have different types of wildlife. A country can maintain its unique uniqueness only through its wildlife and their destruction means losing one of the distinctive characteristics of that country.

India is proud of its wildlife. The most notable among them are elephants, lions, tigers, rhinoceros, species of birds, snakes and insects. The Himalayan region, the Sundarbans and some forest belts of north-east India are areas where tigers are found. We have rhinoceros and elephants in North-East India and lions in the Gir region. All species of birds are found in India. Peacock is the national bird of our country. Snakes and insects of various varieties are found also in abundance in the forests and woods of India.

Unfortunately, some species of birds, animals and snakes are going out of existence. Without any love and sympathy for these helpless creatures, men kill them for food, pleasure and profit. In Assam, rhinoceros become the helpless prey of profit-monitoring hunters. 

The wildlife of a country is a valuable asset. It attracts visitors, foreigners and scholars for various purposes. If these creatures are allowed to go out of existence, then our Earth will lose its natural charm and beauty. Many foreign visitors come to India every year to see its wildlife. This helps India earn foreign exchange. If we let our wildlife die, India will lose its distinction and wealth. The distinguishing feature of a country is conditioned by its geographical location, its people, history, religion and natural resources. God has created different creatures in different areas to maintain balance in the scheme of things in the world of nature. Thus, at any cost, we should not allow the extinction of our wildlife.

It is indeed a pleasant sign that our country has made plans and schemes for the conservation of its wildlife. In every state of our country, various departments consisting of experts have been set up to look after wildlife.

Laws have been passed banning the killing of wild animals. The forests are demarcated for the safe habitat of birds and animals. A project named ‘Tiger Project’ has been created for the conservation of tigers.

There are many forests in our country which are reserved for wildlife. Kaziranga and Manas in Assam, Rewa and Kanha in Madhya Pradesh, Gir in Gujarat, Corbett National Park in UP, Hazaribagh National Park in Bihar and so on. The UNO has been providing financial grants for the conservation of wildlife. Thus a worldwide wave is working to conserve this natural wealth.

Modern civilization and industrial advancement have distracted the world of Nature. We should make every effort to maintain balance in the world of  Nature in its various fields. Wildlife is a part of nature. Therefore, we should strive for its protection. We should extend our support to various departments created for this noble cause. 0 0 0

Wildlife Conservation-An Essay

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Wildlife Conservation-An Essay

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Wildlife Conservation-An Essay

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