The Camel-An Essay


The Camel-An Essay

The Camel

The Camel-An Essay

Introduction: The camel is a four-footed large, calm animal. It is generally found in the deserts and used as a beast of burden. 

Description: It is about eight or nine feet high. It has a long neck, a small head and four slender legs. It is strong and thick. It has a hump on its back. In some countries, there are two humps of a camel. Its body is rough and covered with grey hair. Its legs are wide. It has a long hairy tail. Camel’s stomach is very large. It contains a large amount of water. So the camel can go without drinking water for several days. 

Camel is found in lands where there are great deserts. It is used in the deserts of Arabia, Persia, Afghanistan, Egypt and India.

Camel is very adventurous and is famous for its patience. It can travel several miles across the desert. It does not get tired easily. When it travels in the desert, it cannot drink water or eat grass and no shade is found for rest. It drinks a lot of water before starting and can go on without drinking for about a week. It can see things from afar. It can smell water from long distances. It is gentle and painful and it does not harm us. But sometimes, it gets furious and bites us if we tease it too much.

Usefulness: Camel is a very useful animal. It is a beast of burden. The camel carries men and their goods through the burning desert. No other animal can do this. So, it is called the ‘Ship of Desert’. The camel is one of the valuable assets for the people of the desert. People ride on its back and move from one place to another. They can carry goods of trade with the help of camels. They drink his milk and eat meat. The Arabs consider it a sacred animal and take great care of it. Camel is useful for men both in life and death. Thin brushes and a kind of cloth are made from its hair. Its skin is used as leather.

Conclusion: Nowadays with the invention of various means of advanced communication the demand for a camel seems to be waning. But, as a  strange beast of nature, we should preserve it. 0 0 0

The Camel-An Essay

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The Camel-An Essay

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The Camel-An Essay

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