Unemployment-An Essay


Unemployment-An Essay

Unemployment-An Essay


Unemployment-An Essay

‘Unemployment’ is a situation where someone of working age and ability is not able to get a job though he is willing to be a full-time employee. Unemployment is an issue that confuses governments around the world. 

Unemployment occurs due to many reasons. Despite often being educated there is a high level of unemployment. This may be due to the lack of association between education and the requirements of jobs or job profiles.

Our education system is such that gives emphasis on producing high degree holders but cannot ensure jobs or occupations for them. Educated youth, therefore, remain unemployed, although they have the physical, mental and intellectual capacity to obtain jobs.

The unemployed are often poor and destitute. They lack the resources to access food, clothing, shelter and medical facilities required for themselves. For being jobless they become completely dependent upon the resources of others for survival.

Unemployment gives rise to many problems. An unemployed person, due to lack of finance cannot take nutritious food and consequently become prey to various deficiency diseases which can be fatal. Without a roof over their heads, people who are unemployed may have to turn to the streets to live a low life. The number of homeless and street dwellers, therefore, increases day by day. Unemployment and the poverty caused by it also increase the level of beggars.

People who are unemployed and have no means of livelihood will also not have mental well-being. They may suffer from mental conditions such as depression requiring medical help.

At present unemployment has become a deadly issue throughout the world. Even in first-world countries like the United States of America, Japan, German,  France, Arabia etc., this problem has become a principal national issue.

There is no doubt that unemployment is a curse upon society but if the governments of the consisting countries take some decisive measures honestly, we think this fatal problem must be solved.  0 0 0

Unemployment-An Essay

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Unemployment-An Essay

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Unemployment-An Essay

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