Teacher’s Day | Teacher’s Day Essay


Teacher’s Day

Teacher's Day Essay

Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day | Teacher’s Day Essay

Teacher’s Day in India is celebrated on  5 September every year to thank the teachers for their contributions to the nation. It is celebrated enthusiastically by students to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

In our school too, Teachers’ Day is celebrated with great joy and gaiety. Students take all necessary precautions for their performances and other events.

Speech rehearsals are also very common during Teacher’s Day, as students give speeches commemorating Dr. Radhakrishnan and thanking their teachers.

In our school, Teachers’ Day is celebrated like a school festival and students are at liberty to choose and summon a distinguished personality as the chief guest. 

Our school suspends regular classes on Teacher’s Day so that both teachers and students can make the most of the day and enjoy it. The money for the stage and other decorations is voluntarily collected through donations by the students.

On Teacher’s Day, the celebration is inaugurated by the chief guest and the principal together. The opening ceremony is followed by dance, singing and speech performances.

Once the performance is over, the host calls the teachers on stage and presents them with gifts, cards, or flowers from their students. The teacher who receives the maximum number of gifts is coined as “Teacher of the Year” and he is presented with a memorandum.

Teachers’ Day would be more and more meaningful if the teachers on that day take a vow to be more sincere and ideal for the students. 0 0 0

Teacher’s Day Essay

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Teacher’s Day Essay

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