Children’s Day | Children’s Day Essay


Children’s Day

Children's Day

Children’s Day

Children’s Day | Children’s Day Essay

Children’s Day in India is an annual event celebrated on 14 November. It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India.

Pandit Nehru shared a very cordial relationship with the children and was always vocal about their psychological and physical needs. In his opinion, the progress of a nation is determined by how well its children are raised. He also emphasized that children’s education is compulsory and should be provided compulsorily.

Respecting Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s love and views on children, we celebrate Children’s Day on his birthday. Before his death in 1964, Children’s Day in India was observed on 20 November as ‘Universal Children’s Day’. After the death of Pandit Nehru on November 14, his date of birth is designed to celebrate as ‘Children’s Day’ in India in his honour.

Children’s Day is celebrated enthusiastically by children across the country. Although it is not a public holiday, most classes are suspended to allow time for events. Children participate in many recreational and entertainment activities that their teachers have organized for them.

Some of the activities include gifts, tanga (horse chariot) rides, swings, magic shows, etc. Children love to hang out and cherish those moments, remembering their ever-loving uncle Nehru for thinking so rationally about their welfare.

Some schools also organize speech programs, in which children are asked to give speeches on Pandit Nehru and Children’s Day. They know about the works and thoughts of Pandit Nehru and confirm their belief in him.

Children’s Day is a very essential event and is like an awareness program for the welfare of children. 0 0 0

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