Rainy Season Essay


Rainy Season Essay

Rainy Season Essay

Rainy Season

Rainy Season Essay

In India, the rainy season generally falls during the months of June and July. However, like summer and winter, the rainy season also comes up with its negative and positive effects on us.

There are some positive effects  of the rainy season as:

First, rainwater can be collected during the rainy season for various purposes. This helps prevent the problem of water scarcity.

Secondly, rain is necessary for the proper growth of crops. Farmers wait for the rainy season to see their crops bloom.

Thirdly, the trees and plants get adequate water and become greener.

Fourthly, the rainy season gives much-needed relief from the heat of the summer season.

Along with the positive effects  of the Rainy Season, there are some negative effects  of it also:

First, there is a lot of waterlogging due to the malfunction of the drainage system. This causes a traffic jam. Going to work during this time becomes a big task.

Secondly, mosquitoes thrive due to waterlogging and resultantly diseases like malaria, typhoid, cholera, etc. break up.

Thirdly, the trees are uprooted due to the strong winds during this season. This causes a lot of damage.

Fourthly, power cuts happen more in this season.

Fifthly, the rain gives way to moisture which is very difficult to deal with.

Sixthly, heavy rain causes the most suffering to the people living in slum areas.

Thus, while the rainy season is favoured by almost everyone,  its disadvantages cannot be ignored. 0 0 0

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