Swami Vivekanand | The Cup | A Critical Analysis


Swami Vivekanand | The Cup | A Critical Analysis

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Swami Vivekanand | The Cup | A Critical Analysis

Swami Vivekanand | The Cup | A Critical Analysis

Swami Vivekanand | The Cup | A Critical Analysis

‘The Cup’ by Swami Vivekananda is a poem that deals with a mystic theme. The poem is expressed in the first person through the mouth of God. By means of the poem, the poet says that the world is full of sorrow and sufferance the mystery of which none can understand. The title word ‘Cup’ stands here symbolically and it symbolizes the earth which is full of sorrow and sufferance.

The poet (through the mouth of God) says addressing the human being that the world is their cup and the contents of the cup are assigned to human beings from the beginning. The ‘contents of the cup’ refer to the sorrow and sufferance of earthly life and these are the output of the sins and passions of human beings that they have committed through the ages. In other words, to say, sorrow and suffering are creations of their own. Through sufferance, they would meet salvation. The earth is a mystery as it is full of sorrow and sufferance which become a burden in the way of peace. God has sent the prophet to show human being the right path of living well that would lead the human being to heaven. Suffering and salvation is the main business of human being on earth. This sufferance is assigned to human beings only not to any other being. God then bids human beings to take up the sorrows and sufferances that they meet in their everyday life because God would reward them in accordance with their piety of the soul and sufferance they meet during their earthly life. And then they would see the face of God and must enter into heaven.

As the content of the poem is mystic, so is its language. The poem is easy but the words employed in the poem are also easy but their purport is grand.

The poem is a reflection of Hindu philosophy. According to the Hindu scriptures, the whole universe is full of mystery that only sages and pious-hearted men can make out. 0 0 0

Swami Vivekanand | The Cup | A Critical Analysis

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