Service to Man is Service to God-Amplification

Service to Man



Service to Man is Service to God-AmplificationService to Man is Service to God-Amplification 

Service to Man is Service to God-Amplification

‘Service to man is service to God’ is a familiar saying with a deep meaning. It is often quoted to emphasize the value and greatness of man above all other beings.

God is the creator of all the things of the universe. But amongst thousands and thousands of things created by God, man is said to be the greatest. Above all other things, both living and non-living, God loves mankind very much. He has given us all the things that are necessary to live a fine and happy life. Hence all humans have a duty to God. But God is not visible to us. We can not find Him in bones and skin. So we express our gratitude to God by means of prayer. People of all religions pray to God to please Him. But by means of prayer only, we can not be loved by God if we remain indifferent to His other creations, especially to other humans. We, as humans, also have some duty to our fellow beings. If we ignore them and become indifferent to them then our social life would be full of chaos and unhappiness. Then God also would be displeased with us because ignoring His creations is equal to ignoring God.  Hence prayer by itself may be called fundamentally passive. It is self-centered and has nothing to do with society. It has an individualistic view and has nothing to do with the world of social action. Praying to God leads us from the world of action to the world of meditation. In all religions, prayer has been prescribed as a remedy for the liberation of the soul and this emphasis has to lead us to a feeling of indifference toward society.

So we should be mindful to serve our fellow beings.  The great teachers and thinkers of humanity are always aware of this truth. Keeping this in mind, they have added a new and wider meaning to prayer that can also take us into the world of God. According to the prophets, all prayer is good and meaningful, but the best prayer for pleasing God is to serve mankind. A man who loves and serves humans can hardly be a bad man. Because if we love God, we cannot hate His creations. None can deny that service to humanity is the most chosen prayer for God. 

Thus the proverb warns us to socialize our prayers and not to personalize them. If prayer can be considered to be a service to God, then it can be said that serving God is to serve humanity. 0 0 0


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