Necessity is the Mother of Invention-Amplification



Necessity is the Mother of Invention-Amplification

Necessity is the Mother of  Invention-Amplification

Necessity is the Mother of  Invention-Amplification

Necessity is the mother of invention.’ is an old proverb. It is often said to mean that all great things are made or invented when people feel the necessity of them to make their lives fine and happier.  A man works to overcome his desire. Whenever he needs something, he uses his brain to invent a remedy. 

Necessity gave rise to all early inventions. Primitive man lived in nature in a helpless state. He was led to invent things to fulfill his requirement. To defend himself against the attack of wild animals, he invented weapons. To save himself from rain and cold he set up houses, clothes and fire. Step by step he invented all sorts of things for himself. Therefore, all initial inventions are due to the pressure of necessity.

The need moves man from invention to invention. When our needs increase, we invent more and more things. All the articles we use in our daily lives are the result of man’s effort to overcome his wants.

Like physical needs, man has some intellectual needs also.  His mind is ever anxious to know the unknown. He is always eager to make new discoveries and inventions, and this brings him joy and happiness. This divine dissatisfaction in man is the reason for the progress of civilization.

Man’s physical need led to the invention of many things and his intellectual need inspired him to invent many other things. Telescopes, microscopes, paper, printing presses, radios, aeroplanes, etc. are invented to meet his intellectual needs. The great things of the world are the products of divine dissatisfaction in the mind of man. Man cannot be satisfied with his present condition. He looks for new things. He will invent and discover new things to meet his needs.

Hence it is rightly said that to get a thing made or invented we must feel its necessity first. 0 0 0


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