The Dog | The Dog Essay

The Dog Essay


The Dog Essay

The Dog | The Dog Essay


The Dog Essay

Introduction: The dog is an easily domesticated four-footed animal. 

Description: The dog has two eyes, two ears and a curved tail. It has sharp teeth and nail. It fights its enemies with them. The young ones of a dog is called a puppy. It gives birth to a number of puppies at a time. 

Dogs are of many sizes and colours. The dog eats the flesh of other animals. It also eats rice and other food taken by a man. 

The dog is said to be the most faithful servant to man as it guards the house of its master. It does not allow a stranger to enter the house of its master. 

Dogs are used in circuses also. It can be trained well and can show and performs various tricks.  

Conclusion: The dog is the most faithful of all animals. We should take care of our pet dogs. 0 0 0


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