Experience Is the Best Teacher-Amplification


Experience Is the Best Teacher-Amplification

Experience Is the Best Teacher-Amplification

Experience Is the Best Teacher

Experience Is the Best Teacher-Amplification

The statement, ‘Experience is the best teacher’- reminds us of the value and significance of what we learn from the facts that happen in our practical life.

We can learn in many ways as by reading books, listening to the sayings of others, interacting with people, traveling to places etc. But the lessons we learn from our day-to-day experience are more meaningful and lasting than any other kind of learning. None can deny the fact that sound and intimate knowledge of anything can be acquired only in the practical field. We learn practically, falls a lasting impression on our minds. Institutional lectures are often theoretical and people are prone to forget them easily. But what we learn from our experience remains long in our memory and hence appears to be fruitful in times of need.

So experience can best be considered to be the best teacher. 0 0 0


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