Self-help is the Best Help-Amplification


Self-help is the Best Help-Amplification

Self-help is the Best Help-Amplification

Self-help is the Best Help

Self-help is the Best Help-Amplification

‘Self-help is the best help’  is a wise saying. It is said to mean helping oneself. 

Human life on earth is full of activities and sometimes we wish for the help of others in accomplishing them. But in reality, we see that help asked from others is hard to get. Because everyone is busy with his own business and then we realize how foolish it is to ask for help from others in accomplishing a task. The habit of relying on others for help destroys our confidence. And it also prevents us from developing our innate qualities.

Self-help is considered the root of all success in this world. It can develop many good qualities in men. This feeling of self-help enables a person to work hard with strong willpower and determination. It also increases confidence in oneself and helps a person gain courage and mental strength. 

There is real joy when people do their work on their own. Also, they can boldly face any difficulties and hardships in life. God does not help a man if he cannot help himself.

The truth of this proverb is best demonstrated by the story of Hercules and Carter. The story reads as follows:

Once a bullock cart got stuck in the mud. When the bulls failed to pull it out, Carter prayed to Hercules, the Greek god of Strength, for help. Hercules appeared and instead of helping Carter to pull out the cart, he advised Carter to put his shoulders on the wheel and try to pull it out himself. Carter followed it and the carriage moved forward. Therefore we understand that no god can help us unless we try ourselves.

Success comes only after honest hard work. So it is said that God really helps those who help themselves. 0 0 0

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