Tips for Amplification Writing


Tips for Amplification Writing

Tips for Amplification Writing
Tips for Amplification Writing

Tips for Amplification Writing

Roughly to say, ‘amplification’ means thought expansion. In literary practice, ‘Amplification’ refers to the elaboration of a statement in a logical order. To an amplification, more information is added in support of the statement undertaken to amplify. It clarifies the meaning of a statement.

While doing the task of amplification we should bear in mind the following steps and tips.

First,  read the given statement (quotation, proverb, paradox, etc.) several times, slowly and carefully till you grasp the meaning and significance of the statement.

Secondly,  reading should be followed by thinking. The thought of the statement should be mentally developed. The relevant details, illustrations, examples, parallel saying etc. should be thought out and arranged systematically and logically.

Thirdly,  a draft of the thought expansion should be prepared where the meaning of the given statement should be explained in brief and then arguments, illustrations, and examples should be put forward. In brief, to say, amplification should have three parts: introduction, explanation and conclusion.

Fourthly, everything superfluous should be eschewed carefully. There should not be even a single word or detail that does not have a direct connection with the topic.

Fifthly, there should have coherence and unity of thought. Sentences should follow each other in a logical order. Every sentence should come out naturally and spontaneously out of the previous one. In an amplification, every sentence must take the thought ahead.

Sixthly, the language should be simple and easy to comprehend. Ambiguous or bombastic words and phrases should be avoided.

Seventhly, the rough draft should be revised one or two times and mistakes of grammar and spelling should be carefully corrected.

Eighty, after the above-mentioned steps are over, a fair copy should be made.

There is no hard and fast rule as regards the length of an application. If some length is prescribed in writing an academic amplification then it must be strictly maintained. Otherwise, a hundred words or so would do. 0 0 0


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Tips for Amplification Writing

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