United We Stand Divided We Fall-Amplification


United We Stand, Divided We Fall-Amplification

United We Stand Divided We Fall-Amplification

United We Stand Divided We Fall

United We Stand Divided We Fall-Amplification

‘United we stand, divided we fall’ is an old saying. It is often said to emphasize the strength and value of union (working together).

‘Unity’ refers to the state of being united. It is integrity without wanting anything. Sometimes we cannot do a thing alone but it can be done with the help of others. When we work being united we understand the value of the union. A man cannot bear a heavy burden but if many people try it, they can do it easily. A man alone cannot protect his country but it can be done when people are united. It is difficult to break a bundle of sticks, but one can break a single stick easily. None can deny the fact that unity gives us strength. Not every grass is strong enough, but when a rope is made of them, an elephant can be tied to it. Thus everything can be done easily by virtue of unity.

History gives us many examples of the value of unity. By association, many countries have become powerful and prosperous. Again many countries have become weak for being separated from a federation. If the members of a family live together and help each other, they can prosper easily. But if they do not live together and do not help each other, they become weak. English has become the most prosperous nation for its unity. A poor man does not have enough money to start a big business, but if one hundred poor men unite their money they can start a business.

Thus the value of unity is great. Unity leads us to prosperity. Therefore the proverb, ‘United we stand and divided we fall’ has a universal appeal. 0 0 0

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