Pride Goes Before Fall-Amplification


Pride Goes Before Fall-Amplification

Pride Goes Before Fall-Amplification

Pride Goes Before Fall

Pride Goes Before Fall-Amplification

‘Pride goes before a fall’- is a common saying. It reminds us of the negative effects of being arrogant.

Pride is one of the most disgusting variances. It makes a man different from his surroundings. It is also a source of arrogance and autocracy. A person who feels proud of his position starts keeping an eye on his peers and feels to be better and superior to all the rest. Hence his behaviour and dealing with his associates become harsh. At this, he gradually loses all his love, sympathy and admiration. Consequently, his associates want to get rid of his company. Thus they become hostile to him and when a chance comes, all his associates leave him.   Even when he is in danger, his nearest people also fight shy of helping him. Consequently, he loses his position, social status, honour and gets humiliated.

Therefore, pride is always destructive. Insult or collapse is the result of pride. 0 0 0


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