A Smiling Face Never Looks Bad-Amplification


A Smiling Face Never Looks Bad-Amplification

A Smiling Face Never Looks Bad-Amplification

A Smiling Face Never Looks Bad

A Smiling Face Never Looks Bad-Amplification

The statement ‘A smiling face never looks bad’ is full of significance. It means that a man in a good mood can draw the attention of all.

Our worldly life is full of problems, difficulties, obstacles etc, and hence it is very difficult to have a smiling face (good mood)  all the time. But we should realize that both joys and sorrows are the components of life. We can never avoid them. It is wise for us to accept both the joys and sorrows equally. A person who always presents a smiling face irrespective of age, situation and status is liked by everyone. Such a man becomes an attractive personality for all who come into his contact. On the other hand, gloominess casts a shadow on any face. 

So a  man who keeps a smiling face both in well and woe is liked and accepted by all. 0 0 0

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