Empty Vessels Sound Much-Amplification


Empty Vessels Sound Much-Amplification

Empty Vessels Sound Much-Amplification

Empty Vessels Sound Much

Empty Vessels Sound Much-Amplification

‘Empty vessels sound much’-is an Indian proverb. It is often quoted to mean that people with only a little knowledge and ability always try to find the scope to express themselves in vain.  

When beaten, an empty vessel makes more sound than a vessel filled with something. Likewise, a drum with nothing inside sounds too much. This empty vessel or drum can be compared to men with little knowledge. These types of men often talk as if they knew everything. They like to have long conversations often with a loud voice and bombastic words but all those signify a little. 

On the other hand, intelligent and learned individuals speak little but what they speak is full of significance. They like to keep themselves aloof from any kind of mean publicity.

Hence speaking much producing sound is a sign of little knowledge.  0 0 0

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