Prevention is Better than Cure-Amplification


Prevention is Better than Cure-Amplification

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Prevention is Better than Cure-Amplification

Prevention is Better than Cure

Prevention is Better than Cure-Amplification

‘Prevention is better than cure’  is a wise saying often said to mean that precaution taken against any disease is better than undergoing treatment after it gets hold of us.

It is natural for humans to fall sick or to be attacked by a disease, but when signs of disease or evil appear, there should be no delay in preventing its progress. In this way, we can avoid many problems and sufferances. Prevention is less expensive than cure. It saves time and money and saves us from anxiety. It is foolish to invite difficulties and then try to overcome them. It is better to be on the safe side than to face troubles.

Vaccination can prevent the attack of smallpox. A good foundation of body and brain in the early years ensures a strong and healthy body and brain in later life. There will be hardly any need for treatment. A disease cannot prove fatal, yet it causes a lot of misery. 

The need for treatment suggests that there has been some neglect or thoughtlessness in the first phase. Extreme care must be taken to prevent disease. True to say that many evils can be avoided if we guard ourselves against the evils. Of course, there are difficulties and troubles for which there is no help.

The proverb is generally used in reference to a physical substance such as health. But it is equally true and apt to things like material education, habits-building, character-building etc. This truth is often overlooked in practice. But if people implement this proverb, the world will be free from many diseases, suffering and evils. 0 0 0


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