He Prays Best Who Loves Best-Amplification


He Prays Best Who Loves Best-Amplification

He Prays Best Who Loves Best-Amplification

He Prays Best Who Loves Best

He Prays Best Who Loves Best-Amplification

‘He prays best who loves best’ – is a general truth with a deep significance. 

Man is the greatest creation of God. He has bestowed us with the gift of intellect and ingenious power by which he has achieved supremacy over all other creations of God.  He has provided us with all the necessities of life. So we need to worship him to show our gratitude to Him. We go to temples and holy places to pray to Him. Along with praying, we recite His holy names counting the beads and uttering hymns. All these can bring peace to our minds. But these are not the best forms of service to God. The man who loves all beings, great and small, comes nearer to God. The best form of prayer is to love all beings. Nothing but love is the best means to please God.

God loves us all.  So we all should love God. But how can we show our love for God? He is watching everything. He is seen in our hearts. He cannot be deceived by empty words of prayer. God is the creator of this universe. All creatures, both great and small, are his children. He loves them all equally. A man who loves His children (all beings) can please God. All religions teach us that loving the creatures of God is the best means of prayer. God’s blessings will come there where there is love. If we can count beads, sing hymns, and pronounce God’s name but hate His creatures then our prayers would not be accepted by God. He certainly cannot love us. They can only receive the blessings of God whose heart is pure and who loves all beings equally. Jesus said that God is love and He Presence exists among His creations. Love is the essence of all religions. Universal love is the best form of prayer. This truth was propagated throughout the world by Buddha, Christ, Nanak, Muhammad, Kabir and all other great preachers.

We should love all beings equally. Then God will also love us. Hatred defiles our hearts. Only pure heart and true love can please God. Therefore, the best way to pray to God is to love all His creatures great and small. 0 0 0

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He Prays Best Who Loves Best

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