Prafulla Chandra Goswami-Brief Life Sketch


Prafulla Chandra Goswami-Brief Life Sketch


Prafulla Chandra Goswami-Brief Life Sketch

Prafulla Chandra Goswami

Prafulla Chandra Goswami-Brief Life Sketch

Prafulla Chandra Goswami (1919-1994) was an educationist, folk-culturalist, novelist, critic, travel writer, biographer and editor. He was born in Nahira Satra, South Kamarupa. His father Singhadatta Dev Adhikari was a prominent poet. He graduated with honours in English from Cotton College in 1940 and took his post-graduate degree in English from Calcutta University in 1944. He started his career as a teacher at Jagannath Baruah College, Jorhat. In 1945, he came to Cotton College as a professor of English. In 1948, he got an appointment as an English lecturer in the Commerce and B T Department of Guwahati University. Prafulla Chandra Goswami retired from the job in 1981. He also taught at Indiana University in the United States for some time in 1986. Dr Prafulla Chandra Goswami passed away in 1994.

Prafulla Chandra Goswami had written a number of books in Assamese and English. Some of the notable books written by him in Assamese are Aei Yogar Sahitya, Sahitya Aru Jiban, Asomiya Jana Sahitya, Bilati Hoza, Kencha Patar Kanpani, Vejal Shun, Nite Nava Tar Rup, Bilatat Sat Mah, Shun Rupar Nahay Si Desh, Prithivir Chaupashe Apak, Mour Russia Vrahman, Europer Manisha, Manik Chandra Baruah, Ati Jiya Kahini,  Charai Binandia and Burunji Aaru Sanskriti.

Some Research books written by him in English are— Assamese Drama, The Teaching in English, Folk Literature of Assam, Bihu Songs of Assam, Ballads and Tales of Assam, and The Springtime Bihu of Assam. 0 0 0

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