Patriotism-A Paragraph



Patriotism-A Paragraph

Patriotism-A Paragraph

Patriotism-A Paragraph


Love for one’s own county is called Patriotism. Patriotism is an inborn nature to any conscious citizen of a country. It is a feeling, but more it is an action towards one’s own country. Every citizen of a country should be a patriot. Generally, there are two classes of patriots. First, there are some patriots who love their motherlands but do not impart their duties to their motherlands actively. Secondly, the patriots who love their motherland deeply and come forward bravely in times of need. They always work for the development and welfare of their motherland. They never hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the cause of their own land. In World History, we read the names of Kamal Pasha of Turkey, Sheik Majibar Rahman of Bangladesh and Lenin of Russia who have rendered valuable services to their motherlands. In the history of India, we have ample examples of patriots as- Mahatma Gandhi, Tilak, Nehru, Kanaklata, Bhagat Singh and so many others who rendered praiseworthy services to India. There are many who sacrificed their lives for the country. Love for one’s own country makes one great. We should be patriots in the true sense. 0 0 0 

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