My First Day in College | A Memorable Day of My Life


My First Day in College
A Memorable Day of My Life


My First Day in College

My First Day in College


A Memorable Day of My Life

My first day in college was a day of joy and romance. After passing the H. S. L. C. Examination, I got admission to B. H. College, Howly. It is one of the glorious colleges of Assam. Our class started on July 27. I left home for college at 8 a.m. that day. The day was rainy. So I took an umbrella and walked on foot. At half past nine, I reached my college. It was still raining. It was late for thirty minutes as our class had begun at 9 o’clock. After all, I waited fifteen minutes and when the bell rang at 9.45, I entered my class and took my seat. The second period began. It was a class of English. The English teacher entered the class with a smiling face and welcomed the students to his class affectionately. Some students secured star marks in English. The teacher welcomed them by shaking hands with them. Then the teacher gave a brief lecture on the study methods and techniques, which inspired me much. After his departure, my new classmates of mine came to me and asked for my introduction. In this class, I met a Bengali boy named Sumanta who took me as his friend, and till today he remains my best friend. There were about two hundred and fifty students in our class. They had come from the nook and corner of the state. Sitting with them, I felt much jubilant and their attitude toward each other was so warm and lovely that it broadened my mind forever.  at 3 p.m. our class ended and I walked home.

Then there was no rain. The sun was shining brightly. The west wind was blowing and my heart leaped up with joy. This was my first day in college and will ever be remembered as a memorable day of my life. 0 0 0

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