An Artificial Satellite-A Paragraph



An Artificial Satellite A Paragraph

An Artificial Satellite – A Paragraph

An Artificial Satellite-A Paragraph

A Satellite is a celestial body orbiting any planet. The Earth has only one natural satellite called the Moon. But nowadays, especially in the later twentieth century, Space Science has developed so much that many countries of the world have many artificial satellites launched into Space that are moving round the Earth like the Moon. The objectives of launching artificial satellites are mainly for scientific research. By means of an artificial satellite, the scientists study the climates, mineral mines, sea beds, mountains and so many other things. The artificial satellites are launched forth from any well-equipped atomic and space research centre. The artificial satellite reaches orbit when it is given a horizontal velocity of approximately 28, 500 kilometers per hour.  As the altitude of the satellite increases, its velocity decreases. Russia, America, German, Japan and even India are pioneers in launching artificial satellites round the earth. The first Indian artificial satellite was ‘Aryabhatta’. Now it has become a common practice of modern nations to launch artificial satellites round the earth for various scientific purposes. 0 0 0

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An Artificial Satellite-A Paragraph

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