Madhav Kandali-Brief Life Sketch


Madhav Kandali0-Brief Life Sketch


Madhav Kandali-Brief Life Sketch

Madhav Kandali-Brief Life Sketch

Madhav Kandali was a great Assamese poet of the pre-Sankari Age. He was patronized by the fourteenth-century Barahi king Mahamanikya. Among the modern Indian Aryan languages, Madhav Kandali was the first to translate the Sanskrit ‘Ramayana’ into Assamese. Madhav Kandoli said ‘Saptakanda Ramayana Padabdhe Nibondhilo’ (I have translated the Complete Seven Canto of the Sanskrit Ramayana), although only five of them are found. Later, Madhavadeva and Sankardeva completed Kandali’s Ramayana by translating the ‘Adikanda’ and ‘Uttarakanda’ respectively. Sankardeva praised his poetic genius and called him ‘Apramadi’, (a poet without error). 0 0 0


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