Kabiraj Chakraborty-Brief Life Sketch


Kabiraj Chakraborty-Brief Life Sketch

Kabiraj Chakraborty-Brief Life Sketch

Kabiraj Chakraborty

Kabiraj Chakraborty-Brief Life Sketch

Kabiraj Chakrabarty was an Assamese poet of the eighteenth century. He introduces himself, in the poem entitled ‘Shakuntala’ written by him, saying that he was the best among the Ahom poet laureate. He mentioned in his self-statement that he was a descendant of Kanwamuni. His father’s name was Ramananda and his mother’s name was Govinda Priya. In his self-statement, he called himself a ‘Servant of Vishnu’. From this, it is known that he was a devotee of Vishnu. He was one of the poet laureates of the Ahom king Rudra Singh and Shiva Singh. His real name was Ramnarayan Chakraborty. ‘Kabiraj’ was one of his titles. Why he got the title is not known. But this title refers to his poetic erudition or excellence. Kabiraj Chakrabarty taught the Hindu scriptures to Rudra Singh. At the request of Rudra Singh, he translated the ‘Geet Govinda’ to Assamese. After this, at the request of King Shiva Singh and Rani Fuleshwari, he composed the poem ‘Shakuntala’. In addition to these, he wrote ‘Shankhachur Badha’ and ‘Krishna Janmakhanda’ of the ‘Brahma Vaivarba Purana’. 0 0 0


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