Ajan Fakir-Brief Life Sketch


Ajan Fakir-Brief Life Sketch


Ajan Fakir-Brief Life Sketch

Ajan Fakir-Brief Life Sketch 

Ajan Fakir was an Islamic saint. He came to Assam from Arabia in the early seventeenth century to spread the Islamic religion. Some guess that he came from Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. According to Surya Kumar Bhuyan the historian, Ahom King Gadadhar Singh Pull out the eyes of Ajan Fakir after a conspiracy brought against him by a man called Rupai Da-Dhara. Later, the greatness of his religion was realized by the king and the king rehabilitated him at Saraguri Sapari, Dikhaumukh. He devoted the rest of his life to preaching Islam and then he died there. Ajan Fakir is also known as ‘Shah Milan’ and ‘Shah Fakir’. Zikirs and Jaris (devotional songs) are said to be his works. The transientness of worldly life and the glorification of God (Allah) are the main themes of Zikirs and Jaris. 0 0 0


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