Ismail Hossain-Brief Life Sketch


Ismail Hossain-Brief Life Sketch

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Ismail Hossain-Brief Life Sketch

Ismail Hossain-Brief Life Sketch

Ismail Hossain is an Assamese progressive poet, critic, patron of Hindu-Muslim solidarity, researcher of Vaishnavite literature and culture and an eloquent speaker.

Ismail Hossain was born on February 22, 1965, to a poor peasant family in the village of Bhoukamari (Kuakuchi) of   Barpeta district, Assam. His father’s name was Abdus Kaddus and his mother’s name was Golapjan Nessa. Ismail Hossain was the fifth of eleven children of his parents. Abdus Kaddus sent all his children to school, but due to poverty, the first child, Siddiqur Rahman and the fifth son, Ismail Hossain were able to get higher education at their own expense.

Ismail Hossain received his primary education at Banbahar Primary School, Kayakuchi Higher Secondary School, Bhowanipur Higher Secondary School and Kujar Pith High School respectively. He later graduated in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Assam Engineering College. He is currently working as a Lecturer at Prince of Welsh Engineering College, Jorhat.

Ismail Hossain, who was very studious since his student life, has established himself as an influential intellectualist and progressive thinker and writer of Assam and have written about eighty books till date. 

Ismail Hossain began his literary career with poetry and his first published book of poetry was ‘Jivan Aru Manuh Bishayaka’(1996). This was followed by two other poetry books ‘Bigyapan’ (2000) and ‘Naipariya’ (2000).

Apart from these books, he has written a number of research and critical books among which mention may be made of: ‘Jeevan Pathik Rahul Sanskrityayan (1994), Safdar Hashmi Aru Batar Nat (1994), Hindu-Musalman Prashna: Sanghat Aru Samanyay (1994), Asomar Jatiya Jivan Aru Avibasi Asomiya Musalman (1998), Sahityat Sampradayikta Aru Rabindranath (1998), Gu Hatya Aru Sampradayikata (1998), Sanhatir Sandhanat ((1999), Vishnu Ravar Jivan Darshan ((2000), Kitap Aru Samalochana (2001), Fat Bihur Etihas Aru Oitiyya (2002), Kabita Aru Abritti (2003), Rangali Bihur Oitiyya etc. In addition to writing these books, he has also edited many books.

Ismail Hossain has been writing regularly and is involved in various public institutions, seminars and social works. 0 0 0

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